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Learning Objectives:

1. Students will be able to add small numbers together
2. Students will be able to translate an addition equation to its related subtraction
SC State Standard: 2.ATO.2 Demonstrate fluency with addition and related subtraction
facts through 20.



Note: A variety of formative

assessments should be used at
key points throughout the lesson.

Get started/Drill/Do Now: (What meaningful activity will students complete as soon as they enter the

5 min

Drill questions are answered

daily and collected on Friday.

Students will get their supplies, including iPads, ready

There will be a few simple addition/subtraction problems for
students to work through as a warm up until everyone is ready to

Students volunteer to answer

Engage/Motivation: (How will student interest be sparked? Is there prior knowledge that should be tapped? Is DoNow problems on the
there vocabulary that must be cleared? Is there brainstorming that student need to complete before the lesson
board and explain how they
3-5 min begins?)
got their answer

o Go over Do Now questions and any problems students had with them

10-12 Whole Group Instruction:


Instruct students on how addition and subtraction are

related and show them examples. Ex:
4+2=6 is related to 6-4=2

Group Practice/Small Group Instruction:


Students will work in pre-determined small groups on worksheets practicing addition and subtraction
Each group will come up with two relationships that they will put on the board and share with the rest of the

Small groups of 4 will work

together to complete

Students work independently

Independent Practice: (As they read students will bear in mind the Big Question As far as the test is able to and quietly on their iPads
25 min

provide answers to the questions

Students will use their iPads and DragonBox app when their small group work is completed to get more
practice, once last small group is done give a ten minute warning until we will be moving on

Evaluate Understanding/Assessment: (How will I know if students have achieved todays objective?)
5 min


Have different students from the Do Now questions answer

additional addition/subtraction problems on the board

Closing Activities/Summary: (How will I tie up loose ends, reinforce/revisit the objective and connect the
5 min lesson to the unit?)

Assign homework

8.DragonBox 5+ (Grades 1-5)

Devices: All devices and Web / Price: $4.99 / @DragonBoxApp
Touted as the game that secretly teaches algebra, this math education app has won a
number of significant awards for childrens educational games. Children from ages 5
and up can play an increasingly complex series of math-related games that teach
algebraic rules and get them comfortable working with variables. Jinny Gudmunson of
USA Today called it, Brilliant. Kids dont even know that theyre doing math. This game
is so much fun, it is a must-have for any teacher or parent who wants to give their
student a head start in STEM concepts.
I chose this app based on the review above and that students will be learning
math while still having fun. This will be a fun way to end the lesson on a positive note
and will help strengthen students math skills.
I chose this video because it simply but completely covers teh topic and what I
wanted students to get out of this lesson. It will help visual learners picture the math and
will also give students an example of the kind of problems they should be creating in
their small groups.