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Bombardier Transportation

Presentation to GoG
9th March 2007 at Gandhinagar

Rajeev Jyoti
President & Managing Director
Bombardier Transportation India
Bombardier Inc

 Corporate office based in Montréal, Canada

 Workforce of some 55,800 people worldwide as at January 31,
 Revenues of $14.7 billion US for fiscal year ended
January 31, 2006
 More than 94% of revenues generated outside Canada
 Listed on Toronto Stock Exchange (BBD)


Bombardier: a diversified company

Transportation Aerospace
45% 55%

Breakdown of revenues by business segment

year ending 31 January, 2006 3
Bombardier Transportation
Overview - A full spectrum of railway solutions

Rolling Propulsion Bogies Services Total Transit Rail Control

Stock & Controls Systems Solutions

 Metros  Traction  Portfolio of  Fleet  Automated  Integrated

converters products management people control
 Light rail
which match movers systems
vehicles  Auxiliary  Spare parts
the entire
converters and logistics  Advanced  Onboard
 Commuter range of rail
management rapid transit computer
trains  Traction vehicles
drivers  Vehicle  Light
refurbish- rapid transit  Automatic
trains  Control and
ment & train
communi-  Turnkey
 Intercity trains overhaul protection
cation systems
 High-speed  Component
 Automated operation
trains refurbish-
ment &  Wayside
 Locomotives overhaul interlocking
 Operations &
maintenance and
related to equipment

Market – Bombardier remains the market leader in the rail
industry for the 5th consecutive year
Average market share 2003-2005
Bombardier relevant market, BT
based on worldwide orders* position

Locomotives #1

Commuter #1

21% Regional #1
Others High Speed &
Intercity #2
• AnsaldoBreda
• Rotem
• Talgo
46% US$ 36 Metros #1
• Stadler
• Alcatel, Invensys
• Service (OEMs, etc.)
billion 17%
LRVs #1
• European freight Services #1
• Hitachi, Kawasaki,
• Others Signalling #6

16% Propulsion #1

Bogies #1

Bombardier also leads almost

every segment of the rail market

* The worldwide rail market relevant to Bombardier is the market accessible to open bid competition, excluding the 5
North American freight locomotive and wagon markets and electrification.
Market Achievements – Responsible for the most
prestigious rail projects recently awarded
 Bombardier Transportation is the railway industry world market
leader, the company with the best customer footprint, with products
delivered to more than 60 countries around the world and holding an
installed base of approximately 100,000 cars and locomotives.

 Bombardier won last year the most relevant projects worldwide

• China: Shanghai metro – 306 Bombardier Movia metro cars; $US326
million order
• South Africa: Gautrain – TTS system including 96 Bombardier
Electrostar trains; US$1,65 billion order
• France: 372 Paris Ile-de-France commuter trains; US$3,4 billion order
• Spain: 100 TRAXX freight locomotives for RENFE; US$549 million order
• Germany: selected by DB for the delivery of 321 Talent 2 trains; US$1,6
billion order (estimated)
• Global: Achieved #1 position in ERTMS on-board and wayside
Bombardier in India
Bombardier Transportation in India –
Vadodara Manufacturing facilities
growing organisation
Bombardier, a 35-year old presence in India
 Bombardier Transportation propulsion and controls plant in
Baroda, State of Gujarat
 Engineering centre with Infotech in Hyderabad. RCS offices in Vadodara

 Headquarters in New Delhi and regional offices at Mumbai,

Kolkata and Chennai.
 A total of about 500 engineering and manufacturing staff

The production
 Manufacture & supply of existing rolling stock components like
High Voltage Tap-changers and Traction duty Loco Circuit
Breaker (VCB); Power Converters; Auxiliary Converters;
Control Electronics, Transformers and Converters Engineering Centre, Hyderabad

Certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 (Environment) and

OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety), Bombardier
Transportation in India shows its clear vision of providing
the best quality systems using the best procedures.
State-of-the-art railway technologies in India

Locomotives manufacturing
 Bombardier’s WAP5 and WAG9
locomotives, supplied since 1993 in
partnership with Chittaranjan
Locomotive Works (CLW), are
successful Transfer of Technology
(ToT) cases.
 Components manufacturing was
localised with the help of local suppliers.

Division :
Successfully managed BT India’s evolution thru’ various Propulsion &
technology cycles on IR Controls-PPC

Managing & upgrading technology to support IR’s modernization plans……

Propulsion & Controls

 Tap Changers
 Air Blast Circuit Breakers

Air Blast Circuit Breaker

for Conv. Locos & EMUs Tap Changers for
Conventional locos

BT India manufacturing facility

Electro-mechanical systems set up green field in 1996

……. And operationalize BT India strategy to become a ‘Full Range Transportation


Propulsion & Controls

 Tap Changers  Main & Aux Converters  IGBT Aux Converter
 Vacuum Circuit Breakers  Control Electronics  180KVA Converter
 Transformers  25KVA Inverter

Control Electronics
Vacuum Circuit Breakers
25KVA Inverter
Tap Changers for
Conventional locos
Main Conv Aux Conv Transformers IGBT Aux 180KVA Converter

GTO based Electronics+ IGBT Based Electronics +

Electro-mechanical Systems Electrical Systems Electrical10Systems
BT India’s strategic shift in profile
Through participation in the 3-phase ToT
E - Loco Technology
DC - Loco

Aux. Load
BT Converter Changer AC-DC
Product G DC Traction


 conventional tap-changer tech. state-of-the-art power electronics

 from component manufacturer complete propulsion systems supplier
 increased contribution per E-loco from 2.2 MINR 66 MINR
AC - Loco
Electronic Pre Vehicle Electronic

Aux. Load
BT SR Control BUR
1 5
a1 Vcc1 b1
2 6

Product AC
a4 GND

Traction 0


1999 M M

Division :
Successfully extended ‘Services’ offering to IR thru’ Services
deeper involvement in IR’s maintenance practices (SER)

BT India evolution from a ‘spare parts’ supplier……..

 Spare parts for Tap Changers

Tap Changers for

Conventional locos

BT India Services factory

Discrete product spare parts

……. To a ‘one-stop’ shop for IR’s equipment maintenance needs

 Composite Annual and  Revamping facility for  Deeper interactions with IR
Intermediate extending the Tap Changer loco sheds to improve
Overhauling kits to IR life cycle by 50% at half the maintenance practices and

cost. create efficient shed layouts

Annual Overhauling kit for Tap Changer

Old Tap Changer Revamped Tap Changer IR’s loco shed

Material & Logistic solutions Fully product refurbishment Informal Consultancy

Division :
Successfully managed BT India’s evolution thru’ Rail Control
various technology cycles on IR Solutions- RCS

Managing technology to support IR’s modernization plans……

Rail Control Solutions

 Audio Frequency Track Circuits (AFTC)
 Electro-mechanical Relays
 Software Development Center (SDC)

AFTC SDC for Signaling applications
BT India Rail Control Solutions
Electro-mech Systems & Software

……. And operationalize BT India strategy to become a ‘Full Range Transportation


Rail Control Solutions

 Coded AFTC  Traffic Mgmt System Project  Software Development for
 Electro-mechanical  Local competencies for TMS Train Control applications

Train Control & Diagnostic System

Electromechanical TMS Server room Project at Mannheim
Relays AFTC TMS Control room at Mumbai at Mumbai

Electro-mechanical Systems Hi Tech Software driven Project Software for13rail vehicles

BT India
Consistent focus on organization wide QHSE initiatives
 All Divisions have ISO certification.
• PPC: ISO 9000:2000
• RCS: ISO 9001:1994
 Environment Management System ISO:14001
Certification for Maneja site
 OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety
Assessment Series) certification for Maneja site.
 Multiple Projects undertaken focusing on saving Power,
Water & Paper and sustaining natural resources.

Bombardier objectives for the Indian Market
Bombardier India-Vision

h Widen product range to become full range transportation


h Introduce state-of-the-art technology and business

concepts in the areas of Propulsion & Controls, Rail
Control Solutions & Services support for Indian market.

h To become important Bombardier Transportation Group

internal source for :-
0Software - Rail Control Solutions and
Propulsion applications.
0Products / components.
“Quality is a way of life. It
permeates every action, every
h Recognition as domestic company committed to India’s decision, and it is reflected in
our products, services, and
further development in Rail Transportation. employees. We owe our market
leadership to the reputation
and the customer relations we
h Committed to enhance the quality of life and the have built over the years.”

environment in the communities we serve.

Bombardier objectives for the Indian Market -
Reach all market segments with latest proven products to
place rail transportation in India amongst the worlds greatest

Opportunities & projects

Mass Transit Indian Railways

Metro projects in
Continue current
major cities: Delhi,
Mumbai, Hyderabad,
Bangalore, Kochi,
Signalling, Services
Introduce new
Promote full systems
integration projects,
- freight locomotives
E&M: - Delhi airport
- high-speed EMUs
rail link

Localization ToT

Mass Transit projects in India
Bombardier Movia metros are the preferred choice
 Bombardier is the number ONE supplier of metros worldwide, more
than 1,400 last generation Bombardier Movia cars ordered

 Bombardier supplies key metro operators in the world:

New York, Montreal, Toronto, Paris, London, Berlin, Bucharest,
Stockholm, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and many others.

Bombardier MOVIA family –
The preferred choice of experienced metro operators

 High capacity metro units, capacity to

carry more than 2,500 people per unit
 Modularity of all systems
 Customer choice on performance,
dimensions, comfort levels, special
features; met by a system of validated
modules that fit together
 Wide range of dimensions to fit for
many systems
 Modular design gives room for  Predictable operating costs incl.
innovation spares and maintenance

 Tailored for any local climate  Enhanced quality through use of proven
 Short lead times through use of proven
 Modular assembly technology makes technologies
MOVIA fit for local assembly and
 Designed for high passenger loads
Advanced solutions for projects as “Delhi airport rail link”

 Bombardier Electrostar vehicles, over 1,600 cars of this family already

 Electrostar vehicles offering operators top reliability levels. In the UK these
trains are managing more than the double of the average for comparable
electric multiple units.
 Bombardier CITYFLO signalling solutions.
 World number ONE provider of Total Transit Systems solutions.

Advanced solutions for Delhi airport rail link –
an example to follow Gautrain Express, South Africa

Gautrain Express will place rail transportation in South Africa amongst

the worlds best
• 80-km Gautrain system linking Johannesburg, Tshwane and the
International Airport. A US$1,65 billion order (Bombardier share).
• Public Private Partnership scheme, includes financing, design-build,
operation and maintenance.
• 96 Bombardier Electrostar 4 car train units for speeds of 160km/h
• Bombardier CITYFLO 250 traffic management system

* Trademark(s) of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries 23

Indian railways projects
High-power locomotives for freight operations
 Indian Railways Freight corridors – IR
are developing a project to improve fright
rail operations in the country, 600 new
high-power locomotives will be required.
 Bombardier locomotives are the most
successful, thousands of units are
already ordered.
 Bombardier is the largest producer of
locomotives in Europe and the largest
producer of electric locomotives



Average European market share 1997-2005*
Bombardier Locomotives
All market segments from Heavy Haul to Very High Speed
80 ~140 Speed of Operation 200 250 –350 km/h

Freight Freight & Passenger (Regio, IC) Passenger

Train AC, MS, DE, DC for 140, 160, 200 km/h HS & VHS*
AVE S-102
IORE Kiruna (for 330 km/h)

Blue Tiger TRAXX platform

Standard locomotives
AVE S-130
(for 250 km/h)

* in collaboration with Patentes Talgo S.A.

Transform intercity transportation in India with new high-
speed electric multiple units from Bombardier

 Bombardier’s portfolio High-speed train (200 km/h)

comprises 20 intercity
and high speed  Vehicles ordered: 320 cars
products, including  Key features and advantages:
AVE seven high-speed - Based on proven vehicle
power-heads platform
- Extra-wide carbody
- The only EMU fully
 Bombardier is the manufactured in China
manufacturer having
contributed to the
largest number of high Very high-speed design study (>300 km/h)
speed projects
worldwide:  Status: Design study with
- Spain: AVE 102 leading Italian designer Zagato
ICE - France: TGV  Key features and advantages:
- Germany: ICE family - Aerodynamic exterior design
- Italy: ETR 500 with minimal noise generation
- China: Xinshisu - Flexible interior design with
maximum passenger comfort
- America: Acela
ETR500 - High seating capacity

New signalling systems to improve operations and
increase safety
 Bombardier proposes Indian Railways its highly advanced
ERTMS/ETCS solutions
• Bombardier pioneered ERTMS being the first supplier in the world to
introduce ERTMS in commercial service, Switzerland in 2004.
• Bombardier Transportation has provided ERTMS technology to several
countries, including Korea (800 km) and Taiwan (1,200 km). To date
we have received contracts to equip almost 6,000 km of track with
ERTMS and have delivered more than 30,000 balises.
• Bombardier leads the ERTMS market segment, both in way-side (31%
global market share) and on-board (40% global market share).
ERTMS onboard market share (# of vehicles equipped) ERTMS wayside market share (# of Route KM equipped)

26% Bombardier 29% 31%

0% Siemens
3% Invensys 2%
14% 14%
27% 10%
Bombardier in India –
Winning strategy based on four building blocks
Products – Localization – TOT - Partnerships
Bombardier in India – Winning strategy based on four
building blocks:
Products - TOT – Localization – Partnerships

 Bombardier offers in India only its the very best global products,
designed for the specific needs of the operators in India
 Bombardier employs superior design and offers vehicles with high
Reliability and Availability giving the passengers a great travelling
experience and the operators optimal operational costs. Some
• SNCF in France increased passengers by 6% in its regional operations
after having introduced new trains, with the Bombardier AGC as the
“star” train.
• Virgin in the UK increased passengers by 72% in some of its routes,
which demonstrates the success of Bombardier Virgin Voyager.
• Bombardier Electrostar trains are also best in class, they are offering
operators the double of the average reliability levels for Electric Multiple
Units in the UK.

Bombardier in India – Winning strategy based on four
building blocks:
Products - TOT – Localization – Partnerships

Transfer of Technology
 Bombardier’s WAP5 and WAG9 locomotives,
supplied since 1993 in partnership with
Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW), are
successful Transfer of Technology (ToT) cases.
 Components manufacturing was localised with
the help of local suppliers.

Imported 220

ToT and localization

Cost per locomotive, MINR enabled a 70% reduction in
the price of a locomotive,
last phase 80 between 1993 and 2003.

0 50 100 150 200 250
Bombardier in India – Winning strategy based on three
building blocks: TOT – Localization – Partnerships

 Bombardier projects enabled Indian Industry to become stronger,
opening export opportunities.
• Local Production of high quality electrical, mechanical and electronic components.
Indian operations became front run suppliers to Bombardier’s global projects.
• Development of advanced software for global projects. Indian resources and
products have already been associated with signalling projects in Australia,
Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark.
 Bombardier Transportation is already developing in India – at the
moment mainly for export purposes – the technology associated with
the products required by the market, namely:
• Hyderabad engineering centre is doing vehicles design engineering of the new
Bombardier Movia vehicles for London Underground; Bombardier Electrostar trains
for the Gautrain project and the high-speed Electric Multiple Units for China.
• The highly advanced Bombardier CITYFLO 450 signalling system for Madrid Metro
is being developed with the cooperation of Bombardier Indian operations

Bombardier in India - Strategy based on four building
blocks: Products – Localization – TOT - Partnerships

 Mass Transit, TTS projects
• Partnerships for specific projects are being established with other
companies in India, joint expressions of interest were submitted together
with Reliance Energy of India for Hyderabad and Chandigarh mass
transit projects
 Associations with Indian Railways
• Bombardier is considering an association with Indian Railways under a
Public Private Partnership scheme to create a local manufacturing plant
of locomotives
 Other projects
• Associations to localise the manufacturing of other rail products for
Indian market are also being considered.

Bombardier poised to place rail transportation in
India amongst the worlds greatest