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ELP 2016-17

Experiential Learning
Project Description : ELP - 28
Company Details

Name of the Organization:

Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation


Brief Background of the organization: (you may add text OR include a

website link to your organizations homepage)


Industry Sector: (please select one of the following)

Education /Vocational Training
Healthcare /Pharma
Infrastructure & Real Estate
IT Products/Services
Media & Entertainment

ELP 2016-17
Public Sector
Social Sector
Transportation / Logistics
Others please specify
Tourism and Hospitality sector

Project Details

Project Title: (one line title for the project)

Improvement, strengthening the system in Telangana Tourism Transport


Primary Focus of the Consulting Engagement: (please classify the

nature of consultancy expected from the team pick any one/two)
Brand Building Strategy
Business Plan Development
Distribution Strategy/ Supply Chain Management
Financial Modeling / Financial product creation
Financial Planning or Risk Assessment
Growth Strategy
Mergers & Acquisitions
Marketing Strategy (Marketing or Sales)
New Product Launch Strategy / Market Entry strategy /
Diversification Strategy
Operational Efficiency / Process Improvement
Opportunity Assessment - Market Sizing & potential
Organizational Change Management
Pricing Strategy
Organization set-up for transport wing, steps to
Others please specify
increase income, and steps involved for reducing
expenditure, With exploring working analysis of
Marketing Strategy, Operations efficiency,
Organizational change management.


ELP 2016-17


Project Description: (please elaborate the project title above, to help

the team understand the focus and background of the project)

TSTDC came into existence 2 years back with the formation of the new state Telangana.
The organizaion is responsible for managing intra and inter-state tourism activities which
includes transport, accommodation and water sports related activities. The travel
packages offered include pilgrimage tours in Telangana and other states, local sightseeing in Hyderabad, on demand packages, weekend packages etc.
Since few months, the organization has witnessed a drastic fall in tourist bookings.
Though there is no change in the strength of the fleet, we have seen a negative trend in
the occupancy ratio thus leading to low utilization of the fleet.
The organization is just 2 years old and faces challenges w.r.t. the organization structure
as well.
Through this project we intend to explore suggestions to increase income, reduce
expenses, hierarchical setup and improvements on day-to-day operations of the firm.
Steps to increase income suggestions on increase of occupancy rate, identify
profitable routes, Optimum utilization of vehicles and regular modernization, Steps for
usage of automation in terms of bookings and ticketing, Tax savings, exploring options for
taking vehicles on rental basis
Instead of one time
investment i.e, purchase.
Steps to reduce expenditure Areas of pilferages to be identified such as diesel /
spares / materials etc., Stoppage of vehicles on non-profitable routes, Rationalization of
manpower, & Utilization of software platforms for duty allocations.
Upgrade / modify existing systems: Service and hospitality etc.,
Incorporate best practices from the industry.
Ticketing system online, general sales agents and exclusive agents working on
Tourism Promotion System (who are selling on dedicated routes with minimum
guarantee seats).
Route optimization.
Resource allocation of drivers / staff / booking staff


ELP 2016-17

Technologies: - to be adopted for the organization.

Diesel sensors, vehicle tracking system, prevent theft of diesel.
Control pilferages across the organization.
Study website and other competitor websites in-person reservation systems,
Interactive voice system.
In-person reservation counters how well the information is being shared.
Value added services.


Project Objective: (Why is this issue important? Please list the expected
takeaways for your organization with this engagement)
1. Overall sustainability and growth of transport system in TSTDC.
2. Improvement of occupancy and financial performance.
3. Systems to be implemented in terms of fleet management including
maintenance and operations.


Project Deliverables: (What form of output do you expect from the team
upon project completion? Please be very specific as this will help students
assess their fit and interest.)
a. Systems to be implemented in terms of fleet management inc.
maintenance and operations COMPUTERISATION.
b. Comparative analysis (various public sector undertaking).
c. Others mentioned in point no. 6


Project Impact: (Please specify how this engagement aims to impact your
organization i.e. the outcomes which would make this project a success.)
Overall increase of revenues, and reduction in expenditure.

Engagement Details
10. Team

Composition: (Each team consists of 4-5 students. Please specify

any special requirements in the project team, with regards to the


ELP 2016-17
education/work experience / background. Please also mention whether
these requirements are required or preferred)
Team may comprise one from mechanical/technical background, operations,
management information system and marketing.

11. On-site

work requirements: (Our projects allow student teams to visit

the field/ client site please specify tentative number of days student team
might be on-site for site visits/office visits or market research)
1-3 days
3-7 days
7-10 days
10-15 days
12. Location

of On-site Work: (please select one or more of the following)

Clients Office
Plant or Factory Visit
Market Visit (Vendors / other
Market Visit (Consumers)
13. Please

specify the location City(s)/State:

Hyderabad, Telangana & study to be undertaken parts of Bengaluru,

14. Organizational

Resources that will be provided: (To facilitate

smooth completion of the engagement, the student team will require

assistance from your organization, especially during site visits this may
include contacts, personnel, facilities and data)
Existing system will be shared interms of operations, mechanical, finance
and marketing.