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Interview Question #7: Object Manager

By Michael on July 19, 2014 | Leave a comment

As a MicroStrategy developer, you are constantly using Object Manager to
migrate objects that you develop inside the Subject Areas folder in your
project. To save time, what object can you create to enable you to go straight
to this folder when you open Object Manager?
A. Layout
B. Project Source
C. Script
D. Template
E. You cannot accomplish this in the Object Manager.

A. Layout
Opening multiple project sources at once in Object Manager
You may need to migrate objects between the same projects on multiple
occasions. For example, you may need to move objects from your
development environment to your test environment on a regular basis. Object
Manager allows you to save the projects and project sources that you are
logged in to as a layout. Later, instead of opening each project and project
source individually, you can open the layout and automatically re-open those
projects and project sources.
The default file extension for Object Manager Layout files is .omw.
To open an existing Object Manager layout

From the File menu, select Open Layout. The Select Layout dialog box


Select a layout and click Open. A Login dialog box opens for each
project source specified in the layout.


For each Login dialog box, type a MicroStrategy login ID and password.
The login must have the Use Object Manager privilege.
Click OK. The project sources open. You are automatically logged in to the projects specified in the layout,
as the user you logged into the project source with.

To save a workspace as an Object Manager layout


Log in to any project sources and projects that you want to save in the


From the File menu, select Save Layout. The Save Layout dialog box


Specify a location and name for the layout file and click Save. The
layout is saved.

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