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How to Be a Medium

Tap into the Paranormal, Connect

with Ghosts and Spirits

ReGina L. Norlinde

Copyright 2013 by ReGina L. Norlinde

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in whole or in part, in any form or
by any means electronic or mechanical, including photocopying or recording, nor may it be stored in
retrieval system, transmitted or otherwise be copied for public or private use other than fair use
as brief quotations embodied in articles and reviews without prior written permission of the
The author of this book is neither a medical doctor nor a psychiatrist therefore doesnt dispense
medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional
or medical problems without the advice of a physician. The intent of the author is to offer the
information to help you in your lifes journey for your well- being. To use the information in this
book for yourself is your constitutional right however the author holds no responsibility for your
Author: ReGina L. Norlinde
Cover Design: ReGina L. Norlinde
Norlinde ReGina L., How to Be a Medium - Tap into the Paranormal, Connect with Ghosts and Spirits,
2nd edition - 2014

To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.

J. K. Rowling

This book is intended to provide you with information and guidelines to be a

Medium, to communicate with those in Spirit.
The author speaks and teaches from her personal experiences as a Psychic
Medium guiding you step by step into the understanding of the world of Paranormal
and how to communicate with those in Spirit.
Author is not a doctor and therefore, in the event you apply any of the
information received by way of this book, the author assumes no
responsibility for your personal experiences.

Part I
Mediumship Basics
~ Most Common Terms Used in Mediumship
~ Who Can Be a Medium
~ How Does the Mediumship Work Understanding the Process
~ Different ways to communicate with the Dead
* mental Mediumship
* physical Mediumship
~ What Do You Need in Order to Be a Good Medium
~ How did Mediumship Start
~ Death is Fair
Part II
Fundamentals of Mediumship
~ Purpose of Mediumship
reasons we seek communication with Spirit
reasons Spirits seeks communication with us
benefits of communicating between the worlds
~ Tools and Methods Used in Mediumship
tools we use to contact Spirits
tools and methods Spirits use to contact us
~ How to Prepare Yourself for Mediumship work
~ Importance of Setting Boundaries
~ Importance of Energy Clearing
~ Importance of Meditation
~ Structure and Validation

Part III
Signs and Symbols
Role that Signs and Symbols play in Mediumship
different types of Symbols
general meaning of symbols
*colors and symbols
*numbers and symbols
*animals and symbols
*nature and symbols
*crystals and symbols
*flowers, plants, trees and their symbols
~ Movies, Books and Songs as Symbols
~ Personal Meaning of Symbols
Part IV
Challenges and Solutions
~ main challenges that Medium might experience
~ Main to dos and not to dos in Mediumship work
Part V
Paranormal Activities and Earthbound Spirits
~ The concept of Earthbound Spirits and Crossing Over
How to know the Difference
~ Crossing Over
When Spirits cant move on
When Spirits choose not to move on
~ Tools Used in Working with Earthbound Spirits
~ How to recognize a presence of Spirit/s & how to detect them
~ Reasons for attracting Earthbound Spirits
~ What to do when coming across Earthbound Spirits
~ Methods to Help Earthbound Spirits
- helping the Earthbound Spirits exercise

~ Haunted Adventures
What Is Ghost Hunting
Haunted Places
- What to Do When Experiencing Paranormal
Haunted Objects
- Dealing with Haunted Objects
Animals and Ghosts
Haunted People
~ Ghost Hunting Equipment
Part VI
~ What Happens When We Die
Part VII
Psychic Children Kids of Paranormal
~ I see dead people
Most Common Concerns of the Children/Young People who See Spirits and
How to Address these Concerns
~ My child sees dead people
Most Common Concerns of the Parents of the Children/Young People who
See Spirits and How to Address these Concerns
Exercises & Meditations
About the Author

Death is not the greatest loss in life.
The greatest loss is what dies within
us while we live.
Norman Cousins

Talking with the Dead - connecting with the Other Side communicating with
Spirit - whatever terminology you use, this subject has been fascinating
people throughout the centuries. Whether we are aware of it or not, or whether
we believe it or not, Spirits are around us, and continue to be around us
no matter what.
Many people are interested and have already been communicating with the
Spirit World not only psychically but using ghost tracing devices that have been
created with a purpose to communicate with Spirit. There have been many
movies, TV shows and books written on this subject, but how much do we
really know about communicating with the dead? How much do we know
about Spirits and how to communicate with them?
I talk to Spirits on a daily basis helping people here in human form
communicate with their deceased loved ones. I also help Earthbound Spirits
move on to the next step of their souls journey. Earthbound Spirits are
souls who are hanging around, having left their human bodies here but are
unable to move on due to various reasons. I help people who have
transitioned to the Spirit World connect with their loved ones here on earth.
Through my work I have witnessed healing for both those who are here and
those who are in the Spirit World.
When I accepted the role of being a Medium, I had no idea how much
healing this type of work could bring to people. I have seen miraculous
healing take place through this experience which has shown me the
tremendous benefits of communication between the worlds.
My work and these experiences prompted me to write a guidance and
information book sharing what Ive learned about talking to the dead and how
you can do it too how you can communicate with those in Spirit and deal with
Paranormal experiences in a positive way!
The information in this book is intended to give you simple, straight
forward knowledge about communicating with the dead and being a Medium.
It is intended to provide you with insight and a better understanding about
this subject. This book will not only assist you in communicating with deceased

loved ones but will help with any Paranormal experience like unexplainable
sounds, or unusual activity such as moving objects or lights switching on and
off without logical explanation or any other. This book is intended to help you to be
and become a Medium. You can talk to those in the Spirit world if you want to
because on one level or another, everyone has the ability to communicate with
This book includes exercises, meditations and guidance to help you improve your
Communicating with those in Spirit abilities.
Book includes the following:

I Part
Mediumship Basics
II Part
Fundamentals of Mediumship
III Part
Signs and Symbols
IV Part
Challenges and Solutions
V Part
Paranormal Activities and Earthbound Spirits
VI Part
VII Part
Psychic Children Kids of Paranormal
Exercises and Meditations


Mediumship Basics


Most Common Terms Used in Mediumship

A person who can communicate with those in Spirit.
Process of Medium making connection with Spirit and communicating.
Written here with a capital S (in this book) word Spirits is used
talking about those who have crossed over. They can be humans as well as
The Other Side
This term is used to describe a place where Spirits live after they leave
physical body.
Crossing Over
This term means the same as passing away, dying.
Speaking/talking to the dead - connecting with the Other side - speaking
to deceased loved ones - speaking to those who have crossed over
All of these terms are used to describe communication between us and those
in Spirit. Its just an individual preference of how to describe
communication between the worlds.
Earthbound Spirits ghosts
These words are used to describe those Spirits who due to some unfinished
business, have remained close to Earth after leaving their physical body, yet
they havent been able to move on and cross over.
Going to the Light
This term is used to describe Spirit crossing over and moving on vs staying
close to Earth as an Earthbound Spirit

Paranormal means the same as - out of the norm, out of the ordinary.
Paranormal Investigation
This means that out of ordinary happenings are being investigated.
Communicating between the worlds
I believe that everything is energy and depending on what frequency we
resonate in the most, is the world we live. I believe there are many different
beings that we know of, and dont even know about, that resonate in different
frequencies, much like frequencies we tune into when turning on radio. All
of these frequencies I am referring to as different worlds. In this particular
book I am focusing my writing on two worlds the one we live in before we
cross over and the other world is the one where those who have crossed
over live! Even though I refer to all different frequencies and beings
resonating there as worlds, when I say communicating between the worlds
in this book, I am referring to communicating between us, humans in physical
form, and the world of those in Spirit, those who have crossed over.
Loved ones who are still here
By that I mean us, humans who are still in physical form. I believe that the
Soul doesnt die, it only leaves the physical body and the physical body is
what dies. Writing about Mediumship and communication with those who
have crossed over, it is hard for me to call those in Spirit dead and us
alive, and mean it. Believing that we are souls and being human means us
having physical bodies we are all alive whether we have a physical body
or we dont. Thats why I chose to call us, who still have physical body, us
or loved ones who are still here!

DLO Deceased Loved Ones

I am not the one who has come up with this shortening of describing those
who have crossed over (and to be honest I am not quite sure who did to
give them credit), but DLO is what I am using in this book and not every
Medium uses this short version of Deceased Loved Ones therefore I mention
it here to make sure you know what it means, when you come across it in the
following pages of the book!

Who can be a Medium


Each one of us has the ability to pick up on Spirits every now and then and
therefore we all can have the ability to experience how it is to be a Medium
yet its not everybodys calling to be a professional Medium. Most Mediums
are born with the ability that is above average, to connect with those in
Spirit. They have a natural gift to be in tune with those in Spirit. The ability
to be a Medium, just as any other profession, can always be improved. And
then there is calling its that feeling, like a pull, like a nudge that some
people with natural Mediumship abilities have, a calling that makes them
do Mediumship work on a larger scale, offer it as a service to others.
Being a Medium is similar to being everything else. Lets take being a
singer for example. Some people are born with a natural talent to sing
beautifully. Some people are born with no natural ability to hold a tune
when singing. Does this mean that people, who are born without a natural
ability to sing, can never sing? No, if they want to, they can learn to sing. It
probably will take years and years of practice and learning, but it can be
People who are born with a natural ability to sing beautifully, they can
usually practice to improve their abilities.
It will take years for a person who was born without a singing talent, to
learn how to sing. As they practice, they will learn to sing in tune, sing
beautifully, and to hear the music. The person, who was born with an out-ofthe-ordinary ability to sing, will move forward to perfection in her/his
abilities to learn this talent and skill from the inside out, on a deeper level
than the person who learns this ability from scratch.
At the end they both can sing, yet the quality and complicity and the depth
of singing wont be the same. They both can sing yet the level on what they
do it will be different. Or, if they will sing the same or almost the same, the
work they put into it will be different for one person it might have come
easy and effortlessly, for another it comes with hard work.
The same idea applies to being a Medium. Everybody can be one yet the
level of the Mediumship work they do will be different. So, the amount of
work each person will need to put into being a Medium will vary. It is
important to remember that not everybody who has Mediumship abilities
will be willing to work as a Medium professionally. Some people will be
interested in Mediumship because they are curious or maybe just wanting to
understand and know how to deal with possible paranormal experiences on
a personal level, not publicly as a Medium.

How does Mediumship Work Understanding the


There are many reasons people are interested in Mediumship: Some are
interested in being a successful professional Medium, some for their own
personal growth. Some are excited to learn more about communicating with
those in spirit, some are experiencing paranormal and are somewhat
forced to learn more so they would know how to cope with these
experiences. Whatever the reason is, it is important to understand how this
process of communicating with deceased works, how is it possible.
I am going to explain it the way I see and experience it working.
Living in a physical world, its easy to see everything that has a physical
body whether it is a human or animal or a physical object. When humans
or animals pass away, they dont have a physical body anymore and
therefore connecting with them cant and wont happen the exact same way it
was possible when they were still here in a physical body.
Usually when seeing physical, we dont give a second thought as it seems to
be a common sense, but what happens with everything thats beyond
physical? Physical is only one small part of what exists. Undeniable is the
fact that we all have feelings and emotions, we feel, we see, we hear, we
sense and we also have knowing that is beyond what we consciously learn.
How do we measure all of this which is not physical? If something is not a
physical object, yet it is there and on a daily basis, we usually dont question
its existence. We dont really discard sadness just because it doesnt have a
physical form, or joy or happiness! Even if we dont know what exactly it is
we feel, what exactly is going on for us emotionally, it is undeniable that
emotions are felt. Even though emotions and senses dont have a physical
body, they are expressed through a physical body.
Another example is dreams. How is it possible that we find ourselves in a
wide variety of situations in our dreams, yet our physical body is sound
asleep and doesnt really move around reflecting all we dream about?
In order to see and experience dreams - we do have to be asleep (not to
confuse with daydreaming which is not the kind of dreaming we are talking
about here). If we pay closer attention to when we see dreams, when not,
and what kind of dreams we see. We will most likely be able to see some
sort of pattern. Maybe we dream more around full moon, maybe our dreams
are affected by what happens during the day or maybe they are affected by
what we eat. For each person it will be different. If we want to see dreams,
we have to go to bed (or find some other place) to fall asleep. If we want to
get the job, we have to go and look for one. If we want some food and are
hungry, we have to physically go get the food and eat it. If we want to
connect to those who are in Spirit, and hear them, to communicate with them,

we have to get into a certain space energetically in order to connect with the
Spirits. Physical is not an option anymore, a different kind of state is needed
for communication by Spirits who no longer have a physical body.
What is important to know when thinking about Mediumship, is to keep in
mind that there is a common spiritual bond between all the things and Beings
in the Universe. Even if you are not very knowledgeable about Quantum
Physics, just knowing the basic idea that it has proved that everything in the
Universe is the result of frequency. Understanding that everything is energy
is good enough to better understand the Mediumship process and how the
connection with those in Spirit is possible.
In order to understand how we connect with those in Spirit and how those in
Spirit connect with us, its important to think beyond rationality and
tangibility. Its important to use the right brain more than the left, to be able
to do Mediumship work successfully.
! And think when we change the frequency,
physical matter changes! Physics has explained that solidity of this world is
just a mirage and in Mediumship work it is fundamental to know this part of
The best way I can think of, to explain how Mediumship works, is via the
following example of Radio waves, Radio Frequencies:
Connecting with those in spirit is similar to turning on the radio and
switching the stations. Physical world is one station, a frequency where we
beings, in a physical body operate. Another station, a different frequency, is
the world where those in spirit reside and can be heard. Lets say we are
tuned into 99.9FM and therefore we can clearly hear what is happening on
99.9FM. Lets say those in Spirit are on 107.5FM frequency. In order for us
to hear what is happening in 107.5FM, we have to tune into 107.5FM.
As an example if an average humanly frequency were to be 99.9FM and
the frequency of those in spirit would be 107.5FM then there is a gap
between those two and how can one hear another? I always say that it is a
team effort those who are in 107.5FM frequency are reaching out to those
in 99.9FM frequency and the other way around. You know how at times
when we change radio stations, in between there is kind of a static noise and
we can hear parts of the stations next to each other? And you know how this
noise and happenings and other stations come in for a split second,
unexpectedly without even trying to change stations? This also happens in
our connection with spirit. At times, an average person experiences

connection with Spirit without even trying to connect and it is quick and it
comes in parts. They may not even realize what is happening. Maybe a
dream or persons, favorite song comes up on a radio, making them remember
or think of a special person or a memory of this person or event pops into
their head. It happens all the time. It hasnt happen with conscious effort
from our part to connect with Spirit, we are not sure 100% that it was Spirit
that was communicating. When we make a conscious effort to connect with
someone in Spirit, we usually are more aware of what is happening. We are
most likely to be quicker in believing that it is Spirit.
Continuing to look at the Mediumship process with the example of
frequencies and radio stations, each one of us is born resonating with
different yet similar frequencies. Which one exactly depends from many
factors like what part of the world were you born? what language were you
surrounded by? Is it a city or countryside that you are raised in? What are
the family values? How many siblings? How many children are present?
Are one or both parents present in your lives? Dwelling into it deeper, our
frequency also highly and most importantly depends on the lifes purpose we
each have come forth to experience on Earth. We each have our natural
talents and abilities and many other factors tied into individuality. Based on
all of the above, our personal frequency might be closer or further apart from
the frequency that Spirit is.
We attract what we are. The closer our natural frequency is to high
vibrational Spirits, the more easily it is and will be for us to connect with
Spirit and for Spirit to connect with us. The further we are from the
frequency of Spirits the more we have to work to connect with Spirit. If we
put in the effort to communicate with Spirit, Spirit will do its best to
communicate with us. Its a team effort.
Going back to Radio example if we are in 99.9 FM frequency and Spirit is
in 107.5FM frequency we will meet somewhere in between like 103.5
FM for example. We will have to raise our vibration to move up the
frequency scale, Spirit will on the other hand, lower its frequency to meet

Different ways to communicate with the Dead

Is there more than one way to communicate with the dead? Yes there is!
The most common methods of communicating with the dead are
referred to as Mental Mediumship and Physical Mediumship.


Mental Mediumship
Mental Mediumship is when a Medium is using one or all of the
following forms of communication (I will talk about each one of them more
in the Part II):
* receiving visual images
* hearing voices or other sounds
* sensing Spirit presence and energy
* knowing Spirit is around

Physical Mediumship
Physical Mediumship is when a Medium is able to withdraw within
and disengage from conscious control of their mind so much that they
allow their physical body to function under the influence of a channeled

What do you need in order to be a good Medium

The most important thing about being a Medium is awareness. Awareness
about all that is. To start with, every good Medium needs to be his or her
own best friend! What do I mean by that?
If we think of our best friend in the form of another person - how did our
best friend became a best friend? In order for anybody to become our best
friend, we first need to meet, then we learn about each other. We establish
an energetic connection, we usually have similar likes and dislikes. With
every interaction we have with each other, we learn more about the other
person as well as we learn if we like or we dont like to be with this
person. The more we click, and by click, I mean, we just feel great
about this relationship, about this connection, we feel uplifted, empowered,
heard, cared for by each other, the more interest we have in each other, the
better friends we become. Yes, there might be some negatives as well, but
mostly there are positives and positive is overpowering possible
negativities. To become our own best friend we do the same we learn
about ourselves, we know ourselves, we become experts about who we are
and our actions, reactions, likes dislikes all about us.
Awareness of ourselves: We as spiritual beings exist and operate in this
physical world, how we perceive information and everything that is
happening in our lives, is controlled by how our body feels, how our

emotions feel and how we are handling it all.

Why is how we feel
important for being a good Medium?
To be a good Medium, is to work with energy, something that is not
tangible. The more aware we are of ourselves, our actions, reactions, how
we feel in certain situations, how we feel different energies, and being able
to recognize energies for what they are instead of just noticing something, yet
not being able to pinpoint exactly what it is, the better Mediums we can be!
Knowing ourselves helps us to recognize when Spirits are around. It helps
us to recognize what kind of Spirits they are. How our body and mind
operates, is what opens doors for being more aware of the spiritual world
and how it operates. This concept is the key to being a good Medium.
Even when we are born with natural Medium abilities and constantly have
Paranormal Mediumship experiences, without awareness of what these
experiences are about these abilities can be a burden instead of a great
When we learn about Mediumship and expand our knowledge and
experiences in Mediumship through the awareness of ourselves and our
uniqueness - the process of life and how we fit into this process becomes
clear. It becomes very clear to us how we operate and how we perceive
information. Through this process our Mediumship experience becomes
more and more clear. We gain deeper awareness of the world of Spirits and
how it works. We need this awareness to be able to do a great job as a
Its entirely up to us to work on our awareness and how we do it. There is a
lot of information available about spiritual growth for us to choose methods
that we resonate the most. About growing specifically in Mediumship aspect
of spirituality - in the following pages of this book!

How did Mediumship Start

People have been communicating with the Spirit world since the
beginning of time, however the major Mediumship movement (Modern
Spiritualism) happened in the mid 19th century. That was the time
when people began to speak about communicating with the Spirits of
the dead, who were able to lend insight to the living. Daniel Dunglas
Home (1833 - 1886, Scotland) was one of the first famous Mediums.
In 1848, the Fox family in Hydesville, NY, were visited by Spirits

who came to show them that life after death exists.

During the 1850s, Emma Hardinge Britten, born in England who later
moved to America, became famous as a Trance Medium. Early
demonstrations of Mediumship were more physical, and involved
rapping, table tilting, and materialization whereas now Mediums focus
more on delivering messages from the dead using their mind and
senses as a receiver.
There was a time when people who practiced Mediumship were subject
to ridicule and persecution from the church and skeptics. Nowadays
however, Mediums are more highly thought of and they can easily
work openly, write books, teach classes, and offer private sessions. It
is more common now to see Mediums on television and radio, just as
many TV shows have been created based on true Mediumship
experiences such as Medium and Ghost Whisperer and others.

Death is Fair
We humans tend to fear everything that is unknown to us therefore death
has been feared by many. Death is one thing we can be very sure
about in our lives; we are all going to die one day which makes death
Death takes everyone and spares no one. Whether we are rich or poor,
black or white, a banker or a homeless person, a king or a queen, no
human will escape it. No money can buy human eternity. Having said
this, I suggest that we accept death for what it is and help those around
us to accept it for what it is. I suggest that we learn as much as we feel
guided to about the subject so we may expand our knowledge and help
others expand theirs. In Mediumship work its important to be accepting of
the inevitable. With knowledge and awareness we are then prepared, and
help others to be prepared when death touches our lives directly or
indirectly. That way the journey of transition from the physical body to
spirit form is done with ease!


Fundamentals of Mediumship


Purpose of Mediumship
I never understood why would anyone want or need to connect with the
dead, with those who have crossed over. I grew up in a society where
nobody really talked about connecting with those in spirit. It was more of a
taboo topic. I would hear people say, why bother the dead? They are gone
and thats it! Let them be in peace! Little did I know that there was a whole
world out there of communication between Spirits and us in a physical
I did take a Mediumship class, but I only did because I felt guided to do it
(you can read how I got to embrace Mediumship work in my first book,
The Power of Being Different Embrace Your Uniqueness). To make it
short the guidance (in a form of synchronicities, gut feelings, physical
manifestations of dreams I had) I received, was so strong and wouldnt
leave me. It was continuously bringing synchronicities in my life leading me
to take the class - I was curious to see what it was about. I didnt take it out
of a willingness to learn more about connecting with those in spirit, I didnt
take it because I wanted to be a Medium (at least I wasnt consciously
aware of it). I still was of the belief that the dead need to be left alone and
not bothered. And what could possibly be so great about connecting with
them? Little did I know that through the process of following my inner
guidance, I would learn how beneficial connecting with those in Spirit can
Talking about fundamentals of Mediumship - first I want to bring to your
attention the fact that connecting with Spirit is not only about us connecting
with those who have crossed over, but about those who have crossed over
connecting with us as well! What I mean by that is - just as we want or are
interested in and can benefit from connecting with those in Spirit, Spirit can
benefit from connecting with us as well. The interest is coming from both
sides - spirit is wanting to and interested in connecting with us too. Its a
team effort and it works both ways! We need to remember that connecting
with Spirit can happen with either us, people still in a physical body
initiating communication with those in Spirit as well as it can happen by
those in Spirit initiating communication!
First its important to know that there might be general reason for being
interested in Mediumship, in Paranormal, in being a Medium. This general
reason can be learning more, experimenting with Mediumship, practicing to

be a Medium, curiosity about Paranormal. It would be most likely when a

person doesnt have an interest such as loved one has passed away but they
are simply interested in everything Mediumship in general.
Then there are Personal Reasons for being interested in connecting with
those in Spirit like a loved one has passed away and loved one who is still
here seeks ways to communicate, wondering how their loved one in Spirit is
doing. Another personal reason can be the fact that one has natural Medium
abilities that he/she wants to learn how to control, how to use them in the
best way possible.
Next its important to recognize that there is a difference between reasons
why Spirits would want to connect with us and why we would want to
connect with those in Spirit.

Reasons we seek communication with Spirit

Why would people, who are still here in a physical body, want to connect
with those in Spirit?
The main reasons I have come across, are:
* They want to know if their deceased loved one is okay especially if
their loved one had been suffering from a lot of pain before passing away.
This is also often the case if loved one had passed away unexpectedly from
an accident like car accident or some other Loved ones who are still here
think it must have been painful death and wondering if their deceased loved
one suffered a lot before passing away?
* Loved ones of those Spirits who died unexpectedly, whose bodies are
found dead, usually wonder how exactly they died, what happened?
Especially if there is something suspicious or of a criminal matter that has
happened and its a possible or for sure reason of death.
* Loved ones of those who have crossed over, have a hard time letting go of
the deceased and they are looking for some message from them, some
assurance that they are okay, that they are around etc..
* Those who still remain in a physical body, have some unfinished business
with their deceased loved ones they have questions they always have
wanted to ask but never done it and now they dont have that chance
anymore to communicate with their loved ones as they used to, they have
some unfinished business that causes them feel guilty and they would like to
know that deceased person forgives them, doesnt hold a grudge.
* Deceased loved one hasnt left any instructions for what to do with their

belongings and assets after their death and those who are still here, wish to
know from their loved one in Spirit what to do!
* Loved ones who are still here are looking for some message from their
deceased loved ones!
* Loved ones who are here, feel their deceased loved ones around, have
noticed some signs or what they think are signs from their deceased loved
ones, felt their presence, seen them in their dreams and want to make sure
its really them, its really their deceased loved one and not their
imagination, not their wishful thinking to connect with them
* People still here are experiencing paranormal events that feel frightening
and do not know how exactly to go about dealing with it, they want to find it
out, want to learn more about their experiences, who is causing them, whats
behind these experiences and what to do about them!
* People who are still here, have paranormal experiences like seeing
Spirits, hearing Spirits, Spirits that are not deceased loved ones, trying to
communicate with them and they dont know how to go about it yet they
want to learn.
* People who are still here often want to know if their deceased loved one
is around and how to know he/she is around. They are wondering if their
deceased loved one was at their wedding or graduation or any other
significant life event. They are wondering if the deceased loved one was at
his or her own funeral and if they liked it.
* Often people wonder if their deceased loved one approves of their
decision, if they have deceased loved ones blessing to do what they want to
do. They ask if the deceased loved one has some advice for them, what they
think he/she should do in some particular situation. They are wondering if
their deceased loved one can provide some insights from the spiritual point
of view, from how they see the situation of concern. They wonder how their
deceased loved one would act in their situation, what would loved one in
Spirit do. Sometimes people wonder not only for themselves, but about their
loved ones who are still here, like what advice maybe Spirit has for some
of their other familys member who is not present in person, but lives in a
different part of the country or world.

Reasons Spirits seek communication with us

Why would Souls in Spirit like to connect with those of us who still have a
physical body? The main reasons are:
* They want to let us know that they are still here, that there is a life beyond
the one in a physical body!

* They wish to let their loved ones who are still here know that they are
okay, that they are at peace! Even though they understand the fact that their
loved ones are grieving, they usually want them to move on and enjoy their
life and to remember deceased loved ones with joy and happiness,
remember good times, keep positive and happy memories in their heart
instead of focusing on the fact that they are not around anymore like they
used to be.
* Souls in Spirit have unfinished business in physical world especially if
the Soul has left the physical body unexpectedly in accident of some sort.
For Spirits like that, its often more challenging to let go of physical world,
they feel attached to physical world still wanting to live in it, still focusing
on physical, still thinking about work, about business etc..
* Souls in Spirit have a message for someone (one person or a group of
people) in physical world.
* Earthbound Spirits often miss their Earthly life or something more specific
from their Earthly life and they hang out around the house or in the house/
building, where they used to live or house that has a great significance to
*At times Spirits see that someone in their loved one/s family is going
through a hard time and they want to help. So they try to connect with their
loved ones to pass on the message that they believe and know to be helpful!

Benefits for communicating between the worlds

You know that feeling that you get when you need to talk to someone, to
clear the air, to find out how that person is feeling, how is she/he doing?
Maybe you have gotten into an argument with this person and dont feel
good about it, you want to make up, maybe its something you want to tell
the person, but you havent found the right time to do it or its something else
of this kind, and until you clear the air, until you talk to this person, until
you address whatever it is, sort it out - its on your mind all the time? You
go through the day, do daily activities, yet, your mind is busy thinking about
the situation And there is really nothing that makes this feeling go away
completely until you talk it through with that person?
And you know that feeling you get after you do take care of the situation by
talking it through, clearing the air etc.? Know that feeling of peace in your
mind, that feeling of relief and that feeling of no more thoughts racing in
your mind. There is feeling of peace and completion. Know that feeling

when you have done something that wasnt right and you apologize for it,
you make it right?
This is exactly how it happens when communicating between the worlds! If
there is something unfinished, the emotions I just described are experienced
by Spirits and the living, and they are the reason for wanting to connect. We
usually want to connect with those in Spirit for a reason. Those in Spirit
want to connect with us for a reason. Its usually some kind of clearing the
air situation. Once the connection has happened and we have addressed the
reason why we (or our client) wanted to connect, it results in us (or them)
feeling that peace of mind, that relief. It brings that feeling of completion! It
stops thoughts and feelings of the unfinished, circling our minds

Tools and Methods used in Mediumship

~ tools we use to contact Spirits ~
Because Souls in Spirit dont have a physical body anymore communication cant quite happen in exact same way that it did when they
still had a physical body. As I described in the first chapter, how does
Mediumship work because its energy and frequency and vibration we are
talking about, when it comes to Spirit world and how Mediumship works, in
order to communicate with each other between the worlds, the tools we use
will be different than just speaking and listening how we do with people

Quija Board - one of the oldest tools, if not the oldest and most popular,

most well-known around the world is also known as a Spirit Board or

Talking Board. It is a flat board that is marked with letters of the alphabet,
the numbers from 0 to 9, words yes and no as well as in some cases
hello and goodbye.
This board uses small heart-shaped piece of wood (or some other material)
that is a movable indicator to indicate Spirits messages by spelling the
message out on the board during the sance. Participants of the sance place
their fingers on this movable indicator and its believed that the Spirit is
moving this indicator, spelling out words and messages. Thats how it got the
name of being a talking board. Officially it has been trademarked by
Hasbro Inc. as a board game, yet its believed to be more than just a game.
Pendulum a weight that is hung from a fixed point so that it can swing
freely backward and forward or sideways. It has been and is used in Psychic
Medium readings quite often where it serves like an extension to intuition. It
helps to access information from Spirit similar to Quija Board only
Pendulum answers are limited to yes and no.
Cards like Tarot Cards which is a pack of cards that originally (in 15th
century) was used to play card games yet later (from about 18th century)
was commonly used by mystics and occultists in efforts of divination and a
map of spiritual and mental pathways.
This idea of using cards for Divination and for connecting with Beings in
spirit realm including those who have crossed over, has developed into
other than Tarot card creations like Angel cards, Ascended Master cards,
Goddess cards, Saints and Angels cards, Mermaid Cards etc.. Some
Mediums have come up with Mediumship cards as well. They are
specifically designed to help communicate with those in Spirit.
Five Senses the tool that is not tangible, yet we have it available at all
times as it is something thats within us, its our abilities to feel, see, hear,
smell, know etc.. There are 5 main senses that we have and use daily. We use
them to understand better what is happening around us, we use them to
connect with physical world. As Mediums, we also use our senses to
communicate with Spirit. We usually have one of the senses more naturally
dominant than others, yet its most likely a combination of several of them (if
not all) that we involve in communicating with Spirit. My belief is that using
our senses to connect with those in Spirit is the most direct way for us to
communicate with DLO.


Clairvoyance meaning clear seeing. This is the ability to see Spirit, the
ability to see the messages from Spirit in the form of images, pictures and
symbols. It doesnt necessarily mean seeing physically it often means
seeing with mind.
Clairaudience meaning clear hearing. Its hearing voices and other
sounds that come from Spirit. Again, just like in clairvoyance case this
doesnt necessarily mean hearing physically, but often its hearing with the
inner hearing. Now we often have this inner dialog going on in our heads
and the question might come up how to know when its our mind talking
and when what we hear is coming from Spirit? Usually our inner dialog is
happening in the sound of our own voice but when its Spirit talking, its
happening in a different voice (for every person its different for some its
male, for some, its female and depending if its a male or female Spirit, it
can be a different voice each time)
Clairsentience meaning clear feeling. Its when we get distinctive
feelings of what needs to be said, its like a gut reaction about something
specific that needs to be said or done, specific names, advice that needs to
be given etc...
Claircognizance meaning clear knowing. Its when we just have this
inner knowledge of what to say, what to do, what Spirit is trying to say etc
Its when we know we know it, yet we have no physical proof of how we
know it!
Clairaugustine meaning clear sense of taste or smell. Its when we
clearly sense some smell in the room, smell scent of a spirit, of a perfume
Spirit was using, smell of tobacco. We get a taste in our mouth or something
thats significant to Spirit etc...
~ How to know which one of the senses is dominant in us naturally? ~
The most simple way to determine that is to think, when you watch a movie
after the movie, what is it that you remember the most about it?
Is it - how it made you feel? This would indicate your primary sense is
Is it the images from the movie? This would indicate your primary sense
is Clairvoyance.
Is it the knowingness about the movie, if it was great or not etc.? This

would indicate your primary sense is Claircognizance.

Is it the scent or taste associated to the movie? This would indicate your
primary sense is Clairaugustine.
Is it the sounds of the movie? This would indicate your primary sense is
Usually, when doing Mediumship work, its a combination of more than just
a primary sense that we use. Its usually a combination of either few of them
or all as well as it depends also on a Spirit. If the Spirit for example, was
more talkative in this lifetime then he/she might be trying to communicate
with us through a sound and we will pick up messages from Spirit via
Clairaudience etc...
Automatic Writing this means writing without conscious knowing what
we are writing. Its writing that is a result of external source like Spirit/s
dictating what to write. Dictating meaning not necessarily whispering words
that we hear and then write, but just more like, sitting down with a pen and
paper and starting to write without conscious awareness of the content.
Channeling this means allowing the Spirit to communicate through us as if
we were that Spirit in a physical form. Its like having our consciousness
step aside and let the Spirit enter our physical body and speak through us
us giving Spirit a physical body to express itself through us.

~ tools and methods Spirits use to contact us ~

When it comes to the tools and methods Spirits use to connect with us, there
is a variety of them. Its important to know that the way Spirits try to
communicate with us depends not only on how we hear Spirits most
naturally, but it depends highly on Spirits personality, abilities and
awareness. Also if a person has just recently passed away, they might have
harder time communicating what they want because they are still in a space
of learning to adjust to not having physical body and remembering how to
operate from a Spirit form.
In order for us to more easily and more clearly see Spirits and hear their
messages, its important that we are in as relaxed state as we possibly can
be, as focused and as clear as we possibly can be. Communication with
Spirit is a team effort team being us and the Spirit.
One of the easiest ways Spirits try to communicate with us is through
Dreams. Thats the time when we are most relaxed and our consciousness is

more open to receiving messages that are not coming from a physical source!
A few most common tools that Spirits use to get our attention, communicate
with us are:
* thoughts - Spirits love to communicate through thoughts. There is a
misconceived idea that when Spirits talk to us, we will hear it loudly and in
such a way as if they were still alive. Its not quite true (unless you are
clairaudient). Most of the time when Spirits talk, they talk through thoughts their words and messages come to us as thoughts. Here I need to refer to the
point I mention later in this book - the better we know ourselves, the more
we have invested into our own Spiritual growth, the better we are able to
recognize which thoughts are ours and which ones are Spirits talking to us.
One way to recognize thoughts that come from Spirits are - usually Spirits
come to us with thoughts that remind us of them, with words or phrases that
they used to say while still in the physical body.
* images giving us, sending us images, pictures is another way how Spirits
are trying to communicate to us. At times they show us themselves, at times
they show images or pictures of something that was significant to them or
significant to us and Spirit (if we know the deceased person in person)
together (maybe we went for a trip together or were family or friends, loved
going to movies etc. thats what Spirit would most likely show us to
remind us of them or to confirm that they are around).
* feelings another way that Spirits communicate with us is through
feelings Many times people say I felt my [DLO] around me, I feel my
[DLO] is helping me etc.. That usually happens when Spirits are either
trying to get some message across or just simply want us to know about their
presence, want us to know they are around.
* sounds/ voices / knocking - if we are clairaudient we are most likely
going to pick up on Spirits talking, however, even if hearing is not our main
sense to pick up a Spirits presence, at times we might hear knocking, sounds
( like doors opening closing, like footsteps), voices either loud or
whispering, footsteps or any other sounds. That is one of the popular ways of
Spirits trying to get our attention.
My personal experience growing up was often hearing whispers in the dark
even though there was nobody alive in the house, also footsteps in a
corridor even though nobody was there, doors opening and closing These
are just few most common sounds Spirits make to get our attention. Ever had
that experience when you woke up in the middle of night and were pretty

sure you heard someone call your name? Spirits have a tendency to that too.
* dreams dreams is one of the very common ways how Spirits contact us
because, like I said above, relaxed energy is the best for us to hear Spirits.
When we are asleep, we are fully relaxed, our mind doesnt get in a way
trying to limit our experiences. If you do see or hear deceased loved one in a
dream, whatever it may be, know that it was your deceased loved one
connecting with you
* electronic devices (phone, TV, Radio, lights) - many common
electronic devices may be used by Spirits to connect with us. The most
common one is flickering lights and lightbulbs burned out even when it was
a new lightbulb. Phone is another o very common tool that Spirits use to
connect with us, or try to connect with us. Phone ringing (especially if you
have a caller id) in many cases a deceased loved ones phone number shows
up, or name. It hasnt been my personal experience, but I have stories of
people telling how their deceased loved one showed up on a TV screen, or
Spirit of someone they didnt know.
What I have personal experience with is Spirits talking through Radio.
Besides Spirits talking through the Radio, they also send songs our way. It is
happening when we hear the same song over and over without even trying to
hear it. When we scan through radio waves or TV waves or walk into a store
or restaurant and the same song is on in all those places. And we either have
a significant memory together with our deceased loved one and this song, or
it is a favorite song of deceased loved one or it has some other significance.
* change in temperature Often Spirits notify us about their presence
through a sudden change of temperature in the room. Most often it is cold
energy which feels like a cool breeze showing that Spirit is around. Also
many of you most likely have experienced chills, goose bumps or as I like to
call them angel or magic bumps. That is often a sign that Spirits are
around. It also works the other way around - if you think of a Spirit, of your
DLO and get chills its most likely your deceased loved one confirming that
he/she heard you and is around, is thinking of you too.
* apparitions that is when Spirits show us in such way that they are visible
physically most commonly known as ghosts. They often appear and
disappear very quickly. They also can appear in pictures photos.

How to prepare yourself for Mediumship work


Just like with everything we do, Mediumship work too, requires preparation.
You reading the information provided in this book is part of preparation.
Reading everything you come across that is Mediumship-related, is part of
preparation. Taking Mediumship classes, attending Mediumship-related
events, looking into everything thats paranormal, even watching TV shows
and movies that are about ghosts, ghost hunting, spirits etc. is preparation as
we can learn from everything we come across. Only difference is that the
content of what we learn is different in each experience. It is important not to
discard our life experience. Might sound like something you didnt expect to
hear when wanting to learn more about Mediumship work, but my belief is
that most importantly us working on ourselves, us working on our own
spiritual growth, learning about life, how life works, gaining awareness
about different aspects of ourselves and how we perceive information, how
we perceive life is a huge part of preparation for Mediumship work.
In order to be a good Medium we have to be able to discern energy, to
discern what we hear, see, feel, experience when we focus on Mediumship
work. The better we know ourselves and how different experiences and
energies make us feel, the easier it is for us to discern what we get. Its
easier to recognize if its Spirit voice we hear or its our mind, our ego,
if its our own feelings we feel or if there are Spirits or Spirit around us and
we pick up the feelings from Spirit/s etc You see being a Medium and
doing Medium work is not like going to an office, using skills we have
gained to do the job and then coming home. Being a Medium whether its on
personal or professional level, is like a way of living, its part of life
because it does blend in with our daily life, its more like a lifestyle.
We discussed How Mediumship works in the first part of this book. We
talked about energy, about frequencies, about purpose of Mediumship, terms
used, types of Mediumship. We touched a bit of the history of it. Earlier in
this chapter we talked about tools used in Mediumship. Its all part of
preparation for Mediumship work. Following are few more aspects of
preparation for Mediumship work that are important to mention

Importance of Setting Boundaries

We all have personal boundaries - rules and limits that we create to make
sure we feel comfortable when connecting with others. If anybody breaks
those rules and steps over our boundaries, we react. If boundaries are

overstepped by others over and over again, it makes us feel uncomfortable

and sooner or later we let the other person know they have overstepped our
boundaries. For each one of us its different - some of us have soft
boundaries, some strong, some flexible, some rigid and some of us have lost
a sense of boundaries at all.
However we set our boundaries with people alive, is most likely how we
are going to naturally be with Spirits. If we have hard time setting
boundaries and they are soft, and especially, if we are focused on following
the crowd afraid to show our personality, it will most likely result in us
having the same kind of boundaries with Spirits where our and Spirits
feelings and thoughts and words and emotions will be mixed together and
hard to tell them apart.
In life in general, its important to be and feel in charge of our own life, feel
like we are and do it, be in charge of our life boundaries, likes and
dislikes, do what feels right, take action that takes us towards our souls
desires. Just like in life in general when connecting with Spirit it is
important to feel in charge and be in charge of the situation, be in charge of
our Medium abilities! What I mean by that is instead of letting Spirits take
over your interaction with them, make sure that you let them know what you
are okay with and what not. In other words set healthy boundaries with
Spirits. Many of us who are naturally tuned into Spirit realm, often get Spirit
visits in unexpected times and in unexpected situations. If you are okay with
it its great, if not, make sure you let Spirits know when you are willing to
be contacted by them. Explain your boundaries to them just as you would to
people alive. You dont even have to say it out loud, you can just do it in
your mind Spirit will hear you. Its energy! Connecting with Spirits, doing
Mediumship work is a team effort the team being you and Spirits. They
(those in spirit) want to have this connection and find it just as valuable and
helpful as you do so, they will do their best to respect your boundaries.
As I write this, I am aware of the fact that there are exceptions to everything
and every rule and its okay if communicating with Spirits doesnt happen
by the book. That is why it is important to know ourselves well so that we
can effortlessly trust ourselves in communication with Spirits and know what
is happening, what Spirits are telling us, what they mean instead of trusting
some outside source to tell what Spirits are trying to communicate.
~ Setting Boundaries and Meditation ~
Now a little bit more about boundaries and meditations.
In relation to communicating with Spirits learning more about it, doing it,

practicing important to keep in mind is to set boundaries even before you do

meditations (also the ones at the end of this book). When I say set
boundaries here I mean not only boundaries with those in Spirit, with
deceased, but with all who are in Spirit realm, with all and everything that
doesnt have a physical body.
Not to scare any of you, but the fact is that any Meditation can be an opening
for Earthbound Spirits to enter.
I would suggest to try to focus on everything positive, believing that thats
what working with Spirit is all about. However depending on where each
one of us are on our Spiritual Growth journey, where we are in
understanding about life any Meditation can be an opening for Spirits and
other beings in spirit to come in. As long as we set boundaries, we are on the
positive track! Not to scare any of you, but the fact is that any Meditation can
be an opening for Earthbound Spirits to enter. It might never happen and I
want to believe it wont, but because there are cases where Paranormal
activities have started as a result of listening to Guided Meditations with an
intention to relax, I have to mention this! Its just like with using a Quija
Board set the boundaries, be clear about them, whats acceptable for you
and not, and you are good to go!
When it comes to Setting Boundaries in Mediumship - the most important is
for you to be in charge, to let Spirits know, what your rules are and stick
with them!
How to set boundaries? Check out exercises in Part VIII Exercises &

~ importance of energy clearing ~

Because in Mediumship energy is the main realm we work in, it is important
that our energy is clean and clear. We take showers when we need to clean
our physical body but we need to clean our emotional body, our energy and
to do that we meditate! Its great if we can keep our emotional body, mind,
energy clean and clear at all times, but especially when we do Mediumship
work. You know that chatter that we often tend to have in our mind? All
kinds of thoughts go through our mind and they seem to race at record speed?
And how we jump from one thought to another and all the thoughts that cross
our mind are all mixed together? And how many emotions we have about
different aspects of our lives and how they get mixed up together too? If we
have the same happen when we do Mediumship work, it will only make us
confused if we jump from one thought to another, from one spirit to another,
from one message to another. That can get and will get very confusing. It can

be hard to separate which ones are our thoughts and feelings and which ones
are the messages, thoughts and feelings of Spirits. If that happens and when
that happens, the quality of our work as a Medium wont be and isnt as good
as when we are focused and our energy is cleared.
Focus and clear energy are extremely important when doing Mediumship
How to clear the Energy? The first step would be to clear the Mind, which
we can do using a tool like Meditation.
What is Meditation?
Meditation is quieting the mind, clearing the mind of all the chatter, all the
outside stimulants and influences etc...
How we do that with a help of Meditation?
We choose the type of Meditation that suits us the best. Meditation in its
basic form is focusing on nothing, just being present, trying to think of
nothing. It might sound simple and easy, yet it can be the most challenging
thing, because we usually have a lot of chatter going on in our minds. To help
ease us into meditation of this kind, there are different types of Meditations
that are helpful and powerful on their own.
In this book we will look at the few most basic and simple Meditation
examples that you can implement in your everyday life. If you do feel a need
for more complicated meditations, for trying out different types of
meditations to see what works the best for you I encourage you to do it!
There is a lot of information out there (books, CDs videos) about meditating
and Meditations making it easier for you to find the one that suits you the
best. But, like I said, in this book we will look at few most basic and simple
Meditation examples.
Energy Clearing Meditations/Exercises are great to do on daily basis and it
is important part of preparing ourselves for as well as doing Mediumship
work. It is especially important when we work with some challenging
Earthbound Spirits.
~ types of Meditation ~
Basic Meditation thats the meditation where you sit in a comfortable
position and try to quiet your mind by thinking nothing. It might sound simple
and easy, yet it can be challenging especially when we always have
gazillions of thoughts go through our mind. A good way to succeed with this
meditation is to think of yourself as an observer of your own thoughts
noticing what thoughts come up as you try to quiet your mind yet, not engage

in them, let them just pass by. Important is to remember, when starting this
kind of meditation, that it can take time. Do not give up if it seems like is not
working because it is its a process.
Focused Meditation this is a kind of Meditation where you focus on
something intently but dont engage your thoughts about it. For example
focus on something visual or focus on a sound or word, positive emotion,
positive affirmation, positive idea.
It all depends on the circumstances and what we feel or think would be the
best object to focus at the time.
How do we focus, for example, on a word or emotion or affirmation? By
simply repeating this word or emotion or affirmation in our mind, seeing it,
feeling it, being it.
The idea of a Focused Meditation is the same as the idea of a Basic
Meditation to stay present and clear our mind only instead of just trying to
think of nothing, we have something to focus on. Result will be pretty much
the same we stay present and all the chatter falls away.

Structure and Validation

When in comes to structure and validation they are important part of
Mediumship work.
~ Structure ~
When Spirits talk they talk - and there is no telling in advance how the
conversation and connection with Spirits will unfold, what exactly and how
the connection will turn out. My point is there is no knowing what exactly
is going to happen and it cant be planned to the detail yet there is some
general structure to Mediumship work.
When Spirits have an urgent need for connecting with us or if we havent set
boundaries, if we are open to talk to them at all times we will be contacted
by Spirit at any time, especially if we are naturally more tuned into the Spirit
realm. If that happens and when it happens the best we can do is just go with
it, listen to what Spirits have to say and then go from there. It is however
different if we set an intention to connect with those in Spirit. Those are the
cases where structure would be good to apply.
Before we connect with someone in Spirit, especially if someone is coming
to us for a session or we do a platform Mediumship it is important to set
an intention for the connection. Everybody does it differently, but the idea is

to do a little prayer of some kind, setting intention to be a clear channel

between the worlds, to be of help to people who have come to see us (those
alive and those in Spirit), be in a best space energetically to receive the
messages and pass them on, to hear Spirits clearly, set intention asking
Spirits to speak loud and clear so that it would be impossible for us to miss
them and what they have come to say. If we work with Spirit Guides then
call them in and let them know what is it we want their help with etc... It all
can be done silently and there is no one specific script to follow other than
guidelines like above. Create your own personal before the Mediumship
work prayer.
If you go to a haunted place either for your own personal reasons or to do
some work, some paranormal investigation let the Spirits know you are
coming, or that you are there (even if seems like its obvious to them that
you are there) and what you want. Be clear with your intentions and show
Spirits the respect just as you would show respect to people who are still
here in a physical form.
The other aspect of structure is - it depends on how we approach Spirits.
What I mean by that is in some cases people who will come to us, or we
ourselves (especially when doing paranormal investigation) will be wanting
to connect with Spirits who come through, Spirits who want to come through
that way, giving Spirits opportunity to choose who wants to come through or,
in paranormal investigation/paranormal experience case when we want to
find out who is/are the Spirits and why they are here. In those cases we will
do our pre-connection meditation/prayer and after that, address the Spirit(s),
tell them we are here and want to connect, talk, help if we can, if needed.
* If we connect with someones deceased loved one and person who
has come to us for a session just wants to see who from their deceased
loved ones would like to come through we would turn to this persons
deceased loved ones as a group and ask who in spirit would love to connect.
The next step after that would be for us to determine who is the Spirit who
comes through (and yes somebody always wants to talk, I have never yet
encountered the situation where I would try to connect with someone in
Spirit and nobody wanted to connect on contrary, they love to connect
and talk and usually not only one, but more Spirits come through when
given the opportunity. When I learned Mediumship we were told and
taught that Spirits dont always want to talk. I also heard quite a few other
Mediums say that, yet I have never experienced it in my Mediumship work
so, I dont support this idea).

When determining who has come through, what is the relationship between
person who has come for a session and Spirits, structure to follow would be
is the Spirit male of female? Is the Spirit older than their loved one
who is still here? What is the age range of the Spirit? Is the Spirit bloodrelated family? Or someone who was like a family? Is it a friend?
Neighbor? Etc. If its a family member then is the Spirit connected to
male side of the family or female?
We also want to include asking the Spirit to show some significant memory
either of their life or something they did together with their loved one still
here. We would ask for such significant memory because we want a person
who has come for a session to be able to have something they can validate
(more about validation in the following chapter).
We would ask Spirits silently all these questions as appropriate, and
according to the response we would get, we would relay what we got to the
person who has come for a session. Its a team effort in this case between
Medium, Spirits and client/s. We want to make sure we tell the person or a
group of people (if we do Platform Mediumship) thats its a team effort.
They dont have to give us too many details about their deceased loved ones,
but they need to be able to validate us connecting with their deceased loved
one. And we too need to have the validation so we can move on and dont
spend too much time just validating who has come through but get on with
the messages.
Once its clear who has come through, we would ask then what the Spirit
wants to tell. We would also ask the person who has come for a session, if
there is anything they want to tell or ask the deceased loved one, the one who
has come through. Its important for us as a Medium, to listen. The better
listeners we are, the better we can hear with all our senses.
Important to know that often messages come in a form of symbols and the
person receiving would have hard time understanding what spirit means by
what they say, its our responsibility as a Medium to ask the Spirit for some
deeper insight, for clarification of the message, of the symbol. Spirits want
us to understand them so they are and will do their best to make sure we
know what they are talking about. If its still hard to understand, sometimes
there is a message in it. What I mean by that is it might be that the Spirit,
while here in a physical body, had hard time expressing him/herself and
therefore they might have still hard time expressing themselves even after
crossing over. Spirits still keep the character they had while in a physical
body. Them giving a hard time to Medium in this case would serve as a great
validation of who we have connected with.
Once the communication feels complete, once Spirits have said all they want

to say, their loved one who is still here have communicated all he/she
wanted, we would ask if there is maybe some final message that Spirit/s
want to communicate before leaving.
At the end, we would most definitely thank the Spirit for showing up and
connecting. Like I said before show the same respect to Spirit as you
would to anyone still here in a physical form.
*If we have a person here in a physical body, a client, who comes to us
and wants to connect with a particular deceased loved one
We would first call in the Spirit of the person they want to connect with. We
would do it silently by thinking of this person, their name, if we know it. We
can also ask our client to think of their deceased loved one while we do it,
to increase the energy for connecting. To double-make-sure we know Spirit
is here, we can ask Spirit please give me a sign
that you are here!
or you have heard us etc...
Once you feel/see/hear/know (depending on what is your natural primary
sense you pick up the presence of Spirits), then pay attention to Spirit who
has come through Describe what you see is it male or female, what age,
how she/he looks, how she/he is dressed and ask for a significant memory
something that would help the receiver to identify and validate if the Spirit
who has come is the person they wanted to connect with. If it is then you can
continue with questions, messages whatever Spirit wants to say, whatever
your client wants to know.
If its not a Spirit that you were trying to connect with, dont just give up
the connection you have made. Ask who the Spirit is, follow the steps
described a little bit earlier in this chapter.
Make sure you do ask the Spirit what is his/her connection to the client.
Besides everything the Spirit wants and has to tell, make sure you find out
from Spirit:
a significant experience, a memory that Spirit has and client can
the cause of death,
a message Spirit has for a client, for his/her loved one who is still here
in a physical body.
If any of the responses to these questions or any other are not
clear, always remember to ask for clarification.
Something else important to remember and keep in mind is to always give
Spirits recognition of some sort even if you dont talk or dont want to talk

with them right away. It can be as simple as hi We wouldnt like to be

ignored either and neither does Spirit.
Also its nice to thank them for coming through and bringing messages at
the end of the connection!

Validation is an essential part of Mediumship work. Even though we connect
with Spirits and receive messages, pick up energy of the Spirits or the
energy of some event thats related to Spirits, not every message that a
Medium receives and gives, is a validation
But validation is important! Just as much as client, receiver, wants and needs
validation to know that connection is made with the right Spirit, Medium
needs validation as well.
For client - validation is helping client to know that medium is in fact truly
connecting with their loved one/s in spirit. If the Medium gives general
information like : I have your grandmother here with me and she is asking me
to tell you she really loves you and is very proud of you. Does that sound
like something you can validate? Even if it is your grandmother that Medium
is talking to, how can you, as a client, know for sure? True Mediumship
requires validation! Now a different scenario I have your grandmother
here, she is showing me she liked sewing. She is also telling me her name
was Adele and she loved the pictures you used to draw for her as a child.
She is also showing there was a show on TV that you both loved watching
when you came over to her house for a visit, she really loved that time
together This is a type of information that can be validated. Now if and
when the information gets validated, then the person receiving messages can
be sure that Medium has indeed connected with his/her grandmother. This
would be, what I call valuable validation.
Once Medium has established a connection with Spirit and recipient has
received a valuable validation then the message from the first example
(about grandmother who is here and proud of the recipient) has a meaning to
a receiver. This message then would be considered message from loved
Its important to ask Spirit for information that receiver can validate, at the
very beginning.
For Medium validation is important so that we too know for sure who is

the Spirit we are talking to and how Spirit is related to the client.
When we, as Mediums, get information from Spirit, answers from Spirits to
our questions whether the answer comes as a sound or a picture or a vision
or knowing etc. its important to pass this information to a person receiving
without trying to make sense out of it first. Lets say we see a kitchen,
Spirit is showing us kitchen. The first general association with kitchen for us
might be cooking but for person receiving the message might be for example,
that they met each other in the kitchen at some friends house party. If we tell
the person receiving the messages something like your deceased loved one
liked to cook (as for us kitchen means cooking) the person receiving most
likely would say not really, cant relate to that but if we tell your
deceased loved one is pointing out kitchen as being significant receiver
of the message/s would be given opportunity to know exactly what Spirit is
trying to say. That would also be part of receiving validation.
Remember if you get only messages without facts, that means you are
connected psychically, if you are getting facts you are connected as a


Signs and Symbols


Role that Signs and Symbols play in Mediumship

Signs and Symbols play a major role in Mediumship. Like I mentioned
before because Spirits do not have a physical body anymore, they cant
communicate in the exact same way when they still did have it. Often they
use symbols to get through to us. The message is clear, but interpretation of
the symbols is where the true meaning of the message can get lost. The more
we practice, the better we become in understanding the meaning of symbols.
This chapter is written to help you to better understand how symbolism in
Mediumship works and to give you a basic idea of how to interpret symbols.

Different types of Symbols

To better understand the meaning of symbols it is important to understand
and know that there are several kinds of symbols. Symbols can have a
general meaning as well as a personal meaning. When interpreting
symbols its important to look at both. If we look only at one of the
meanings, our interpretation of the message might be incomplete.
If and when we get messages from spirits in a form of symbols, we might be
in need for clarification. All we really need to do is to ask Spirit to
clarification. At first we really need to pass on the message the way we got
it. Its important that the person receiving gets the message, not us because
we are just here like a telephone connecting Spirits and their loved ones. If a
person who is receiving messages doesnt know or doesnt understand the
meaning, then we can ask the spirit for clarification, then we dig deeper for
better understanding.
Sometimes we might need to use our intuition and psychic abilities to get the
most detailed information from Spirits.
Just like with everything the more we practice, the more familiar we
become and continuously grow in understanding the Mediumship process
including understanding the meaning of symbols.

~ General Meaning of Symbols ~

The basic general meaning of symbols is pretty easy to determine. What I

mean by that is if I would say mother, whats the first thought that comes
to your mind, when I say mother? What do we associate with mother (in
general, not personal)? Nurture, care, love, birth
Those are just few general meanings for mother that we all associate. But
what happens when we think of our own mother? Does this general meaning
change, or stay the same?
For people who have had a nurturing, loving, caring mother, the personal
association with mother will be quite different from people who have had
irresponsible or careless mother, a mother who was an alcoholic or people
whose birth mother gave them up for adoption. We are simply looking at the
meaning of mother, one word, yet when thinking of our own mother, so
many emotions come up, so many personal associations.
Just as important as it is to take into consideration general and personal
meaning of symbols when needed, it is important to allow it to be clients
personal meaning, not just ours!
With time you will definitely develop better understanding and knowing how
to balance both of them. It takes practice.
Following are some ideas of the general meaning of the most common

~ colors and symbols ~

Color is something we all are very familiar with, we have it all around us,
we use it all the time and we often dont even pay much attention to what the
deeper meaning of our choice of color might be. When it comes to
Mediumship work in combination with the message Spirit is giving,
noticing what colors are involved in a message, can be a very helpful tool
for delivering a powerful message.
Most well-known colors and their basic meaning:
White perfection, purity, grace, divinity, innocence
Black mystery, unknown, end of the cycle, transformation
Red action, passion, power, desire, anger
Orange creativity, shock of any kind, fear (or removing fear)

Yellow joy, intellect, rational thinking, criticism

Green new beginnings, growth, harmony, balance, healing could
also mean possessiveness.
Blue communication and feeling safe (or not feeling safe), speaking,
speaking ones truth, standing up for ourselves
Purple spirituality, connection with spirit
Pink softness, sensitivity, problems being heard
Brown groundedness, feeling secure or looking for security, possible
Indigo connectedness to Higher realms, other worlds, clear seeing
Grey uncertainty, confusion, compromise, transition
Turquoise creativity, creation, communication through creativity
Gold alchemy, true power, wisdom, inner power, royalty, success,
triumph, prosperity, luxury, value
Silver emotional, ebb and flow of the tides, moon, divine feminine,
There are many other colors, color shades and each one of them have a
different unique meaning as well. Also important to keep in mind that there
is more to the meaning of each color than I have mentioned here and to not
only rely on the information given in this book. I just wanted to give you a
basic idea and insight into color.
Just like symbolism in general - colors have general meaning as well as a
personal meaning. For one person coming for a session, meaning of certain
colors will most likely be different than for another person. First and most
important is to let them know what is the color that Spirit is giving us, before
we go into the symbolism. Sometimes its just as simple as Spirit showing
their favorite color, or showing their loved ones favorite color.

~ numbers and symbols ~

Just like colors, numbers too have been around for a long time and are
something we are familiar with. Is there more to numbers than we see from
the first look at them? Yes, yes, yes!
Every number has a connection with Universal principles and Nature.
Here is general basic meaning of numbers:
1 number of new beginnings, stepping into new. It applies not only on
a physical level but spiritually as well stepping into new.
2 number of partnership calling us to unite.
3 number of Magic, intuition and creativity, success and rewards.
4 number of stability, grounding, home and angelic realm. It also
represents a need for persistence and endurance.
5 number of travel, adventure, motion and radical changes. Its the
number of action.
6 number of harmony, balance, sincerity, love and truth. It also
represents enlightenment lightning our path where the balance
between spiritual and physical is needed.
7 number of Magic, esoteric and esoteric meanings. It also represents
imagination and our use of conscious thought and awareness.
8 number of business, success and wealth, continuation and cycles.
9 number of satisfaction, accomplishments, intellectual power,
recognition of our internal attributes and extending them out into the
world to make positive and influential difference.
*. * *. . * `*. *

Now that we have looked at general meaning of numbers it is important to


also mention other options of meaning of the numbers that Spirits give us!
When Spirit gives us number, it can also be a date or an age or house
number or any other significant number. Its not necessarily always the case
for us to try to get the symbolism of the number. It can just be the number that
has a significant meaning to a person.

~ animals and symbols ~

Just like numbers, when we are given an animal as a message, it can be
literally an animal maybe persons in Spirit animal, maybe our animal in
Spirit however, animals can be a symbol for something more and give us
a deeper meaning for the message as well.
When coming across animals in a message from Spirit, think first, whats the
first association you have with this particular animal? That is the best way
to understand symbolism of the animal. Think, what is the character of the
animal? That is what the meaning of this animal showing up in a message is
about. First association with the animal holds the key to understanding what
the message is about.
Here are some of the most well-known animals and just the basic idea about
symbolism they hold.
Ape (primates) animal that represent intelligence, curiosity, trickery,
Bat animal that represents facing and transcending above the fear, above
Bear - animal that represents confidence, courage, strength, stamina,
unpredictable emotions and self control
Beaver - animal that represents construction, building and acting on our
Bee - represents luck, prosperity, fertility, hard work that results in
Butterfly represents soul, rebirth, reincarnation, change, metamorphosis,
transformation and joy

Bull- animal that represents strength, stubbornness, stability

Camel - animal that represents long journeys, replenishment and survival
Cat - animal that represents independence, wisdom, magick, mystery and
Lion - animal that represents strength, courage, pride, power
Sphinx - animal that represents secret knowledge and protection
Tiger - animal that represents personal power, sensuality, passion,
Cow animal that represents fertility, purity
Crocodile/Alligator - animal that represents taking risks
Deer - animal that represents divine guidance, spiritual journey, perception,
gentleness and regeneration
Ant is a representation of hard work, never giving up, discipline and
Caterpillar represents new beginnings, never-ending cycle of life
Dragonfly- represents dreams and balancing of emotions and thoughts
Fly represents spiritual death and regeneration
Dog - animal that represents loyalty, protection and guidance
Dolphins - animal that represents enlightenment, sacred breathing and
sound, creation, messages from spirit
Elephant - animal that represents memory, knowledge, perpetual learning,
Fish - animal that represents fertility, rebirth, renewal, spiritual


Fox - animal that represents invisibility, cunning, slyness, secrets,

shapeshifting, keen hearing
Frog / Toad - animals that represent transformation, fertility, sensitivity
Goat / Sheep - animals that represent virility, masculine and projective
Rabbit - animal that represents astuteness, transformation, swift movement,
Horse - animal that represents companionship, astral travel, travel (in
general), adventure, freedom and overcoming obstacles
Lizard - animal that represents wisdom and good fortune
Dragon - animal that represents true raw inner power, cosmic mind in
motion, knowledge, concentration, determination, spiritual strength,
courage, transcendence and transformation
Mole - animal that represents blindness and sensitivity
Mouse - animal that represents details, alertness and hesitation
Octopus - animal that represents unfolding of creation as well as going in
different directions, need to prioritize
Otter - animal that represents swiftness and rejoice in life, playfulness
Porcupine - animal that represents discrimination, creating your own lifepath
Raccoon - animal that represents curiosity, disguise and masks
Seals - animal that represents imagination, creativity and sacrifice
Sirens / Sea Nymphs - enchantment, dangerous attraction, supernatural


Serpent / Snake - animal that represents healing, transformation, renewal,

rebirth and eternity
Shark - animal that represents longevity, strength and power
Skunk - animal that represents sensuality in every aspect of it
Squirrel - animal that represents resourcefulness, preparation and activity
Pig - animal that represents courage, protection and sacrifice
Turtle - animal that represents longevity and feminine/maternal energies
Whale - animal that represents creative intuition, psychic perception,
telepathy, past lives and sound in magick
Wolf - animal that represents intelligence, ingenuity, master of disguise,
communication and cooperation
Zebra animal that represents agility and individuality
Grasshopper represents massive forward leaps, progression and
following instincts
Moth represents lunar guidance, adaptation and following the light
Praying mantis represents stillness, silence and prophecy
Scorpion represents survival on earthly plane, mysticism
Spider represents creation, networking, continual creation and
Blackbird symbol for knowledge, mastery and understanding
Bluejay - symbol for development and proper use of power, dedication vs.

Cardinal - symbol for vitality and self-worth

Chicken - symbol for fertility, sexuality and sacrifice
Stork - symbol for maternal and feminine energies and new birth
Dove - symbol for guidance, protection, prophecy, hope and peace
Duck - symbol for emotional comfort and grace
Eagle - symbol for wisdm, keen vision, majesty, freedom, power, strength,
and victory
Falcon - symbol for swift astral energy and travel
Goose - symbol for spiritual quests, new directions and communication
Hawk - symbol for messages, keen insight and protection
Hummingbird - symbol for divine love, happiness and joy
Owl - symbol for ancient and magical knowledge, divine wisdom, death and
renewal, ability to see in the dark (literary and symbolically in the dark)

Peacock - symbol for watchfulness, wisdom and colorfulness

Raven - symbol for prophecy, wisdom, messages, death, resurrection,
transformation and magic
Robin - symbol for spring, morning, growth and happiness
Seagull - symbol for messengers of emotions
Swan - symbol for intuitive dreams, spiritual guidance, expanding psychic
talents and inner beauty
Turkey - symbol for blessings and sharing


Woodpecker - symbol for rhythms, discrimination and changes

Phoenix - symbol for transcendence, transmutation, transformation and life
after death

~ nature and symbols ~

Nature elements are a great way to communicate with, as all of us are
familiar with nature on one level or another.
Moon psychic abilities and hidden emotions
Sun strengths, hope, courage, inner power
Star guidance, spiritual awareness
Lightning illumination, Divine Spark
Comet momentous events, change, cosmic knowledge coming to us
Rainbow balance of life, living life fully, being present being in the
*. * *. . * `*. *

Water usually represents emotions, feelings and psychic abilities

When it comes to what kind of water it is and what the specific message of
water is think of the first association what you have with it.
* ice - frozen emotions, frozen psychic abilities, feelings
* waterfall cleansing, emotional cleansing
* rain - releasing emotions, letting emotions flow
* river - flowing emotions
* ocean depth, deep emotions, source of emotions
* lake/pond - controlled emotions
* swamp stagnant energy, stagnant emotions
* drowning - drowning in emotions
Fire rebirth, transformation, strengths
Air light, lightness, connection with spirit, intuition, ideas
* sky realms of spirit, connecting with the realms of spirit
* storm - erratic thoughts and emotions
Earth physical, grounding, subconscious

* roots grounding, root of the situation, problem, cause, foundation

* mountain or hill overcoming obstacles, moving forward
* cliff taking leap of faith, trusting the process
* cave - inner realms of one self, the unconscious
* forest - journey into the inner self
* jungle - hidden parts of oneself, hidden urges and actions
* desert - lack of joy
Some random but often used symbols are:
Road representing life-path, path we or spirit/s are/were on
Bridge representing transition, change, crossing, traveling between
two worlds
Fence representing obstacle/s, choice/s, two opposing energies
being present in situation

~ crystals and symbols ~

Crystals are part of nature and therefore often used as symbols. Each one of
them has a different energy and is used for different reasons, has a different
purpose. Crystals and gemstones have been created from Earths inner core,
they have went through geologic process of heating, cooling and
displacement of their way to their present form. Healing properties of each
crystal depend on vibration they are in, color, and process crystals have
went through to get the form we are seeing
Amethyst- is a stone of change, protection and enlightenment.
Aventurine- is a stone that brings balance to the intellect, emotions and
physical being.
Blue Topaz- is a stone that assists in attaining clarity, lift burdens,
attracts abundance.
Carnelian- is a stone that stimulates the energy of love and joy, and
clears negative energy.
Citrine- is a stone that balances energy, enhances personal power.


Fluorite- is a stone that helps to find truth, eases change and brings
strengths during transition times.
Goldstone- is a stone that is manmade rich in copper. It is a stone
that enhances energy of intuition and sexuality as well as acts like
mood stabilizer
Hematite- is a stone that enhances memory, concentration and focus.
Jasper- is a stone that helps to balance and unite the energy of physical
with the spiritual which is needed to achieve goals.
Labradorite- is a stone that protects aura, helps to keep it clear and
balanced. This is also a stone that supports originality and uniqueness.
Malachite- is a stone of transformation that assists with changing
situations. It also helps to release negative emotions.
Moonstone- is a stone of changes and wishes! It is a stone that helps to
clear obstacles on the path of destiny.
Clear Quartz- is a stone that empowers and protects. It stores,
releases and regulates energy facilitating growth and awareness.
Rose Quartz- is a stone of Love. This stone soothes and comforts
bringing deep inner healing attracting the energy of healthy love.
Sodalite- is a stone that unites logic and intuition, enhances meditation
and inner wisdom.
Tigers eye- is a stone that helps to gain insight, helps to concentrate,
think more clearly and organize details.
Turquoise- is a stone that helps with creative projects. It also helps to
dispel negative energy, helps to resolve problems in a creative way.

~ flowers, plants, trees and their symbols ~


Some of the most well-known flowers and their symbolic meaning:

Acorns- represent fertility, seeds of knowledge and prophecy
Apple tree- is considered to be Tree of Life but Apple represents rebirth,
knowledge, reincarnation, wisdom
Bay tree- is considered to be Tree of Healing.
Birch- represents rebirth and regeneration
Cones- are considered to be seeds of potential
Daisies- represent wishes and new cycles of thinking and being
Evergreens- represent strength, longevity
Ferns- represent sincerity, luck and protection
Hawthorn- is considered to be a sacred tree to the fairies and Druids
Hazel- represents white magic and healing
Honeysuckle- represents flight, protection, hidden secrets
Iris- represents purification and wisdom
Ivy- represents friendship and continuity
Lilies- represent protection
Lavender- represent healing, relaxation and long life
Maple- represents longevity
Mistletoe- represents regeneration, rebirth and healing
Mugwort- represents clairvoyance and divination


Oak- represents strength, truth and longevity

Pine- is considered to be a Tree of the Sun, purification and immortality
Pomegranate- represents fertility and are considered to be seeds of
Poppies- represent sleep, luck and fertility
Rose- represents fulfillment of goals and desires
Silver Fir- is considered to be Tree of Birth
Sunflowers- represent the sun and regeneration
Vines- represent eternal flow of energy and tangles of life
Violets- represent protection, healing, peace and wishes
Willow- represents fertility, flexibility, prophecy and wisdom

~ Movies, Books and Songs as Symbols ~

When Spirits give a message via showing something that is: movies, books
or songs there can be many different meanings. It might mean literally that
particular movie, book, character, or a song is something extra important
maybe it was Spirits favorite while he/she was here, maybe it was your
favorite and Spirit is trying to bring up emotions you feel when thinking of
this movie or book or a song, the meaning it had to you as there is most
likely a key to a message.

Personal Meaning of Symbols

The most important here I want to say is this:
* the more we learn about ourselves, the more aspects of symbolism we
learn, the more we learn what different symbols mean to us, and the more of
everything Mediumship related, the better Mediums we become.

The more information and knowledge we gain, more life experience of any
kind, life lessons, the more we work on our own spiritual growth - the more
we learn about the ways our body, mind and soul reacts to Spirit presence
and Spirit messages the more tools we have to communicate with Spirit.


Challenges and Solutions


Challenges and Solutions

~ Main challenges that Medium might experience ~
Hard to make a connection or cant make a connection
It could be due to many reasons:
~ Depending on the character of the Spirit in this lifetime, he/she might
not be willing to communicate. You can experiment and come up with
some creative way to talk to the Spirit and see if you can provoke
communication. You could try again later because this might not be the
right time to connect with that particular Spirit.
~ Earthbound Spirits have a tendency to have challenges with
communication. It is possible that the Spirit you are trying to reach, is
Earthbound. Look for more information about Earthbound Spirits and
how to be with them in Chapter V. Act accordingly.
~ You, the Medium, might be too tired or not focused enough. Perhaps
you are letting personal emotions get in the way. If you have situation
happening in your personal life, those thoughts can get in the way and
clog the clear communication line with Spirits.
Know yourself. If you are too tired to communicate with those in
Spirit, then you are just too tired. Know what your limitations are, if
you have some trick or way to bring up your own energy you can make
it work. Do make sure that you have cleared your energy before you
begin. Make sure you have set clear boundaries with Spirits. If you
have done it and you are still feeling too tired, then you might need a
good sleep, a nap, relaxing bath or something of that kind to rejuvenate.
Dont try to force communication to happen.
~ If a person in a physical body who wants to connect with someone in
Spirit, has certain expectations and wouldnt accept anything other than
what is on their mind. In that case, no matter what a Medium tells their
client, even when Medium has made a connection with the right Spirit,
it wont be good enough for the client as this person will only accept
the information that he or she is expecting and nothing else.
Depending on you as a Medium character, the best solution might be to

explain how communication with Spirit works and suggest that letting
go of any expectations the person might have can be a key to successful
Maybe you are a very straight forward person and tell the client straight
up that you feel he/she has certain expectations.
I have seen it work well both ways and therefore saying that it depends
on your personal character how to handle this kind of challenging
Not getting strong enough information for validation
~ A Medium might be too tired or not focused enough and therefore
connection that is made with Spirit, might not be as strong! Get some
or do whatever it takes for you to get focused, clear your energy,
your mind, your head.
~ Also in this case a client might have a certain expectation of the
validation they want to receive and even if the information the Medium
gives, is validation, client will ignore it. Sometimes the client doesnt
see it as validation only because its not what they expected. You, as a
Medium can explain how the communication with the Spirit process
works and suggest for them to let go of any expectations the clients
might have. Ask if what Spirit is telling is true even if it is not what
they expected to hear!
Messages Medium gets are not the ones recipient wants to hear
Read the comment above about expectations.
Misinterpreting message
~ Remember to first always give the message you receive just the way
you receive it. If client cant validate it or doesnt see the connection
and meaning in it, then look for clarification.
Recipient cant validate
~ Sometimes it only seems at the first look that messages gotten are not
strong enough validation. Sometimes it is needed to leave the message
as it is and it will make sense to the client later in a session or later
when the client will already be home.
~ If there is more than one person or if someone is waiting in line to
talk to a Medium, it might be that someone elses deceased loved one
has come forth and the message is for the next person in line. Messages

can get mixed up in situation like that!

Each situation will be different and important to remember here is to
not discard the connection you have made with Spirit. There is always
some reason why Spirits talk to us and in messages they give! Its even
in those situations if messages cant be validated right away and make
no sense at first. Keep going.
Recipient has expectations that Medium cant reach
~ Look to the comment above about expectations.
Do not let this discourage you from doing your work as a Medium!
Peoples expectations are not validation of your work and abilities.
They only show what and who they are. They do not show who you
are, or how strong or weak you are as a Medium!
Something comes up during a Mediumship Session that you dont
know how to help with
It can happen! If it comes up that a client who has come to you for a
session needs some medical help, for example, you might know who to
suggest they go see. If you feel you wont be able to help, dont be
afraid to let your client know that you cant help. They will be more
happy for your honesty and your efforts to help, than you trying to help
knowing you are not the right person to help them!


Main to dos and do nots in Mediumship work

Do nots
Dont just connect with Spirit and leave (even when its Spirit that cant
be identified at first). Dont hit and run.
Dont do a session when you are tired, ill, not feeling well.
Dont do any Mediumship work when you have consumed any alcohol.
Dont do a reading in a location where you dont feel comfortable.
Dont give a reading to any one person too often.
Dont try to force (with frustration or anger) connection between you
and Spirit to happen.
Dont give up just because you have had a bad day. Dont give up if you
had a negative experience with some client! We all have those days.
When you know you have a Mediumship session with someone or you
are going to do some paranormal investigation - be sure to prepare
yourself, think ahead. Set yourself up for a great and successful session.
Yes, it can happen without preparation, but think, if without preparation
you are already doing great, then how much more powerful and healing
the experience will be if you are prepared, both - spiritually and
If there is a negative message that Spirit wants you to give to the person
receiving messages, make sure to ask Spirit how is this message going
to help person receiving it? No matter what it is negative that you have
been given to pass on, make sure you end a session with something
positive. Give guidance on how to deal with negative. Leave recipient
with some solution steps, guidance, positive and encouraging message.
When doing this work we must: Focus on Service! Focus on Helping!
Always, always work on yourself! Work on your Spiritual Growth!
Learn something new, expand your understanding! Expand your
knowledge! It will help you to connect with a wider variety of Spirits.

You will be able to connect with more understanding, and will be able
to relate with more depth and uniqueness in the universe.


Paranormal Activities
Earthbound Spirits


~ The concept of Earthbound Spirits and Crossing

Over ~
To make it simple Earthbound Spirits are spirits who havent moved on.
They are souls who dont possess a physical body anymore, but for various
reasons discussed further in this chapter, havent moved on yet. Those are
spirits that have unfinished business of some sort. Before they can move on,
there is something they need to do. To finish!
How to know the difference
So, how do we know when spirits have moved on and when spirits stay
The basic and general idea of detecting and knowing that earthbound spirit/s
are around, is being able to tell the difference between spirits who have
crossed over and moved on who visit us Vs. spirits who are earthbound, is
very simple.
We think of spirits who have crossed over and moved on as they have went
into the light and they dont have any unhealthy attachments. They are free
and feel complete. How could this energy possibly feel? Whatever your
natural main senses are that you use to get information on energy levels, think
how free, light and healthy moving on energy feels to you? Thats what you
more or less will feel when there are spirits that have moved on are around.
If spirits have moved on, they come with light energy literally and
spiritually. There is usually a sense of lightness, comfort, positiveness. If
your main natural sense is seeing, you might see the light and/or light color
around the spirit/s. If you are naturally good at feeling, you will feel light
energy that is a comforting energy. When being around spirits who have
moved on during connection and afterwards - you will get a positive and
uplifting feeling. Connecting with spirits who have moved on will leave you
comforted and empowered.
Now think of stuck, confused, unfinished business, unhealthy attachment,
addictions etc. How can this energy feel? How do you feel when faced
with these emotions? How does this kind of energy feel in your body, with
your senses? Thats more or less what you will feel as a key feeling when
earthbound spirits are around.

If spirits are earth bound, they will come with a heavier energy literally
and spiritually.
If you are more of a visual person, you might see darker colors around
Earthbound Spirits. In my experience its grey or black. You might see a dark
color trace following those spirits who are earthbound. If you are a person
who feels first, you will feel some sort of heaviness around the earthbound
spirits. When you walk into a place that has earthbound spirits, you will not
feel at ease as well. You will feel heavy as if an extra weight is on your
shoulders. You will also most likely feel like an urge to leave the place right
away. It is a sense of feeling unwelcomed. Often Earthbound Spirit presence
can be recognized by the sudden change of temperature. Earthbound Spirits
tend to bring the feeling of cold. When connecting with and even after
connecting with earthbound spirits, you are most likely going to feel tired,
maybe even drained. Feeling lack of energy, lack of concentration and hard
to focus are very common when faced with these situations. Also a sign of
earthbound spirits being around or even attached to us is a sudden and
without visible reason, change of behavior, character or mood. It is like
having an addiction that seems impossible to break.
In both cases, there will be more to it that a general feeling, you might see
not only one sign but a combination of various signs that will help you to
recognize if Spirits are Earthbound or not.

Crossing Over
We would like to think that when a person passes away, their spirit crosses
over and moves onto wherever it is that Souls go. However, its not always
the case. My own experience as well as the experience of many other people
show that there are Souls that dont have a physical body anymore, yet they
havent crossed over completely. They havent moved into, what we usually
call, the "Light".
What I have learned through my own experiences and the experiences of
others is that, when the person is ready emotionally spiritually and on a
physical level to cross over, thats when this person passes away and moves
into the Light.
If the person is out of balance in some area physical, spiritual or emotional
there is more chances that their Soul will stay earthbound. In other words

the Soul doesnt make a shift from the physical to the Other Side. Their
consciousness stays into physical world.
There are usually two different reasons why spirits would stay earthbound:
1 - because they cant cross over.
2 - because they choose to not cross over.
What is the difference?

When Spirits cant Move On

Usually spirits cant move on after crossing over, if there is some unfinished
business that they have left behind. What I mean by unfinished business is,
they feel emotionally that there is something they havent said, something
they havent done. They have passed away unexpectedly and have important
unfinished projects. They have unresolved relationship/s with someone.
Here are a few more reasons a spirit may stay earthbound:
They might be held back by negative emotions like guilt of something
they have done or havent done. Said or havent said
They might be held back by grief. It could be their own grief about not
being able to enjoy life in the physical realm anymore (especially if they
passed away unexpectedly), or they might be held back by the grief of
loved ones who are still in physical bodies. Too much of grief from
either side, can cause spirits to be unable to move on as it can cause too
many energetic ties that hold the spirit back from moving forward.
Spirits also cant move on after crossing over, if they have been closed
minded about life after death while in a physical body. If it happens,
they have to come to terms (you as a Medium can help with that) that
even though, they dont have a physical body, they are still alive".
There is life after physical death. Before they can accept this fact, they
tend to have a hard time moving on.
When spirits are over-attached to the physical realm they value, it also
makes it hard for them to move on. They feel frustrated, even angry at
people who are still in physical bodies and enjoy things or activities
spirits once enjoyed.


Some spirits stay earthbound because they are confused and search for
loved ones who have passed away before them not realizing that all they
need to do is to let go. They will be able to move on where the loved
ones are in the Light.
If the spirit, while in a physical body, had done harmful things, actions
towards others or themselves, the spirits choice of action may be
negative or harmful to others. They might stay earthbound out of the fear
of being judged and/or out of the fear of going to hell (as many religions
suggest will happen).

When Spirits Choose to Not Move On

If those in spirit know they have crossed over and dont have a physical
body anymore, they might choose not to move on. Why?
Reasons may be:
They might want to hang around their loved ones who are still in the
physical realm to make sure they are okay.
They might not want to let go or are having a hard time letting go of
earthly attachments like a certain place or certain physical things like
people, activities or addictions.
They might have a hard time adjusting to the idea that they are in spirit
now and choose to hang around. They stay earthbound until they adjust.
They are looking for revenge or justice (usually it happens when their
death has been sudden, when they have experienced some injustice
Tools used in working with Earthbound Spirits
My experience is that the best tool to help earthbound spirits to get unstuck
and move on is - us. What I mean by that is us as a Medium - the way we
talk to spirits, the way we approach the matter of them moving on. Physical
tools are not needed to help spirits move on except for us doing energy work
and communicating with spirits. Talking to spirits and working with them is

of high importance. The way we choose to act, listen and hear, being open
and creative to work with Spirits, and taking action accordingly is the best
way to go about helping earthbound spirits. Its us working with them by
using our senses and mind. If needed, we can use tools like Paranormal
Investigators use, to detect and confirm with some physical proof, that spirits
are present. But to help spirits move on we can do without any physical

More Detailed Signs

We briefly touched this subject earlier in this very same chapter. Lets look
deeper into the ways EarthBound spirits let us know they are around.
Feeling a presence of spirit/s is one of the most common ways we can
know that they are around. I cant tell you how often I have heard people
say that they feel as though someone is there with them even though there
is nobody in a physical sense there. That is a common and popular sign
that its a spirit/s there.
Hearing noises, knocking, footsteps and whispers even though nobody in
a physical body is there, is another very common sign of spirits being
Another very common sign that spirits are around, is experiencing
interference with electrical equipment such as flickering lights,
interference with TV, Radio or Computer.
Something else that many people experience is a sudden change in
temperature. Usually a sudden feeling of cold or a cold breeze.
Just like with spirits who have moved on, with earthbound spirits we
might notice certain scents hanging in the air when they are around.
Objects that seem to move by themselves is another sign that spirits are
around and trying to get our attention.
One common sign of earthbound spirits being around is we may have a
sense or feeling of constantly being tired or drained. This may also
include having cravings or addictions that they had a hard time

Sightings of spirits: we might see spirits from the corner of eye or
seeing spirits as shadows.

Reasons for attracting Earthbound Spirits

Earthbound spirits, being in in-between worlds as I call it, need energy to
feed on. If the person in a physical body, is a strong person (energetically
strong), she/he is most likely not going to attract earthbound spirit/s to
her/him. Maybe the place where this person goes, will have earthbound
spirit/s attached to a place, but not the person. At times its possible that the
emotions or circumstances of the person still here are similar to the ones that
Spirit experienced. Spirit then would be attracted to something similar.
In most cases earthbound spirits attach to people who have a hard time
setting boundaries. People who are in a vulnerable emotional state, people
who are going through challenges, who dont value themselves fairly, who
havent worked on their spiritual growth or dont have spiritual
understanding, awareness Those are the kind of people who are most
likely to attract earthbound spirits to them. Earthbound spirits are kind of
sneaky and do use peoples week moments, weaknesses as an opportunity to
jump in and use it for their own purposes.
If an earthbound spirit happens to get attached to a person with a strong
character and spiritual awareness, the attachment most likely wont last long
as the person will most likely notice the difference and know its an
earthbound spirit. She or he will most likely take action to set boundaries, to
break the attachment, to either ask earthbound spirit to leave or help him/her
to move on.

What to Do When Coming Across Earthbound Spirits

The simple formula is:
Acknowledge Set Boundaries - Talk - Help
What do I mean by that?

We all like to be recognized. It gives us a feeling of being valued, being seen

and being part of something. Thats pretty much how spirits feel as well.
Earthbound spirits feel this just as much as spirits who have moved on. They
like to be recognized. It can change the whole energy in the room or space if
we recognize the presence of a spirit, especially if its an earthbound spirit
who is not being nice.
To put it simple respect the dead just like you would respect the living.
First sign of respect is acknowledgment.
Set Boundaries
Determine how you feel and set boundaries with earthbound spirits
accordingly right at the beginning. You will be better able to do your part
and your job as a Medium if you do.
If you feel overwhelmed let the spirit know. Let them know what youd like
to see happen. If its more than one spirit who is there to talk to, it maybe a
good idea to tell them talk one by one and not all together.
If I come across more than one earthbound spirit, I usually ask them to form a
line persay according to whos matter is most urgent or most important to
look at first. I have never encountered a problem with this approach.
Remember spirits, especially the ones who have something to say, want to
say something, want to be heard, and are happy that you talk to them at all.
They will do the best they can to communicate and make it easier for you.
Like I said successful communication between the worlds is a team effort.
Also, part of setting boundaries is letting spirits know when you are going to
talk to them. It might seem like a common sense thing to talk to earthbound
spirits when we come across them. But you might experience it as being a bit
too much. You might be busy with something else when randomly coming
across earthbound spirits. If you cant talk to spirits for some reason right
away, let them know when you will be talking to them. Its kind of like
making an appointment. It will benefit everyone you and the spirits. Try
and experiment different approaches until you find the one that works the
best for you!
*. * *. . * `*. *

Look for setting Boundaries exercises in Part VIII - Exercise &

Meditation section.

*. * *. . * `*. *

Keep in mind that by setting your own boundaries you will be in your own
energy bubble. But a particular place that experiences paranormal activities
will not necessarily be your bubble. What I mean by that is you, yourself
will be strong and unaffected by earthbound spirits, but not necessarily the
haunted place. Do not think that your boundary setting didnt work if you still
experience paranormal activity. There is a difference between you setting
boundaries for yourself and setting boundaries for a place.
Now that you have acknowledged spirit presence and set the boundaries you
can talk to the spirit. Whether you are talking to spirit one on one or talking
to spirits as a group you will get the feeling how its best to approach
talking to spirits in each particular case. Ask the spirit who he/she is. Ask
them to tell you, show you as much as possible about themselves and who
they are. Once you got that, then ask earthbound spirit why is he/she here.
Why are you here?
What are you waiting for?
Why havent you moved on yet?
What needs to happen for you to want to move on?
What help can you use?
What can I do for you?
What do you remember? Whats the last memory you have?
and other similar questions.
*. * *. . * `*. *

Ultimately what we want to see happen is the earthbound spirits move on.
We want to see them free and see them let go of UNHEALTHY attachments.
You know how we here in the physical world are when we think too much of
the past or are too attached to past happenings. We tend to miss out on the
present. We miss out on moving forward because we are stuck in the past.
Until we let go of obsessing with the past, we cant move on and get to new
experiences. Thats how it is for spirits as well. Unless they let go of
obsessing too much with holding onto earthly or physical life, they cannot get
a sense of completeness, finish unfinished with the past. They cant move on.
Like I have said before, because spirits dont have physical body anymore,
we as Mediums are their key to helping them finishing unfinished. We are
their help for moving on!

How we facilitate it happening, is not easy to describe in a few words. Each

situation is different. By following guidelines given here and practicing more
is what is going to help you learn your own way and own style of helping
earthbound spirits.
Asking the right kind of questions is important, talking is important. Using
every tool we have in our Spiritual tool bag to help earthbound spirits, is
part of the process.
See yourself as a counselor to earthbound spirits when you come across
them. Whether its them who reach out to you for help or its you who
reaches out to them to help.
The ultimate goal when coming across earthbound spirits is to help them to
move on and help them get unstuck. Help them be free from being bound to
the earth realm.
Methods to Help Earthbound Spirits
People always talk about the dead going to the light, seeing the light and
moving into the light. We see it in Hollywood movies. We can hear about the
light from people who have had near death experiences and have actually
been dead for few moments or minutes.
My own experience is that there is indeed light that shows up when spirits
are ready to move on (I am talking here specifically about Earthbound
Spirits). The way I always see it is that its a bright, golden-white light that
is like a spiral going upwards with brighter side at the bottom and getting
narrower towards the top.
There are however several ways how this light happens.
Light either shows up when the spirit is ready. This somehow happens
automatically while we talk. The more we talk, the more of the stuck energy
gets cleared and the more clear the energy gets the closer it is for the light to
show up.
The light can be called to show up, either by us or our spirit guides, angels

or any spirit beings we feel that were guided to call upon for help.
*. * *. . * `*. *

If you go someplace that feels like has earthbound spirits (assuming that by
now, you will already know how to recognize earthbound spirits) and no
spirit in particular sticks out, what you can do is to call in the light. By
calling in I mean, visualize and see the light in your minds eye. Ask for the
light to appear. Whichever way is the one that resonates with you the most is
what you would use. Once the light is there, let the earthbound spirits know
that its there and they can go into the light to move on. When calling in the
Light set intentions for the light to be there for as long as its needed at that
place for that particular situation.
It might be all that is needed to clear the energy and help earthbound spirits
to move on.
If its still not enough you will know. Maybe not at the very beginning, but at
some point while calling in light and even seeing spirits go into it. There
might be spirits that dont go into the light yet you see they are there. What
you can do in situations like this is to ask all the possible questions you can
think of, to learn what else these spirits want to happen or need to happen in
order for them to go into the light. Why are they are there? Why they wont
go into the light? What can you do to help? What would they like for you to
do to help?
If the Earthbound spirit refuses to go into the light. you might want to call in
help from other beings in the spirit realm that you communicate with and are
connected with such as angels, god, etc.. While talking to earthbound spirits,
call in, for example, angels. Let the angels know what has happened and tell
the angels youd like them to help you to help earthbound spirits move on.
Keep in mind that its like us here in the physical body. Even earthbound
spirits cant be forced to do something that is against their will. Here I want
to touch the subject of smudging and clearing the space, house clearing,
banning ghosts, removing ghost and everything related.
If you just want to clear the energy in your space or in someone elses place,
great! Go for it! Usually, when clearing space, people tend to burn sage,
smudge the place, use candles, in some cases some sounds like bells, singing
bowl, incense etc. . Its great! But to think that it will get rid of ghosts or

earthbound spirits would be not wise.

It might keep spirits out for a while but sooner or later they are and will be
back. Clearing a space is one thing but helping earthbound spirits is quite
another. There is a difference. Think about it. If someone wanted to get rid of
you but instead of talking to you, they burn incense, burn sage or chant some
mantras to get rid of you, would you really care to go away? I dont think so.
What would most likely help is if the person or group of people, who didnt
want you to be in some particular place would come and talk to you, find out
why you are there and ask you to leave. They might find out why you dont
want to leave and if they could help in some other way for you to want
leave, and - then help. And even if you didnt like the scent of sage or oils
burnt or incense, you might step out of the place for a moment, but it
wouldnt really keep you away from it if your needs werent addressed,
would you? Its exactly like that with earthbound spirits. The more
understanding we are of them and what their needs are, the more likely we
will be able to get them to want move on without struggling for it happen,
without forcing it to happen. It will happen naturally instead. It will happen
as a result of us being understanding and using an individual approach.
If you see that just calling in the light doesnt help, then it most likely means
that spirits have something to say before they want to move on or before they
are ready to move on. The best way to help them in this case would be to
talk to them, to start a conversation, to find out what they are doing, what
they are looking for, what they need to move on and go from there, act
Be creative and open to anything! If you already are open enough to talk to
the dead and to do Medium work, then being creative and open I would think
shouldnt be much of a problem!
Some examples from my own experience:
I once came across an earthbound spirit who was killed while waiting for a
bus. First thing he told me when I acknowledged his presence was he was
pointing to his watch saying You are late! Where have you been? At first I
didnt quite understand what he was talking about but the more I tuned into
this spirit, the more I got it. He had no idea he had passed away. He was
stuck in the space of waiting for a bus. I was shown (and when I say shown I
mean visions, pictures, story, images flashed in my head showing the story)
how the accident happened. I saw how this guy was killed and how he got up
from the physical body without realizing what had happened as he was very
focused for the bus to come. The only way he was going to go willingly into
the light was if the bus was going to take him there. Once I got that, all it took

was to visualize a golden white bus arriving. He got on it, and the bus
spiraled up into the light.
A good friend of mine calls this kind work of getting spirits to go into the
light - spirits being tricked. Maybe its tricking, but it works, it helps.
Spirits make their choice to move on and it is all that matters. Nobody is
pushing them to do it, more like guiding them to the point where they want to
move on! This is what I meant by being creative and open minded when
helping earthbound spirits to move on.
Sometimes, when spirits have stayed earthbound because they have deep
regrets of something they did or didnt do in this lifetime. The only way for
us to help them to be willing to let go of unhealthy kinds of attachments, is to
remind them that they can come to earth again for another lifetime and
choose to be with the same person to do things differently.
Sometimes when earthbound spirits are earthbound because they are looking
or waiting for other deceased friends or family members they have. Its
helpful to remind them that they are in between realms and their deceased
loved ones might be in the light. So the only way to find them would be to go
into the light.
What I usually do here is, focus my intention to calling in the person that the
earthbound spirit is talking about. It usually only takes a few seconds and I
see that person reaching out from the light. Once the earthbound spirit sees it
happen, its a matter of seconds and the spirit wants to move into the light.
Earthbound Spirits don't always want or need to rely on messages to their
loved ones who is still here in a physical body. In many cases spirit just
wants to tell someone whats on their mind or be recognized. I have had
earthbound spirits come and show their ID, just becasue they have passed
away in conditions and in a way they werent recognized or werent
identified. They just want to let someone know who they are.
Sometimes earthbound spirits have stayed earthbound because they have had
a hard time to watch their loved ones in the physical world grieving and
suffering their loss. Telling them that by moving on and going into the light,
from there, they will be able to better help their loved ones, is often the key
for earthbound spirits to be wanting to go into the light. Also in this case,
you might want to call upon a spirits loved one's energy, just by focusing on
them for a few moments. It will be as if you talk to them in person only their
physical body wont be present. The result will be the same.

Sometimes, if it seems extra hard to help earthbound spirits realize its time
to move on, we as Mediums are in a need for extra help by others in spirit
realm ( I personally tend to call upon angels in these situations). We dont
always need to know what is being done or worked on by others in spirit but
just trust that if we ask for help from someone in the spirit realm, we will be
If an earthbound spirit is giving you a hard time in regards to moving
forward or moving into the light, sometimes its the other loved one in spirit
that can be called upon, to help.
If an earthbound spirit has some unfinished business with a person still alive
but you dont know the person is alive or the person alive is not local, you
can still help. You can connect with this persons energy and relay the
message from the deceased loved one that way. There is always a reason and
a way to help earthbound spirits you come across. Just look for alternative
methods to help, be creative and create a way to help if the traditional
Mediumship Healing/Helping Earthbound Spirits methods seem to be of
no help!
*. * *. . * `*. *

A note about sucide: misconception about suicides is that people commiting

them are automaticaly earthbound. My experience is that its not entirely true.
If a person commiting suicide is complete or feels as they have a completed
lifetime therefore has no unfinished business and no regrets to stay bound to
earth. They move into the light in no time. Its only if the sucide has been
commited without that sense of completion rather than as a result of
emotional turmoil going on in life or something negative on a physical level.
etc.. Only then the soul has a potential to stay earthbound.

Haunted Adventures
- As documented on SciFi channel in shows like Ghost Adventures, The
Haunted, Paranormal State, Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted,
Paranormal Whiteness
*. * *. . * `*. *

What is Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting is a process of investigating locations that are reported to be
haunted. Ghost hunting teams will usually attempt to collect evidence that is

supportive of paranormal activity. To collect evidence, ghost hunters use a

variety of electronic equipment like: EMF meter, digital audio recorder and
video cameras (infrared & night vision). Ghost hunting teams also use
techniques like researching the history and conducting interviews.
When people experience paranormal activity of any kind or when they have
ghost haunting experiences, its understandable to wonder what its all about.
Is it for real? Is it even possible? How is it possible? Whats happening and
how it is happening?
In some cases the situation or reasons for a haunting, are apparent like
houses and lands that have a history that involve tragic deaths, a tragedy of
some sort, but in some it takes more effort in getting to the reasons for a

Haunted Places
In this chapter you will read the most common experiences people have
when their house or land is haunted. Youll also learn some tools that can be
used to fix the situation. Of course, every situation is different and
specific and will need an adjustment of using these tools. Once you read the
whole book, follow the guidelines and practice. That is what will help you
know how to adjust each tool for each specific situation when it presents
itself to you!
*. * *. . * `*. *

Haunted places are one of the very common experiences that people have
with the paranormal.
People dont have to be Mediums to know that their house or land is
haunted. My experience and the experience of many other people show that
people usually feel and know when something is off, even if they have never
believed in paranormal before. Even if they have never had an interest in
paranormal. Even when they havent received any training in Mediumship.
How They Know Something is Off and How Do They Know Its a
Paranormal Experience They are Having?
Every situation is different and unique and needs to be looked at separately.
However, there are common guidelines to go by in order to determine if the
experience is paranormal or not.

At first, when experiencing the paranormal, many people tend to brush it

off by thinking there is a logical explanation to this. They try to justify
experiences with a logical story of why this or that is happening. Its
understandable because the paranormal can be as simple as lights turning on
or off without anybody in physical form doing it.
Few examples: Spirits often do have a tendency to turn the lights off and on
which can be easily explained by oh, I forgot to turn it off or thinking you
turned it off but maybe you didnt, or something is wrong with the power or
the power went out. When hearing footsteps we tend to think that somebody
really was there just not telling us they were or maybe it was an animal.
When hearing noises or experiencing doors or windows opening or closing
and trying to explain it by thinking or saying "its just wind". In many cases
its really true, there is nothing paranormal happening. The experiences are
nothing more than ordinary. But in many cases it really is a paranormal
How do we tell the difference?
When the experience is paranormal, there is more than a physical action that
happens. To describe what I mean exactly by that, Ill share with you the
most common phrases people use to describe their experiences. Keep in
mind, they are taken out of context. Each experience is unique and different,
but they are emotional experiences that accompany physical experiences.
Like when the physical experience is the light turning on and off by itself or
anything else of that kind.
I could just feel density in the air
I just got that overwhelming get out of the building feeling
I just had that strange feeling that someone was behind me but when I
turned around, there was nobody
I had that feeling that someone is watching me, that someone is walking
with me
I never felt anything as depressing as this place before I couldnt put
finger on it, I just had this weird feeling
Hair on the back of my neck stood up
I just kept getting angry for no reason when I walked into this one
particular room
I just had this unsettling feeling about being in this room
From the first moment I stepped into the house, I didnt have a good
feeling but I let myself be talked into buying this house

I got the coldest chill I had ever experienced, even worse than when
you have cold or fever
First time I stepped into the house, I felt something was not right. It was
a sad feeling
Just sitting on the chair, I felt the burn on my back. When I looked, there
were actual signs of a burn that looked like claws
All of a sudden it got very cold in this one part of the room
I just felt scared even though there was no visible reason to be
Our house started to feel like it was not our house anymore
Basement is the creepiest place in the house. You just get the feeling
there that someone is watching you
We couldnt sleep. There was just this strange feeling in the air
I just had this overwhelming sense of doom and gloom
As soon as we walked into a room, we could feel a change in
If you walked to the wall, there would be one spot freezing cold, spine
tingling cold
These are a few most commonly mentioned phrases or experiences that
people living or walking into a haunted place, have.
*. * *. . * `*. *

I already mentioned few like lights turning on and off without anyone visible
doing it or hearing footsteps Here are some more:
I saw a shadow, a shadow figure
Cabinets doors were opening and closing by themselves
There was blood everywhere and we didnt know where it was coming
The door opened but there was nobody there
I noticed a white mist at the door
There was a black shadow, like a ball, flying downstairs by me and
then it was gone
We heard people talking when nobody was there sounded like they
were in the room with us, but we didnt see anyone
All I know is, somebody pushed me
I would go downstairs and all the drawers would be open

Things were moved, things were thrown at people

I couldnt catch my breath, felt like someone was squeezing me
This light misty thing floated in the room and floated through the wall
I started to notice strange sounds like footsteps on the roof
We heard voices in the basement but nobody was there
I felt hot breath right on my neck, turned my head and there was this
ghostly figure floating by me
A quick shadow passed by
Vase flew from the shelf about 3-4 feet and fell on the floor and
It looked like there was tornado in the house
I would wake up in the middle of night and would see shadows that I
couldnt explain
Sounded like kids in the back yard it was 10pm and nobody was
I saw a face in the pool
I asked if you are here, give us some sign big mistake I felt like I
was choked right away
I saw a mask coming out of the closet
I woke up to glowing eyes
My daughter saw apparitions
I have weights in my house and they just started to roll back and forth in
the room I have no idea how it happened
We heard this loud noise of something breaking walked in a living
room and found mirror that was shuttered while there, we heard a
similar noise upstairs one after another all the mirrors were
shuttered within a matter of seconds
I came home and couldnt open the door to my room. My room doesnt
have a lock, so, it couldnt be locked once we finally managed to get
it open when my dad came home, inside it looked like someone
barricaded the door my room is on the top floor and nothing that one
could climb up to it, leading to my window
I heard terrifying scream from my sons room at night I run into his
room and saw a terrifying look on his face when I asked him why
was he screaming, he answered mommy, there are people taking to
me they know my name
There were particular areas in my grandfathers house that were off
limits. I remember, as a child, when we were visiting, people coming

to the house and going behind the doors that were off limits. We didnt
know these people (family was haunted by grandfather who, as it
turned out, practiced some satanic rituals)
I saw a dark figure
I felt like someone went through me
*. * *. . * `*. *

In most cases people experiencing paranormal, dont know what to do about

it. Many get scared, many get worried and concerned about their family
wanting to protect them, but don't know how. Many feel helpless and live in
fear. Many call a local paranormal team for help or call a Medium or priest
to do a house blessing.
Its great to look for help from the outside, but there is so much that people
can do themselves. Maybe its you yourself having paranormal experience
and you are looking for some answers or you as a Medium get contacted by
people who experience the paranormal.
Because this is about being a Medium, first I am going to share what to do
from a medium point of view.
As you may have thought my suggestion is for action to take place when
experiencing the paranormal. -Whether in your own life or when being
called for help by someone else who is experiencing the paranormal the
best thing to do is to talk to the spirits! Use all the tools you have and all that
you have learned from the information and exercises you have read here to
connect with the energy of the place, spirit and everyone or everything
involved in paranormal experience!
*. * *. . * `*. *

~ What To Do When Experiencing Paranormal ~

Since you most likely wont know right away what spirits you are dealing
with and what else each particular paranormal experience involves and how
deep it is, its important that you get yourself into a space of inner strengths.
Get grounded, make sure you have your energy boundaries set, get into a
place emotionally, where you feel safe and comfortable.
The better you prepare yourself, the better youll be able to be of service
and help.

Talk to the spirits! Its all very simple but not so simple at the same time.
Just like I was explaining before, talk to Spirits and listen. Tune into the
energy of the situation of spirits and everyone and/or everything involved so
that you know what action to take to resolve the situation.
Also, you might want to make sure that the experience (especially if its not
your own, but you are helping someone else who claims to be having a
paranormal experience) is in fact Paranormal! Be skeptical if needed!
Use tools that I have mentioned in this book. Use your abilities as a
Medium, Psychic Medium or Intuitive. Use ghost hunting equipment if thats
something you feel drawn to use. Combine the use of different tools and
different experiences you have to determine that it is in fact a paranormal
experience. Then do the same to learn what the paranormal situation is
about and what can be done to resolve it!
If you are reading this without an intention to be a Medium and are just
curious or are having a paranormal experiences and trying to learn more, Id
suggest documenting your experiences. It will help you to see more clearly
if there is any pattern; detect any details that might be important. At times
there wont be any connection between experiences you are having, from the
first look. But at times youll be able to see a pattern, a theme. When
documenting, think:
Is there any particular time of the day there is more paranormal activity than
Anything in particular that triggers paranormal activity?
Where in the house, or the property is the paranormal activity experienced
the most?
Any particular emotions this experience triggers?
*. * *. . * `*. *

Something else you might want to do is, do some research on the history of
the place where the paranormal experience is happening! See who lived
there. What happened? Were there any death on the property or any tragic
events happening? This information will help you to better understand who
is causing the paranormal experiences and how to better handle the

situation. As you may know, spirits often tend to give messages in bits and
pieces that we often are required to put together. Having everything you can
documented, will help to put the pieces together.
Ask Spirit/s questions like:
Who are you?
Why are you here? (also find out if earthbound spirit knows he/she is
What happened, what do you remember happening?
Are you alone?
Are you the one causing paranormal experiences? Why do you do that?
What do you want to see happen?
Are you waiting for someone?
Do you need/want to tell something to someone?
See what else you get. Whatever senses you use to tune into the energy,
use them and see what comes to you regarding the situation. See what the
spirit is saying clearly!
Once you have done enough investigating and you talk to the spirits, then see
how you can help them. How can you help yourself or others who
experience the paranormal? See how you can help spirits to move on and
clear the energy! Each time it will be different, maybe a lot different or
maybe just few different aspects.
Take action accordingly. In previous chapters you can find a lot of tools on
how to do that. The more you practice, the better you will become and the
better you will know what to do.
When seeing shadow figures, when hearing noises and strange sounds, when
seeing glowing eyes, masks, apparitions, when hearing someone talk even
though nobody is there, when feeling like someone is watching you, when
feeling like someone is there, when feeling scared because of some

paranormal experiences, when experiencing things being moved physically

without anyone alive doing it, when feeling scared in certain areas of the
house etc.
The best thing we can do is avoid being scared! No matter what happens,
fear is an emotion that earthbound spirits feed on. The more you are afraid,
the more energy they get.
At the end of this book I give you meditation/exercise for strengthening your
energy with Golden Light. I suggested to envision golden light within you
and see it expand throughout your body physical and energy. Do this
exercise! It will help to strengthen your energy and push fear out of the way!
Also safe space meditation/ exercise is helpful one to do for strengthening
our energy, for feeling safe no matter what happens. Remember, we are
dealing with non-physical therefore non-physical tools are the first to use
when experiencing paranormal.
This book is about Mediumship, but I have to point out that the way we react
in any situation, including paranormal, depends on how well we know
ourselves and how much we have worked or are working on our emotions
and working through different challenges. It s about our character. We
usually get scared of the unknown because we are not familiar with it. We
dont know what to expect. We dont know how we will be able to deal
with new and unknown.
The more we learn and the more we know, the easier it is and will be for us
to handle any situation which manifests in a physical reality!
Even if you have never experienced the paranormal before, just by reading
about it, learning, practicing or analyzing other peoples experiences, you
will be better off when facing actual paranormal in real life (especially
because paranormal experiences will happen unexpectedly).
Even if you have never experienced Paranormal before and dont want to be
a Medium, if you start to have experiences that just dont make sense, that
are paranormal, look for some answers. Look for information. Learn what
you can through books, classes, documentary shows about the topic and
radio shows.
Dont just suffer in silence or think you are going crazy! Its the 21st century.

By now, too many people have experienced the paranormal. There have
been too many cases where Mediums have helped solve mysteries, find the
missing and help solve crimes. There are just too many of them to think that
experiencing the paranormal is not normal! In this century it is normal. It
was always normal only now we can talk about it openly instead of fearing
being punished for it. If you do experience the paranormal, if you start to
feel, to think you are going crazy or imagining things those are some strong
signs that you (or people who are experiencing it) are visited by someone in
spirit, that its indeed a paranormal experience.
What else you can do? Do something, or suggest to people who experience
the paranormal and are scared about it, to do something that uplifts your/
their spirit! Do something that makes your heart sing, that makes you happy,
that you love, that you enjoy! Why? Because doing what makes our heart
sing strengthens our spirit! The more we do what strengthens our spirit, the
more powerful our energy becomes. The more powerful our energy is, the
less chances for us to become scared from any paranormal activities.
*. * *. . * `*. *

Please know and keep in mind that the guidance I just gave you, is sort of an
ideal version of what to do". I understand and I want you to know that in
real life at times, when experiencing the paranormal, when you are in the
middle of the experience, there might not be time to follow every single
step, one after another like I described.
The more you know about the process and all the how tos the better you
will be able to know what to do when the need to take action presents itself

Haunted Objects
Just like houses and buildings can be haunted, objects can be haunted as
*. * *. . * `*. *

When objects are haunted that just means that Spirit has been attached to an
object making life of the people who have this object, a living nightmare.
What usually happens in cases where objects are haunted is, it starts with an
experience of the paranormal.
To find out if an object is haunted and which object exactly it is, we need to

Determine if people experiencing the paranormal, can associate the
beginning of paranormal activities with a certain object being brought
home? Like buying something in an antique store or second hand store,
getting a present of something that was used by another person, for example.
If you are just moving into a new house, notice if there is anything that has
been left behind by previous owners. If it is a land you bought and built your
own house, there might be some object you find on the property which can
be haunted.
Once you determine which object is haunted, then you will need to work on
it! Whether its a haunted house, haunted property or a haunted object, a
haunting has to do with negative energy. Haunted means, there is an
unhealthy Spirit attached to it. The best action to take would be to set the
attached Spirit free not just run away from the object or hide it. Also no
put it somewhere away. Haunting is not going to magically go away just
because we put the haunted object out of our sight! We need to deal with
whoever and whatever is haunting the object.
How to do that?
Use all the tools you feel guided to. Make a connection with the spirit thats
haunting the object to learn more about the spirit and to determine what
action to take to help!
To stop hauntings temporary while you are looking for a permanent
solution, you can put natural salt around the haunted object. Circle the
haunted object with sea salt or Himalayan Salt. Salt Crystals have this
amazing, natural built in ability to erase programming of energy! You
can also wipe down the haunted object with washcloth that is dipped in
salt water. Or better yet, put the object in salt water.
Energetically you can envision the light surrounding the object.
Imagine this light dissolving any harmful energy that this object might
You can also ask celestial beings for help to hold the energy of the
haunted object so that it doesnt do any harm to anyone!

Animals and Ghosts


Animals are believed to be more sensitive to spirits than humans therefore

they are easily subject to ghost hunting more so than humans. Following are
some of the behavior people have reported their animals had when
encountering paranormal.
Cat was running up to the attic the first day we moved into the new
house. She wouldnt come down. It was a complete personality change
that we saw happen with her
Our dog looked in the corner, followed with her head, eyes as if
watching someone across the room and barked at that someone. We
didnt see anything or anyone
Dogs would be lying down and then suddenly jumping up and following
Horses - In the evening we would put them each inside their own stall
but in the morning we would find them in a different stall than where
we put them
Dog was barking and there was this cold chill as if I was walking into
cold breeze
Our dog walked up to the middle of the room and started to bark at
Dogs behavior changed the day we moved into a new house. It was as
if she was depressed, she would not want to eat, seemed like she didnt
even want to live. Her hair fell out
Cats would sit and stare at something where there was nothing
Sounded like animals running up and down the stairs. We later learned
that the house we lived in, was owned at some point by a doctor who
did experiments with animals and killed them
Our otherwise calm and friendly dogs started to fight and bleeding
Dog would be barking at something or someone and wouldnt get off
the bed. He wouldnt allow me get off the bed either (it was in the
middle of night). I would just see the dogs hair on his back all sticking
up as he was barking and growling
Our dogs would lay down to sleep and suddenly jump up barking and
run away to the other room as if running away from someone
As soon as we moved into our new house, dogs would start to act
weird. They would sit and stare at one point or corner or area in the
Dog looked up the stairs and seemed like he was scared of something

but there was nobody except me and my husband and we were both
I heard someone cough, it was like a smokers cough and then dog
started to growl looking at that area where the cough came from.
Nobody alive was there
Dogs started to act weird as soon as we started renovations in the
house and dirt in the kitchen got exposed They stared at the holes for
a long time as if waiting for someone to come out
Once we moved into a new house, our cat changed. He was all of a
sudden skittish, was hiding a lot as if scared of something
Dogs started to act as if they were frightened, but we didnt see any
reason why
Our dog was pretty relaxed dog but once we moved into a new house,
he started to act weird bark a lot and act as if he was trying to protect
me from something I just never saw what he was protecting me from
It was a combination of us hearing the sounds and our dogs reacting to
What To Do When Experiencing Your Animals Act Strange as a
Result of the Paranormal?
The best action to take would be to find out - what paranormal activity is
happening. Who is the spirit? Who is haunting your environment and
communicate with this spirit or spirits and to find out why they are here.
What do they want? Basically go through all the steps we have talked about
earlier: identifying the spirit, getting some validation, asking for messages
and doing earthbound spirit release work. Call for your spirit guide team to
help, if you feel too overwhelmed to do it on your own!
Look for exercises in Part VIII Exercises & Meditations chapter.

Haunted People
Its more common to think and hear about places and objects being haunted,
but we cant forget the fact that people can be haunted as well. Its those
cases that I mentioned earlier, where earthbound spirits kind of hitchhike or
piggyback onto the living. Its when they use people and use peoples energy
to live and grow making people do what Spirits want to do.
Spirit attachments are not uncommon. Its the energy that attaches to
someone who is still alive following this person home. They can cause this
person to have some alter-ego changes. Its like obsession.

Earthbound Spirits will look for weaknesses and for negative emotions to
feed on.
Following what people who have experienced being haunted and people
who witnessed them being haunted say about the experience:
She started to growl like some animal and seemed no matter how she
tried, she couldnt stop it
I saw a shadow and then the shadow came into me
She was possessed. Her eyes were black. It wasnt my daughter. She
tried to bite, tried to kick while talking in a deep voice saying you
leave! Its my house! Get out!
She wasnt herself it was her body, her voice but it wasnt her, she
was not acting like herself
I was like frozen, I couldnt move, couldnt say anything it was like
someone took over my body or froze it in time and space
I saw this shadow figure with red eyes. Next thing I knew I was feeling,
like I had no space on earth, like I am a waste of space, that I dont
deserve to live, that I needed to kill myself. It was like as if I was
possessed because it wasnt who I was, it wasnt what I would think or
I saw a shadow figure with red eyes and right after that I was
overwhelmed by negative thoughts about killing myself, feeling
depressed, I felt like I had no place on earth and had to kill myself. I
thought I was going crazy... I knew it wasnt quite me

Ghost Hunting Equipment

Mediums usually dont use outside tools for communicating with spirits,
meaning they usually are able to connect with those in spirit by using one or
more of their senses.
However, as you may have seen in popular TV shows like Ghost Hunters,
Haunted Collector etc., paranormal investigators do use tools to detect
spirits and to communicate with spirits. Its not only on TV. In real life there
really are tools, physical tools that can be used and are used to enhance
communication with spirits.
Communicating with spirits using physical tools can be helpful in any case
but especially helpful for people who are skeptical, people who need to
have physical evidence or people who are looking for tangible proof for
communicating with spirits. For Mediums who use their senses to connect

with spirits, using physical tools can simply make the communicating with
spirits more colorful, more exciting, more interesting!
There is a difference:
True Mediums dont need physical tools to connect with spirits.
People who are interested in the paranormal, but are not necessarily
Mediums (havent developed their Mediumship abilities) are usually
the ones who need physical tools to communicate with spirits
Medium or not, using physical tools can be helpful.
The following are just some basic pieces of equipment that paranormal
research groups use on their investigations.
EMF Meter (EMF) Device used for detecting electromagnetic fields. The
idea is that presence or movement of ghosts might disrupt or otherwise
affect an EMF field. If using this device, it is important to keep in mind that
many things in a house can affect it such as wiring, electronic equipment or
power sources.
Digital Camera A 5 megapixel camera is the minimum resolution. The
higher the resolution, the better. If you are just starting out, do not worry
about getting the most expensive camera. Just get (or maybe you already
have one) with as high a resolution as you can afford. The way it works is,
the higher the resolution the more details you'll be able to see in your
images. Note: cell phone cameras wont work for this, even if they have 5
megapixel or higher resolution because image sensors in cell phones are too
Digital Recorder Digital Recorder will help you to record electronic
voice phenomena (EVP).
Motion Detector- Paranormal investigators use motion detector to detect
movement of anything that is usually invisible. This is an ideal tool for
indoor investigations.
Thermal Scanner - Paranormal investigators use thermal scanners to detect
"cold spots". There is a belief that the presence of ghosts drains the ambient
air of energy or warmth. There are also Infrared (IR) thermometers. They
use an infrared beam to read temperature from a distance.
Just keep in mind that just because you detect a cold spot doesnt mean there

is a ghost. Use more tools and signs than just detecting a cold spot to
determine its a ghost or not.
Flashlight Its very basic, but if you are doing ghost hunting at night,
flashlights will be very useful! An LED flashlight would be a great choice
because they last a long time. Ghosts are thought to be electromagnetic
therefore their presence can cause batteries to drain quickly. Great idea is to
always have with you extra alkaline battery.
Compass This device is not only very useful for navigation but also great
for picking up electromagnetic forces as compass will react to any magnetic
or electrical stimulus that may be out of the ordinary. Because of this reason
it is probably a good idea to avoid an electronic compass instead using the
needle points north kind of compass.
Night Vision Equipment monocular or binocular equipment. Night
vision devices can be very useful for seeing in the dark what we normally
wouldnt see and recording the light that is normally not visible to the naked
Talcum Powder This tool in paranormal investigation is a useful
substance for capturing footprints or handprints. You can sprinkle it on the
ground around where the investigation is taking place and see what unfolds.
Ghost box This is a device used to supposedly communicate with the
dead. The ghosts are seemingly unable to pick just one frequency, stick to it,
and speak clearly. Instead they speak on lots of different frequencies, quick
and in cryptic syntax.
Ghost boxes are simple radios with a scanning function allowing them to
search airwaves until they find a station to stop on. Disable the stopping bit
and PRESTO, instant ghost box. The ghost box then permanently jumps
through available frequencies, playing each one for a fraction of a second.
The various sounds from snatches of transmission, static noise and
interference are then interpreted as words and communication from spirits
on the other side.
*. * *. . * `*. *




What Happens When We Die?

Afterlife! Subject that has been talked about a lot. It has been thought about a
lot. It has been wondered about a lot. Is there an afterlife? What happens
when we die? Where do we go? Is that it? We die and nothing happens? Is
there a life after life? Is there Heaven and Hell?
*. * *. . * `*. *

How do we know, what the real truth about after life would be? How do we
know about afterlife and if something even happens after this life?
I would say, we probably will never know 100% for sure what exactly is
happening until we get there ourselves, but if we listen to the people who
have had near death experiences, we can get a glimpse of the Afterlife.
Even for the greatest skeptics, the fact that there are many people around the
world, who have had NDE - the fact that the stories of these experiences are
similar, would need to be at least some conformation that something
happens after we die. There is more to life than life we can imagine. We all
come for different reasons. We all vibrate at different frequencies. This
world is teaming with life, just as the afterlife in my opinion.
Many people who have had near death experience, share their stories and
their experiences. If we look closer at the experiences they share, we can
see a common thread through them.
As a Mediumship worker, you can most certainly ask Spirits to tell you
where are they, what happens when we die. You can easily ask them what
their experience is. For now I have some insights into Afterlife stories!
There are some basic Core Experiences of those who have had Near Death
* They all have had out of body experience. They are aware of what is
happening, they see, they hear, only they are not in a physical body anymore.
*They all talk about seeing or entering the Light, merging with the Light.
*Some Being of Light accompanies them. At times, it is their deceased
loved ones.
*Many experience panoramic life review where scenes of their lives are
being shown like in a movie.
*They feel pulled back into their physical body. They say it feels like being
sucked back into their physical body and as soon as it happens - they start to

have physical sensations and pain which they didnt feel while out of the
physical body.
Many report going through the tunnel towards the bright light. They
report seeing heavenly bodies bathed in light. Their life flashing in
front of their eyes for life review.
Many report having feeling of going home.
Many report having overwhelming peace come over them.
Many say they wanted to tell their loved ones who were still alive,
that they were okay, but didnt know how to communicate without
having a physical body.
Many report feeling one with the Universe.
We enter another state of existence.
different from the physical world.

A consciousness that is

*. * *. . * `*. *

From all that is said and heard of Near Death Experiences, we can conclude
that consciousness is what continues to live. Consciousness is what rises
up. Consciousness is the energy of our souls, of what houses these physical
One NDE survivor explained it so greatly. It is like we are unplugged from
the source when we are born and we take that plug and try to plug it into
each other: this person or that person will make me happy, this car will
make me happy, this job will make me happy. We try to draw energy from
this world, from people but only when we take the plug and plug into the
source - that is when we will get the energy! (From Afterlife)
If youd like to explore this subject deeper I encourage you to look up
Association of Near Death Experiences


Psychic Children
Kids of the Paranormal


Countless families have children with psychic abilities. These children and
their families are often feeling isolated and frightened. Often people do not
know where to turn or what to do. The following pages have answers and
insights into the concerns for the children with these abilities, and for their

I see Dead People

You are not alone! First and most important, know that if you are a child, a
teen, or a young adult and you experience paranormal you are not alone in
this! Even if you dont have anybody to talk about your experiences, or if
you feel alone with your paranormal experiences, know that you are not
alone! I know that knowing there are others who have similar experiences,
doesnt really change much if you dont have anyone in your life to help you
understand what is happening!
I know from experience how it feels to be young and having paranormal
experiences because I was one of the children who saw ghosts! I didnt
have anyone to talk about my experiences. I remember this feeling of having
someone around me at all times, especially when it got dark. Hearing and
feeling someone breathe next to my face or from above me, like a grownup
spirit. As soon as I would turn off the light at night, I would hear voices,
whispers, footsteps, doors opening and closing. It can be quite frightening
for a child. I didnt feel okay to leave the light on either because I felt like
then, whoever was there making all those noises, would see me better. I
felt like I would be like on a stage, with the light on so that didnt seem like
a good idea either. Often I felt touched by someone, when it was dark. I
never had a bed time as a child so I always stayed up late. I delayed my
bed time for as long as I possibly could because I was afraid to go to bed. I
was afraid to turn off the light. When I finally did I would cover my ears
with the blanket to soften the noises I heard. I still heard them, but not as
loud. As a grownup I still fall asleep with my ears covered and now it is
not because I am afraid, but because it is a habit and my body is used to
falling asleep this way.
I remember feeling petrified when I needed to go to the bathroom during the
night. Even though it was quiet in the physical world, I always had a feeling
that it was busiest for ghosts in the night time than it was during the

daytime. Often the light in the bathroom was already on, even though
nobody alive had turned it on.
I remember seeing silhouettes of a human body. I saw a kind of foggy
looking figure and it was without a clear face. This figure would lean over
my bed and me. I never really felt like they wanted to harm me. As a child
this experience was unfamiliar to me, nobody talked about these kinds of
experiences. As a child, I grew up in a former Soviet Union country which
meant that everything was very focused on fitting into a norm. Seeing
spirits, hearing voices and sounds, as well as, seeing things in the night and
feeling beings that were not human, were not a part of the norm!
I also remember seeing colors around people and objects. What I later
learned was that the color was called auras. It was a fun experience with
the auras, until the moment I heard my parents talking about how concerned
they were about these experiences of mine and how maybe I needed to get
my eyes checked. That scared me and from then on, I didnt share my
experiences, not even with my family. I had to keep it to myself.
In school, I always felt different. I never fit in, I was always an outsider. I
was feeling alone and isolated. I was feeling like a freak. I felt like there
was something wrong with me. I had nobody to talk to. I had no idea where
to turn or what these experiences were about. I didnt know how to deal
with them. I had fear of the dark; I had fear to fall asleep. So I understand
children or teens that are experiencing paranormal activities. I understand
all those feelings and emotions. They are all very familiar to me.
Luckily, we as the human race have grown, evolved, talked and studied
more. We are more open about all kinds of experiences. We also hear more
about paranormal experiences in modern times. We learn more and more
about how we are not to be afraid of the paranormal, but that they can
actually be used in a positive and helpful way for our lives.
The most commonly expressed concerns from children and young people I
have listed below. In connection with Spirit and from my own experience, I
am giving some insights and better understanding to how this works. We are
usually scared of something because we dont know what it is. We cant
understand what it is about? We dont know what is going to happen. We
dont know what is happening, or how to deal with these experiences.
When we are in front of the changes, we often fear the change. Not because
of the change, but because we dont know what this change will bring!
Now, when it comes to paranormal experiences; I believe that the better
understanding we have about the paranormal and the affects that these

experiences have on us, the more knowledge and understanding we will

obtain and that will help us to better deal with these experiences.
Understanding helps us to improve our lives for the better! Remember you
are not alone in experiencing the paranormal. Those days when people got
burned to the stake and prosecuted for talking to Spirits and having that
Sixth sense, are over. These days, are days when having the natural
abilities to see Spirits, and to communicate with those who have crossed
over are when people who are actually being honored.
Many Mediums are invited to be part of investigation teams to help locate
missing people and objects. Mediums are also helping to solve crimes in
modern times. We are helping to release Spirits! Kind of like being a real
life Ghost Whisperer! Of course, there are and most likely always will be
people of religious nature who will be against understanding the
paranormal. I believe if we have a natural gift to communicate between
worlds, trying to suppress this ability is not going to help anyone! Something
that is naturally happening is not ever going to go away unless we drug
ourselves like this society is pushing us to do! In this case, if we do
suppress these experiences and feelings, we might be fitting into some norm
of society, but our soul will never be happy! What is naturally happening in
the universe is happening for a reason. That reason usually is to help, and
we just really need to embrace this ability of ours and find the best way we
can use it for our benefit and for the benefit of others.
Most important to remember is that it is your abilities and gifts. Nobody
else can deal with them for you! People who are close around you like your
family, parents, siblings and teachers, they can support you and guide you
through your experiences, but you are the one who has the gifts and abilities
and they are not going to go away. If this gift is something you are naturally
born with, these abilities are there for a reason and the best way to go about
them is to learn how you can use these abilities in a positive way!
It might take some time experimenting and trying out different tools and
different ways to use your abilities in a positive way. The more you
exercise your gift and practice techniques for the good, the better you will
get at controlling your abilities. Imagine how empowering it can make you
feel be able to be in charge of your abilities instead of them running your
life in a negative and disempowering way! These gifts are very powerful
and can put you in control of your life.
Information in this book has been giving you plenty of ideas to experiment

with. Take charge of your abilities, your gifts and talents. Ideally with a
help of your parents or those people who are close to you!

Most common concerns of the children, young people who

see Spirits, and how to go about them:
~ My abilities make it hard to make friends~
That is understandable. People are afraid of what they dont know about.
We seem to be so pressured from the outside world to follow what is
considered to be normal, yet more and more people realize that each one of
us is unique and embracing our uniqueness is what makes us most fulfilled.
When we follow who we are, express who we are and do it from our heart,
we attract the right people in our lives. Sometimes it might take a bit longer
to find them or have them show up. When we are being who we truly are at
a soul level, sooner or later we do attract the people in our lives who
become our real friends!
It might be a good idea to find some local Mediums who will be able to
connect you with someone in your area with the same or similar abilities!
Even if another child you get connected with in this way doesnt go to the
same school as you. You will still be close enough to be able to meet and
connect after school or on weekend and share your common abilities and
experiences! Who knows maybe your families can even become friends and
that way all would benefit.
~ If somebody else is angry, mad or sad.
school because I feel too much ~

I can have a breakdown at

There are some tools that you can use to eliminate how much of other
peoples emotions you absorb. Try out different tools to find the one that
works the best for you.
Some of them are:
* crystals all black crystals are the ones that absorb negative energy, if in
doubt clear quartz is a crystal that helps with anything that you intend to
achieve. For the best results it is great if you can have a crystal or crystals
that are raw, not polished. You can wear them as a necklace or put them in
your pocket.
* Himalayan salt spray Himalayan salt is known to have incredible
property at the molecular level to be held together by electromagnetism.
When it is mixed with water, it is a powerful combination that clears the
excess electromagnetic gunk that is accumulated in our energy. Just simply

buying Himalayan salt in a store, adding it to the water, pouring in small,

empty spray bottle and you have something you can carry with you. You can
always use a bathroom to spray the salt water around you if you need a
clearing of energy. You can use this spray when you feel overwhelmed
with emotions.
* Have someone in Spirit that is like your guardian Angel that you can turn
to, when you feel overwhelmed. Find someone who takes care of excess
emotions that are not yours. You can simply turn to different spirit beings
and say that you need help (just talking to them in your mind they dont
have physical body limitations, they will hear you even when you dont say
it out loud physically)! Tell them what kind of help you need and ask them
to help you with it! You can do it silently, in your mind and you can do it in
the morning while you are still home. Set the intention for the day, in case
anything comes up that is overwhelming and unhealthy for you. Ask for
them to watch out for you and take care of anything that may arise for you!
That way you dont need to worry about it during the day.

~ I dont know how to tune Spirits out~

Talk to those Spirits you know or feel comfortable calling out on. Treat the
spirit like you would treat any person who is alive. Acknowledge them, and
let them know when you are going to talk to them and when not. Set the

~ I dont think I fit in with my family ~

Yes, I so know the feeling as it was my experience as well. All you really
need to be and do is to be yourself. Each one of us is different, each one of
us is Unique and we all have our own unique talents and natural given
abilities. Your uniqueness just happens to be seeing Spirits, talking to them.

~ I dont feel like I have a place ~

It can always feel like that if we are not doing or being, what or who, the
majority of society expects from us. It is just a matter of finding at least one
person who shares the same or similar experiences, beliefs, and
! You are definitely not alone in having experiences with

~ I feel depression, anxiety, fear, and isolation ~


Be nice to yourself! Find and focus on something within you that is

positive. Something you are great at. Something amazing that has happened
or an amazing dream you have. Do something and everything you can to
have a positive experience and fun memories. Live for experiences that
will strengthen your energy, and who you are. As a result you will feel
stronger in who you are, and have a more positive outlook on life. Fear and
anxiety usually comes into the picture when we dont know what is going to
happen, or we dont know how to deal with what is happening. We feel
isolated when we dont have anyone to talk to who gets us. Life becomes
hard when we dont feel accepted by others, or by society. It can happen to
anyone and in any case! It is not only because you are seeing Spirits. Just
keep being yourself and always look for ways how to be you. Being who
you are can help others! Be of service; use your abilities to help no matter
what age you are. Even young children have been known to help in major
ways. Service will always help your abilities and connect you with others.
Service is an amazing opportunity to get out of your own head and help
where your help in needed. In helping others, you help yourself.

~ I am terrified that negative spirits will take over my body ~

Fear is quite an enemy in many situations and in many experiences. The
more you embrace everything good in you, the more you strengthen your
own energy. The more you strengthen your own being, the less opportunities
you give to anyone else to push you around. Nobody can take over your life,
or your body. The more confident you are about yourself and your abilities,
the easier it is to set boundaries and even set boundaries with Spirits.
In the meantime, build your confidence by telling Spirits what and how you
would like them to interact with you. Let them know where you are
concerned! Focus on what it is you would like to see happen and let Spirits
~ It is hard to make friends when you cant tell them everything about
me ~
Maybe it is about finding friends who you can tell everything to?! Maybe it
wont be a friend from your school, but a friend from your neighborhood.
Who knows? See if you can find and contact some local Medium/ Psychic
Medium and connect with people with similar experiences or interests. Just
look for it and you will find a friend.

~There is no place for me to run and they are everywhere


If you have a natural ability to see Spirits, it will most likely be that you
will see them everywhere. However, you can always set boundaries with
Spirits letting them know what is acceptable to you and what is not. You
can let them know when you definitely dont want them to bother you. Be in
~ I see spirits and I want them to go away
For the most part Spirits show up when they are looking for some help.
They show up when they cant move on, or when they have some unfinished
business. They will most likely not go away just because we want them to
go away. If they have found someone who can see them and hear them, they
will do all they can to get your attention. Not everybody is attuned to seeing
Spirits naturally and effortlessly. When Spirits who are Earthbound detect
someone who is naturally attuned, they usually do the best they can to get
their attention and get some help.
Using our natural given abilities for something better, is much easier than
trying to fight our abilities. What we resist persists. It takes so much more
energy and effort to fight them, than to embrace them and figure out the best
way to help spirits.
~ They appear as clear as daylight~
It is great when that happens! After letting them know you see them, and you
are acknowledging them, ask them who they are? Ask why they are here and
if there is anything you can do to help? It could be much more easy to talk to
someone you see, not only feel or know he/she is there.
~ I cant always decide between my emotions and spirit emotions. My
emotions get really mixed up~
Emotions can be challenging, yes, but there are ways to go about it like:
Clearing energy! Start every day with setting intention to have a clear mind
and a clear knowing between your emotions and spirit emotions.
Also, your emotions you will most likely feel in your heart, in every cell of
your body but if it is spirit emotions; they will make you feel not quite like
yourself. Emotions from Spirits will often come in randomly, unexpected,
often not making sense as they can be completely not related to whats
happening in your day! Learn to be one with your own heart and soul and
you will know what is yours.
~ Spirits want to make sure I know they are there~
Yes. They are looking for attention and when they find someone who sees

them, they want to make sure you know they are there in hopes that you will
talk to them. Remember, it is quite a privilege to be able to see Spirits
naturally. Its your Uniqueness!
~ You are a witch, and you need to go to the psych-ward~
Yes, I am a witch and if you continue to bully me, Ill turn you into a toad!
Just kidding! Just kidding! The point I am trying to make is: dont let any
words like that get to you. Ideally, nothing other people say or think about
you, should bother you. It shouldnt matter what people think of your
abilities. The more you will learn about your abilities, the more charge you
will take of them and the more you will experience how they can help
others, the less it will matter what others think! In the meantime - protect
yourself with prayer, golden light and also here are a few actions that you
can take if you do choose to respond:
Whatever anyone says you can always use it to make a joke or say
something completely unexpected. People usually feel threatened by
everything they dont know and that they dont understand. The best way the
majority of people know how to cope with unknown is to make fun of it,
make it be a joke!
What else you can do is to learn a bit more about well-known Mediums and
how their abilities help others. When someone tries to make fun of your
abilities to see Spirits, you can always say something about the positive
works that are being done in todays times, as a response if you absolutely
feel the need to respond.
~ I wish they did believe me~
The human side might think, it would be great if they believed, but the fact
is that we cant make anyone believe anything. Id like to go back here to
something I mentioned earlier. Look for people your own age who are
having similar experience as you are. They are everywhere! Maybe they
are not openly sharing their experiences. Somebody has to start doing it.
What if that person is you? You know, what happens when one person starts
to speak up? Sooner or later others start to open up talking about the subject
as well. Go beyond your neighborhood, your school. Look in places like
non-denominational churches, contact Mediums in your area, your state,
Mediums, Psychic Mediums, Energy Healers, Body- Mind-Soul Fair or any
of the many other events held in this field of work. Focus on finding
someone who believes in you. Do some research online looking for people

who may connect with you. There are a lot of internet Radio shows that you
can listen to for free online, including radio shows that are hosted by
Mediums. Many shows have Mediums as guests. Focus your energy on the
mediums and good conversations, instead of people and experiences of
doubt or misunderstanding. The journey will take some time and patience
with self, but it will be worth it !
~ they call me a freak ~
The more you embrace your abilities and find positive and helpful use for
them, the less it will matter what others call you. People need to come to a
place where what others think of you or your abilities, dont matter to you!
Be confident in who your soul is. More and more these days, being a
freak is a good thing! It means that you are different; you do something
different than the majority of people. You stick out in the crowd. You shine!
You embrace your uniqueness! People who stick out in the crowd can do
great things on a bigger scale. They help others and shine their inner light.
They help the world on a larger scale because they get noticed much easier
than those who are in a crowd. With this said you are born to do greater
things than the crowd, use your powers for good !
~ I wish to learn how to tune in and out ~
You definitely can do that. Great start could be to set boundaries with
Spirits. The fact is, if you are born with these abilities, they wont go
away. You were born with them for a reason, it is like your abilities
are an X factor that you have! Think of a situation where you have set
boundaries before, and said no to something. Think of a situation
where you negotiated something. You set your boundary. Use the same
mind set and energy to negotiate and to set boundaries with Spirit. If
you have these abilities, trying to cut them out completely wont really
work, but negotiating, telling Spirit, when you are open to communicate
and when you are not able to communicate is essential for your growth
in this work.
Also, another great idea is to have a friend in Spirit. A Spirit guide that
you can talk to. What I mean by that is to tell the Universe, just by
thinking it or saying it out loud, that you would like to have a Spirit
guide. Someone you feel comfortable and safe with. Someone to have
around you all the time. You can also just make the Spirit guide up by
visualizing his or her character. Just by imagining if you could have a
Spirit Guide you could turn to, you are creating your spirit guide. This

guide will be by your side to guide you when you feel challenged by
Spirits, by your abilities, by people around you, by anything really. Just
visualize the being, your own personal Spirit Guide. Imagine how your
ideal Guide would look, how his/her presence would feel to you, how
you would like to see her/him help you. Use your imagination as you
are a powerful creator. Your spirit guide can be like your best friend in
the Spiritual realm. You can rest assured that someone in Spirit
ALWAYS has your back, you can always turn to your Spirit Guide, tell
your concerns and feel comforted. Indeed, it is not the same as talking
to another person alive but it is better than not having anyone at all.
You can also ask your Spirit guide to be like your body guard. A Spirit
guard that helps you with tuning in and out, keeping unwanted energy
out of your life, and wanted energy and people in your life.
Another option for tuning in and out could be you imagining, seeing in
your mind, creating in your mind a fence around you. A fence with only
one opening, one door! Imagining the space inside the fence being your
space! This is your tune out space where only you are allowed. When
you want to tune in you imagine opening the door.
~ I think my mom/dad/parents/family dont understand because they
dont know how it is~
Most likely they dont understand how exactly it is if they have never
experienced anything like you have. If that is the case, then it is also harder
for them to know how exactly to support you. As long as they try to support
you, it is the best they know how to help you. Even if they try to tell you that
your abilities are bad its the best they know! They dont know and
dont realize and are not aware of how to handle your abilities and therefore
try to make them go away by telling you they are bad and you need to stop
having them. Its the best they know how to handle your abilities but that
doesnt mean that they are right!
~ I cant sleep spirits wake me up in the middle of the night~
Boundaries and learning which of the techniques or tools work the best for
you in situations like this. In order to set good boundaries, keep your
energy, your space, your mind and your diet clear and healthy.
One way to set boundaries is to simply tell Spirits, either every time
before you go to bed. You can also tell once, with strong intention to
make this boundary a permanent one until you feel any different. Tell

Spirits that you need to have a good sleep at night and them waking you
up in the middle of night is not acceptable to you. You can also tell
spirits that you wont be able to help them, if you dont get to have a
good sleep. Let them know that your need for a good sleep is and will
benefit everyone, including Spirits.
Maybe a solution for you would be telling Spirits that if they have a
need to talk to you at night, to communicate with you through dreams,
without waking you up.
One other way to set boundaries could be by you imagining, visualizing
yourself in a circle where only energy and experiences you would like
to have during the night, is allowed. Just visualize the best you can.
See yourself being safe in the space you are in. See yourself in your
room, and see light around you. See the light in a circle around you and
any Spirits that might want to mess with your sleep, see them bouncing
back on the outside of the circle of light. This is your space for sleep!
Allow your imagination and mind be open and free to all the
If you have connected with your Spirit guide, you can invite them to
help you. You can also invite Angels to help you. What I like to see, is
when I ask Angels for their protection - I see them standing around me
in a circle. If anything or anyone unwanted would try to even get inside
the circle, they couldnt because my Angels wouldnt let them. If it
happens before going to bed, I would see many bright Angels being
around my bed in a circle. This can be a tool or technique you could
Remember what I am telling here are suggestions. Everybody is
different and therefore the way we deal with our experiences will be
different. What works well for one person, wont work as well for
another. To find out what works out the best for us, we each need to
experiment. We need to try different ways, try different option to see
what works the best. We can find our own rhythm and routine that
works for us by experimenting, trying out different options!
~ I am afraid that my abilities are going to completely overcome me~

That is understandable to have a fear like this. There is always a way to

deal with our fears. Why are we afraid of something? It is usually because
we dont know what is going to happen. We dont know what to expect. We
dont understand what the experience is a about. Unknown can be scary!
The more we learn about what we are afraid of the less scary it becomes.
With this, I am suggesting to learn everything you can about your abilities.
Look for the answers, look for the insights, and look for the information!
Look in books, online, seek out people locally who might help (usually they
would be found through every place that has connection to Metaphysics.
(Health stores, fairs, non-denominational churches etc. like I mentioned
before). Also look for workshops, classes, and events.
A lot of information about pretty much anything, these days can be found
online simply searching on google.
~ Dead people speak to me~
It usually happens if and when they are looking for some help, when they
have something to say and they happen to come across you, a person who is
an open channel - the Soul, who is still in a physical body and can hear
Spirits, hear what they want to say. They can talk to those who cant hear
them, but there wont be much point doing so as it would only be one way
~ Negative spirits contact me ~
Negative Spirits need help too. Set an intention to be safe, not when you
come across a negative spirit, but before you do. Always protect yourself
through prayer or meditation, envisioning from lower vibrational spirits.
You can learn to help them in such a way, that it doesnt affect you
negatively. You can always ask Angels or some other Spirit Beings like
God, Jesus or Buddha to help you to help Negative Spirits. In some cases it
might mean that the evolved spirits will help the lower spirits without your
interference. In some cases it might mean they will help them with your
participation. You can always talk and come to an agreement.
~ I feel like I am being watched ~ there is a man staring at me ~
I know the feeling. Like I mentioned earlier in this book that was exactly my
experience growing up and it hasnt stopped yet.
What if you talked to Spirit/s who are watching you? Find out who they are,
what they want, why they are here? Ask them questions? Help them to
move on, call in the Light for them. Some of them are lost and unsure what

to do without a physical body. Call on the highest lights to help you. If you
dont want to be watched, it helps if you tell them strictly, to leave! My
experience has been that it never really works long term; therefore my
suggestion is to take care of this lost spirit, long term to start with. Help
them solve their problems. We are all eternal beings.
~ I want spirits to leave ~
The more you learn and know how to handle Spirits in a healthy way, the
better your life will become. Once you come to a place where their
presence doesnt affect you negatively, the more you will know how to
handle their presence on an on the spot basis. You will know what actions
need to take place for them to move on. Remember, asking or telling them to
leave will work short term, but never long term. If you have a natural
ability to communicate with Spirits, they wont leave your side just because
you want them to leave. It is a good idea to learn as much as you can about
communicating with Spirits so you know how to handle their presence.
Books, classes, workshops, videos, private lessons, listening to Radio or
TV shows that are about paranormal will teach you what you need to know.
There are many options! Learn about Spirits in a safe environment and
protect yourself by always doing good deeds and calling in the highest light
beings in the universe to assist you.
~ I have been having mood swings as a result of being so connected with
This is most likely Spirits affecting you. Possibly even you are channeling
Spirits! It can be a result of some unhealthy Earth bound attachment. The
best way to deal with it would be to identify, who the Spirit is? Take hot
salt baths, burn sage and hold a vision of your inner Light beaming so bright
and shiny that nothing less than that can enter your energy, your space, your
aura just to name few solutions for not letting yourself be affected by
Spirit. Also, I mentioned before in this book about focusing on everything
that makes you happy, makes your heart sing! It will strengthen your energy
and the stronger it will be, the less it will get affected by outside sources.
~ I am afraid of spirits that I see~
This comes down again, to knowing what is what, and how to handle the
paranormal situation. The more you learn all the ins and outs about
Paranormal and how to deal with Spirits in a healthy way, the less fear you
will have. Keep learning !

~ I always think that spirits are going to manipulate me, even with my
eyes closed~
This is about setting boundaries. Yes, Spirits can manipulate us but ONLY if
we let them. It depends on what kind of Spirits they are. What kind of
motives they have! It is Earthbound Spirits who can manipulate with us, not
the ones who have moved into the Light. So, it is about us setting
boundaries, standing our ground and helping in any way that we can. Asking
questions and finding out what the story is behind these Spirits is your job
as a Medium. Finding out why they would want to manipulate, and what has
caused them to be so angry that they are willing to manipulate? What they
need to feel better? What do they need to be willing to move on into the
light? You dont always need to talk to Spirit directly, if doing it frightens
you. You can tune into Spirits energy psychically if it feels safer way for you
to connect with the Spirit.
~ Spirit/s are warning me about something happening~
Thats a good thing, isnt it? I mean if Spirits see something not so good, not
so positive possibly happening in a future event, that you can avoid. They
are letting you know about it, and that knowledge gives you a chance to
avoid the possible negative experience. Perhaps not only you, but others as
well can be saved from some mishap. Not everybody is able to get that
information beforehand and how great is it that you are?! These kinds of
visions and communications are a gift.
~ Spirit is scaring me away~
Let Spirit/s know that their actions are scaring you and it needs to come to
you in a way that feels safe for you.
Find out: if it is Spirit/s who is looking for help such as, looking for
someone to help them rely message to a loved one still on Earth? If a spirit
is looking for some help in moving into the light?
If the Spirit needs help - it will be happy to learn how to better talk to you
and do the best he/she can to approach you. Spirits will want to talk to you
in a way that is acceptable and comfortable for you.
If it is an Earthbound Spirit who is scaring you then set boundaries!
Envision your personal space as being very clear, envision a golden light

around you. Speak clearly and set your boundaries. The Spirit that scares
you can be mentally put on the other side of your boundaries. You are
always in control. If it is an Earthbound Spirit that scares you, do your best
to find a time and space when you are feeling safe and comfortable, to talk
to this Earthbound Spirit. Find out if and how you can help. There is always
a way to help. Sometimes it takes more effort and sometimes it takes less
effort to clear the energy, to clear the space, to find out how you can be of
service to a Spirit that is here to visit you. Experiment and focus on
SOLUTIONS! Keep this question in mind How can I best deal with this
happening? How can I feel safe with Spirits that scare me? What can I do
for the spirit? Sooner or later you will know what to do! Like with
everything practice makes perfect. You most likely will need to try
different approaches to find the one that works the best for you, but once you
find it you will be on top of the game with this new information on the
paranormal life that lives around all of us.
~ I dont feel like I have someone to talk to about this ~ I feel alone and
lonely ~ having my abilities makes me feel extremely isolated ~
At the first it might seem that way, but if you look around and research a bit,
and find some local Mediums via online or local message boards or other
places I mentioned. You will most likely be able to connect with others
who have similar or the exact same experiences as you have. Use your
intuition, your gut feeling when connecting with someone. There are all
kinds of Mediums out there some are more real than others it is just the
reality of life, we are all different! Make sure you feel comfortable with the
person you are connecting with. Just because someone is a famous Medium,
doesnt mean he/she is the best person for you to connect with and share
your experience with. Let your intuition speak when choosing who to
contact, who to turn to. You can even call on your angels to choose who is
best for you to connect with. The best person will show up.
It is possible that you might not find someone your own age at first, but even
if it is a grown up, or even if it is one person who understands you, it will
be a great start and you will have someone to talk about your experiences.
Ps I am sharing some resources and giving some web info at the end of
this book in Resources section - make sure you check it out !
~ I hear voices calling my name~
That is quite a common experience to have.
* Identify first what kind of emotions this experience causes in you? Does

this experience scare you? Does it make you wonder why the voices call
your name? Do you want to find out what they want? Do you want to know
what they have to say? Do you want this to stop? Do you want the voices to
stop calling your name?
* Once you have identified what emotions and reaction this experience
causes in you, you can decide how to handle the situation with help and/or
tools mentioned in this book.
~ I am afraid that I will be ridiculed from other kids, afraid that others
will be laughing at me ~ kids at school think I am crazy ~
Yes, it is understandable. However, know and keep in mind that kids who
want to laugh about someone, kids who have that kind of mindset, to laugh at
others - they will find any excuse, they will use any reason to laugh at you or
any other kid. They are called bullys. When I was growing up, as a kid, I
got laughed at. The bottom line is if kids have that kind of mindset to laugh
at others, they will always find a reason to laugh, to ridicule, degrade and
bully. Seeing Spirits or Ghosts is just one of many reasons that they might
choose to try to bully or pick on you. Even if it seems like it is personal, it
isnt. It doesnt show who you are, it shows who they are.
As much as we would like to accept the world and be accepted by everyone
for who we are, it is impossible. It is a very diverse world. We come forth
to experience many different things on this planet. We did not all come for
the same experience.
The more you embrace your abilities and the more positive experiences you
have using your abilities, the more confident you will feel. A lot of how we
get treated by others depends on how we let them treat us! It might be tough
for some time, until we stand up for ourselves and show who we are. It
will be uncomfortable until we establish our place and boundaries, but it is
well worth stepping up for self and to keep looking for creative ways to do
it! Just think, for as many haters as there might be for you and your abilities,
just as many might find it amazingly cool and you might be the one setting
example for others. This may create an allowing to open up for others who
may have had similar experiences. Others may speak up and admit their
abilities. You might even find a friend or two through speaking up and
sticking through tough times with this experience!
Remember, people also have a tendency to make fun of something they are
not familiar with. Again, if they laugh at you and your abilities, it just tells
and shows how afraid they might be from this experience. Having went

through this experience myself, as an adult I can assure you, life is so much
more fun having these abilities and being different than being one in the
crowd of the majority.
~ I know things will happen, but I cant do anything about it~
There is always something we can do. Yes, we might not always be able to
do something on the physical level, but we can always send some positive
thoughts, prayer or positive energy to the situation (especially if we know or
have seen something negative is about to happen). The power of prayer, the
power of positive thoughts, positive energy is more powerful than we might
~ I want to learn how to use my gift without getting sick~
Here again I want and need to bring up setting boundaries! It is important
to learn how to use these abilities we have as I write about them throughout
this book. The more we know about everything that is related to our
abilities, everything that is connected to our abilities, the better we know
how to use them. The better we know how to deal with situations that
require for us to use our abilities, the stronger we are, the stronger are our
Also, the more we learn different aspects of our abilities including how to
use them, how to go about situations involving them, the better we know
how to use our abilities without letting ourselves get sick because of them.
We must learn to work on setting boundaries when it comes to the
When we have natural abilities to talk and connect with Spirits, when we
can see them, talk to them, see energies, auras, do healing work (anything of
that kind of stuff) - we are naturally more sensitive to everything around us,
and within us! Working with energies is very delicate work. You will find
yourself working with higher vibrating energy than everything that is
When we are naturally more tuned into this energy, every
experience we have affects us more deeply than those who are not naturally
as sensitive as we are. To use these abilities without getting sick requires
learning how to set boundaries and remembering to set them. This work
requires a knowledge about how to clear the energy and remember to clear
the energy (we often know what to do and how, just in everyday life forget
to put it in use!).
~ Spirits wont leave me alone~

Again, this as well, has to do with setting boundaries! I know I am repeating

myself but it is one of the key-tools in having these abilities. Setting
boundaries not only helps us to better deal with our abilities and actually
learn to enjoy them, but it helps the Spirits and those around us here in the
physical world. When we havent set boundaries, then our energy is mixed
together with the energy of Spirits and it is much harder to see clearly where
our needs and wants end. It is harder to see where those of others start and
end. When we set clear boundaries and enforce them, it is much easier to
see the difference between our needs and wishes, and those of others,
including Spirit. It is much easier for us to know what to do!
~ I am afraid at night~
I so know the feeling. I still fall asleep with my ears covered with a
blanket, because thats how I used to fall asleep when I was a child growing
up. Doing so helped me to not hear Spirits as loud as I did when I didnt
have my ears covered. As soon as I turned off the light, it was as if the real
life started. This is so scary for a child to hear noises, whispers, footsteps,
and sounds of doors opening and closing. Now I still fall sleep with my
ears covered, not because I am afraid anymore, but because I am so used to
falling asleep like that. My point is there is always a way how we can
deal and cope with our experiences, that helps us feel better! Set boundaries
with Spirits. Tell them that it is not okay to come and bother you, or to keep
you awake during night as you need sleep! What I also have found to be a
valuable point to bring up to Spirits is that you getting a good nights sleep,
will better able you to help Spirits! So, ask for them to let you sleep and not
to bother you or keep you up. Not to scare you at night is beneficial to them
to start with! Think like this, if you are bothering someone like your
parents, how do they handle it? What do they tell you? Does it work? Do
you stop bothering them? If it does work, you might want to try to use the
same kind of approach when telling Spirits not to bother you at night. If the
way people around you or even your parents, deal with you bothering them,
doesnt work. Think, what would help? What would it take for you to
listen and not bother me? Use that kind of approach with Spirits! Like that
saying goes do to others what youd like them do to you!
Maybe it helps if you leave a night light on at night? I know for me it seemed
even scarier as I thought; if I leave the Light on, Spirits will be able to
better see me. I preferred to be in the dark, but you might want to leave the
Light on. Keep in mind that Spirits are energy and it doesnt matter light or

dark, if they decide to come to you they will do it in the light or the dark. It
is about your preference, what makes you feel more comfortable light on
or off? If Light on maybe it can be a small night light? Or couple of night
lights instead of the bright light? Experiment. Dont just focus on one
solution that you think would work! Try out different solutions!
~ Spirit is in our house~
Spirit is energy! Spirits obviously dont have a physical body anymore and
therefore no physical being or thing is an obstacle for the Spirit. Think of it
this way Spirits are everywhere! There are many people who dont have
natural abilities to see Spirits, yet they have Spirits in their house. How
privileged are you to see them? How privileged are you to see if they are
or arent in your house? To see them and sense them and to know what do
about it is a gift. A person who knows how to handle Spirits and how to
deal with having Spirits in the house in such way that helps the spirits and
helps you and helps those around you - that is an amazing ability to have.
Own your gifts and do not fear them. Who knows you might be drawn to, or
willing to help people with problems with spirits. You may be drawn to
those who have Spirits in their house, yet cant see them. The more
knowledge and experience you gain, the better you know how to handle any
situation involving Spirits.
~ Paranormal experiences intensify at night~
They definitely do! At night when the world around us is quiet, we simply
can hear Spirits better. Days chatter often quiets Spirits down, but at night,
when the world around us is asleep, Spirits have more of a chance to be
noticed and to be heard. Just like we like to be heard and need others to be
quiet so they can hear what we say, Spirits need silence in the background to
be better heard. They dont have a physical voice to silence others to be
heard, so, they wait for silence to be better heard.
~ I see them in flash
That is how Spirits often let us know their presence. Even if you see them in
a flash, you still see them, they are there. It takes an effort from their part, to
connect and communicate with us. Some of them might show themselves for
a longer period of time, some in a flash. Even a flash of Spirit is
conformation of their presence.
~ Its not normal~

Everybody is different and therefore everybodys version of normal is

different. In our society it is common to believe that the majoritys believes,
majoritys point of view is normal and everything other than that is not
normal but it is only an illusion. Think about it - if you were born with
this ability, how can it not be normal? For somebody it might not be or feel
normal, but it is not your job or your problem to worry what their version of
normal is. If you have these experiences with Spirits, if you have natural
ability to talk to Spirits, to see them, hear them then it is your normal.
~ I want to be able to control my abilities ~
The more you learn about your abilities and different aspects of them, the
more you put into practice what you learn, the more you will know and
naturally learn how to control your abilities ! Never stop learning as
there is always something new, there is always something more to be
learned. There is somewhere deeper we can go with what we already know,
even when we think we know everything.
~ Spirits call my name and they are scary~
You know how celebrities usually have bodyguards that go with them
everywhere to protect them? Imagine having Angels or other Spirit Beings
as your bodyguards! These beings that protect you will be scanning what
comes through to you. You can create your own body guards by calling in
an army of Angels to be your bodyguards! Call in an army of cats in Spirit
or Superman to be your bodyguard (it can be anything, anyone you wish as it
is all about intention. This is about having someone around you that you feel
comfortable and safe with. It can be someone in physical body or in Spirit).
People alive, with a physical body, they can act badly towards one another,
because there is some pain within them that they dont want to look at and
try to hide by giving pain to others. Spirits can do the same thing. The
Spirits who are the scariest have the greatest amount of pain, which they
hide behind, by scaring others. The more we learn about ourselves and
about how life works, and about different aspects of our abilities, the
healthier and happier we are. Also, we will be able to better identify what
the situations are that we experience, is about and how to deal with the
Spirits who come across to us as scary. Maybe we need to talk to them,
maybe we need to have our Spirit bodyguard team step in and help us?
Maybe we need to set boundaries? Each situation is different.


~ My Child Sees Dead People ~

~ Most Common Concerns of the Parents of Children/Young People who
See Spirits and How to Address these Concerns ~
Following are the most common concerns parents of the children who see
Spirits, have and the insights of how to handle these concerns:

~ The Bible teaches when you die you go to heaven or hell. That is it. ~
If you open your mind beyond what the Bible teaches, if you look around,
and explore different beliefs and different approaches to life, you might find
that there is more to life than how the Bible is interpreted. There are many
people who have had experiences that are similar to what your child is
experiencing. Many have written their experiences in a book. Many have
shared their experiences in movies, on a video, on youtube, and in many
other ways. Many people hold workshops and there are classes about the
subject of your childs experience. Many have been on national television
to share their experience, and to tell the world what has happened to them.
There is more to life and death than the Bible teaches.
~ I dont know what to do to help him/her ~ I run out of solutions ~ I
feel helpless~
Learn! Research! You are the parent or guardian, you are the adult that your
child looks up to and counts on. Yes, it is understandable that you might not
know what to do to help your child who is seeing Spirits. If your child is
seeing Ghosts or communicating with Spirits, please take the time to learn
and be ok with what is happening. In the times that we now live 2013 this
modern world provides so much information out there: books, movies,
reality shows, Radio talk shows, TV shows, workshops, classes are
available. The information about everything paranormal is easily
researchable online from comfort of your own home. These days there is
some kind of Mind-Body-Spirit store in every area, lots of Mind-BodySpirit fairs around the world, lots of Mediums, Psychic Mediums, Energy
Healers that you can contact either locally or distance to learn more about
experiences your child has. Before you pay anyone any money or invest in
any paranormal products, there is a lot available online for free. Great
resource is Online Radio Talk shows (see more detailed info at the end of

the book in Resources chapter) where you can either listen in hoping to
find answers or even call in asking questions you have. Talk to experts in
the paranormal field with the intention to learn how to help your child. If
you invest time and energy researching what is available locally, you might
be surprised about all you can find! There are many people around the
world who do this work! ~ Energy work, Mediumship, paranormal and
much more. It is most likely that there is someone in the area you live in.
Do keep in mind that not everyone who does this kind of work or claims to
have similar or the same kind of abilities and experiences as your child
does, is honest or actually has these abilities or is the right person for your
child to connect with. Do not follow blindly, everything that every Medium
says even if he/she is famous and well known. Because we are all different
and unique, we all have our own and unique way of understanding different
paranormal experiences. Keep an open mind about everything you hear, read
and learn. Dont take anything as absolute truth, but more like a possibility.
Trust your gut when choosing what to believe the most or better yet, offer
different options and possibilities to your child giving him/her the
opportunity to choose a solution based on their gut feeling, on their
intuition. If you yourself have paranormal experiences or have had them as
a child, you will most likely be better prepared knowing how to help your
child, but if you havent had your own paranormal experiences then you
cant know exactly and for sure, which idea for solution would help your
child the most. Allow them to make the choice, be there for your child,
support your child, encourage your child to look for solutions. Tell your
child (and mean it) how you love him/her no matter what, how you are there
for him/her. Kids need that support. You cant do everything for them but
you can be there for them, guide them and hold their hand as their find their
own way.
~ I am afraid that if we dont get help, our daughter/son will never find
a place to fit in~
Take action! Look for help! It is a big world full of opportunities for all
walks of life. Look for people who can help and let that be your way of
helping! Sometimes it just takes finding one person who is on the same
wavelengths with your child. Whether it is another child or an adult who
can connect to your child, for things to change for the better!
~ I worry because my daughter/son is scared~
Worry is not going to help! Not for you, nor your child!

Why do you think people usually get worried? It is when we dont know
what to do. They worry when they dont know how to handle the situation
they experience. We worry when we dont know what is going to happen?
We worry when we step into unknown! The more we learn about situations
and different aspects of life, the better we are prepared, the better we can
handle any experiences that might come up! In your case the more you learn
and the more prepared you are to know how to help your child, the easier it
will be for both of you!
As a parent and the closest adult in your childs life, the best way you can
help is to be there for your child. Listen to your child and take your child
and his/her story, experience he/she shares seriously. Believe your child
and believe in your child, empower your child. The more safe a child feels
in any situation, the more confidence they will have in themselves. The
more support a child has to deal with his abilities in the paranormal world,
the more strength he or she has to handle the experiences and be able to take
action. Be that person in your childs life that helps him/her to feel safe, to
feel empowered and to draw his/her own powers from within to overcome
feeling scared. Remind your child of the tools he/she has and can use to
draw that inner power to deal with any situation in a positive and
empowering way. Be the cheerleader for your childs abilities. Encourage
your child to use his/her inner power to overcome challenges! Having fear
from Spirits is normal. Having experiences with Spirits is not going to go
away if you have that gift, but taking action to work through the fear in a
positive and empowering way is. It is not only going to help the Spirits, but
will help your child to get a control of his or her abilities and everyone
involved will benefit! It is the value that you as a parent or guardian can
help your child to experience and learn for him/her to be able to deal with
any situation that causes fear. These tools and knowledge will prepare your
child for life in the big world as well!
~ I dont want her/him to think that its a curse~
Encourage a positive kind of belief in your child about his/her abilities. As
a parent do some research on the topic and experiences that your child is
having. Find how people have been helping with abilities like your child
has? Share it with your child! Find out names of the people and what they
have done to make it more real? We do not get burned on the stake for these
abilities now days. People with abilities to communicate with those in
Spirit are helping to solve crimes, helping to locate missing people and are

not looked down at like it used to be in a past. Search for everything that
speaks of the abilities your child and how they can help others. This
research and knowledge gained can be beneficial not only to your child but
you too.
Maybe you can arrange with some local Medium or energy healers that your
child can visit them and watch them in their work? Perhaps let your child
help them? Children are true clairvoyants. Hands on experience of helping
others with these abilities are most likely going to show your child that it is
not a curse but a gift. It is just a matter of learning how to use these natural
abilities to help others. This work is about how to control the spiritual
connections so that they are used in a healthy way and dont harm your
child nor the people around your child.
~ My child having abilities, makes it difficult to relate to people in the
normal world~
It just means he or she hasnt found the right people. Yes, the abilities your
child has might make it harder to relate to people, but not to all people. It is
just a matter of finding the right people. It is also possible that even among
the people with similar or the same abilities, your child might feel different.
I am saying it from my personal experience. As an adult I am still finding it
challenging to relate to people, but what I have come to understand is,
concluded from my life experience, is that some of the people with abilities
like your child, are just meant to feel different because they are meant to be
leaders. They are meant to walk the path that nobody else has walked yet
and be leaders. It is not an easy path, but it can be a fun and a rewarding
path if we make a choice to make it a fun and exciting experience. In this
case, your job as a parent could be to help your child to make this choice.
Of course, not by forcing, but by helping to see how it can be exciting and
that it can be exciting! Be excited for your child rather than sad or
frustrated. Children look up to adults, to those closest to them. Children look
up for help and for guidance. Just be there for them, remember that it is
their path. A path that is for them to walk and you can help by showing
opportunities that will help your child to be excited to walk this path !
~ Children who see Spirits say: I think my mom/dad/parents/family
dont understand because they dont know how it is~
Parents and Guardians, if you have never experienced it, of course you
cant know what exactly it is that your child goes through. The best you can
do is to believe your child! If they know that you dont trust them or you

dont believe them, even if you try to hide it. Think, they can naturally see
Spirits which are beings that dont have a physical body. For your child to
know what you think and believe about their experiences, comes just as
natural to them. When you love your child, does it really matter if you know
what exactly he/she is going through for you to love your child? We are not
talking about your child doing something that is inappropriate, not talking
about your child taking drugs or drinking alcohol or being violent. We are
talking about your child seeing Ghosts and being scared. We are talking
about your child not knowing how to deal with it! They need you to be there
for them! You are their closest grownup they can talk to, they rely on, they
look up to!!
If you know your child well, you will know in your gut, if your child is lying
and when they are telling the truth! I mean if your child sees a ghost and is
so scared of them that they want to sleep with you or are crying. Then you
know you can probably believe them. If you get a conformation about your
child seeing ghosts like your child shares some information that comes from
the dead and your child couldnt have known it from any outside resource
available, you will know what a made up story is, and what is reality! Your
child needs you to be the strong one in this situation! You might be the only
person your child has to talk to about the experiences that they are having.
~ I feel guilty for not knowing how to help, for not being there for my
child, for not believing. I dont see them, I cant help~ I dont know how
to help my daughter/son ~
You dont need to see them to be able to help your child. Yes, it would give
you a better idea what exactly your child is going through when having
experience with Spirits, but there are ways you can help even if you dont
see them. You can help even if you think you dont know how to help.
First and most important love your child no matter what and be there for
your child! It can be scary experience for your child and your disbelief, your
not knowing what to do approach is not helping.
Think, when you dont know something, you learn it, right? You didnt know
how to drive and you learned how to drive. You didnt know who to walk
and you learned how to walk. You didnt know how to read and you
learned how to read. If it was important to you, you learned how to do it.
You had some help or maybe you did it on your own? Some learning took
longer than others, but the end result was that you learned it. The same with
experiences your child is having, if you dont know what to do, or how to

help, learn! How, you might wonder? Like I wrote a bit earlier research:
online. Look in your neighborhood for Mediums, you will find information
of some kind under: paranormal, paranormal experiences, Mediumship,
psychic medium, or intuitive workers, energy healers, Medium, mediums.
~ I want her to see that it is bad to see Spirits~
Please remember, please, please dear parent/s or guardians who have this
thought! Please remember that your childs abilities, your childs
experiences as a result of these abilities - is their life! It is NOT about you!
Its not about what you want them to believe or be like! Its not about what
you think! If your child was born with this gift, how can they be bad? Please
support your child in this journey called life. Support your child and his/her
abilities! Isnt the most important for your child to be happy? If he/she was
born with these abilities they wont go away and the only way to be happy
will be to learn how to go about these abilities, how to be in charge of them,
how to handle them in a positive and helpful way! Something thats natural,
can only be positive!
~ I would like her to have coping mechanism, strengths and ability to
deal with Spirits~
Most important is to remember that nobody else can do anything for your
child than your child themselves. Yes, it is about gaining strengths, and
confidence to deal with Spirits, but you cant do it for your child. Your
child has to do it for him/herself! This book gives a lot of information about
Mediumship. This book offers tools and techniques to gain confidence and
to gain strengths to put you in control with the spiritual realms. Parent, you
as the closest adult in your childs life, can encourage your child to practice
these techniques, to use the tools I provide in this book, to do the exercises
required to make your child experiences understandable. Not only tools I
provide use any tools that you have read, learned about for this matter!
Your child can create their own exercises that help to gain strengths. Be
creative with this. The more your child will know and the more experience
the child will have, the more confident he/she will become. In time he/she
will be able to easily deal with Spirits.
~ I fear that it is bad~ that it will hurt ~
Here again I am going to remind you that we experience fear, when we
dont know what we are dealing with. When we dont know what is
happening or what is going to happen. The more we learn and explore the

different aspects of the topic of our abilities (in this case your childs
abilities), the easier it will be to use these abilities in such ways that it will
be empowering, inspiring and rewarding without hurt or pain of any kind.
~ Daydreaming, becoming disengaged~
It is easy to become disengaged when the physical world is mixed together
with the Spirit world. It is easy to drift away. Once your child sees the
purpose to their abilities and learns how to deal with their abilities and how
to control them, your child will feel much better. Once your child learns to
use these abilities for good, it will be easier for him/her to be present and
switch between the worlds effortlessly.
~ I am ignoring when my child says he/she sees spirits~
Be a good listener! Especially if you dont see Spirits, if you cant quite
relate to what your child is experiencing - be a good listener! I keep saying
it over and over again but it is important! You are in your childs life to set
an example, to guide him/her to live the best version they can live. You are
there to support them and to encourage them to use their talents and to be the
best they are born to be. Ignorance is the worst thing that we can do.
Ignorance is not only, not good for our children, but what we do to each
other as well. Think, how would you feel if you shared your deep
emotional experience, an experience that possibly scared you and you were
ignored? Worse yet belittled or beat? Would you like it? Would it help
you? Be supportive! Having support plays a major role in childs life! It
plays a major role in anyones life, but especially childs!
If you are exhausted, if you have just reached your limit and went beyond it,
let your child know when you will be able to listen and pay full attention to
them when you do listen. Even that is better than simply ignoring, or not
talking about it, or not asking. You need, of course, to follow through with
what you tell your child, as well! Without following through your words
wont have meaning, but in order to make this whole experience success for
your child as well as for you, it is important that you do make every action
~ I think, my child just says this because he wants to get attention~
If you dont believe your childs experiences and abilities, if you need some
physical proof that requires more than your child is telling you, how about
you search for and find a local Medium/ Psychic Medium and see if you can

arrange a session or meeting for you and with your child! Session where
Medium lets you child do some work. Be present when it happens. I cant
tell you what exactly will happen, but if your child does have natural
abilities to see Spirits, and talk to Spirits, and sense energies, you will get
your proof! Again, Support your child in this, they need you more than ever
if they are Medium, if they see spirits and dont know how to handle their
~ I am trying to protect my child but dont know how? He is scared of
something I cant see and dont understand~
The best way to protect your child is to do everything you can to provide
your child with the resources, opportunities, support and encouragement
they need to use their natural abilities. Help your child to be a selfconfident, powerful, strong person.
~ She should be able to play in her own room without being scared~
Yes, thats the idea of the ideal, but if it doesnt happen and in this case is
related to your child seeing Spirits, then there is a need for a solution. Keep
working at it and you will get there. Your child has to make peace with
what they see. They have to learn to manage it and be in control of it with
their words and actions in the spiritual realm.
~ She thinks is her fault~
Your job as a parent would be to make sure, your child knows how valuable
and precious this ability to see Spirits is! Even if you dont like it or
believe in it or it goes against your religion! Its not about you! It is about
your child, who is their own person! It is nobodys fault! Your child was
born with this ability that is beyond average and there is a reason for it!
Here I want to mention once again to remind your child of all the people
that bring great help in the world by communicating to Spirits! It is a
Blessing and only seems like a curse because your child doesnt know yet,
how to control his/her abilities. Be happy for your child, for him/her having
these amazing abilities!
When we think, if he/she was born with this ability, it cant possibly be
something bad! We are born with arms and legs and face. Some people are
naturally good at playing some musical instrument, some people are born
being good with animals and your child happens to be born with abilities to
see Spirits. Children rely on their parents to know what to do! If not
knowing what to do then knowing where to go for some help, for answers!

~ I am tired on many levels~

It is understandable, but it doesnt do anyone good for you to be tired from
this experience to give up! What I mean by that is, yes, it is understandable
that you are tired. Yes, it is okay to be tired, but if it has been going on for a
long time and you havent had a break, then from healthy tiredness, it turns
into unhealthy! Think, it is your child who has experiences with Spirits yet
you are tired on many levels. Your child might be even more tired!
The more you learn about paranormal and everything related to it,
especially everything related to the kind of experiences your child has and
you as a result are having, the better you will be able to handle situation.
The better you handle the situation, the healthier you handle situation, the
more energy you will save.
This situation, being tired is because of your childs experience with Spirit.
This type of tired calls for setting clear boundaries, your child setting clear
boundaries with Spirits (which you can remind him/her) as well as you
setting boundaries. When I say you setting boundaries, what I mean by that
is: Even if you cant see what your child sees, or hear what your child
hears, you can still talk to the Spirits. You can still communicate to them
what you wish because they will hear you! Burn some Sage and talk out
loud. Ask spirits to leave your home. Call in the spirit of abundance or
something pleasant to you.
I talk a lot about setting clear and strong boundaries and keeping them.
What you can do if the situation above applies to your child and you, is to
set boundaries with your child as well. What do I mean by that? I mean to be
strict if needed, reminding your child to set boundaries with Spirits. Dont
let yourself be sucked into the same story over and over again! Guide your
child to focus on a solution and dont feed the energy of the negative
experience. Remind your child about looking for and focusing on Solutions!
One visualization you can do: Imagine/envision/visualize your child in
his/her energy bubble with intention that only something that is positive and
healthy can enter. You can also imagine/envision/visualize your child in
rainbow bubble, wrapped in rainbow colors or in a single color that feels
the best to you!
~ Its difficult for me to think that I cant be there for my son/ daughter,
to stop it~
Its not really about stopping it because if your child is born with this

ability, if he/she is born more sensitive and intuitive than the average
person, then there is no stopping it. It just is. It is however about gaining
knowledge and experience about how to deal with Spirits. Learn as much as
you can so that even if you dont have those experiences that your child has,
you still can relate to your child and understand your child. It is about your
child learning everything he/she can to know how to handle his/her abilities
in a healthy way. It is all about your child knowing what to do.
~ Its like the whole world is against you~
The more you look for information and for help, the more you will find that
the world is not against you. Yes, the majority of people might not talk about
these experiences. The majority of people do not have these experiences.
Rest assured, the world is definitely not against you. There are many people
around the world who have similar, if not the same kind of experiences.
Many families go through similar experiences and it is just the matter of
connecting with these people and finding them to help you grow and
understand more than you do now. I am sharing some resources, in resource
section so make sure you check them out!
I personally have created a Facebook page as part of this book for people
who read this book and have something to say. I encourage you to share
your experiences. People who are looking for connecting with others who
have similar experiences could connect through Facebook! And this is just
one way to connect and find others to share and grow with. .
You just need to know what to look for and put time and energy into it. A lot
of parents take kids to ballet practice, soccer practice and that is considered
normal. You just might need to take your child to practice energy work.
Learn about mediumship work and take your child to paranormal practices
to strengthen and support them.
~ she/he absorbs the negative energy and thats what making her sick ~
he/she gets headaches/ gets sick after encountering spirits ~ he/she was
sick after seeing a dream of Spirit ~
Yes, it is most likely true and thats why it is important to learn everything
you can about Mediumship work. Help your child to learn everything they
can about their experiences, and to know how to deal with them. Your child
needs to learn how to not let becoming so tired happen. Children must learn
how to not let the negative energy affect them.

I am giving some examples for what to do at the beginning of this book.

Because everyone is different, make sure you do more research on this, so
that you and your child have more options, if more options are needed.
Whatever you read online or learn anywhere about protecting yourself from
negative energy and not letting negative energy affect you. Keep those
words in mind.
Remember also, that not everybody who gives information about this subject
is an expert in it and even if the person giving advice is famous, it doesnt
make what he/she says the absolute truth. Use your own judgment; let your
child use his/her own judgment (aka intuition, gut feeling). What you need to
remember, before making a choice, for what advice to follow just a few
important facts:
* negative (energy, thoughts) feed on negative, on fear, on anger so dont
choose a tool for dealing with negative Spirits, that involves fear of
involves something negative. (even doing something to protect comes out
of fear I am afraid of something, someone, I need to protect myself.)
Encourage and guide your child to CHOOSE empowering methods to deal
with all energies. Use words like, strengthen your own energy, and increase
your aura. Increase your energy field so only that which is positive and
empowering can enter! Call in Angels or other helpers in spirit to join the
forces with you. Be more powerful, and use your powers to shine light, use
crystals that have qualities to empower, to absorb negative and transform it
into something positive or to dissolve the negative altogether. I mean to help
and encourage your child to use these tools and methods that empower your
child. You can also use these methods too and empower yourself. If you
have strength and energy by practicing these methods too, you will have the
needed energy and strength to help your child! Again, make sure that the
MAIN FOCUS is EMPOWERMENT!!! Empowerment is the key for long
term success in any challenging situation! The more you focus on
EMPOWERMENT, the more powerful you and your child will be sharing in
this experience. Feeling the inner strengths, and power within is what is
going to attract more of the power and strength to your life. You will have
more positive experiences without letting negative in!
~ most terrifying is that you dont know where to go for help
Please make sure you check out resource part at the end of this book! It will
give you more ideas! We are living in 21st century there are a lot of
options to research, to learn, to connect to. When you are really looking for

help and answers you will find them. You might not want to go look for
answers, for help. You might feel embarrassed or scared of what other
people will think if you bring up the topic of your child seeing ghosts. Do
not feel embarrassed, it is your responsibility to deal with it. Your child
needs you and there are many options available. Please be responsible for
your child and these experiences. Our children are the future.
~ you just dont know what to do~
Once you look more into the paranormal world and you research out
information, you will gain knowledge of what to do. Keep learning! It will
help not only your child, but you too as well as everyone around you!
Believe and trust that the information in this book gives you some kind of
insight and knowledge. I hope this book gives you what you need on some
level, to deal with your childs and your experiences.
Make sure you check out resources part at the end of this book.

Exercises & Meditations


Part II
~ Developing Our Senses exercises ~
No matter which one of our senses is naturally dominant, no matter how
well-developed our other senses are, in order to be the best Medium we
can be, its important to continuously develop our senses.
Following are few exercises that will help!
*. * *. . * `*. *

Look for mp3 versions of all exercises on this books bonus page online.
Password helpingspirits808
*. * *. . * `*. *

Few ideas for working on developing our clairvoyant abilities
Exercise #1
While you are out in a nature, pick something of a nature like flower, a
leaf, a bush, a tree etc..
Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Open your eyes and observe
the object of your choice, to the detail. Observe, notice everything you
possibly can about it. Color, texture, size, shape etc.. Then, try to imagine
that you can see through the object of your choice, think how it would look
if you could see through? Imagine, how it would look if you could see
through it. Would the color change? Would the texture change? Shape?
Notice if your body reacts somehow as you focus on the object (for
example - temperature change, tingles in your body or other), notice if
this exercise stirs up some emotions in you?
Once you feel/think that you have observed everything you could, close
your eyes again, take a few deep breaths and then open your eyes.
At the beginning, as you do this exercise for the first time, first few times,
you might want to write down your experience, what you felt, what you
saw etc.. Writing down will help you to better understand yourself and
remember. Sometimes we think, of course I will remember this, but as time

goes by, we start to forget. By writing down you will be able to monitor
your experiences, your growth Self-observation, learning about
ourselves is part of becoming a great Medium.
Repeat this exercise as often as possible and with as many objects as
possible. Its great if you can observe the same thing you did the first time
as well, and see how different or similar your experiences might be.
You can definitely focus on things that are not nature as well, but, for the
start, it will be easier when its out in a nature with something in nature as
a focus. Experiment. Check out what you see!
Exercise #2
When doing this exercise for the first time, its the best to be out in a
nature and pick something from the nature to focus on.
Once you have picked your object of focus, close your eyes and take a few
deep breaths. Do your best to clear your mind by not thinking of anything
other than just focusing on your breath for few moments. Then open your
Now focus on the object in a nature that you picked only dont look at
the object directly but bring your attention to about few inches above the
object. Just keep looking, gazing at it... Have no expectations
at some point you might start to see the energy, like a mist and then you
might see it turn into certain color or colors.
Not to worry if you dont see colors or energy still, keep practicing.
Sooner or later youll see
Repeat this exercise as often as you can! It will just strengthen your
Exercise #3
Magic Eye
Great way to practice seeing energies is to look at the Magic Eye
pictures! Following are some links to websites and book that can help you
with that!
Main Magic Eye Website has information about different Magic Eye
books as well as 3D picture of the week:
View websites where you can see random 3D pictures and practice online:
*. **.. *`*. *

Exercise #4
For this exercise - ideally pick a place in a nature where you can be for a
while without being interrupted.
Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Then, focus your attention to
sounds around you.
Pick a sound, one sound from all that you hear, and try to tune into it, hear
it above others. If your attention slips away as soon as you notice it,
bring it back. Do this exercise for as long as you wish (Id say at least 15
min at the time) and as often as you can.
When you are finished with this exercise, take few deep breaths again and
open your eyes!
PS - Keep in mind that you can do this exercise not only in some special
Meditation place, but wherever you are whatever you do! While you are
waiting in a line for your morning coffee or lunch, maybe while going for
a walk, exercising possibilities are endless
Exercise #5
Another way to practice great if you can do it with a partner, but you can
also do it by yourself.
Pick a sound that you can make or have a partner that helps you It
could be as simple as the sound of a bell or two spoons together or
tapping with fingers on different surfaces etc.. Either you yourself or ask
your partner in this exercise to help you to make this sound for a while, 5
min. for example, and focus on this sound. If there are any other sounds
around, try to ignore them and only listen to, hear this one particular
sound. Notice everything you can how it sounds, how it makes your body
feel, how it resonates in the air etc
Then switch to another sound once you have listened to few sounds
like this, try to mix them up. See and notice how they resonate in your
body, how your body reacts, how it feels and hears these sounds and
differences in sounds.
Ideally write your experiences down. Once you have practiced for a
while you will know what means what and notes wont be as necessary, but
to start with, its a good idea to journal! ! It helps you to learn about

yourself and how you perceive sounds.

Exercise #6
Physical feeling
This exercise you can do when you set a time aside for it or you can
incorporate it while going on with your daily work.
Close your eyes for a moment and take a few deep breaths. Then, focus
your attention to different parts of your body! To make it easier, start with
either feet or top of the head and go either up or down Bring your focus
to head, eyes, nose, ears, neck, shoulders, chest, belly etc... Just for few
moments, kind of like scan your body.
Then, focus on different parts of the body, how they feel when you breathe
in, when you breathe out. When doing this exercise while moving, notice
how you feel when different parts of your body touch different surfaces,
how you feel when making different movements. Whats the physical
sensation that accompanies these actions!
Thats what you can do all day long. Just keep the focus on your body,
different sensations it goes through when doing different actions, making
different movements, touching different surfaces.
Dont have any expectations, just observe, make a note of different
It will help you to become more and more aware of differences and your
bodys reaction to them, your bodys feelings which will increase your
ability to feel and recognize what the feelings you experience, mean.
Exercise #7
Emotional feeling exercise
Again this exercise can be done either like a meditation when you take
time for doing it or when you incorporate this exercise in your daily
Just to get yourself in a space, shift the energy from what you are doing
and where you are, close your eyes and take few deep breaths. Then pick
an emotion a positive emotion and just simply focus on it you can
repeat it in your mind, feel the emotion, see if you can remember
something that happened in the past when you felt it or think of something
that youd like to happen and you think it would make you feel this
emotion Like Joy, Happiness, Freedom, Confidence, Fulfillment etc..

Focus on one emotion for about 5 minutes, then switch to another notice
how your body feels when focusing in these different emotions, what
associations you have with these emotions
*. * *. . * `*. *

The other way to do this exercise is to pick the emotion and focus on it
throughout the day, try to see/notice it in other people as well, notice, how
you feel around people who are joyful or happy, or uplifting etc. (whatever
the emotion you choose to focus that day, is).
Like in previous exercises, about this too Id suggest to make notes about
your experience! It will help you to learn connection between how you
feel, what you feel and what the meaning of it is.
Exercise #8
This exercise as well you can do in several different ways and great if you
can have a partner for the one version of this exercise
*. * *. . * `*. *

Version #1
Pick several things that have strong scents, ideally something natural,
something from nature. About 3-5 different scents.
First, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Then pick one of the
things and breathe in the scent of it Observe what comes up for you:
does the scent bring up memories? Visions? Pictures in your head?
Feelings? Anything else
Once you feel/think you are done with one thing, pick up the other one and
do the same Do it with all the things you have picked, al the scents you
Version #2
Go out in a nature and breathe in the air. Notice what scents do you
smell? Is there one stronger than other?
Observe Notice if any scents bring up some memories, remind you of

Dont do it just for few moments, but try to notice different scents
throughout the day, even if its not out in a nature Being out in a nature
and focusing on the scents of nature just is the most natural and easy way
to connect with your sense of smell.
Just like I suggested in other exercises take notes, write down your
experiences as it will help you in your self-exploration
Exercise #9
This exercise you can do every time you eat something What youd do is
focus on the taste, try to keep the food in your mouth longer than usual, chew
it longer as it will allow you to better connect with the taste of it, observe it.
Ideally try it with one simple food, then mix that food together with some
other ingredients and see how the taste changes! Again see if the taste you
experience, reminds you of something or someone.
What else you can do, whether you have someone as a partner for this
exercise, or not taste different foods. If you have a partner - youd ask your
partner to blindfold you. Then your partner would give you different food to
taste and experience the taste. See how different food tastes and if the same
food tastes different when you are blindfolded than when you werent
Write down your experience!
Practice it as often as you can ! The more we do something, practice
anything, the better we get at it! Thats the case in this situation as well
*. * *. . * `*. *

How to set boundaries?

Exercise #10
It can be as simple as stating the following (in your mind, or out loud):
I ask and affirm to allow only that which is positive, uplifting, powerful
etc. (you can enter anything thats positive here) enter my energy during this
meditation. If there is anything or anyone that might cause me any harm, I
ask that that energy is being transformed into the light before it ever even
riches me I ask and affirm to be immune to anything thats less than

Love and Light May the meditation I am about to do is this and

something even better thank you
(you can adjust the above using your own words just follow the main
idea affirm what is acceptable to you, what you wish to allow happen
you can even skip the part about what you want to happen with anything
less than what you want)
Like I wrote before doing Mediumship work, dealing with Paranormal its work with energy, therefore to prepare for Mediumship work we need
to work on our energy, to work with energy We need to work and play in
the realm thats non-tangible.
How to set boundaries?
Exercise #10
It can be as simple as stating the following (in your mind, or out loud):
I ask and affirm to allow only that which is positive, uplifting, powerful
etc. (you can enter anything thats positive here) enter my energy during this
meditation. If there is anything or anyone that might cause me any harm, I
ask that that energy is being transformed into the light before it ever even
riches me I ask and affirm to be immune to anything thats less than
Love and Light May the meditation I am about to do is this and
something even better thank you
(you can adjust the above using your own words just follow the main
idea affirm what is acceptable to you, what you wish to allow happen
you can even skip the part about what you want to happen with anything
less than what you want)
Like I wrote before doing Mediumship work, dealing with Paranormal its work with energy, therefore to prepare for Mediumship work we need
to work on our energy, to work with energy We need to work and play in
the realm thats non-tangible.
Exercise #11
Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths The kind of breaths where
your belly expands like a balloon when you breathe in (instead of
shoulders going up)
Scan your body just by bringing your focus on it from the top of your head
to the tip of your toes Bring your focus to your head, face, eyes, mouth,
ears if you feel like there is any tension in any part of your body then
breathe into that part of your body to help it relax. Take a few moments to
scan the body all the way down to the top of your toes

Then take a few more deep breaths and see yourself, envision yourself in
the most beautiful place out in a nature that you can think of Notice the
surroundings, notice any details that might stand out. See yourself in this
beautiful place, walking, running, jumping, playing, relaxing doing
anything you can think of. Notice the sounds of the nature, notice scents,
vibrant colors. Maybe there is water or a waterfall if so, listen to the
sounds of water If not, maybe wind blowing the trees listen to the
sound that it makes
Just be in this energy for a moment See if there is any place in this
vision where you feel most drawn to go to. Go there
Relax Make sure that the place you are at, you feel safe there. You feel
safe and you know you are safe! Feel your own vibrant body Feel it
filled with energy, with power and relax in this energy Feel it!
Experience it!
Breathe in the fresh air! Breathe in deeply!
Know that nothing that is less than this energy, these beautiful, peaceful
feelings, can get in here. The energy here is just simply in a different
dimension, on a different frequency level than anything less.
Feel the abundance of all good and positive! Just breathe it in!
Focus on your solar plexus area! It is your power center See this energy
in your solar plexus in the color gold, spinning. The more it spins, the
more you focus on it, the more golden light expanding throughout your
body as you relax in your safe, beautiful place!
Know that only whats real and powerful and positive is able to enter your
energy world! You are safe!
Just breathe in this experience and be with it for a moment
Ask to be shown what can and will bring you back into this space during
the day or when you sit down to do other meditations. What else can and
will remind you of the way you feel here in this safe place?! Maybe a
picture, a word, a feeling
Take few deep breaths Scan your body once again, this time, just
noticing how it feels, noticing clothes on your body, where you sit or lay
down. Take few more deep breaths and bring your consciousness back to
the present moment in a physical world!

*. * *. . * `*. *

Exercise #12
This exercise will help you to determine whats acceptable for you what
not, when it comes to communicating with Spirit, and let them know your
*. * *. . * `*. *

Start with finding a comfortable position, getting in it. To cut out all the
distractions, close your eyes and take few deep breath. Breathe in,
breathe out. And as you breathe in breathe out deeply take your focus to
seeing yourself in your safe space. A place where you feel safe. Where you
feel protected, where you feel comfortable. Possibly out in the nature,
some great nature surroundings, and you know that youre safe there.
And once you are in the safe space imagine that there are spirits
around, there are those who have crossed over around you. But they're not
all over the place, they are in a distance and they are coming closer,
coming closer to you. You see them coming closer to you, closer and
closer, and then stopping at the border line of the place where you feel
safe. They stop without stepping over the boundaries of your personal
space. It might be few steps from you, it might be more than few steps
from you, but set an intention to make them stop by that borderline, on
one side spirits, on the other you and your personal space. Like there is
an invisible wall, invisible fence, the spirits can't get past unless you let
them. And notice how far or how, or how close it is to you. And then
envision, create a gate, or door. Big or small, its up to you - how it looks
its up to you. Within that space where you are at, the boundaries, that
fence that is there, maybe it's visible, maybe it's invisible, but create a
door and let spirits know just by telling them in your mind that this is
your personal space and when you're open talk to them, the door is what
they can use to come in. And the door will be open when they can come in.
Also you can explain to them, tell them that in order for you to help them
it's really important that they speak one on one with you instead of all of
them talking together at the same time. You will be better able to
communicate with them, to understand them, to hear their individual
messages when it's one on one talk.
Let the spirits know anything else that comes to your mind as far
boundaries go, if youre OK for them to come to you anytime or you're
going to set up a certain time to talk to them. If you want to be bothered
while you sleep or not. Just feel it out, what feels safe to you? When it
comes to spirits, maybe one of the points in setting boundaries would be
to tell them what youre comfortable with or even if you don't know just

tell them to come to you in a way that wont scare you. In a way that's
most familiar to you, that feels most comfortable to you. Just be in this
energy for a while. Cover as many aspects of setting boundaries as
You might need and want to return to this place and space several
times to reevaluate boundaries, to add a new aspect that becomes
apparent to you. Just keep breathing deeply and when youre ready, you
open your eyes and be back into this present moment and physical world.
*. * *. . * `*. *

Exercise #13
This exercise/ Meditation will guide you to receive help with boundaries
from Celestial Beings.
*. * *. . * `*. *

Find a comfortable position, get in it and to close out any

distractions, close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Breathing in
deeply, breathing out deeply. In and out. Then bring your attention to
getting yourself in a safe space. It can be any place, any place that you
can imagine that feels the most safest for you. Once youre there, call in
your angels, your spirit guides, God, any Being that doesnt have physical
body (it could need to be someone you believe in). Maybe you have one
main Being that you believe in, maybe more than one call in all.
Breathe in deeply. Breathe out deeply. Once you feel the presence
of this Being/s or see this Being/s, ask them to be there for you and
protect you from any harm when you are doing medium-ship work,
whenever it might be. Put this request in your own words. Just talk to
Spirits, ask them as if you would have in a conversation with any good
friend, only this case this friend does not have physical body but tell them
in your mind. Ask them to protect you from any harm that might come your
way when doing Mediumship work, coming across Earthbound Spirits,
when experiencing Paranormal. Make sure that youre safe to do your
work, to be of service to be of help in any paranormal situation without
being harmed. If you feel you need to ask these Spirit Beings to be there
with you at all times. Put and extra effort letting them know that you like
them being there. This will add more energy to it.
Ask that any harmful energy that might come your way or you might come
across coming from earth-bound spirit from anything paranormal, be
transformed into Divine light. Be transformed into something that is
positive and empowering. Ask if your Spirit guide, guides, angels, have
any advice for you, to share with you at this moment, this time in relation

to you being safe when doing Mediumship work.

What can you suggest Spirit, Angels? What do you see that Id need to
know? What can I do to be safe and do the best job I can being a Medium.
Listen for the answers! Once youve heard the message. Once you feel
finished, thank God, angels, or another Spiritual Beings that you have
called upon. Thank them for being there, for talking to you, for helping
you. Thank them.
Then slowly bring your attention back to a present moment, wiggle your
fingers, your toes, notice clothes on your body, anything that your body
Open your eyes
*. * *. . * `*. *

Exercise #14
Expand Your Energy
This exercise involves you focusing on your own energy and expanding it.
Solar Plexus area is our Energy Center. Its where our gut feeling are,
and thats where our connection to who we are is.
The more we do what we truly love (what makes our heart sing) the more
we embrace who we are, embrace our Uniqueness and express it, the
stronger our inner center is and therefore the stronger our energy is!
When we are standing in our power, our energy is strong and therefore
nothing less than that can enter our energy field. This kind of approach to
setting boundaries, I have found to be the most powerful, because when we
come from the point of view where we strengthen our energy, do something
to make our energy stronger, its empowering. We dont need to ask for
protection. We, with our own energy, are already the protection wed
otherwise ask for.
The other approach, where we ask for protection, comes from a different
point of view: its coming more from fear. There is obviously something to
be afraid of therefore we ask for protection - something to fear or a
possibility to have something to be afraid of. Thats not as empowering. It
helps though. Do not get me wrong asking for protection also helps, but
its more of a temporary solution. Strengthening our own energy and
continuously working on it is us working on a permanent solution and
keeping up with being strong!
*. * *. . * `*. *

Few more ways to strengthen your energy:

*stick around positive places, positive people and avoid those that have

negative vibrations
*spend as much time outdoors as possible
*get enough of healthy sleep
*let go of self-judgment and self-criticism
*keep your surroundings neat and clean
Exercise #15
Find a comfortable position whether it be sitting or lying down, close
your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
Go to your safe space
- a place where you feel the safest and most
comfortable emotionally. Keep breathing deeply.
Then, one by one, pick different positive affirmations and focus on them
think I am safe keep repeating in your mind I am safe I am
safe I am safe feel it. See if you can remember when you felt safe or
imagine, if you would feel safe, how it would feel in your body. Keep
breathing deeply Feel being safe
Now switch to focusing on I love and I am loved
keep repeating it in your mind I love and I am loved I love and I am
loved I love and I am loved
Feel it See if you can remember when you felt Loved and Loving (or
feeling at all times) or, if you havent, imagine, if you would love and feel
loved, how it would feel in your body. Keep breathing deeply Feel
Now switch to focusing on I trust the Process of Life
keep repeating it in your mind I trust the process of life I trust the
process of life I trust the process of life
Feel it See if you can remember when you felt complete trust in the
process of life or, if you havent yet, imagine, if you would feel their trust
in the process of life, how it would feel in your body. Keep breathing
deeply Feel Trust
Take few more deep breaths and bring your attention to the present
moment, feel your breath, feel cloths on your body, feel the place you are
Then open your eyes
*. * *. . * `*. *

Exercise #16
For this exercise pick an emotion, a positive emotion like joy,

happiness, beauty, gratitude etc. and focus on it throughout the day.

Notice it when you experience that emotion, pay attention to others and
notice when this emotion comes up in people around you.
This exercise will help you to become more aware of different emotions
and how they feel, how you perceive them which will help you to recognize
them in Mediumship work.
Exercise #17
When walking into the room, especially when its someone elses house,
place, its an office, store etc., notice the energy in the room/building/
place what energy do you pick up, what emotions, what feelings every
place you walk in, take few moments to notice the energy in the room
how does the place/room feel temperature wise, how is the energy. What
feelings you get, how do you feel when entering that particular room,
Make it your daily practice! You go to different places anyway. This is an
exercise that can be easily incorporated into your daily activities
Exercise #18
This, again, is an exercise that you can incorporate in your daily life.
It involves noticing the energy people that you meet, have. We usually do it
automatically anyway. For this exercise, make a conscious attempt to pay
attention and become aware of the energy that people you meet have.
Maybe even with some, like your friends, you can ask them for help by
sharing what you feel about their energy at that particular moment and
ask them if they can share if it resonates with them or not
See if the same emotion experienced by different people, see if you feel
this emotion the same from those people or the same emotions feels
different on different people.
This exercise will increase your ability to recognize different emotions
and different energy which is important part of Mediumship.
Exercise #19
This following exercise may also be incorporated into your daily life.
What youd do for this one - notice the energy of what you read about in
Magazine or Newspaper/watch on TV/ hear on radio Just when you hear
news, when you listen to different programs, read different articles
The best way to go about this exercise is take a few deep breaths before
you do it, and shake off the energy you might have picked up throughout
the day, energy thats not yours. It will help you to better experience the
energy of what you read, what you watch, what you hear
How to shake it off?

You can either close your eyes for a moment and see yourself, imagine
yourself literally shaking off all the unhealthy energy, energy of others
from you, or you can literary do a movement of shaking of, brushing off
with intention that you shake off, brush off the energy that is not yours.
Exercise #20
This is another exercise that you can incorporate in your daily life.
Throughout the day, make a conscious choice to be aware of your energy
and emotions and whenever you experience any negative ones that kind of
pull you in and you cant seem to get out of feeling negative about
something or someone, make a conscious choice to change this
energy/emotion to something positive. Just, switch the focus from the
negative to positive and pay attention how it changes your whole energy,
the way how everything else around you seems that day! Stick with the
The trickiest part with this exercise might be to notice when we get into a
negative space which will be practice on its own. Once we recognize that,
switching the focus part will be easier.
Exercise #21
For this exercise, you need several rooms, a place with different rooms
that you can walk into.
The idea is to stop for a moment and scan yourself, how you feel at this
very moment. Then walk into the other room and before doing anything
else, scan the room and scan yourself to see what feelings and emotions
this room brings up in you.
As in the exercise #5, its a good idea to shake off unnecessary,
unhealthy, not your energy before you walk into a new room as it will help
you to recognize the energies better.
Exercise #22
For this exercise would be great (and ideal) if you can practice it with
someone else, with your friends for example. What youd do is: ask that
person to give you something tangible that belongs to them like a necklace
or a ring or keys or anything else. What youd do is - hold the object you
are given, in your hands and focus on it. Focus on it, ask this object to tell
you what you need to know about this person (just by saying it in your
mind). Then you need to listen. Listen for any signs, any messages,
anything And tell your practice partner what you get. Your practice
partner would then tell you how the information you got, relates to

The more you get a chance to practice, and with as many people as
possible, the better you will become!
This exercise as well, will help you to learn about different energies,
messages how you receive them, what they mean etc
Hold the object you are given in your hands and focus on it. Focus on it
and ask this object to tell you what you need to know about this person
(just by saying it in your mind). Then you need to listen. Listen for any
signs, any messages, anything And tell your practice partner what you
get. Your practice partner would then tell you how the information you
got, relates to him/her.
The more you get a chance to practice, and with as many people as
possible, the better you will become!
Exercise #23
Now an even more fun part comes! For this exercise youll also need a
partner and your partner will need to have an object, but in this case, it
would be an object of someone who had passed away! It may be an object
or it can also be a picture. Something that either has a person in Spirit on
it, like a picture, or something that belonged to a person in Spirit.
Just like in a previous exercise, hold the object you are given, in your
hands and focus on it. Focus on it, ask this object, ask the person in Spirit
who it belonged to, to tell you what you need to know about this person
(just by saying it in your mind).
Ask the questions youd ask if it was a Mediumship reading ask how this
person died, ask what happened, ask for some significant memory, for
anything significant, ask for a message Then listen. Listen for any
signs, any messages, anything And tell your practice partner what you
get. Your practice partner would then tell you how the information you
got, relates to the deceased person.
The more you get a chance to practice, and with as many people as
possible, the better you will become!
This is a great exercise to practice any time, as much as possible !
Exercise #24
Now this exercise is even more fun, when it comes to being a Medium.
For this exercise, youll do a research on some local possibly haunted
places/ houses and go there, see what you can pick up energetically from
being in the place!
Ideally, youll have either someone to share your experience with, or
youll be able to find an information about the place somehow in another
way online, library etc...

The other way to do this exercise would be watching some paranormal

documentaries, ideally online or recorded, where you can control the
speed. Youll push a stop button before anything would be revealed and
see what you pick up about the place. Then let it play and see if - what you
got gets confirmed!
Maybe you can find out about any possible Paranormal Investigation
teams in your area and ask to tag along when they go do their work. Then
youd have some real experience and would also get to talk to someone
about your experiences, get them confirmed, get some guidance etc... Who
knows you might get invited to join their team at some point (thats if
youd be interested in doing so ), learn about other people with the
same interest in your area
*. * *. . * `*. *

~ Energy Clearing Tools ~

Exercise #25
One of my favorites is, like I mentioned earlier in shaking off any
unhealthy, not needed energy that we have accumulated
How to do it is very simple!
I would imagine you have all seen how dogs, after coming out of water
shake it off? Dogs or any other animals
The idea is the same without getting into much details what and how
and where Just imagine all that unnecessary energy being like water
that you shake off Great if you even get to do it literary, I mean find a
place where you wont be disturbed for a few minutes and just physically
do the movements as if shaking off any unhealthy accumulated energy as if
it was water you are trying to shake off from your body. Be silly Its not
always as serious as we make it out to be. I like to think of all that
accumulated energy being like a smoky grey cloud that, like water
drops, splash away when shaken! Keep envisioning this energy being
shaken of for as long as you see these grey color drops. Once they are
gone, your energy comes forth in clear and bright shiny colorful!
Its quite empowering!
*. * *. . * `*. *

Exercise #26
In this exercise, as the way to clean your energy - see yourself cleaning
your body as if it was a house, a room you were cleaning. Just scan your
body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes and see yourself

cleaning is inside and out. Scrubbing if needed, dusting, wiping down

However it works!
*. * *. . * `*. *

Another version of this meditation is when you do actual cleaning of the

house or room, or clearing your desk, think of it symbolically being you
cleaning your energy or cleaning the energy of a certain situation in your
life! Just envision either yourself or a certain situation that has gotten
unhealthy, while you clean and focus your attention and intention to
cleaning yourself, cleaning the energy!
Exercise #27
This exercise asks for you to just simply imagine and see your energy being
cleaned and clean! Just like that! No getting into details, no making it a big
drama simply imagining, visualizing, seeing, knowing that the energy is cleared
and cleaned! Like on a snap of your fingers! Thats it!
*. * *. . * `*. *

Exercise #28
Ask Celestial Beings, your Spirit Guides, for help to clean, cleanse, clear
your energy!
Whoever it is in a Spirit Realm that you believe in God, Angels, Fairies,
your Spirit Guides etc. ask them for help with this. You most likely
already have your own way of connecting with these beings! Do it your
way and just simply ask for help with cleaning your energy from
everything thats unhealthy, unnecessary, everything that doesnt bring
you good etc..
*. * *. . * `*. *

Get into a comfortable position and start with closing your eyes and taking few
deep breaths. Just focus on your breaths for a few moments. Breathe in, breathe
out, and remember to do deep breathing where belly expands like a balloon when
you breathe in. Go visit your safe place. Just envision yourself being in a place
where you feel safe. Where you feel the safest, most comfortable. Breathe in
deeply, breathe out deeply. Enjoy being in this space for a moments.
There is an angel coming towards you and this angel is showing you her
hand, asking you to follow. You get up and you follow. You follow the angel and as
you look down, you see that your feet are not touching the ground anymore that
you are up in the air. Without a solid ground under you, yet you are safe, youre
fine, youre ok. And the further you go, the more other celestial beings you notice
around you. You see them surround you. And youre in the space now where there
are a lot of celestial beings. Angels, fairies, saints Air is crisp and its


sparkling and you feel this energy vibrating, this sparkling energy vibrating on
every level. You feel it going through your body, you feel your body going through
it and every cell in your body being touched by this vibrant energy thats out
there. This vibrant energy that is in this space. You are in this energy with
celestial beings and you don't even need to ask for the energy to be cleared as you
being in this space and feeling this vibrant energy is what clears and cleanses
your energy. Just bathe in it. Just bathe in it and feel it. Angels and fairies and
saints and other Beings who don't have physical bodies anymore, are around you,
are there for you, this energy is vibrating high and your energy is cleansed, it's
being cleansed and cleared and adjusted to resonate with the energy of all these
celestial beings. Just enjoy it. Breathe it in, breathe it out. Take a few conscious
deep breaths in and out Let this energy flow through you. And you keep moving
forward, keep moving forward and the angel is right with you, the angel who
came to your safe space asking you to follow this angel is with you and you
keep moving forward in a distance now you see your safe space. The one you
started this journey on. You are returning back to your safe space, you come
closer to it. And then you feel the ground under your feet, feel your feet touch the
ground. Thank the angel for this experience
And then bring your focus to your body scan it. Notice how it feels, how
different it feels from the moment when you started this journey, before you
followed the angel. Just feel the tingling and sparkles and this vibrant energy
within, feel your energy. Breathe in deeply, breathe out and then start to wiggle
your fingers and toes and open your eyes to return your consciousness back in the
present moment and in this physical world.
*. * *. . * `*. *

Basic Meditation
Exercise #29
To help you get into Meditating here are few examples to start with.
*. * *. . * `*. *

Find a comfortable position, get in it and to close out any distractions,

close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, breathing in deeply, breathing out
deeply. Breathing in Breathing out... And then bring your attention to going to
your safe space. It can be anyplace, anyplace you can imagine that feels the most
safest to you, feels most comfortable. Once you are there, call on your angels,
your spirit guides, God or any Being that doesnt have a physical body - someone
you believe in.
Breathe in deeply, breathe out deeply and once you feel the presence of
these Beings, see them, feel them ask them to be there for you and protect you
from any harm while you do Mediumship work. Ask them in your own words. Just
talk to them as if you would if you had a conversation with any good friend. The
idea is the same only in this case this friend doesnt have a physical body. You
can talk to them in your mind, you dont even need to say it out loud. Ask the


Beings in Spirit to protect you from any harm that might come your way when
doing Mediumship work, when coming across an Earthbound Spirits, when
experiencing Paranormal. Ask them to make sure that youre safe to do your
work, to be of service, to help in any Paranormal situation, without getting
harmed. You can also ask that any harmful energy that might come your way at
any point during doing Mediumship work, be transformed into Divine Light, be
transformed into something thats positive and empowering.
Then ask if your Spirit Guide, the Guides, Angels have any advice for
you. Ask if they have any advice about being save - to share with you this
moment, this time, being in this space.
Spirit, Angels etc. - What can you suggest? What do you see? What can I do to
be safe and do the best job I can as a Medium?
Once you have asked - listen. Listen for the answer/s. Once youve heard the
message, once you feel finished thank God, Angels or any other Beings in Spirit
that you have called upon, thank them for being there for you, for talking to you,
for helping you. Thank them and then slowly bring your attention back to a
present moment. Wiggle your fingers, your toes and notice clothes on your body.
Notice anything that your bodys touching. And then - open your eyes.
*. * *. . * `*. *

Focused Meditations
Exercise #30
Focused meditation is a kind of meditation where you focus on
something intently without engaging your thoughts about it. For example focus
on something visual or focus on the sound or word or a positive emotion, positive
affirmation, positive idea. You can do focused meditation when you specifically
set time aside and space for doing meditation or you can incorporate this
particular focused meditation in your daily life just readjusting it to what youre
doing. Focusing on anything like a sound or a word or a positive emotion or
affirmation or idea or anything else of that kind. The idea of this mediation is
that you keep just looking at the object/place/ picture- if its visual or listening to
a specific sound etc.. For example if you are looking at something visual - just
observe this object. Start with observing the object, place, picture and then see
this object even beyond what's visible to a physical eye. Imagine how this object
would look if you could see through it?
Just everything notice every detail of this object. Focus on this object.
If you choose to focus on the sound then focus on it as much as you can - notice
how your body feels when you focus on the sound, if there are several sounds
around then a great way to do this mediation would be single this one sound out.
Focus on this one particular sound so much so that all the other sounds that you
are hearing just disappear in the background - fade away and it'd not that they
are really going to fade away the more you focus on one particular sound, it's just


going to be singled out and will seem as if it's louder and is dominant. Notice
how your body feels when you hear this sound and feel this sound. When it comes
to emotion - just focus on one emotion. Ideally its a positive one. Id suggest its
a positive one. One way to do focusing on emotion is - you can repeat the word
of this emotion in your mind over and over again, feel it, imagine yourself
feeling it, imagine how this emotion would feel in your body. Positive
affirmation, you would just repeat this affirmation over and over again in your
mind as a broken record. Repeat it, feel it, and notice again, how your body feels
when you focus on this affirmation. Use some positive idea or positive thought.
If your mind slips at some point while you try to focus on sound or emotion etc,
(especially at the beginning it could happen more often) or your mind wonders off
to think and focus on something else, do your best to bring your attention back to
the original focus point.
*. * *. . * `*. *

Exercise #31
This is one of the most basic meditations where you are asked to focus on
your breath. It will bring you into a present moment as well as will help
you to work on balancing your breath. Breath is our connection to being
alive in this physical body. Its important we develop and have healthy
breathing habits!
Focusing on Breath, working on strengthening healthy breathing habits
will help you to be a better Medium, strengthen your energy, strengthen
your ability to be present which is very important when doing Mediumship
*. * *. . * `*. *

Get in a comfortable position and to cut out any distractions, close your eyes,
take a few deep breaths. Breathe in, breathe out and envision yourself in a safe
space. See yourself, imagine yourself, visualize yourself, being in a safe space.
Maybe somewhere out in a nature surrounded by waterfalls, underneath the stars.
However your save space looks, go there, bring your attention there.
Take a few deep breaths in, breathe out and then just breath naturally for a few
moments. Just breathe naturally. Then start to count, how many counts it takes for
you to breathe in when you breathe naturally. Breathe counting and then breathe
out. After a few times start to balance your breath. Whatever your natural length
of breathing in is try to breathe out on the same count so that your breath in and
breath out are equal. If you count to five breathing in then breathe out on the
count of five. Whatever the number is - breathe out on the same count that you
breathe in. Don't try to make your breath in longer or shorter, just breathe in
naturally and adjust your breath out to your breath in. Breathe like this for a few
Then switch to breathing in on the same count you just did, holding your breath


for the same count, breathing out on the same count, holding your breath on the
same count and do it all over again. Breathe in on the same, hold your breath,
breathe out, hold your breath, breathe in
After few minutes of breathing like this, switch to a different breathing pattern:
breathe in making your breath in as long you can, and breathe out slowly. Then,
breathe in counting how long it takes to breathe in. When you breathe out - make
sure that breath out is the same length as your breath in is. Breathe in, take as
long breath in as you possibly can and breathe out on the same count. Do it over
and over again for few minutes.
Now go back to breathing naturally. Just breathe in, breathe out as you
naturally do and while you breathe in naturally scan your body from the top of
your head to the tip of your toes. See if you feel or notice any tension in any part
of your body now. And if you do, then imagine yourself, visualize yourself
breathing in, in that part of the body. Also breathe out through that part of
body, just letting the breath to flow in clearing any stuckness that would cause
this part of body be tense. Just breathe.
Keep scanning your body from the top of your head to the tip of your
toes as you continue breathing deeply. Then take a couple of deep breaths, the
kind that make belly expand like a balloon when you breathe in, take a few deep
breaths in and out. And then slowly bring your attention back to the present
moment. Feel your physical body, wiggle your fingers, your toes, feel your body
touching the surface where you're laying down or sitting and then open your eyes.
*. * *. . * `*. *

Exercise #32
This meditation is where you will be asked to focus on different words. It will
help you to bring your attention and be in a present moment, in a different way. It
will be a different energy than when you focus on breath.
Get in comfortable position and close your eyes. Take few deep breaths.
Once youve done that see yourself in your safe space. A place that makes you
feel safe, comfortable, makes you feel supported, makes you feel good. Once you
are there, bring your focus on the word comfort. Feel it. Comfort. Keep
focusing on the word comfort. Just repeat this word in your mind, keep
thinking, keep feeling comfort., over and over again. Just feel it, every word,
every time you think comfort, get into the feeling of comfort and feel this
feeling getting stronger and stronger, deeper and deeper comfort comfort
comfort comfort. Feel comfort comfort comfort comfort comfort
comfort comfort. Feel it. Feel comfort.
Now switch your focus to the word inspiration. Inspiration inspiration
Feel the inspiration. Feel it. Inspiration inspiration Feel it. See it.
Inspiration. Inspiration. Inspiration. Feel inspiration. Inspiration. Breathe in
deeply. Breathe out deeply. Breathe in Inspiration, breathe out inspiration.


Breathe out inspiration. Feel inspiration.

And now switch your focus on the word creativity. Creativity. Feel
creativity. Creativity creativity... Feel creativity. Feel it. Feel creativity. See it,
feel it. Smell it, taste it, touch it. Creativity. Feel creativity. Feel creativity.
Creativity. Creativity. Remember to breathe deeply
Then bring your attention back to your safe space, enjoy being in that energy a
little bit longer and then slowly start to bring your attention back to a present
moment. Wiggle your fingers, your toes, and open your eyes.
Note: you can most certainly chose different words than I were given in this
exercise. These words were just given as an example to get you started.

Exercise #33
This is a Meditation where you will be asked/ guided to focus on different
Close your eyes and go to your safe space, in your mind, with your
feelings and emotions. Go to a place where you feel safe, where you feel
comfortable, where you feel supported, comforted, a place where you feel safe.
Breathe in that energy of feeling safe and breathe out and breathe in and
breathe out. Now see yourself in a room that is all white. Everything in this room
is white, even your clothes are white as well. You're surrounded by this white
color Just breathe in a few times this white and breathe out white, breathe in
deeply, breathe out deeply.
And now see this room turn into the color black, and everything in it
turns black, Its black. Breathe in this, breathe out, breathe in black, breathe out
And then see this room turn red. Bright red, breathe in this red, breathe
in the energy of this room, the color of this room and breathe out, breathe in red,
breathe out red.
And see the color orange the room and everything in it turns orange
including your clothes. Orange, Breathe in orange Breathe out, breathe in orange
breathe out.
And then see orange turn into yellow. And you breathe in yellow and
you breathe out yellow. Everything is yellow. Breathe it in, breathe it out.
Then see yellow turn into green. Everything is green. And you breathe in
green breathe out green, breathe in green. Breathe out green,
And it turns blue. The room is blue, everything in it is blue, Your clothes
are blue. Everything is blue. You breathe in blue, breathe out blue, breathe it in
and breathe it out. Breathe in blue, breathe out blue.
And then see turn violet, everything in it turns violet. Breathe in violet,
and you breathe out violet. Breathe in violet, breathe out violet.
And everything turns purple, dark purple and you breathe in purple and
you breathe out purple. You breathe in purple and breathe out purple. Breathe in


purple, breathe out purple.

And then see everything turn turquoise. All the walls and everything in
the room, including your clothes are turquoise color. And you breathe in the
turquoise, you breathe out, you breathe in turquoise, breathe out turquoise,
breathe in turquoise, breathe out.
Then everything turns into color gold. The walls, everything in the room
including your clothes are gold. And you breathe in gold, and you breathe out
gold. And you breathe in gold, breathe out gold. You breathe in gold and you
breathe out gold. Gold Gold... Gold. Breathe in deeply, breathe out deeply. Be
in this space of color gold for a little bit longer and then slowly bring your
attention back to present moment, wiggle your fingers, your toes, and then open
your eyes.

Exercise #34
This is a Meditation that you can incorporate in everyday life. It works
really well, when taking shower. What I mean by that is when taking a
shower, you already have water running down your body on a physical
level. It's tangible.
The way you would incorporate color here is imagine, visualize,
envision the water coming out of the shower head in different colors, to make it
more simple, imagine the colors one by one turning into rainbow colors. The red,
orange, yellow, green, blue. Imagine water color yellow come out from the hoer
head and run over your whole body. Covering it with color yellow, washing you
with color yellow, running down the drain.
Then see the water changing into the color green. And running over
your body, covering your body with color green.
At the end once you have went through all the colors of the rainbow,
switch back to seeing clear color. Color of water run over your body, cover it,
wash it, go down the drain. Cleanse your body, your energy. Of course you can
experiment if you feel like envisioning different colors then rainbow. Just go for
it. If you envision and feel like envisioning just one particular color at a certain
time then do it. The more aware you become, the more you do not only this
exercise but any other exercise from this book or any other, some are kind of
exercises or at least with the same purpose exercise, even the kind that are not in
this book, but you find them somewhere else. The more you do that, the more
aware you are becoming and will become of yourself, of the energies, your
energy, of energies around you. And you will be tuning in and just going to
happen naturally where you tune in to what you need the most at that certain
time, or at that certain situation that might be circling in your mind as you go
and take shower. Just go with it. Just go with it and follow your gut feeling,
follow your intuition. Just giving the basic ideas, something you can incorporate
in everyday life.

You can also incorporate other colors in this meditation colors you feel

guided to visualize. Rainbow was just an example of how you can do this
Meditation. If you feel like envision other colors, do it !
Exercise #35
This is a Meditation where youd focus on different symbols.
These are just few symbol examples:


Exercise #36
This is a Meditation where you are asked to focus on different numbers.
Focus on numbers and associations that come with this number!
You can use any number/ numbers

Example Meditation
*. * *. . * `*. *

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths then go to your safe space.
Whatever is that place in your mind, in your vision, in your thoughts that
gives you that comforting feeling that makes you feel most safe - see
yourself going there now and see yourself being there.
Take a few deep breaths while you're there. In this mediation we are
going to focus on numbers and lets start by bringing our focus to #1. See
this number. Imagine this number, you can repeat this number in your
mind over and over again just get in tuned with this number. Just see if
any thought comes up, any feelings with the #1, many associations that
you have with #1.
Breathe deeply. The symbolic meaning of number one, the general main
meaning is new beginnings. It does have other meanings too, some to
mention: taking action, starting a new adventure.
Now switch your focus to #2. Notice if any thoughts or feelings come up a
while you focus on the #2. What the symbolic meaning of #2 for you?
What comes to your mind when you think of the #2? What do you
associate with #2two? The main symbolic meaning of number is balance,
Now with your focus on the #3. Feel it, be it see

what thoughts and

mages come up for you when you focus on the #3, what is it? What are
your associations with the #3? The general spiritual meaning of the #3
is magic, institution , expression , creativity
Switch you focus on #4. What do you associate with #4? The general
symbolic meaning of #4 is about stability, about home, solidity, calmness.
Now set your focus on the #5. Feel it, see what symbolic meaning comes
up for you with #5. What do you associate with #5? The general symbolic
spiritual meaning of #5 is being associated
with travelling with
Now switch your focus on #6. Feel it m, be it, see it. What associations do
you have with #6? The general symbolisms of #6 is solutions, solutions
that show up that come to us, that we discover in a peaceful way. One
situation leading to another one which then at the end results in a
solution. #6 is also associated with sensitivity.
Now switch your focus on #7. Feel #7, see #7 and think what associations
you have with #7. When you think of #7 what else come to mind? The
general symbolic meaning of #7 is historic, magical force that forces,
mystery, the search for historic meaning.
Now switch your focus to #8 , how it looks , how it feels and see e what
are your thoughts about #8 . What are the thoughts that cross your mind
when focusing on #8? What do you think or know about the symbolic
meaning of the #8? What is the meaning of #8 in your understanding?
The general symbolic meaning of #8 is been said to be connected to
business, success and wealth.
Now bring your focus to #9. What associations do you have with #9?
Focus on it , just repeat it in your minds , see it in your mind this
number an deep repeating it over and over again like a broken record if
you have to get in tune with it . The general meaning of the #9 is
satisfaction, accomplishment. Its vibrating on a high energy level. Its
connected to an intellectual power influencing situation.
Then bring your attention back to you being in your safe space - place
where you went before you started this meditation. Once you are there,
just bring yourself back to a present moment, wiggle your fingers and
toes, move your body little bit and open your eyes.
Exercise #37
Scan your Body

This is a meditation where you are asked to scan of your body.

Focus on different parts of your body, notice how they feel, how their
energy feels, if there's any tension in any part of the body and breathe
into that part of body that feels tense. See golden white light in that part
of the body that feels tense.
Go through this process, through the whole body from the top of your
head to the tip of your toes.
You'd start this meditation with getting into your safe space in your mind,
and then bringing your focus to your body starting at the top of your
head and going down towards the tip of your toes Scan your body for
what parts of the body feel free and great and if there is any part of the
body that feels tense.
At the end of the meditation, you would scan your body once again to
double check your body, make sure it feels free without any tension.
This meditation ideally you would do for as long period of time as
necessary in order to see your whole body free without feeling any
tension. The ideal end result of this meditation is feeling your whole
body relaxed without any tension.
*. * *. . * `*. *

Meditations that are Oriented to Activity

Exercise #38
This is a Mediation which you can do while going for a walk or
Instead of just going for a walk or exercising, youd put an intention to
what you do work on something mentally while you do something
One of the simplest meditations you can do while walking or
exercising is to focus on your breath. What I mean by that is breathe in while taking two steps, breathe our while take another
two steps.
Breathe in on two steps, hold your breath on two steps, breathe
out on two steps, hold your breath on two steps and continue like
Another way to incorporate meditation/ mental focus into
walking or exercising could be you focusing on your

surroundings being your life, a certain situation in your life, a

certain relationship in your life where you might feel stuck, which
you might find challenging at the time Walking, exercising in
this situation see as you moving forward, moving out of this stuck
situation, out of the stuck relationship
Exercise #39
This is a meditation which you do while cooking! Its like an intention that
you put into before you start working in a kitchen and while you work in a
kitchen, while you cook, while you prepare a meal!
One version could be you focusing on all kinds of positive intentions,
positive words, and phrases when preparing for cooking and while
cooking, while preparing a meal
Another version could be you focusing on one particular topic, theme a
positive version of it while you prepare for and while you make a meal
*. * *. . * `*. *

Guided Meditations
Exercise #40
Magic Travel
This Meditation will lead you on a Magical Journey.
Get in a comfortable position, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
Breathe in deeply and breathe out deeply. Then go to your safe place. See
yourself in surroundings, in your minds eye, see visualize yourself being in a
place where you feel safe no matter what , place where you feel comfortable.
Feel it , see it , visualize it and remember to breathe deeply in and out. Be in
this energy for few moments.
Then as you look around, you start to see your surroundings disappearing in
the mist and a pathway being illuminated with light in front of you. You know
thats where you need to go , you know thats where youre going and you make
the first step on this path. You are surrounded by midst but you keep walking
forward because the light is shining for you showing you where to go. You are
following the light, following the road where it leads you and doing it step by
step. You feel safe and you start to feel the excitement building up within you,
you know something is about to happen. You dont not know what exactly it is but
you know that something is about to happen and you feel the excitement building


up in you with every step forward that you make. Remember to breathe deeply.
You see something in front of this path , a place illuminated with such bright
shiny light that you hadnt seen before and you are coming closer to this place.
The closer you come, the more fuzzy feelings you get, you feel tingling in your
body. Just enjoy this feeling feel it , feel your whole body, your whole being,
your soul happy, anxious and excited. The closer you walk to this place the more
clear it becomes and you can see that its a door way. Its a door , its a beautiful
door in the middle of the path and the closer you come to this door the more you
start to feel and see sparkles, sparkling lights moving very fast moving in
different directions around this door. These sparkles are in many different colors
and the closer you walk you can now tell that the sparkles are little fairies flying
very fast from one side to another. The door becomes very clear to you and you
can see it very clearly. Its beautifully decorated door with crystals and
symbols, and different materials. The closer you walk, the more excited you get
and you're almost there, and you see the door is shimmering in even brighter
lights and you're there, you're standing right in front of the door.
Breathe in deeply and breathe out. Its exciting but do remember to breath in
deep, breathe out deep. Allow yourself to feel what you feel, allow yourself to feel
excitement. You dont know yet whats behind the door but you feel excited about
what you're about to see and experience. Stand there and keep feeling and
enjoying the energy, the excitement, fairies and sparkles. And while you are
standing like that and feeling the excitement, you see the door is slowly opening
on its own. The more you are in the energy you are, just breathing it in,
breathing it out - door is opening more and more, wider and wider. You make the
last steps towards the door and you step through the doorway. Take a moment to
breathe it all in.
What you see is so magical, its magic at its highest possible state, highest that
you have ever imagined. Everything you ever felt, thought, saw and talked about
Magic is there. Just breathe it in. breathe it in and look around what do you
see? What had you and what are you associating with Magic? Take a few
moments to observe!
And then you go on a journey of this magical world, enchanted forest, waterfalls,
mermaid lagoon and the dragons - the good kind of dragons, fairies and Fairy
Godmothers. Most importantly - Magic Wand. Suddenly notice that you have a
Magic Wand in your hands and you feel powerful because you do know that you
can make magic happen. Being here you feel it more than ever before you feel
you can make Magic happen. Just breathe in Magic in and breathe out Magic.
You are taken into this Magical world for a journey. You can even fly here. Just go
with feeling and this flow of magic. You have a wand which means being here in
this magic world you have all the power to make things happen instantly.
Whatever you think of and wave your magic wand upon, is happening in a flash.
As you travel through this magic land see what you would like to change or is


there anything you dont like or anything that is missing or not there . You have
magic powers and Magic wand and you can make things happen. Make the
changes that you feel like making ! Make the magic halogen.
Bring your focus to a current situation in your 3D world - and think how youd
change it if you could with the wave of the Magic wand you hold in your hands?
How could you make the situation even better! How would it look if you could
work Magic on this situation? How would it feel? How would it be? Feel it out
for a few moments. Keep breathing deeply.
You can understand what every Being in this Magical world is saying! You might
not even realize or notice what language they are speaking, you just simply know
what they are saying! You also notice that the colors are bright and shiny and
everything is so alive here in this magical world, everything is so alive more
than you had ever seen it in any other place. You are excitingly exploring this
Magic world! Take your time!
Then - you see a mist forming around you and just like before you came here,
path it illuminated by light. You know you are meant to go on this pathway. Still
feeling the energy of magic, energy of everything magical, you walk on this path
of the bright light. Youre following this bright shiny light and it takes you to
your safe space. It takes you to a place where you started your journey! Take a
few deep breaths in, deep breaths out and then bring your consciousness back to
a present moment. Bring your focus on your physical body. Wiggle your fingers
and toes, and then open your eyes.
*. * *. . * `*. *

Exercise #41
Crystal Palace
This Meditation will lead you on a journey into a Crystal World and the
power of Crystals!
*. * *. . * `*. *

Get in a comfortable position and close your eyes to disconnect with any outside
distractions. Take a few deep breaths breathing in deeply with your belly
expanding and breathing out deeply, breathing in and breathing out. Continue to
breathe in and breathe out deeply.
Then - go to your safe space in your mind and in your vision and in your
thoughts. Go to a place where you feel safe. See yourself in a place where you feel
safe, where you feel comforted, where you feel protected and be there for few
moments. Breathe in and breathe out deeply as it helps you to get in more relaxed
place. That opens you up more and more to a greater connection with the world of
Spirits. Being in your safe place, embracing the energy of it, you start to see a
mist, a fog forming around you an moment by moment this mist is taking over
everything as far as you can see. You notice, from right where you stand, you


notice shiny bright glowing rocks that are forming a pathway. You know that is
where you are meant to go.
One step after another, you step on these rocks on this pathway moving forwards
into the mist but you are safe you feel safe even if you dont know where you are
going. Step by step you follow the colorful and bright shining rock path. You
walk, step by step following the illuminated rock path and you start to notice that
the mist, the fog is disappearing, its lifting, its dissolving in the air. With the
corner of your eyes you start to see surroundings, you start to see where you are
at. The more fog and mist disappears, the brighter your surroundings become.
You see that the rocky pathway is ending. You see that there is an end to this
rocky pathway and its magnificent what you see. It is an amazingly beautiful
great Crystal palace. The rocky pathway takes you to a Crystal place and you
see that the rocks that you have been stepping on, the ones that have been
shining so brightly and leading you to this Crystal palace - they have been
crystals, they have been different Crystals. You walk to the palace following the
last few rocks on the pathway and you can feel the energy, you can feel the energy
building up from the rocks. You can feel the energy that rocks have , the glowing
energy that each one of them have and this amazingly beautiful Crystal palace
and you feel safe , you feel excited. You walk up the stairs to the main entrance
door on the crystal path. The closer you walk, you see the door opening up for
you to walk in, to walk inside the palace.
You take the first few steps in the palace and stop there for a moment. Just
breathe in the energy that you feel there. Now that you stand inside the
magnificent crystal palace, pure raw crystal palace and breathe in that energy for
a few moments - allow yourself, your body, your mind - to adjust to this energy.
Notice this energy, be conscious of this energy. As you look around inside the
palace, see a lot of doors. You see a lot of crystals and a lot of doors. Some of the
doors are a little bit open, some of them are wide open, some of them are closed.
You want to find out what is behind the doors, you are curious. You walk towards
the first door that you are drawn to. You might want visit all the rooms and open
all the doors but you might not. Go with the feeling and start with walking
towards the room and the door that you feel most drawn to. Maybe one is calling
to you. Just go with the feeling. Once you are at the door, just walk inside.
Remember to breathe deeply. Walk through the door and you see that there are
crystals. A lot of crystals. See what kind of crystal they are? Do you know this
crystal? Have you seen it before? Do you know what its called? Whether you are
familiar with this crystal thats in the room or not, feel it, feel the energy of this
crystal, breath in the energy of it. Breathe in the energy of many crystals being in
one place together. The whole room is covered with these crystals. Energy is
powerful. Ask just in your mind What this crystal is about?" communicate with
crystals and just ask crystals what they are about, why have you walked in
through this door to experience their energy? etc. If your primary sense is
feeling you might not need to ask anything just be there and feel the energy, see


what you feel. Ask, what is the significance for you at this time with this crystal?
Who is this crystal significant to me at this time? Ask how and what is it going to
help you with? Just be there for a few moments to feel the energy, to explore these
crystals, their message, their power.
Then walk out of this room and walk into another room that you feel drawn to.
See what kind of crystal is there for you, what kind of crystal room is the next
room. Breath it in, breath in the energy and power of this room, of this crystal.
Experience it , feel it and just like with a previous crystal and previous room ask why are you there? What is this crystal helping you with? Why are you in
this room and no other room? What do you need to know? What is important for
you to know at this time from these crystals? Just breathe in the energy of these
crystals. Just breathe in the energy and power of this crystal, take time to
explore, to feel, to ask, to listen and receive answers and then walk to another
There are a lot of doors Go towards those and walk through those that you feel
most drawn to. See what energy you pick up in this crystal room. What are the
crystals? Do you know them? Are you familiar with them? Just like in other
rooms ask and wonder why are you there? Why it was important for this crystal
to present itself to you? Breathe in deeply, breathe out deeply and explore. Take
time to be in this room
Once you walk outside the room, go next to a place, to an area in this palace
where you feel most drawn to. Maybe it is one of the other rooms but maybe its
not. Maybe its some open area in the palace or outside the palace. There might
be some Beings in Spirit that might want to communicate with you or some other
Crystals that want to communicate with you. Asking your mind this question what is important for me to know at this moment, time, and place from being
here? Why am I here? What is happening? What do I need to know? Breathe in
and out deeply. Just notice everything that happens
Once you have spent some time in this Crystal palace exploring, feeling, listening
- walk back to the pathway. Walk back to the bright, shiny, crystal rock pathway
that led you here. Maybe its the same pathway, maybe there is a different
pathway for you to go on. You dont really need to think about it or worry about
it because the pathway that you are meant to take, it is there for you illuminated
with Light so you cant miss it. Its just there for you to go on it without thinking.
As you walk outside the castle , from the crystal palace, you thank the palace,
thank crystals, you thank all the Beings in Spirit who were with you on this
journey to Crystal Palace. Thank them for their energy and time connecting with
you, being with you.
At some point you feel your pocket and you notice there is something in it. You
put your hand in there and you see that there are some crystals in your pocket,
crystals from the palace. They are crystals that came from the rooms that you


visited while there - just as a little gift.

Standing outside the Crystal Palace you start to see the mist and fog forming.
Soon you cant really see anything other than a bright shining rock pathway,
pathway that is illuminated by the bright shiny crystal light. You know its the
pathway you need to follow and step by step you walk on the rocks. Feel this
pathway out. Maybe on some rocks you just want to stand for a while. Just got
for it! Do whatever feels right.
Remember to breathe deeply in and out as you follow the pathway. After you have
walked for a while, start to notice that fog and mist is lifting. Its clearing and
you see yourself in your safe place where you started your journey. Take a few
deep breaths while there Be there for few moments and then slowly start to
bring your attention and awareness back to the present moment. Feel your
physical body, wiggle your fingers and toes and maybe even shake out your whole
body, move it. Then - open your eyes.

Exercise #42
Change the Energy
This Meditation will help you to change the energy of the
*. * *. . * `*. *

This exercise meditation will help you to change the energy of the room
or a place or property. This exercise will be different for each one of you and for
each situation! I am going to describe what to do so you can adjust these
directions to your particular situation.
The idea is, once you walk into the room, to scan it. Notice the energy in the
room when you walk into it. Whether its a room or a place or a property the
idea is the same. Notice what is the energy in this place. If you notice any
negative energy,
energy that doesnt feel good, energy that you dont feel
comfortable with - visualize this energy being transformed into a Light. Imagine
the Light being sent to this place, Light shining above this place, on this place,
through this place However it feels most appropriate in each particular
Mediumship work is work with energies which includes imagining, visualizing,
feeling, sensing, seeing with inner vision etc.. This exercise helps to expand
these senses, expand the ability to envision and visualize! Imagine if this
negative energy youre feeling in the room or a place, if it was physically visible,
you could see how it looked, what would it look like? Then use your imagination
to change this energy into something that youre really like, something that you
think and feel would be positive, something that you really love. Maybe you see
this energy as a certain being? Maybe as a color? Maybe as a mist?
Keep changing what you feel, what you see, what you sense until you like what
you see, what you feel, what you sense! Keep changing it until you love it. Keep
changing it with your imagination. Once you have done that, notice how the


energy has changed in the whole room, not only in your imagination. Do a scan
of a place, room, property now and see how the energy there feels after your
energy work? Practice this exercise as much as possible. The more you practice,
the better we become in anything. Thats the case here as well!
*. * *. . * `*. *

Structure and Validation

~ Before & After Meditations ~
Exercise #43
Before Meditation
This Meditation will guide you through the process of preparing for
Mediumship work before you have a session with someone, before you
do a group Spirit circle, before Paranormal Investigation etc..
*. * *. . * `*.

Before meditation is a meditation or a prayer that you would, ideally, do before

any Mediumship session, before paranormal investigation, before anything that
has to do with paranormal work. Of course, at times when things happen
unexpectedly we might not always have time to prepare as we just need to take
action right away. However, whenever it is possible, its beneficial to do before
meditation or prayer. What I mean by that is - it's something you do before a
session to kind of set yourself up for a successful one.
To prepare yourself, prepare a space, set an intention for a session or
for any other kind of paranormal Mediumship type of work. What you would do
in your meditation or prayer, is, you would connect with your Spirit Guides or
Beings in Spirit who you talk to the most. Might be God or Angels, Jesus,
Krishna, Buddha or anyone else. Once you had made a connection, youd ask
them to help which would sound something along the following (just as an
example ideally, make your own, put it in your own words): I ask and confirm
that this session that's coming up, that I am about to do is successful and I ask for
Spirits to come forth and bring important information, speak loud and clear,
straight to the point so that it is easy for me to hear, to understand etc.. If any
challenges arise, I ask you my Spirit Guides, my Angels, God etc. to remove any
possible obstacles for successful connection, for successful Mediumship work.
Make sure that its easy for us to communicate and understand each other!
Make sure that it's easy to interpret the messages from Spirit. Make
sure that people who come for a session, come for help, understand what their
deceased loved one is saying. Make sure that messages come clear, straight to the
point and are easy to understand, easy to interpret. Also make sure that everyone
involved feels helped that they are helped! Make sure I am in service! I ask for
and confirm that whatever happens, however it happens during the session,


consultation, investigation etc., the healing happens during this connection with
spirit. I also ask and confirm that I am safe and protected and strong throughout
this process, while doing this work and make sure that I am in service to the best
of my abilities at this time, this moment, this situation. I ask to be and affirm to
do my best and even better than my best. This and something better I ask for and
confirm happening and I allow you God, Spirit, to step in and speak through me
with intention to help!
This is just a basic idea for what to include in your before prayer/ meditation.
It's really up to you how exactly you form your prayer, your meditation. This was
just an idea and direction to go with it.
To make is short: setting intention to be in service- hearing clear, straight to
the point, messages - knowing what to do, knowing how to act, how to react, how
to respond - be the best Medium you can be, be in service with your abilities be and stay safe throughout the process
*. * *. . * `*. *

Exercise #44
After Meditation
This Meditation will guide you through the after Mediumship work
process. It will show you what to pay attention to after the Mediumship
work to ensure that you are in your energy without unhealthy attachments
that can appear in the process of Mediumship Work.
*. * *. . * `*. *

This meditation, or prayer, however how you like to call it better,

whatever resonates with you the most, is something that you would do,
after doing the Mediumship work.
First - its always great to thank Spirit after a session, after youve had
the session with someone; youve done some paranormal investigation, or
any kind of Mediumship work. Its always great to thank Spirit for coming
through, for bringing messages. Its great to thank those in Spirit that you
connect and that are present with you when you do this work. Whoever
you feel most connected with and have called in from Spirit, to help you
with Mediumship work thank them for being there for you.
If there had been any challenges during the Mediumship work, you might
want to have a little chat with your spirit guides (in this case, Im using
word spirit guides, but thinking about all these beings that I mentioned a
bit earlier) asking your spirit guides, what can you do to better for the
next time. Not really dwelling into the past, what could have you done
better, or why didnt you do it better. What will happen is - the more you

do this work, the greater variety of situations you will experience. You
will experience different spirits, different circumstances sometimes
things might come up that you might be not familiar with, and it doesnt
mean that youre not a good Medium, it just means there is an opportunity
for you to learn something new, learn how to handle new kind of situation.
Always try to learn more, improve your abilities. If you are not familiar
with some aspect of Mediumship, instead of avoiding it, look it straight
into the eyes, face it and learn so that when situation comes up next time,
you feel confident to handle it.
Also - after the Mediumship work do a body scan and make sure that you
are in your energies. Make sure that there are no unhealthy energies, no
Earthbound Spirit energies, no other negative kind of unhealthy kind of
energies attached to you as a result of doing this work. Ideally - if you
go into doing Mediumship work with the right intention, with the true
intention, then you will be safe and protected at all times. But it all comes
with practice! The more experience you gain, the more easy it will be for
you to be safe no matter what kind of Spirits you come across.
However, especially at the beginning, its great to do scanning of the
body, after the meditation. Scan your body and if you feel any tension, any
gray spots, any attachments, then use one of the tools, provided in this
book, to deal with it. Breathe into that tense area and breathe out to
release tension. If its an Earthbound Spirit that is attached, then work on
releasing it. Do whatever needs to be done for you to be in your own
space, and energized after Mediumship work.
I want to mention here that it is important to know, no matter, how much
you do this work, it really should not be draining you. If you feel
completely drained, then it would really be one of the greatest signs that
theres some kind of unhealthy energy attached to you throughout this
process or you havent put yourself into a safe space properly
This is work with Spirits. And its kind of like when you do the physical
work, lets say some yard work, or any other kind of physical work, or
work out in a gym, or do some running, or any other exercise. When you
do it, you feel tired, but at the same time you feel energized. There are
both of these feelings and emotions at the same time: feeling tired, but
feeling energized at the same time. And you know youre doing something
great and you might feel tired, but at the same time, you feel good that
youve done it. And thats kind of how it really needs, in ideal situation,

feel after doing Mediumship work. When there is no unhealthy

attachments, it could feel like youre tired, but that same time youre
energized because you feel that you have helped, youve been of service
using your abilities to help.
That would really be the best way I could describe it in words. It really
has to be felt. Tired but energized at the same time. If its not how you
feel, then do something about it, using the tools that I have provided in
this book as well as other tools you might know that would help!
To conclude this and make it very short, after the Mediumship work of any
kind: Thank Spirits. Thank everyone involved for showing up, for
messages they brought forth. Thank yourself! Scan your body, make sure
youre in your own energy. Make sure you have no unhealthy attachments
from doing this work. And third, make sure you have that feeling of tired,
or maybe tired yet energized at the same time. Feeling good at the same
time. Like feeling good tired. Or maybe not feeling tired at all, just feeling
energized and if not, then look into it, scan your body, check what its
about and using different tools, take some action, whatever needs to be
done to clear the energy and give you that feeling.
*. * *. . * `*. *

Practice Validation
Exercise #45
This exercise you can easily do on your own.
What youd do is pick a place (ideally not the area where you live, but a
different one) and tune into the weather for the next day, for that area.
How you tune in?
Just by focusing on that area, place, city name for some time and asking,
in your mind whats the weather going to be like tomorrow in and
then see what you get write down everything you get and in a way you
get! Try not to do your own interpretation of, what you see but just write
down everything you get!
When the next day comes, you can find a website online (maybe you
already have a favorite weather website), and check the weather, check
out how what you got related to the actual weather in that area that
See what the meaning of what you got is. Maybe you saw something

that didnt make sense, but once you read weather forecast - what didnt
make sense the day before, makes sense now.
Exercise #46
For this exercise youll ideally want to have a partner!
Ask your partner to think of a person he/she knows (for this exercise
doesnt matter person in spirit or someone still alive). Youd ask your
partner to think of this persons name!
You, in the meantime, will tune into this name. First times doing this
exercise, you might want to close your eyes to shut out the immediate
outside world. Then youd just focus on this person and this persons
name. You and your exercise partner will be focusing on this name at the
same time only he/she will know it for sure, yet you will be practicing to
tune into it and hear it! See what comes up and share it with your
Maybe you get only one letter? Maybe you get if its a short or a long
name? Maybe you get a sense of your friend and turns out your friends
name is the same as the name of a person your partner is focusing on.
Options are countless Writing down your experience will help you to
better see the connection between what you got and what the reality
You can also practice this exercise with a partner, asking your partner
specifically to focus on someone who has crossed over!
*. * *. . * `*. *

If you dont have a partner to practice with, yet you wish to practice this
exercise you can write down different names, each one of them on a
separate piece of paper then mix all the pieces of paper together, pull
one, not look at the name of it, but tune into the name that the piece of
paper holds and once you think you got it, turn the paper over to see if
you got it right!
*. * *. . * `*. *

Exercise #47
For this exercise, similar to weather, youll pick a game and tune into the
result of the game, the score. Write the result you got, on the piece of
paper, also, write down anything other than number everything you get!

See how, when game day comes, what you wrote, relates to the game!
Exercise #48
This exercise would be great to do with a partner!
Youll ask the partner to pick a significant number either in his/her own
life or in the life of someone they know well. Your task is to tune into that
number and tell what you got!
The main intention of course is to get the number, but dont discard
therefore, everything else you get! Something non-number related can
actually be connected to the number, it can be something symbolic for a
number that your exercise partner is focusing on!
Ideas for a number to pick:
house number
age (age at the present time, age when something significant
happened, age of death)
month or year or date

Signs and Symbols
~ Symbol Exercise ~
Exercise #49
This exercise will help you to make a connection with what you already
know, but maybe havent been aware of. It will help you to become aware
of associations that you have with different, common words. This exercise
will help you to better understand your own personal symbolism.
*. * *. . * `*. *

Get in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Close your eyes and take a few
deep breaths. Breathe in deeply, breathe out deeply. Breathe in, breathe out.
Then, in your mind, go to your safe space - a place where you feel safe, where
you feel comfortable, somewhere out in a nature or someplace else, wherever it is,
just let yourself be in the place where you feel safe: safe and comfortable.
Remember to breathe deeply.
And now, being in the safe space, see/ envision/imagine like a screen in front of
you. On the screen some words come up and the first is mother. What's the


first association you have with this, when you hear word mother, when you see it,
what is your first association? Are you thinking about your mother? Anything
specific crosses your mind? Anything significant? Or are you thinking about
mother in general? What's your association with Mother? When you hear this
word, when you see this word. Just take a note of it.
So the next word that comes up is father. Father. Notice what comes
up for you with this word. What association do you have with this word? Is it just
a word? Are you seeing it general? General meaning of this word. Or does your
father cross your mind? What's the first association you have with father? Just
take note of it. There's no one right or wrong way to see it or hear it.
The next word that comes up there in front of you on the screen is
kitchen. Kitchen. What's the first association you have with the kitchen? Do
you see your kitchen? Are you thinking of kitchen in general? What happens in
the kitchen or there's some significant, something significant that happened in
your past in the kitchen? Take a note of what your first association with this word
Now the next word is summer. Summer. Whats the first association
do you have with summer? Is it warm? Hot? Sun? Ocean? Lake? Or do you have
any significant memory of something significant that happened in the summer?
What is your first association with summer?
Now the next word that comes up is hospital. Hospital. What
associations do you have with hospital? What's the first that crosses your mind
when you think of, when you see hospital? When you see the word hospital
without even being there? Whats the first association do you have? Just take a
note of this as well.
The next word that comes up is games. Games. What is the first
association that you have with games? Is it a general association? What does it
mean to you - games? Are you remembering some personal experience as a first
reaction to this word? The first response, first thoughts, the first thing that
crosses your mind when you see, hear, word games. Just take a note of it as well.
And then bring your consciousness back to your safe space.
The first associations that you had with these words, just keep them in mind for
the future reference. They can come in handy, meaning when spirits try to tell us
something, then each one of us have a different understanding. We each have our
own unique way how we see and hear what spirits are trying to tell us. For one
person, the sign of kitchen is going to be something different than for the other
person. Or mother, or games, or any other word. The associations you had with
these words that you just focused on, is just a small sample of what you can do to
become aware of your own personal symbolism. When Spirit is trying to show you
kitchen or hospital etc. - you might get the word kitchen right away but you
might also be shown something that has to do with kitchen the way you perceive
it: something that is your first association with kitchen. Just keep in mind these
associations that you had.


~ Learn your Personal Symbolism ~

Exercise #50
~ color exercise ~
This exercise will help you to determine what associations you have with
different colors and it will help you to better understand your personal
symbolism of colors.
*. * *. . * `*. *

This following exercise mediation will help to become aware more than you might
be already, about different associations with colors. What you associate with
different colors.
To disconnect from the outside distractions, close your eyes and take a few deep
breaths. Make sure you're all relaxed, if you need to wiggle your fingers, your
toes, shake out your body from any tension that there is or might be, do it.
Take a few deep breaths and then bring your attention to color black. See color
black. What is the first thought, feeling that comes to your mind when you see
black? What do you think about black? What do you feel it represents? The color
Now see the color white. What association do you have with color
white? What do you believe color white is about? What is the energy of color
with? What message of color white? What is the meaning? There's no right or
wrong answer when you do this exercise. Just see what it is for you, each color
means for you. What do you feel?
Now the next color is red. What do you believe, what do you think color
red means? What's the meaning of the color red? Color red
Now switch to focusing on the color orange. Orange. What is your firs
association with color orange? What does it remind you of? Do you feel about the
color? What do you think the message of this color is?
And now switch your focus to color yellow? What is the meaning of the
color yellow for you is color yellow?
Now switch your focus to color gold. What is the first association you
have with the color gold? What do you believe the meaning of this color is? If
you saw the color gold, what does it make you think of?
Now switch your focus to color green What is your the first association
you have with color green?
Then switch your focus to color blue. What is your association to color
blue? What do you believe the meaning of color blue is? Color blue.
Now switch your focus to color purple. What do believe the color purple
means? What's your first thought, feeling about the color purple? About the
meaning of color purple?
And then switch your focus to color violet. What is your firs association


with this color? Violet, violet

And then switch your focus to color pink. What's your first association
with color pink? Remember to breathe deep, the color pink, pink.
Then switch your focus to color turquoise. What's your first association
with color turquoise. What do you believe the meaning of turquoise is? What do
you feel the meaning of turquoise is? Color turquoise. Turquoise.
And now switch back your focus to your body, wiggle your fingers, your
toes and bring your attention back to present moment and open your eyes.

Exercise #51
~ animal exercise ~
This exercise will help you to determine what associations you have with
different animals and it will help you to better understand what your
personal symbolism is with them.
*. * *. . * `*. *

With this exercise will help you to determine with what associations you have
with different animals. It will help with better understand with your personal
symbolism with them.
Just to get in a space where you can more easily focus on this and to close out
outside distractions, close your eyes. Take few deep breaths.
Then think of a cat. Think cat. What is the first thought, first thoughts
that you have about cats? What do you believe the symbolic meaning of the cat
is? And if you have a hard time to get to the meaning of the cat, think what
character does the cat have? Or any other animal that I mention in this exercise
as well as animals that I don't mention but they may come up when you do
Mediumship work.
Back to the Cat. Just take a note of what your first, your first thoughts and
feelings are about the cat.
Next think of a dog. Visualize dog. The first association you have with
dog. If you saw a dog, what do you think the message was? Just dogs present,
what message it could bring. Take a note of it.
And then switch your focus to horse. What is the first association you
have with horse? Horse.
And then switch your focus to mouse. What is your first associations
with a mouse? Mouse.
Then switch your focus to birds. What is the first association you have
with birds? When you think of birds what of you associate with them?
And then focus on wolves. The first association you have with wolf.
What do you think of when you think of wolf? What do you think wolf would


represent? Wolf came to you say maybe in a dream. What do you think the
message would be from wolf?
And the next animal you focus on is lion. Lion. What associations do
you have with lion? Lion.
Then switch your focus to elephant. What are your first associations
with an elephant?
And then switch your focus to snake. What do you feel, think snake is
about? What would the message of the snake would be? And what kind of snake
comes to your mind when you think snake?
Dragons. Dragons is the next animal to focus on. Think of a dragon.
What association you make with a dragon? What do you believe think, feel is the
message from dragons? What are dragons main characteristics?
And then bring your focus back to your physical body, to present
moment - start to wiggle your fingers, tour toes, bring your consciousness to the
physical world and open your eyes.
There are a lot of animals, we only just covered a few of them but this
was just to give you an idea and help you be more aware of what associations you
have with different animals. It all helps in being a better Medium. These
exercises help you to be more aware, to recognize, to be able to easily recognize
the symbolic meaning of different objects, beings, things etc..

Exercise #52

~ nature exercise ~
This exercise will help you to determine what associations you have with
different nature elements. It will also help you to better understand what
is the personal meaning of nature elements for you which will help you
with building your personal symbolism dictionary.
*. * *. . * `*. *

In astrology each horoscope sign is connected and associated with different

nature elements. Its either, fire, earth, water or air. This exercise is going to help
you to better recognize this connection between nature and people.
Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes just get disconnected with outside
distractions. Think of a fire person, what kind of person that could be? How
would this person be? What would tell you that this person is a fire person,
that this person's element if fire? What do you think the fire person is and
what the characteristics of the fire person is?
Whether you know what astrology says about fire person or not it does not
matter. Think of a fire person and the signs of a fire person. Just a hint in case
you are having troubling times with characteristics of a fire person. When you
deal with any nature element - just think of it. Lets say fire What is fire? Its
burning, its energy, its beautiful, its sparkling, sparks flying everywhere. It can


be beautiful at the same time it also is very powerful and can burn everything to
the ground. It can burn in such way that is beautiful and it and burn in such way
that it burns everything down bringing transformation.
Now think of the element earth, how do you think an earth person would be?
What would the characteristics for the earth person be? How would you
recognize the person who is earth? What do you think of earth when you hear
it? What is most talked about and recognized about earth people is that they
are grounded, they are earthy, they are on the ground, they can get things done
because they are grounded, they like to be digging in the dirt and that can be
literally or symbolically. They are everything that has to do with earth.
Now think of a water person. What would the characteristics of the water
person be? How would you recognize that this person is a water person? Water
is tears, emotions, emotional, sensitive, feelings,
Now think of an air person. What would the characteristics of an air person
be? What do you associate air with? How can you describe air? What comes to
your mind first? Its kind of funny when people say airy fairy but there is some
truth to it air person would be really opposite from the earth person
because the earth person is really grounded yet air person airy, with lots
of ideas but not always making them happen. Kind of all over the place but at the
same time light and connected to spirit.
Now the same or similar idea applies to seasons, winter, spring, summer fall.
One way to look at it is that our life goes in cycles. Not only our life but different
aspects of our life go in cycles. There is winter time, spring, summer, fall
Now focus on winter what characteristics would you give a winter person?
How would you describe winter? How would the winter person be? How
would the winter cycle in our life look? Not literally that its winter outside but in
some particular aspects of our lives, if we are experiencing winter what would
it look like? What would it be?
Lets focus on spring. What would a spring person be like, what would the
characteristics of a spring person would be? How would someone who lives
in the spring time in their life cycle look like?
Think of summer what would the summer person be like? How would the
summer time in our lives look like? What would it be like?
Then comes fall. What would the fall person be like? What colors do you
associate with fall? How would fall be experienced in your life or in somebody
elses life? What would be the signs that someones life or certain situation in life
has entered the fall stage.
Based on the previous ideas on the elements and seasons think of a tornado. How
would a tornado look like in someones life. How sunny would look in someones
life. Then think how rainy would look in someones life, how windy would look in
someones life. What would they experience for us to be able to say its windy in
their life.
These are just few ideas for you to think about for making a connection between
nature and our lives, between nature and ourselves. Its all to help recognize


symbolism, recognize the meanings of symbols, symbolic meaning of nature.

Exercise #53
~ picture exercise ~
This exercise will help you to practice symbolism using pictures!
*. * *. . * `*. *

For this exercise you will need pictures, ideally card deck. What I mean
by that is those could be Tarot cards, Angel cards, Fairy cards or any
other kind of cards that are used for doing/ giving readings used for
Divination of some kind. Also ideally these cards wouldnt have much
written on them! If one word is written or two to describe the message this
card bring its fine, but there are cards out there that have the whole
sentence or even several, written on the actual card. This kind of cards
wouldnt be the best for this particular exercise! The best would be if there
is nothing written on the cards, its only a picture! Why? Because the idea
is that you would take a card, look at the card and tune into it. Look at it
and feel it. See what picture is on this card and what feeling/s you are
getting about the message of this card? If this card was the answer to the
question, what would you, just looking at the card, holding it, answer?
What do you believe the message of this card would be?
Each card deck usually comes with a little booklet giving a longer, deeper
message of the card, describing a deeper meaning of this card, giving
more detailed message. Once you have tuned into the card to see what you
get intuitively, psychically you can look into the booklet, to see how your
description, your feelings about the card resonates, how it matches with
the original message of the card, how it matches with the message and
meaning the creator of the card deck used for this card.
What this exercise will help you with? It will help you to improve your
intuitive power, your psychic power and give more confidence. It will help
you to work on your own power! Great is the fact that this is an exercise
that can be done on your own! You wont need other people for practicing
using this tool! Getting conformation, validation its very helpful in
Mediumship work for gaining confidence about the messages received,
about the meaning of the messages. As a client you want a validation
that Medium talks indeed to your deceased loved one! As a Medium you
want a validation that you have connected with the Spirit of concern! Its
helpful if you understand the meaning of the messages that you receive
from Spirit! This exercise will help you to work on gaining a better

understanding of the messages received from Spirit. You wont need to

wonder if the meaning and the message you got from the card is valid or
not! You will be able to check the deeper meaning of the cards right away!
It will either give you the validation or will be shown where you can
improve! In the process of practicing being a great Medium, getting
validation to the information you receive from Spirit, is extremely
important! It will help you gain more confidence and understanding about
the messages that are received from Spirit. Youll practice with cards but
it will help you be a better Medium when not using any cards!

Challenges and Solutions
Exercise #54
~ Connect with your Spirit Guides ~
This Meditation will help you to connect with your Spirit Guides! You
dont necessarily need them for Mediumship work, but they can be
helpful ! For some of you, your spirit guides might play a major role in
communicating with Spirits. Spirit guides are helpful in avoiding some of
the challenges I mentioned that can occur while doing this work!
*. * *. . * `*. *

Get in a comfortable position and to avoid distractions close your eyes. Take a
few deep breaths and get into a relaxed space. Shake out your body and if you
feel any tension. Keep breathing deeply. Make sure your belly expands when you
are breathing in instead of your shoulders going up and down. Take a few
moments to breathe in and out deeply and then bring your focus and attention to
going into your safe space. Just imagine yourself being in a place out in the
nature where you feel safe. Once you are in your safe space and have been there
for a few moments.
Breathe in energy. The more relaxed we get the easier it is for us to experience
anything that has to do with energy including meditation. Slowing breath,
breathing deeply is one way to do it.
Now, in your safe space, find there a comfortable place to be, to sit down or
maybe lay down or maybe you want to stand there, lean against some tree or
maybe there is some rock to sit on. Any place you feel drawn to in your safe
space, go there. Once there, invite your Spirit Guides to show themselves to you,
to speak to you , to come forth just by saying in your mind or out loud. You can
just say something like: "Spirit Guides, I invite you to come so I can learn who
you are! Id like to connect with you, talk to you, see you! and then notice any
changes that might happen. You might see your Spirit Guide visually, you might


hear them. Their words might come in your mind similar to those of your
thoughts. Notice any changes, see who is coming forth and talk to them as you
would with any good friend. Ask them whatever you feel like asking. Maybe you
want to know how to better connect with your Spirit Guides, maybe you would
like to know how they can help you or maybe you would like their help with
You can also always ask your Spirit Guides for some sign that they are around not
only at this time and moment but in your everyday life. The Spirit Guides might
come in different shapes, different forms. There might be one, there might be
more. Notice how your body feels when your Spirit Guides are around so that you
know to recognize their energy in the future. If for some reason you have hard
times hearing, seeing or noticing your Spirit Guides, dont give up. Continue to
make a connection, to initiate connection and keep listening to hear them. Sooner
or later you will succeed! Depending on each personality and life experiences
and where you are at on your spiritual path, it might happen sooner or later.
Also know that there is no one recipe for how it will happen, how your Spirit
Guides will show up. Also there is no one particular rule or way how your Spirit
Guides can and will help you in your Mediumship work.
Take your time to ask anything youd like to know from your Spirit Guides, to let
them know what would you like them to help you with etc..
Once you feel complete with this conversation, connection, remember to thank
your Spirit Guides for showing up and connecting with you. Then - bring your
focus back to your physical body, your safe space, take a few deep breaths and
then bring your focus back to a present moment. Feel your physical body, wiggle,
fingers and toes, roll your shoulders forward and back and then open your eyes.
*. * *. . * `*. *

Exercise #55
~ Connect with your Loved One ~
This Meditation will guide you to connect with your deceased loved one!
It will help you to connect with someone in Spirit and who better could
that be than someone you knew and loved!
*. * *. . * `*. *

Before you do this meditation think of a loved one, deceased loved one who you
would really like to connect with and meet. Maybe it's even somebody you have
not met in this lifetime, maybe it's your great-great-grandmother or someone else
that you would like to connect with and always wanted to talk to. Just take a few
moments and think of whom you'd love to connect with.
Once you have done it, get in a comfortable position and close your
eyes. Breathe deeply - take a few deep breaths in and deep breaths out. If there is


any tension in your body, breathe into that part of your body. Clear the tension
with a help of your breath. Bring your focus to your safe space - a place in your
mind where you feel safe. Go to that place. Bring your focus to being in your safe
place and continue to breathe deeply, Then - look around to see what is there?
Listen to the sounds around you? What sounds can you hear? Birds? The wind
blowing? Is there some waterfall or a water fountain? Or maybe the ocean
waves? Just notice your surroundings, pay closer attention to them and know
you're safe there.
As you look around, you start to notice a light forming, a light spiraling towards
you, a light coming from a distance towards you. It becomes brighter and
brighter, comes closer and closer. The closer it comes you really start to notice
that there is someone in this light. There is a person, there is somebody in the
Light. As the Light spirals even closer, you see that the person inside it is your
deceased loved one. Its the one you've been wanting to connect with. You feel
very excited to see your loved one in Spirit and connect. Your deceased loved one
looks just like you remember him/her, yet there is something different about him/
You get up and walk towards the Light, towards your loved one, you connect and
just allow yourself to feel this energy, embrace it and take some time to connect
and communicate with your loved one. Ask anything you'd like to ask and listen
for answers. Notice everything you can as the messages can come in many
different ways, the more you are in this energy, notice angels circling around both
of you, there is angelic feeling, angelic presence.
Once you have connected for a while, bring your conversation with your
deceased loved one to closure and thank him/her. Thank your loved one for
coming and connecting with you.
Just the same way how you saw the light coming closer and closer, now you see
the light slowly moving away from you. Away in the distance. Take a few more
deep breaths, breathe in this energy, this experience, you just had breathe out.
Then bring your attention back to the present moment, to your body, notice your
physical body, your hands, your shoulders, your arms, your legs, your feet.
Wiggle your fingers, your toes, and then open your eyes.

Paranormal Activities and
Earthbound Spirits
Exercise #56
~ Spirits of Different Realms ~
This meditation will help you to connect with the energy of Spirits with
Spirit Realm.

*. * *. . * `*. *

Get in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths - deep
breath in, deep breath out to change the energy in your body, to shift into the
space of relaxation. Then in your mind with your thoughts, with your feelings go
to your safe place in nature. Imagine yourself being in a place and surroundings
that make you feel safe, that allows you to feel safe, allow you to feel protected,
allow you to feel comfortable. For a few moments just observe , feel this energy
of feeling safe and being out here in the nature.
Observe and enjoy the energy of the spirit realm, and now bring your focus on
Fairies - Beings thats are most connected with nature, natures angels. Think of
fairies, imagine them, visualize them, think of them, and feel them. Feel and
think of everything you can think of about fairies and notice, make a note of how
does this energy feel when you focus on fairies? How does it make you feel when
you connect with fairies? When you tune into the energy of fairies? Just by
focusing on them, thinking of them, how does it make you feel? What are the
emotions that come up? What is the reaction, the response in your body, mind and
spirit you get from Fairies?
Then - switch your focus to mermaids. They are water angels. Maybe you do have
waterfalls in your safe space or ocean waves or water fountains, but its okay if
you don! Either way - focus on mermaids, think mermaids What comes to your
mind when you think of mermaids and how the energy of mermaids, you focusing
on mermaids make you feel? Notice it, notice how it is different and what is the
difference between you tuning into fairy energy and now tuning into mermaids.
Then switch your focus on those in Spirit not one person in particular but just
generally those who are in Spirit, those who have crossed over and moved into
the light. Focus on the energy of all those Spirits who are there, who have moved
on, who are in the light and notice how it makes you feel, how it resonates in
your body. How does the energy feel to you?
Then switch your focus to those who are in Spirit, but have not moved on. Again
not one Spirit particularly but in general. Tap into that realm, get in tune with the
energy of those in Spirit who havent moved on yet, those who have stayed close
earth, have stayed earth bound . How does that energy feel? Do you feel it in
your body in your being? What is the difference? How does it feel different from
those inspirit who have moved on?
Then see the angels. See yourself being surrounded by angels and as you do that
they take you up, up, up. They take you to the top of the mountain and there is a
dragon. Be for a few moments with the dragons energy. Notice how it feels in
your body and spirit. Notice if there is anything significant with the energy of
dragons. Once you have done it, you are travelling, flying higher and higher up
with angels. You are connecting with angelic realm. Angels are helping you to
connect with their realm. How does it feel in your body? How does the energy of
angels resonate in your body? Breathe it in. Breathe in this angelic energy and
breathe out. Just be here for a few moments.


Then - angels are taking you back to a place where you started this journey,
where you started this mediation, this exercise, back to your safe place. Take few
more deep breaths, wiggle your fingers and toes, feel yourself being back in your
physical body and then open your eyes.

Exercise #57
~ Helping the Earthbound Spirits ~
This exercise is designed to guide you through the process of helping
Earthbound Spirits! It gives you the main idea what the process is and
how to go through it!
*. * *. . * `*. *

Dealing with Earthbound Spirits

Keep in mind that every situation, every Earthbound Spirit experience
will be different! Some might be similar, but each one of them will be
different! The more tools you have, the more you know about Spirit and
Paranormal, the more you work on your being a Medium Spiritual
Growth part the better you will be able to differentiate each paranormal
and Earthbound Spirit situation to know which tool to use in each
Here are basic guidelines in nutshell! Adjust them accordingly to each
1 Recognize that its paranormal experience, that its Earthbound
2 Connect with the Spirit/s and find out:
- who is he/she
- what happened
- why is the Spirit here
- what is Spirits story
- what help does the Spirit need
3 - Depending on the situation you might need to ask the Spirit how can
I help? or tell the Earthbound Spirit I can help you! or you will see
that Earthbound Spirit needs help to move on, doesnt want to and then
you will need to be creative to help this Spirit/s to move on!
Take Action accordingly!
You might need to take the action on a physical level to help the

Earthbound Spirit or you might need to take the action on an energetic

level to help the Earthbound Spirit!
~ On a Physical Level:
You might need to do something that Spirit wants/needs in order to move
on. It might mean calling someone, seeing someone in person, telling
something to their loved one still here in a physical form, finding some
It can be anything! Just follow the instructions Spirit is giving you (of
course, without causing any harm to anyone or anything ! If something
that Earthbound Spirit is telling, doesnt feel right look deeper into it
before proceeding!).
~ On the Energy Level:
You might need to connect the Earthbound Spirit with their loved
ones Spirit.
You might simply need to listen to the Spirits story before it can
move on.
You might need to do a kind of counseling of the Earthbound Spirit
before it feels ready to move on!
You might need to call in the Divine Light and Spirit will just go
into the Light!
You might need to be creative in getting Spirits to understand that
they need to move on and be willing to move on!
You might need to call in Angels and Spirit Guides for help!
You might need to try several different approaches in helping
Earthbound Spirits to move on, until you succeed!
You might need to use an extra protection from angry and intense
Earthbound Spirits making sure you or someone else doesnt get
These are just few main examples & ideas of what you might need to do!
5 - When it comes to being creative to help Spirits to move on use
something thats familiar to the Spirits to help them want to move on!
For example:

* If they miss loved one in Spirit - it most likely is in the Light and they
wont be able to meet their deceased loved one unless they move into the
* If they feel guilty for something they have or havent done in this
lifetime and cant get over it, it might be helpful to tell them they can
come back for another lifetime to do better!
* If they want to connect with someone who is still here in a physical
body, yet this person is not local you can help by connecting Spirit to
this person energetically!
* if Spirits are aggressive and cause harm to those still in a physical body
its a good idea to keep them safe (here you can envision them in a ball
of Light or draw a circle in your mind, around them! It will keep them
inside the circle and they wont be able to cause more harm until they
move on)
* If you have exhausted ideas and options known to you about what to do
call in Angels or Spirit Guides for help!
Remember - you can only help the Earthbound Spirits to move on when
they are willing to be helped! The most important is to guide Earthbound
Spirits to a state of understanding that they need to move on! From there
its the matter of them moving on and how they do it !
Exercise #58
Dealing with Haunted Objects
Understand that its not really the object that is the problem it is Spirit
that is haunting the object! What you want to do and need to do is to
connect with the Spirit and Help the Spirit to move on just like you would
do with any Earthbound Spirit!
You might find that when you help the Earthbound Spirit that is attached
to the object, to move on, the object wont be haunted anymore!
However if you do feel that the route of detecting the object and dealing
with Earthbound Spirits from there, is important (sometimes it will
actually be the Best Solution) here are guidelines for the steps to take:
1 detect the object if there are no clues for which object it is
(sometimes people who experience paranormal, then youll have to tune
into it psychicallyor connect with your Spirit Guides and ask their
help for detecting the haunted object!

2 draw a circle around the object either in your mind or physically!

When drawing the circle do it with intention to keep anything harmful
that might come from the object and Spirit thats haunting it, safe and
held in a circle! If you draw a circle physically you can do it with
Himalayan salt as its the best salt for cleansing the energy!
3 see/ envision/ imagine/ call in the Divine Light to be over the object
4 ask and affirm that any unhealthy energy be taken by this Light and
transformed into the Light! (youcan ask for the Light to stay there until
the cleansing process is finished sometimes it can take a while )!
To help the Earthbound Spirit thats Haunting the Object, to move on,
move into the Light using tools provided in this book ! AndEnjoy the
Process !

Exercise #59
Afterlife Journey
This Meditation will guide you into the afterlife. It will help you to open
up and get a glimpse of it!
*. * *. . * `*. *

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Observe your body while you breathe deeply.
First remember that breathing deeply means that your belly expands when you
breathe in and your shoulders stay where they are (dont go up). Observe your
body, scan your body and if you feel any tension in any part of your body, breathe
in this part of the body. The more you focus on breathing deeply, the deeper you
go into the relaxed space, which helps to go deeper in the meditation. Go to your
safe space a place in your mind, in your vision where you feel safe and
The more you breathe deeply, the more you connect with your safe space, the
more you adjust to feeling safe. Take some time to enjoy this feeling. Look around
your safe space and breathe in the beauty of it. Breathe it in and feel it as part of
you. Be part of it. Be the breath you breathe and with every breath you take,
become, more and more one with everything around you, with everything you see,
with everything you breathe, everything you feel.
See and feel your body melt with everything around you, as if you don't have a
physical form anymore. Just embrace this experience. See a bright shining Light
in the distance and the more you look at it, the more you feel pulled to go there.


Be there. You know it's a light of the afterlife. It's a light everyone has been
talking about. The light people see when they cross over, the light people see and
experience when they have near death experience. Notice yourself being pulled
to go there and its not only that you feel pulled to go there, you are curious to go
there as well. You are curious about the possible experience going into the Light,
peaking in there and you move closer and closer to the Light. At some point you
notice that you don't have a physical form anymore, yet youre still you. Without a
physical body, you blend in with the energy of the Light. You are getting a
glimpse of what happens when our Soul leaves a physical body. Do you see your
deceased loved ones? Do you see anyone else deceased in this Light? Are there
angels or any other ethereal Beings? What is your experience? Be open let
yourself flow with this Let the experience flow through you, let yourself flow
with the experience and breathe it in. Do you see some of your significant life
events flash in front of your eyes like a movie? Is it any of that happening which
you had heard about the afterlife or seen in some Hollywood movies? What is
your experience? Just be with this experience be open, embrace the experience
and keep in mind that youre safe. Allow yourself to experience whatever flows
your way. Enjoy the experience just for a few more moments longer
If you have any questions about what you experience or about anything that has
to do with the afterlife, now is a good time to ask Spirits, ask other etheric
Beings that you have encountered. In your mind, listen for the answers, maybe
part of the answer is you going on a journey, maybe its something else! Enjoy
this experience a few more moments. Then thank Spirits and other Beings in
Spirit for the experience and then feel the pull to go back to where you came from
- to your safe place. Once you return your consciousness back in your safe space,
see yourself back in the physical body. Breathe in deeply, breathe out deeply. Just
be in this energy for a little while longer!
Then bring your consciousness back to the present moment. Feel your
physical body, wiggle your fingers and toes, shake your and then open your eyes.
*. * *. . * `*. *




When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a
single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me.
~ Emma Bonmbeck ~
*. * *. . * `*. *

We are all souls here in a physical body. Our energy has taken
human form but it is temporary. Memories of our souls are permanent,
as are the lessons we have learned, and emotions we have
experienced, however the actual physical body only temporarily houses
our soul.
I believe we have a choice of living many lifetimes here on Earth. I
believe in the law of cause and effect, and I believe that our actions
decide our future fate. That way what we experience now is a result
of what our actions were in the past. I believe that as a soul, we have a
choice to experience everything we choose to, whether it takes one
lifetime or many for that to happen. I believe that living this life today
and sharing this lifetime is only one of many aspects of which our souls
are capable.
I also believe that in every given moment, what matters most is that
regardless of the circumstances in which we find ourselves, that we
do the best we can. Circumstances might change in five minutes and our
best may change accordingly, however in the present moment we
always have the choice of doing the best we can in a way that
matters. We owe this to ourselves, to do the best we can and to be
ourselves from the deepest space of our heart and soul. I would like
to conclude this book with what I feel is a very important message left
by those who are now in the Spirit World.
*. * *. . * `*. *



Bronnie Ware, a woman who worked for years in palliative care with
the dying, wrote a list of the top 5 regrets that people express on their
This was the most common regret of all. When people realize that their
life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see
how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. Most people had not
honored even half of their dreams and had to die knowing that it
was due to choices they had made, or not made.
This came from every male patient
that I nursed. They missed their children's youth and their partner's
companionship. Women also spoke of this regret, but as most were from
an older generation, many of the female patients had not been
breadwinners. All of the men I nursed deeply regretted spending so
much of their lives on the treadmill
of a work existence.
Many people suppressed their feelings in order to keep peace with
others. As a result, they settled for a mediocre existence and never
became who they were truly capable of becoming. Many developed
illnesses relating to the bitterness and resentment they carried as a
Often they would not truly realize the full benefits of old friends
until their dying weeks and it was not always possible to track them
Many had become so caught up in their own lives that they had let
golden friendships slip by over the years. There were many deep
regrets about not giving friendships the time and effort that they
deserved. Everyone misses their friends when they are dying.

This is a surprisingly common one. Many did not realize until the
end, that happiness is a choice. They had stayed stuck in old
patterns and habits. The so-called 'comfort' of familiarity overflowed
into their emotions, as well as their physical lives. Fear of change
had them pretending to others, and to themselves, that they were
content. When deep within, they longed to laugh properly and have
silliness in their life again. When you are on your deathbed, what
others think of you is a long way from your mind.
(excerpt from the article Top 5 regrets of Dying by Bronnie Ware Article source: e)

There is always room for growth in our lives, no matter what age we
are, or where we are with respect to our Spiritual growth. Life is a
choice. Living is a choice. Before it is our time to cross over to the
Spirit World, lets let the top five regrets of the dying be a great
reminder of whats important in life. This way when it is our time to go,
we can look back on our life with a smile, knowing we did the best
we could, we were the best person we could be, and that we lived a
fulfilled and meaningful life that mattered, so when it is our time we
will be ready to move on with no regrets!




Movies & TV Shows that are quite true to how it works in a real life:

Ghost Whisperer
The Medium
Ghost Town
Ghost Dad
The Haunted Manson
Talking to Heaven
Ghost Hunters
Ghost Hunters International
Ghost Adventures
The Haunted
Psychic Kids Children of Paranormal
The AfterLife Investigations
Association of Near Death Experiences
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Table des Matires

PART I Mediumship Basics
PART II Fundamentals of Mediumship
PART III Signs and Symbols
PART IV Challenges and Solutions
PART V Paranormal Activities and Earthbound Spirits
PART VI AfterLife
PART VII Psychic Children - Kids of the Paranormal
PART VIII Exercises & Meditations
About the Author
Also by ReGina L. Norlinde