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Alec Clinton

English 110
MWA3 Gender Performativity Revised
To all the people who feel lost and confused in the life of the ego,
Due to the just recent election, with new presidential elect Donald Trump, has
stirred up a lot of mixed emotions in people for better or worse, calling Trump a
racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, queerphobic, and a rapist, because of all the
hate that has been occurring as a result , on campus, there was a female Muslim girl
who got harassed at the Zimmerman library, as a community UNM students, had a
rally to express their views and opinions to stop the hate, and rejecting their new
president elect Donald Trumps racist system, so they said were going to have to
stand together Hechmen said. To show that we as student will overcome
In relation to Judith Butlers argument of gender performativity, the image we
show to the outside world, the way we want to be seen, by other people, we put on
an act or performance, to show other people, that this is how you would like to be
seen. A way to construct yourself into an identity or persona of what you think the
perfect you, would, walk, talk and act like, a construct of the ego, to act out of
character and show a the version of yourself that you made up in your mind that is
without any inherit flaws , but really this isnt your true nature, because in your true
nature you have flaws, and so your ego wants to defend against that of having
those said flaws and to the world an image of a person, that is without any, hiding
their insecurities, and instead of showing the world that those are your flaws and
accepting them as they are, people put on this front of arrogance, pride, greed,
impatience, martyrdom and stubbornness which denies them of our true nature
which can lead to self-destructive habits, and so when you see a flaw that you do
not like in another person. You say that you dont like and hate that person, because
he or she did this or that, you are not realizing that, this is also a flaw within
yourself, that you are hating and not accepting, saying oh I wouldnt act that way
because your ego gives you this mask that tells you that you are this perfect person
without any flaws and that is the persona that you want shown to the outside world.
Quite frankly we live in a dualistic reality, the separation of good and evil, left
and right, up down, in and out etc. People want change to happen, but what these
people dont know is that change takes time, to many times, people are so lost in
this 3D, technological world, that they forget, who they really are, all their values,
morals, virtues, and so on they would rather spend all their time and energy, in an
egotistical point of view, the view put on by society, to make you feel less than you
actually are, because it is, too easy to listen, that loud voice inside your head, that
tells you to shout at that person that did you wrong, instead of taking the time to
listen to that calm, quiet inner voice that tells you, not to do that, but rather, to
have an understanding of your fellow neighbors or brothers and sisters, and to talk

to them with an empathetic open mind, of compassion, and love, no matter who
they are or where they came from, that includes their religious views, gender, race,
age, sexuality, because it is, in these views of society that your ego puts on.
Judgement, hate, criticism, they do nothing, but drain you of your energy and
resources, by focusing on such low level things, we should be positive, help the
people around you and uplift those that have been put down, it is in those negative
perspectives that lies your, insecuritys that drive your ego. lets say for example
when a person, comes across a homosexual or transgender person, they get this
feeling inside themselves that they do not want to acknowledge, that they might be
gay too, so they repress that feeling in themselves, and act out of hate and fear
towards that person, when they are actually, hating an aspect of themselves, which
they have been rejecting, and have yet to incorporate within themselves due to
their insecurity of not wanting to self-identify as that, in reality they are hating that
part of themselves, another example would be, someone says a racist comment
against a person of another culture or background, once again it is them that they
are actually hating in themselves, that part of themselves that creates a division in
their mind about race and that their race is completely separate or is better than
anothers, when in reality, we are all the same single race, the human race. In order
to truly love one another, and make those changes that people so badly yearn for,
you have to accept, fully every aspect of yourself. God made us in the image of
himself we are made up of both a male and female aspects within ourselves, some
lean more than others towards one side of the spectrum, this is the duality that we
live, he made us with a left and right brain hemisphere that controls many different
functions, like yin to the yang, we each have both, the left, which is the male
counterpart, consisting of analytic thought, logical, rational thinking, language,
math and science computation, truth, recognition, planning, number skills, persona,
ego/shadow, the personal unconscious, and is related to time. While the right brain,
the more creative, intuitive, feminine counterpart, controls, your artistic skills,
music, imagination, holistic thinking, flexibility, art/music awareness, insight, 3D
forms, self/soul, the animas, anima, the collective/unconscious and is correlated to
space. It is when we balance both sides, where we can truly become harmonious
within ourselves and can transcend this duality of separation, where we soon realize
we are all one. In order to truly be compassionate person you were meant to be
and to truly love and except other people, not out of pity, but out of understanding
by putting yourself in their shoes, and finding out what it is that you share thats in
common, to suffer together, to stand together, to create unity and hope for a better
future, people should take the time to reflect on themselves, and become self-aware
of all those emotions and thoughts that cross through their mind, so that they can
gain new perspectives, insights and approach things with a new way of thinking,
when facing a situation.
It is the shadow in ourselves that consists of all the repressed emotions and
thoughts that we perceive as socially inappropriate, jealousy, rage, those evil
sinister thoughts that you have of your boss being called on the carpet, that is all
but your ego or shadow at work, the more that is repressed the more of a hold the
ego has on us, so instead allow any and all these feelings or emotions to pass, good
or bad, to be felt completely and fully. Listen to what your shadow, must say, but

just dont act upon it, when it come across in your mind, thats when you gain
control over your ego, and can make decisions based on, love, compassion that you
truly want to see in this world. What your give is what you get, by the law of
attraction, when you give those positive vibes of love and compassion to people
that is what youre going to get back in return. Sigmund Freud explains that by
nature the shadow, everything that the subject refuses to acknowledge about
himself indirectly. Shame, sexuality, rage, fear, weakness, jealousy, hurt, and
resentment can be shoved down into our unconscious and become shadow
After writing my SWA6 something that I have left out of it was that, when I
had to write about a time I was gendered, that I was completely conscious of
thoughts going on in my mind and understood, why someone would have perceived
me in a gendered way and think in a manor where it might be coming from,
because they probably had an gendered experience, themselves that made them a
little confused as to how a man or women should act and how hanging around
certain people enough, made them start to acting in the same way, the people were
acting or portraying themselves, that they have been around the most, which will
affect you, as the saying goes you are the average of the five people you spend the
most time with. Something I would change about my feature, given more time
knowledge and resources is that I would have made an argument of all these facts
and quotes that added to the validity of what I had written, turning it into something
that had a lot more truth added to it rather than something that could just be
considered an opinion. An SLO that I understand better now would be writing as a
process, putting all my thoughts on paper helped me better reiterate how I
approached a writing situation through various feedback and proofreading, another
SLO would be the reflection, reading over my writings has helped me better,
understand my own writing and how I approach, my next assignment.