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General Balance Example

This is an example of an interesting use of the General type

Balance Operation. Start by making a new file in HYSYS (you can also
see my completed file called GenBalEx.hsc, but you really should
make your own). Choose PR for your property package and choose
for your components the first five on the list (Methane through nButane). Then enter the Simulation Environment.
We are going to create three streams to play with. Therefore, go
ahead and place three streams on the PFD and a Balance Operation

on the Object palette). Connect streams 1 and 2 as inlets

and stream 3 as an outlet (remember holding <Ctrl> toggles into

Connect Mode). We will let stream 1 be completely defined. Give it a
temperature of 200 F and a pressure of 1 atm (doesn't matter too
much, I just want to avoid regions of strange behavior). Set the
Molar Flowrates of the first three components to 1 and the rest to 0.
For stream 2, set the temperature and pressure to be the same as
in 1, but this time set the Mole Fraction of the last two components
to .5 each. Leave the Molar Flowrate of the stream <empty>.
For stream 3, set the pressure to 1 atm but leave the temperature
blank. Even though we know it should be 200 F, it is good to leave
HYSYS a dumping ground for the energy balance in case things
screw up. For the Composition, set the Molar Flowrate of the last
two components to 1 each but leave the other cells <empty>. See

Unfortunately, this action had more of an effect than we desired.

Switch back to the Conditions Page of stream 3 and notice that the
Molar Flowrate of the stream has been set to 2. This is bad because
we expect that when the balance is done, the first three components
enteringthe system through stream 1 must exit again through stream
3 (so the flowrate had better not be set to only 2). This kind of
potential over-specification will always occur when you use
individual component flowrates for stream specification without
specifying the whole composition, so always remember to go back to
the Conditions Page and delete the Molar Flowrate. Like so

Now open the Balance Property View and choose General for the
Type. The block should turn yellow. All that is left is for you to check
the AutoCalculation button.
You got a Consistency error, right? Sometimes when your pushing
the boundaries of what HYSYS can handle, you'll get these even
when you are really alright. I think this has to do with the order
things are calculated in.

Just close it and push Go on the toolbar up top. Everything's fine and
you'll see that HYSYScalculated everything correctly. The flow of

stream 2 is 2 and the flow of stream 3 is 5. You'll notice, though, that

the 5 is in blue, normally reserved for user inputed numbers, not
solved for numbers (just another sign that we are giving HYSYS

Note that the temperature is in black and that it's just a tad off 200.
HYSYS actually would have let us define the stream ourselves as 200,
this small a difference is not enough to call up a consistency error.
The Composition of stream 3 is also interesting in that if you look at
in Molar Flows, it still only shows the two 1's that we inputed and
leaves the other cells <empty>. However, if you look at the Mole
Fractions, it shows all 5 as .2 which is what we expect of course.
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