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1. Three sticking point of men

1. Approach Anxiety

2. Escalation: Turning interaction into sexual

3. Running out of things to say (maybe the most common): Awkward silences. Guys try to fill silences with questions and questions….which becomes interrogative style of conversation. Interrogation style techniques do not work.

2. The 3 stages of the interaction

1. Intro

2. Comfort

3. Seduction

Mastering the “comfort zone” is probably even better than mastering approach anxiety. Because if you know how to have a good conversation, you don’t have the anxiety to approach!

3. Turning negatives into positives

4. Creating a “strong base”

You need a base to apply all the routines

5. What the 10 hook lead system will give you

1. The ability to transition the interaction from opener to comfort

2. How to get even the most unresponsive women (shy, don’t like chatting) to respond

3. How to demonstrate high value and high standards

4. How to implant hooks that you can sexually escalate from

5. How to use deep connection techniques to their full advantage

6. How to show off your strengths to the maximum

7. How to take “negatives” that happen in interactions and turning them into positive

8. How to create a “strong “base for you to use “routines” effectively

9. How to master “cold readings”

10.You will get honest and powerful information about female mind

6. What is a hook?

Not the word that you connect with, but rather every single word she says is a hook.

7. Low caliber hooks and high caliber hooks

Low caliber: Hooks but useless

High caliber: Useful hooks. It is what you want to generate early in the interaction


Side notes:

Guys with attractive looks will have higher chance than the less attractive (just accept it) but they could still be told to go away.

Better to use direct games in daygame.

If you can get high caliber hooks in the first minute, you can go 10 different ways with it


Low caliber:

- Name

- Yes

- No

- Fine

- Thanks

- Hello

- Over there (in day games): e.g: Do you know where I could find starbucks? It’s over there

Medium calibers

- Cuisine

- Animals: 1. opinion openers. 2. What kind of animals do you have?

- Colors

High calibers

- Celebrities

- Countries

- Cities

- Hobbies

- Jobs

- Interests

- Books

- Movies

8. Hook lead #1: Open questions

Asking open questions open multiple books.

Stores like HMV are good because people are with good energy; unlike cloths stores where women are more in a rush.

Example: At HMV, “Can you recommend me a movie that I can watch tonight?” A question like “What do you like about it?” could open more hooks such as “soundtrack…80’s music”

Don’t stay on the opening-line subject for long. You have to transition from opener to comfort.

So “movie -> soundtrack -> 80 music -> Michael Jackson -> Hollywood -> drugs

Careful not to talk about one topic (such as the movie) for 20minutes….you won’t get her number

9. Hook lead #2: Facts

Facts about their countries could bring them out of their shells…even the shy ones

Homework: Find a fact for each country on Wikipedia…

Don’t talk about capitals.


facts would be cooler.

They may find it respectful because you know about their country.

It can be a fact but can also be a lie….have fun with it. A lie that you think may make it funny.

There shouldn’t be anger if the subject is a bit sensitive because it’s a fact. “I’m not insulting you, It’s just something I read”

Why it works on shy people: because you are not putting a flashlight on her face with something like “who are you?” that will put her “oh people are looking at me”.

10. Hook Lead #3: Challenge



Negging: taking slightly the girl’s value:

- You know you blink a lot?

- I love when you laugh, your nose wiggles like a rabbit

- Hi, I’m used to approach the hottest girl in the club….her: okay……me:

could you introduce me to that girl?

Don’t go too far:

- Your breath smells

- Stop spitting on me / Spell it, don’t spit it.

o The “okay” ones:

- You are too much of a nice girl for me

- I always make myself talk to the most beautiful girl in the club. Do you

know the name of that girl? Make it with a funny smirk.

Use this technique by looking at the attitude factor, not the attractive factor. In other words, use it with women who have an attitude; don’t use it on an attractive girl simply because she is attractive. Regular looking girls could be very bitchy because they are approached by many guys. The very gorgeous ones may not be as approached.

French girls love to be intellectually challenged: philosophy, religion, politics. So you can break the rule of these “taboo” subjects with French girls

11. The diffusion techniques

Why men don’t challenge women: They don’t want to go into arguments

Take a negative and make it positive = the diffusion technique

What not to do if you are talking about something controversial:

- Don’t try your best to win the argument, she won’t like it

- But also don’t let her win because she will say “oh he doesn’t believe in what he says”

- Instead, do the diffusion technique:


With a smile, you say “Stop…you and I won’t agree on this subject. We could talk for hours and we will go nowhere. Don’t you agree? She will say yes. Take a small pause for resistance. Then you say

“you know what, I love that. Have you realized how some people have no opinion with what you are saying, they just nod nicely. But

you are like me, you stand up for what you believe in…


love it”


By doing this you’re taking control….you took control of the


12. Hook lead #4: Opinion

If she says something, such as “I went to Japan to do this” and you have an opinion about it, then don’t be afraid of saying it. Don’t go “oh that’s nice”. Instead, be “why Japan? Why not Dubai? Etc.” Women will go “wow, a change!”

That could make her ask you the following questions: “Why do you think that?”, “Where would you go like to go?”

Why not say “that’s nice”: because it shows that you don’t care. What’s your job? Oh that’s nice.

You could use it on: their favorite movie, book, celebrity, cuisine and they won’t get offended. These subjects won’t make her say “I won’t sleep with him because he doesn’t like this movie”

Don’t use it on: No religion and no country where she’s born in.

If she reacts badly – you go with diffusion technique.

Be sure your opinion is bold, don’t apologize for it. Don’t say it in a needy matter. Don’t make your opinion fizzle out in the end…remember, it’s your opinion

13. Hook lead #5: Humor

Everyone has it, if you don’t think you do, well you do.

Guys don’t show their humor on dates, it’s on mute. They laugh with their male friends, but not with females.

Women like funny men. They are attracted to men that make them laugh.

When a woman doesn’t laugh at a joke, most guys go with “euh ya anyway” and try to filter the silence with useless stuff.

If she doesn’t laugh at your jokes, own the silence, look at her and say: You and I don’t have the same sense of humor. With a smile, don’t be serious. “That’s it, we are over” “I will call the lawyer tomorrow for the divorce”. Don’t try to ignore the silence.

Find your sense of humor and give it a name: toilette, little boy, dark, stupid, dry, intellectual, playful, etc.

Be proud of your humor, it makes your character, it’s who you are. Use it to see if the person is good enough for you. Don’t use it to win friends.


14. Hook lead #6: Anecdote (Storytelling)

- Elements to add:








Follow-up threads.

Details: Women love details in stories. Convert a small story to an epic one

If you have a friend included in the story, tell the names. Replace unattractive names to more attractive ones: Leila, Lea, Candy, Amber.

Timing: Don’t speak too fast – don’t look like you just want to end the storytelling

Emotion: Anchor emotions using certain words. Eg: instead of “nice ice cream” , you say “delicious frozen ice cream”. Eg2: I was a prisoner in my mind instead of “I wasn’t feeling well”

- Find a sad story that could make her cry. Women love to cry (they get together every 6 months to watch a sad movie to cry….that’s how they bond). If you don’t have one, Google and find one.

Follow-up threads: While you are telling your story, you could go like this: “So I was ”

at the water park, and then there were these annoying kids…

“btw, do you like kids? Ya? Because I don’t so after I finish my story, tell me what’s so great about kids because I have to like these things”. And then you get back to

the story…

waterpark? Oh in Vegas? I never been in Vegas, you have to tell me all about it” Then you go back to your story. What this does is that extends your conversation subjects. When you finish the story, she will get back to one of the subjects you have mentioned. If she doesn’t, then you can choose which subject you want; such as “so you said you like kids, eh? What’s so great about them?

then you ask her


again you stop somewhere else…


have you been at a

15. Hook lead #7: Task

Kezia loves it. She uses it a lot.

You are from Sweden? Tell me 3 things about Sweden.

It’s a “Tell me, show me”

It’s a pattern of “I tell you what to do, and you do it”

You are shifting the power to your side. So when you go to a number close (pass me your phone, I will call my number so I can have yours) …

This could give you the opportunity of 3 high caliber hooks.

It could give you information that you couldn’t have gotten otherwise.

16. Hook lead #8: Validation

If there’s one hook Kezia can’t take away, it would be validation.

Demonstrating high value/standard is something you need to be doing at the beginning of the interaction, in the bedroom, in a relationship.

Positive validation: your approval of she has done/said.

Negative validation: showing your disapproval.

How to show your approval without showing arrogance.

Sample conversation:

- “What do you do?”

- “I’m a teacher”

- AFC guy would go: ohh wonderful, great!”

- But you should take a moment, a pause “that’s cool, most people I talk to are modeling, acting, it gets boring. Tell me more about your job.”

Because you don’t want her to take the positive validation for granted, you need to switch to negative validation without being arrogant.

So you could say to her “what will you do during holiday?” “oh I’m going…” Most guys would say “ok that’s cool” but in reality they don’t care they just want to sleep with her. What you will do, if you don’t agree with her, is say nothing. Don’t say “oh that’s disgusting”. Say nothing, and add a face of “whatever, I don’t want to acknowledge what she said” or a face of “WTF”. It will freak her out. If she says

“what’s wrong?” Just say “nothing, forget it”. She won’t forget it. After persistence, you say “okay, I will tell you but promise you won’t get moody and shit”. “It’s just that everything was beautiful, you were my kind of girl but then you said this, I

wasn’t expecting it…

start wanting to validate herself. You want that because you want to show women


can we talk about something else?” Now, she will

that she could lose you in any second. You are more valuable when they think they could lose you any second than knowing that you are in the safe bet.

This is very strong according to Kezia. Even she falls for it. It’s gold when women try to validate themselves.

17. Hook lead #9: Assumption

Women love when you make assumptions about them.

Don’t give vague assumptions.

Good ones are: You look like an interesting person (if the way she dresses is different), you look like an exciting, adventurous person. You seem like the naughty girl at school, who sits in the back of the class.

Bad ones: you look like a nice person. (That’s too vague)

You want to make the assumption tailored to her. It’s more personal.

The more detail you add, the more wrong you afford to be.

If she says “no I’m not like that, you are wrong”. Don’t do like what most guys do “oh, I meant….” . AKA: being clumsy. Instead, you should look intrigued: “REALLY?!” , so you are good girl at school? I really didn’t see that”

So basically, this hook lead is like cold reading, palm reading.

It’s a routine, so use it carefully but she recommends using it.

18. Hook lead #10: Suggestion

You like this movie? Then you should watch that movie. You like sushi? You should try that restaurant.

19. Putting the system into practice

You now have information overload.

So here’s what you should do. You pick 3 hooks when you go out: validation, opinion, and the 3 rd is your choice.



Q1: How long will it take me to grasp the 10 hook lead system?

A: The more effort you put into it, the faster. Don’t get addicted to theory, you have to practice.

Q2: How can I apply this to direct game?

A: Implant the hooks after your opener. “Hi, I think you are beautiful, I would like to know you” Since this is so random, I will tell you 3 things about myself, and you will tell me 3 things about yours.”

You tell her about your past, present, future.

You have to go first, otherwise she may give you: her name, where she is from, age….low calibers.

Q3: When is a good point to stop the conversation and get back to her later when in a club?

A: That’s break rapport….something she recommends. The good time is when you made an emotional/laughter connection. Always leave her want you more. “I will go see my friends; I will catch up with you later”.

A girl doesn’t like when a guy spends too much time with her, even if she likes him. So always make her want more. You don’t need her to have a good time.

Q4: What if deep connection goes too far. E.g: her talking about her ex- boyfriend.

A: You may go like this: “You know, this sounds really important. I appreciate that you are sharing it but you need to talk to your friends about this; they are the one who can help you.”

This sets the boundary of friendship. You are not one of her friends. That’s what you want to show.