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Stevens is the great example of perfect English butler. He is meticulous and

proper in everything he did and his manner of speaking is always formal and refined. A
mercilessly precise man, his relentless pursuit of dignity leads him to constantly deny
his own feelings. His job is so important that there is no room for a personal life. He is
just as stiff in private as he is in public. When something tragic happens, such as the
death of his father, or Miss Kenton's departure, he continues to keep calm and carry on,
never sharing how he feels, even to himself.
Meanwhile, Stevens's father is a world-class butler for many years who comes to
work at Darlington Hall when he is already in his seventies. Stevens's father is
extremely dedicated to his work as a butler. Stevens often holds him up as an example
of what a great butler should be.
What can I say is both of them hold the same idea, which is dedicated and
committed in doing something. Stevens is strongly influenced by his father. He
constantly speaks of his father as though the older man perfectly exemplifies the quality
of dignity, telling stories of his father's brilliantly self-effacing execution of his duties as
butler. It is clear that Stevens wishes to be like his father, and, indeed, he succeeds only
too well. For example, Stevens continues to work the moment his father dies. This might
seem heartless, but Stevens insists that his father would have wanted him to continue.
And maybe he's right, Stevens Sr. represents an older generation of butlers who took
their work seriously.