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Wietske Tillema

Dr. Ellis
EDUC. 2301
30 October 2016
Philosophy of Education
When I think of qualities of a great teacher, I think of someone who wants to make a
difference in all aspects of a childs life. One who will dig deeper into a childs education and see
them as more than just a student. One who will find that weakness in a child life so that they can
help build their strength. I believe that an educator should build a relationship with their students
so that they feel valued. By building a relationship, it creates a positive environment in the
classroom where students feel safe. This is important in todays classrooms because we are
teaching the future generation and it all starts with us.
Many educators are losing their passion for making a difference in the classroom because
everything is changing. Teachers are now put under more pressure than ever before because of
standardized testing. I want to challenge my students so that I can watch them grow to their full
potential! Students are capable of anything they set their mind to but every once in a while they
might need that extra push and reminder. I will be a guide and role model for my students. I will
present myself in a manner that is appropriate and respectful. I will show my students how to be
responsible for themselves and their own learning. I will give them tools to become successful in
life, to love themselves, and to believe in themselves.

When it comes down to assessment, especially in the lower levels, I will use activities
that interest my students to where I will still be able to collect data to see where my students lie.
Stations is a great way for students to branch out on their own. It allows them to reflect back on
what they have learned and apply it in activities in stations. At this time, it allows me to walk
around the classroom to assist students and to see what they know and dont know. In stations,
students are given the opportunity to use hands-on activities where they are given materials that
reinforce the lesson being studied. At this time, students are given an opportunity for individual
discovery. Stations is a perfect time for educators to create a small group that is being led by the
educator themselves. It gives them that extra one-on-one time that they might need. This also
gives the educator an idea of where his/her students may lie. I believe that assessments helps me
identify learning gaps within the classroom. Informal assessments can include games, small
groups, or even writing. I believe that educators should be creative and use assessments that are
relevant to what you want your students to master.
An educators job is never ending because they should constantly be trying to improve
themselves one way or another. When a teacher loses their passion, so does their students.
Educators should keep their students motivated and to never give up on them no matter how hard
it gets. Every child is different and unique in their own way. It is our job to remind them that they
are precious and that this earth has a purpose for them. Love is what describes an educator
because that is all they should have for their students. Not one educator that I have talked to
choose this profession for the money but they choose it because they want to make a difference a
childs life. All in all, I could go on all day explaining my philosophy but the only thing that
really matters is that I put my words into action in my classroom.