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Odafe Ivri
Professor Jinaki M. Abdullah
Eng 1313 .02
26 November 2016
Argumentative Essay

Global Warming
If you think about it global warming is a very big problem that many people overlook in
society today. The threat of global warming is very real, and it endangers all life on this planet;
like the devastating effects of a nuclear bomb, it can destroy human lives and the environment. I
had plenty of experiences with global warming. For example, during football season over the
summer, the weather kept changing its pattern and I ended up getting pneumonia in the summer
time. Which is a very crazy thing if you think about it. In this essay, I will show you all how
global warming has a negative effect on society and around the people you care for most.
In 2014 and 2015 each set the record for hottest calendar year since scientists began
measuring surface temperatures over 150 years ago, and 2016 is shaping up to be even warmer.
This will be the first time that we've seen three consecutive years with record-breaking
temperatures. The 1.5C target could be reached by the early 2030s and the 2C target by 2050
says the report that included Sir Robert Watson, former Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on

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Climate Change (IPCC). The scientists say that even if all the pledges made by the signatory
countries to the Paris agreement are fully implemented, climate will pass this dangerous mark in
about 34 years. This is a threshold that most scientists have warned cannot be crossed without
dire consequences, including a rise in sea levels of several feet that would flood many coastal
cities in the U.S., longer droughts, more intense heat waves that cause a major disruption in the
world's food supply, and large migrations of people from countries of the global south.
2015, the hottest on record, was also the year ExxonMobil was caught in a more than
three-decade lie. Internal documents revealed Exxon knew that fossil fuels cause global warming
in the 1970s, but hid that information from the public. Now it turns out that Exxon isnt alone. A
new expos from InsideClimate News reveals nearly every major U.S. and multinational oil and
gas company was likely aware of the impact of fossil fuels on climate change at the same time as
Exxon. The task force even briefly considered researching how to introduce a new energy source
into the global market, given the research about fossil fuels impact on global warming. But in
1983, the task force was disbanded, and by the late 90s, the American Petroleum Institute had
launched a campaign to oppose the Kyoto Protocol, which was adopted by many countries to cut
fossil fuel emissions, but was never ratified by the United States.
In all the bad global warming, can affect us there is also some good that it can do. There
would be more usable land, longer growing seasons, extra C02 for the plants, Arctics resources
become accessible, less energy required for heating, warmer weather is safer and healthier, and a
few more things. But for every plus that global warming is has a negative affect that might even
outweigh the good. For example, territorial disputes over low-lying islands will cease, which is
good, but only because the islands will be underwater, which is worse.

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You guys should now realize that global warming is a serious matter and is just not
something we should take lightly. We all must take a stand and make a change in the community.
We can reduce fossil fuel by using less energy, or use alternative, nonpolluting energy sources
like solar and wind power. We can also plant more trees which can slow down or stop global
warming because trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. We can reduce our waste by
recycling and Reducing your consumption patterns and reusing items whenever possible
minimizes your carbon footprint, since fewer new items need to be made. Last but not least
conserve water, saving water reduces the amount of energy used. I hope this will be very helpful
and teach you guys to help better our country.

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