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Sept. 22, 2016
URI students to give BIG to local nonprofits
Kingston, R. I. Oct. 17, 2016 - Not only do URI students think big, but they give big, too. From October 3
- 7 URI public relations students will be participating in the First Annual Community Impact Week. Over
150 public relations students will be volunteering and fundraising for local nonprofits. This week will be
an opportunity for students to take time out of their own schedules to give back to their community and to
remind themselves of the importance of helping others.
During Community Impact Week PR students will extend a helping hand to different organizations
around Rhode Island. The Jonnycake Center works to put food on the table of homes that are struggling to
make ends meet. Students will collect winter clothes and donate them to the center. Along with physically
donating to the organization students will also create a strategic plan to help raise awareness for the
Jonnycake Center on URIs Kingston campus.
Students will also be working hand in hand with the Rhody Outpost. The Rhody Outpost is an emergency
pantry located on campus to help students who need food. Students will not only gather goods to give to
this organization but they will also be volunteering their free time to help out at the Outpost. Whether it
be stocking shelves or putting together bags of foods for students, volunteers will be working hard to
assist the Rhody Outpost with whatever it need.
Kate Brewster, Executive Director of the Jonnycake Center is thankful for all the extra help and believes
that community service is important.
Small nonprofit organizations often have projects that they hope to accomplish but never seem to get to.
Brewster said Students can provide a valuable service by taking on those projects and providing some
fresh, outside thinking to an organization like the Jonnycake Center.
According to Communication Studies Department Chair Dr. Kevin McClure, Community Impact Week
gives students a chance to give back to their community and apply information obtained in the classroom.
This is a great opportunity for our public relations students to share their time, talents and knowledge
with worthy, local nonprofits, McClure said.
The University of Rhode Islands public relations program is advancing and changing every year just like
the public Relations industry. It is the only selective major in the Harrington School of Communication

and Media and gives students the opportunity to take specific classes that develop their skills necessary in
the PR world. Just recently URI has added courses about social media to the requirements for the PR
major since as it has grown to play such a strong role in todays society. The University of Rhode Island
provides majors to suit the dreams and goals of each student enrolled at the University.
For more information:
Mackenzie Wilson
Public Relations Major