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***Romance novel cliches***

1. The Evil Other Woman

2. The Naive Virginal Heroine
- Just as bad are the "near virgins" - heroines who had sexual experience
s but never enjoyed it until the hero came along. Avoid the trap of making her i
nnocent of sexuality, sweet, adorable. Also, try to give your heroine a better r
eason for retaining her virginity.
3. The Duke of Slut
- He is usually paired
with the nave virginal heroine. Because
in true clich form, although he has
known nothing but harlots, only the
nave virginal heroine can tame him. It's hard to accept that these heroes are rea
dy to reform or that, if they did decide to settle down, they would do so with a
virginal heroine.
4. The Silly Big Misunderstanding
5. "She came like a geyser."
6. The heavy-handed hero who is
secretly as sensitive as the Tim Gunn
7. The stereotypical gay friend
8. The introverted bookworm who
magically becomes a sex-pot
9. When the author's stress how they
were made for each other and no
one else.
10. When everyone is perfectly lovely
to the main character, then there's
some guy or girl that is a jerk to
them, but the main character feels
an "irresistible pull to them" either
because they're beautiful or for
just no damn reason.
11. The hero is wildly jealous at the mere idea of any other man staking his cla
im on the fertile territory that is the female
12. The heroines actions (regarding SEX) are described as shy? and hesitant?, and she
is overcome with mortification? until she realizes that she loves the hero, where
upon she becomes a sex kitten and behaves