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About Us

Established in 1968, Samir Odeh Group is one of the leading suppliers of

Bearings, Industrial Equipments and Services. With over 23 branches all across
Middle East and Africa, SOS Group is the preferred supplier of Industrial
Equipments and Services to many of the leading manufacturers and industries
in the MENA region.
An ISO 9001: 2000 certified company with team strength of more than 400
employees and a specialized Engineering, Sales and Marketing departments we
aim to offer you complete solution packages tailored to your specific needs.
As one of the leading bearing and industrial spares in Middle East, we have a
strategic partnership which enables us to provide you with the best solutions
and expertise no one else can provide.
With a full product portfolio ranging from simple industrial parts to state of the
art condition monitoring devices and a highly reliable services we are your one
stop for all the industrial and maintenance needs.
Services we offer include are:
Vibration Analysis of rotating and reciprocating machineries
Installation of Online/continuous monitoring system
Machinery Balancing
Machinery Alignment
Bearing Mounting and Dismounting
Thermography surveys
Endoscopy service
Bearing Inspection and Root Cause Analysis
Troubleshooting of machinery malfunctions
Lubrication management Services
Application Engineering

Condition monitoring

Vibration CM Offline
SAMIR ODEH GROUP can provide you with Vibration Analysis service, applied in any industrial or
maintenance environment helping you reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime by
detecting equipment faults.
In this type of monitoring, machinery is examined and assessed by vibration analyst at regular
intervals. The data is analyzed and the condition of the machine along with recommendations in
case of faults is reported to the customer.

Vibration CM Online
For production-critical machinery, we provide continuous monitoring (24x7) by implementing our
online monitoring system. From initial installation to training and continuous support, you will have
assistance from qualified engineers of SOS Engineering Solutions.
Depending on the area of application, we can provide you with a wide range of complete solutions
that is tailored to your needs.

Imbalance is one of the most frequent defects that lead to unexpected failure of rotating machine
elements. Samir Our Field Service Engineers can diagnose imbalance and reduce it to a normal level
using our state of the art equipment.
Correct balancing gives a decisive increase in the life of rotating machine parts. This increases the
productivity and availability of the machine. We offer not only a detailed analysis of the causes of
the problem but also the rectifying the imbalance condition.

Machines consist of different components, such as electric motors and pumps combined together.
After installation, repair or overhaul, the components of such machines must be aligned with each
other. If this is carried out incorrectly or not at all, this results in high loads being placed on the
bearings as well as increased energy demand and wear.
We offer the alignment of machinery as a service .Where necessary, our service technicians will take
the necessary laser alignment system to the customer and carry out alignment of the machine in
accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.
Alignment of Machine train, cardan shaft, vertical machine alignment, thermal growth targets, and
alignment surveillance system can also be done if required.

Bearing Inspection / Root Cause Analysis

This service includes inspection of rolling bearings at client facilities, dismantling and cleaning of
defective bearings. Then it is examined by experts to check for typical wear patterns. From here the
cause of failure is determined.
In collaboration with our partner, the Schaeffler group, depth analysis including Physical material
analysis (residual stress measurement, scanning electron microscopy, spectroscopy, structural
analysis, ultrasonic testing), Chemical analysis of related lubrication can be provided. Thus the root
cause of bearing failure is found and action can be taken to prevent future failures.

Mounting / dismounting supervision service

The consultancy service where customer can consult us on any queries regarding mounting or
dismounting can provide valuable advice on rationalization of mounting operations and correct
procedures to be followed.
We also provide mounting and dismounting service of rolling bearings of all types, approval
inspection of adjacent parts, maintenance inspection of bearing arrangements and root cause
analysis on system functionality. Training is also provided for all mounting and dismounting services.

Lubrication management services

In more than half of all cases, inadequate lubrication is the cause of unplanned machine downtime.
The life of rotating machine elements can be significantly extended by the use of greases
appropriate to the different operating and environmental conditions as well as the definition of and
adherence to lubrication intervals and quantities.
Services relating to lubrication include:

Proper selection of lubricants and lubrication systems

Set up of lubrication and maintenance plans

Lubrication point management

Consultancy on lubricants suitability

Oil and grease analysis.

Detailed defect analysis is carried out on machinery by experienced specialists by means of visual
observation, examination of the machine and discussions with machine operators about
malfunctions in machine operation, changes in vibration behavior, unusual temperature patterns or
similar phenomena.
Depending on the application we offer various methods to investigate the malfunctions. This can
include Vibration Monitoring, Modal Analysis, Torque Measurement / Analysis, Thermography,
Endoscopy, installation of vibration control system, etc.
Finally report is handed over to the customer with analysis, maintenance recommendation with
corrective actions to avoid prevent failures occurrence.

The comprehensive range of training courses are designed to help plants reduce machinery
problems and increase overall reliability and productivity. Product trainings focuses specifically on
reliability, maintenance products and also the technical courses cover varied topics in the field of
maintenance e and reliability.
The trainings can be carried out either onsite or at a fully equipped training center. Training can be
provided for a given product or system, and help you implement the program quickly and effectively.
Our unique feature is COMPLETE SOLUTIONS that we offer. From providing the devices to training
to continuous support, we offer complete solutions to your condition monitoring need