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p@de Remmant Home Articles Remnant E-Edition RemnantTV About Us Subscribe Contact Us Our History Store Betrayed Catholics: Pope Francis and the Chinese Communist Regime Witten by Michael Matt| Editor Rate this item (4,108) ‘This jst fom Thetederastcom: “According apo, the Vacan and Communist China have reached an agroementthat would nd sk decades of Splomate grace While deta fhe agreement naven*been cally announce, rom what has been eakad oe ‘uble,Catholosn Chin and around the world have reason tobe concerned" READ ARTICLE HERE REMNANT COMMENT. Wills becoing mor clas every dy is ta he oneymoon is over for Pope Frans. Francis {ago is aan als high, ana what we s09!now tho sare phenomenon ws saw with Candas Hilary Citar: A polican whose ‘wd popular isan Musion tha pends whey on cred mada. The real word hes had enh syoure seating me ‘As be Federals pts and wo couldn agree more, While Vascan hasnt announced any Sal ofl agement wih he ‘Chinese Conmunst government ya alhas ben dscased sar has made some Chinese Cals lel a sense af bberayal fs oar hat Poe Frarcls ro Pope sehr Paul I Pope John aul joined Nargar! Thatcher end Prescont Reagan deeat Cnsmunisn. BulPone Frais ha joined Present Obara in capiulating oppressive authotaran oginesike Cube al inthe nave of "openness His efors only lend lagibmacy ese egies, whl fling oof felt the peopl ey oppress” Meanwhile, Garsina Joseph Zon te highestranking Chinese Catole had tse tayo Te Guardian aboutPope Francs te Hume: “You cant int negobatons ‘eth ne mentality we want fo gn an apreement at ny coe then you ae suranderngyourselt you are betraying youreal you era beaying Jas Chit” Enough eteady, Your Hotness! west | Gn ho Shon poset tn. Son tesco ne your ea ‘ree. eae 703 times Last modified on Friday, December 2, 2016 5Comments Remnant Newspaper @ Losin (@ Recommend Et Share Sort by Newost @ doin the discussion = OQ) en | beginning to think the pope is one ofthe communist agents Balla Dodd spoke about. Global warming and immigration are cool and hip 50 understand why a modernist woul! promote them, But communism has been thoroughly ciscredited that even most liberals ‘admititis wrong, Why would a man hold such an affinity toa discredited and unpopular ideclogy? Ay + Reply + Share > —— a Pmt urn tem ite ee er rm oe Soham ane 2A V+ Realy + Share ‘Andrew Baalman +9 hou ago Is it safe for us Catholics, not to join those who beleve the Chir of i, Peter is stil emply whichis errr as well, bul to distance ourself from the current Pope who is distancing himself from Christ and the Church by moving closer to the Master ofthe World as St. John Vianney warned and preached about regarding children ofthe world Av + Reply + Share » @ eee exe “Pils poison ofthe Church was far less odoriferous than Francis’, but | dort think that's @ good reason tohoK! him up as an exemal. ‘And, anyone who thinks Communism has been "defeated" seems not tobe looking atthe worl and tho US place ini. "The errors of Russia" have indeed boon spread all about the world, especially hore inthe US, a potential stay of execution under a Trump administration notwithstanding, JP's baitle against Commurism was polical, siding wth masses of atheistic socialists under Solidarity. He continued the betrayal ofthe faith in his Ostpoik to avoid the required mention of Russia in the Fatima faux- consecrations. There isa great deal more on the stench ofthe JPIl papacy, of which most here would already be knowledgeable. We cannot hold Francis up as a unique example of what is wrong withthe church without enabling the continued general error of acceptance of VCIl as even a legitimate pastoral council, Remember that Our Lady's warning against that Council was suppressed ‘and unheeded. The revolution did not start with Francs as mast NO and too many trads seem to think. His papacy is just another, albeit more radical, step inthe revolution that was institutionally formalized athe diabolical Coun Holding up the example of JPII against Francs is like saying Iai Amin wasn't such a bad guy compared to Pol Po. Av + Raply + Share a a Merete pcm eh sean our tannin ronan Soren cesta rele rae Dseescite @ Add vigustoyourste Add Duque Add @ Privacy Published in Headline Nows Articles (ZMenselat E867) Vichael Matt | Editor writen nusereds 0 rcles on he state othe Churen anne modem word He ste nestat The Remnant Undegfcund ané Remnart TVs The Rernart Forum. Hes boon US. Coordinator Noe Dame de Chon in Pars-te omanaaton responsible forthe Pnlocost Parmage to Chars, Fance-snes 2000. Ne Mt ha ed the US. contingent on the Pgimage ta Chars forte lst 26 year, Healer tothe Roman Forums Sumer Symposum In Gardone Rivera, al He isthe ‘amorof Christan Fable, Legends o! Cannas and God of Wastlan (iy Years of Rack Roll) ana regula ceiver adseases and confess fo Carol groups ‘toute Mass hre-echacig, and he cau queston ogee wit is we, Cael Lym ang ber aoven children, Mr, Ma cura resies in St Paul, Minnesca Latest from Michael Matt | Editor + Betrayed Catholics: Pope Frane’s and the Chinase Communist Regime + The St, Andrew Novena and other Family Advent Traditions + The St Andrew Novena and other Family Advent Traditions + John Vennari Needs Prayers NOW. «+ Carainal Burke to Cebbrate Pontifical High Mass in La Crosse, Wisconsin More inthis category: «The St, Andrew Novena and other Famtly Advent Tradtions Contact Us Advertise Additional Links ‘avarengnioraton | Ltrs te Ete Spanish albon | Sora Lament —! Contact Us This document was created with Win2PDF available at http:/, The unregistered version of Win2PDF is for evaluation or non-commercial use only. This page will not be added after purchasing Win2PDF.