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Enrollment No- 1421000570

Area of Specialization- Human resource

Title of the Project A study on the impact of Training on Employee in
Software Technology Parks Of India.
Statement Of the Problem- HR is concerned with the peoples dimension in
organization. A skilled workforce is an essential requirement for the growth of
the company as well as the economy. The quality of employees that an
enterprise requires needs to be trained.
Objectives of the study1. To analyze the process of Training in Software Technology Parks Of
2. To study the methods used in the training the employees in STPI.
3. To study the procedure adopted by Software Technology for providing
training to the employees from internal and external sources.
4. To analyze weather the quality of training and satisfaction of
respondents related.
5. To study the effectiveness of training and to suggest appropriate
measures for improving the training policy in Software Technology
Parks Of India.
Methodology- Primary Data
Explanation of the MethodFor the present study the sample is chosen from the strengths of all the
departments which includes Marketing , Human resource ,Statutory service
group, Finance & Accounts , Billing & Operations etc. and the employees
recruited in the past 1 year are given training in a phased manner. Training is
also given in various fields to different categories of employees based in
various departments such as Induction Training, Junior Staff Training etc.

Company Name Software Technology Parks Of India

Company Profile- Software Technology Parks Of India (STPI) is an

autonomous society set up by the Department of Electronics ( the present
Department Of Electronics and Information Technology ), Ministry of
Communication and Information Technology , Government Of India in 1991,
with the objective of promoting the Software Exports from the country and
has played a similar role in this regard. Starting with the few centers in 1991,
STPI has grown all over the country with 53 centers. STPI centers have a
nucleating effect on the growth of Software Exports from these locations.
Presence of STPI center has generated employment and entrepreneurial
opportunities. STPI is working closely with the State Governments / local
authorities for the creation of more space equipped with the state of the art
infrastructure facilities for the growth of the IT/ ITeS industry and promotion of
Software exports from the country.

Questionnaire1. Are you happy with the training process in STPI ?

(A)Yes (B) No (C) Maybe
2. How many training programs have you attended in last 5 years?
(A)0-3 (B) 3-6 (C) 6-10 (D) 10-15 (E) More than 15
3. The programme objectives were known to you before attending it
(A)Strongly Agree (B) Moderately agree ( C) Cant say
Moderately Disagree (E) Strongly disagree
4. The training progarmme was relevant to your development needs?
(A) Strongly Agree (B) Moderately agree (C) Cant say
Moderately Disagree (E) Strongly disagree

5. The period of training session was sufficient for the learning?

(A) Strongly Agree (B) Moderately agree ( C) Cant say
Moderately Disagree (E) Strongly disagree


6. Do you find any changes or development in your skills, knowledge, s

after enthusiasm, it after undergoing training?
(A)Yes (B) No
7. The training methods used during the training were effective for
understanding the subject.
(A) Strongly Agree (B) Moderately agree ( C) Cant say
Moderately Disagree (E) Strongly disagree


8. The training sessions were interesting and a good learning experience.

(A) Strongly Agree (B) Moderately agree ( C) Cant say
Moderately Disagree (E) Strongly disagree
9. Which part of management is considered more for training purpose?
(A)Senior (B) Junior ( C) New Staff (D) Based on Request
10. What mode of training method is normally used in your organization.
(A) Job Rotation (B) External training (C) Conference / Discussion
(D) Programme instruction
11. Employees are given appraisal in order to motivate them to attend the
training. Do you agree
(A) Strongly Agree (B) Moderately agree ( C) Cant say
Moderately Disagree (E) Strongly disagree
12. What kind of training methods does the organization provide to train the
(A) On the job training
(B) Off the job training
13. What are all the important barriers to training in your organization?
(A) Time (B) Funds ( C) Lack of interest of the staff
(D)Non- availability of skilled trainer
14. Does training helps improve employer employee relationship?
(A) Yes (B) No

15. Overall satisfaction with the training programme organized in your

(A) Slightly satisfied (B) Satisfactory
Dissatisfactory (E) Highly Dissatisfied

(C) Average (D)

16. Whats your feedback?


Number of Respondents- 70

Method you will use to classify dataThe sampling procedure chosen for the study is simple random sampling
method. To acquire the data , direct , structured questionnaire with closed
ended questions based on 5 point likert scale is prepared .Quantitative
classification of data is done through the use of median.

Method you will use to present the dataStatistical and graphical representation will be used which includes bar
charts, pie charts, histograms etc. to present the data.

References1. Making performance work effectively Philip Tom: Mc Graw Hill Book
Company : England :1983
2. Robert Hayden : Volume 52 Training and Development

3. Mr. Sanjay Kumar ( Deputy Director), Software Technology Parks Of

4. Software Technology Parks of India files, varios inquiries from
concerned officers.
5. Websites such as, etc.
Chapterization1. Introduction, Objectives, Research methodology , Limitation
2. Training , Purpose and Importance , Training Process , Training Policies
, Training Strategies & Training Techniques
3. Company Profile
4. Data Analysis
5. Finding , Suggestions and Conclusion
6. Bibliography
Profile Of Project guideName- Sanjay Kumar
Age- 40
Educational Qualification- B.E in Electronics , M.Tech, MBA (Human
Years Of Experience- 14 years
Current Organization- Software Technology parks Of India
Current Designation- Joint Director
Brief profile
House No- A-102, Sector-41
City- Noida
State-Uttar Pradesh
Phone No- NIL
Mobile No-9953807547