How to Update the Events List

1. Recognize that the Events List is due by Thursday evening
each week. It takes about 1-2 hours depending on the amount
of events occurring that week.
2. Open the “Events List” word document
3. Delete events that have already happened
a. Highlight the text of the past events

b. Hit “delete” on your keyboard
c. Word will prompt you with this:

d. Select “shift cells left” and hit “enter” on your keyboard
4. Check your email
a. Sam will forward you emails containing events on a rolling

b. Scan the emails for multiple events (some emails contain
more than one event, include all events that are happening
within a 7-day timeframe beginning on the day the Events
List will go live—Ex) Thursday to Wednesday)
c. Don’t include events that are for members-only (often a
separate section on emails from organizations like
AmCham and AustCham)
5. After you have identified upcoming events for the next week,
input the events in the word document following the established
a. Always use Quicksand font
b. Left column: Date/Time
i. Input the date accordingly: dd/mm/yyyy
ii. Use military time (24 hour clock) below the date
1. Ex: 7am is 7, 7pm is 19:00
c. Middle Column: Event
i. Hyperlink the title to the webpage of the event
1. Bold, Blue Color, 12-point font
ii. Below the title, place the company hosting the event
1. Italicize, 12-point font
iii. Skip a line, write how much the event costs (there is
usually a member and a non-member fee)
1. Italicize, 10-point font
iv. Write how a participant registers/RSVPs (include
hyperlink if available)
1. Italicize, 10-point font
v. Skip a line, copy and past description of event. Read
over for any errors. Try to make the description more
concise if possible.
1. Regular, 10-point font
d. Right Column: Location
i. Write the location of the event
6. Adding to the table
a. To add a new row to the table, click in the box you want to
add a row under, click “Table,” “Insert,” “Rows Below”

7. Separate the events by general location: Shanghai goes first,
then Beijing, then any alternative locations
a. Typically only include events in Shanghai and Beijing
8. Events should be listed chronologically after general location
9. Once the Events List is updated, copy its contents
Go to
a. Log in for the wordpress is as follows:
i. Username: admin
ii. Password: jingjobs1902
Paste the contents of the Events List into a new post
Title the new post: “Social Networking Events China:
a. Example: Social Networking Events China: 29th November6th December
b. Example: Social Networking Events China: 6th-13th
Go through the new post and delete unnecessary spaces,
fix formatting, etc.
a. Click “preview” to see what the post will look like after
publication. Fix anything that looks off.

Once you feel confident with your work, save your post as
a draft. DO NOT PUBLISH.
Send a WeChat message to our editor, Charlotte, to tell her
the draft is up on Wordpress. Her WeChat ID is: charlottenorman.
She will review your work and publish it.