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We are so glad you have joined us today! Our desire is that God
would bless and direct this time together. Worship is an
interactive, participatory experience and our prayer is that the
service today would strengthen and encourage you on your
spiritual journey. Whether you are new to faith, just coming back
to church, or a long-time follower of Jesus, we hope you find your
time with us engaging and meaningful.

TODAY - Sunday, December 11th

Worship Services: 8:30am; 10:45am
Sunday School : 9:45am
Choir Practice: 4:45pm
Childrens Christmas Program: 6:00pm
GIVING TREE items need to be turned in today.

Worship: a time to connect with God through song and prayer.
Feel free to stand and sing with us as we praise God through
singing by following the on-screen lyrics. A typical service lasts
about 65 minutes.

Wednesday, December 14th

Morning Bible Study: 11:00am
Giving Tree: 6:30pm
We will be putting together our Giving Tree baskets / presents and delivering
Sunday, December 18th
Worship Services: 8:30am; 10:45am
Sunday School: 9:45am
Choir Practice: 4:45pm
Christmas Together: 6:00pm

Offering: We give tithes and offerings as a part of worship in

obedience, celebration, and thanksgiving to the Lord. Its also just
our way of saying, We love our church and we want to support
it! If you are a guest, you are not expected or obligated to give.
Children: We have a fully-staffed Nursery for ages three and
below. Kids ages 4-12 will be dismissed during the service to the
childrens chapel to be taught by Pastor Linda and her staff.
Message: The teaching time seeks to communicate biblical truth
in compelling, relevant ways. All of our messages are available
as podcast on our website or through iTunes.

Response: When God is speaking, we take time to respond.

Most of the time this is after the message, but at other times it
may be in the middle of the service. An invitation is never needed
if you want to pray at the altar.
Communion: We take time monthly to celebrate Communion
and welcome all followers of Jesus Christ to participate in this act
of worship and remembrance regardless of membership or

To know more about The Church of the Nazarene and what we

believe, check out our website at

TODAY: December 11th
1st Service: The Schefciks, Emma Gilliam
2nd Service: Marcia Rouse, Emily Hastings
Choir Practice: Carol McGuire
PM Service: Ricky & Sharon Arnold

December 4, 2016

Tithes & Offerings:

Received: $7,750.50
Received: $485
WEF Paid:
Fiscal Year is 5/1/16 to 4/30/17

NEXT SUNDAY: December 18th

1st Service: Amanda & Lyndsey Reed
2nd Service: Emily & Laura Ezell
Choir Practice: Carol McGuire
PM Service: Kim Bishop

105 Flower Lane Drive

Estill Springs, TN 37330
Phone: 649-3867 Fax: 649-3410

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday,
8:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Friday, 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Choir Practice Tonight at 4:45pm
The Giving Tree

Christmas Together Fellowship

December 18th, 6:00pm

You may drop off your Giving Tree Items in

the Rainbow Sunday School Room today.
Please put all perishable items in the big
refrigerator in the Fellowship Hall
Wednesday, December 14th, 6:30pm
Come and help us put together food
baskets/gifts and then deliver.

Join us in the fellowship hall next Sunday at

6:00 pm. Bring your favorite finger foods or
Christmas treats to share with each other (the
church will provide drinks). We'll sing, eat &
share our favorite holiday memories together!

Sunday, December 11th

Third Sunday of Advent: Joy
Childrens Christmas Program: 6:00pm
Wednesday, December 14th, 6:30pm
Giving Tree
Sunday, December 18th
Fourth Sunday of Advent: Purity
Christmas Together Fellowship: 6:00pm


Update from our LINKS Missionary
Ashley Huber
Missionary to Croatia
Dear Estill Springs Family,

Sunday, December 25th

Morning Worship: 10:30am

Thank you so much for the gift. It is amazing!! I am so grateful!! I just

sent out my new newsletter. I announced my new role here in
Croatia. I will be moving to a town 90 minutes away from where I live
now. I will be working with our creation ministry partners to start laying
down the foundations for a second church here in Croatia. So please
be praying for my move.
In Christ,

Wednesday, December 28th

No Services

Please see her postcard on the missions bulletin board.

Wednesday, December 21st, 6:30pm

Christmas Candlelight Service

Childrens Christmas
Tonight at


Thursday, December 29th from 2:00pm-4:00pm

All Teens, Children & Parents are invited to come to
Jumpstreet Trampoline park in Murfreesboro
We will meet at the church at 12:30pm.

MICAH 6:8 MINISTRY from Sandy Schefcik

Did You Know that president-elect Trump appointed Congressman Tom
Price (R-GA) to head the Department of Health and Human Service? The
Congressman Price is pro-life surgeon, who, as the New York Times put it, "If
[Trump] wanted a cabinet secretary who could help him dismantle and replace
President Obama's health care law, he could not have found anyone more
prepared than Representative Tom Price". For six years, the Georgia
Chairman of the House Budget Committee has been leading the charge to
overturn ObamaCare.
Eight in 10 Americans told Gallup this month that they'd like to see the law
either fully repealed or significantly changed. Only 14 percent approve of the
"Affordable" Care Act. "There is much work to be done to ensure we have a
health care system that works for patients, families, and doctors," Price told
reporters, "that leads the world in the cure and prevention of illness; and that
is based on sensible rules to protect the well-being of the country while
embracing its innovative spirit." A respected leader on America's fiscal issues,
Donald Trump couldn't entrust HHS's $1 trillion budget to a better person. As
far as values go, you can't get any much more conservative than Rep. Price.