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PS III Final Report for Karin Wall

Professional Semester III Final Report

Faculty of Education
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Semester, 2016 (Please check appropriate semester)

Professional Semester III is a five-course equivalent integrated semester including half-time teaching and
professional study in curriculum design, leadership, advanced methods, and reflective practice. Intern Teachers are
assigned full time to schools for the semester during which they assume responsibility for approximately one-half of
the teaching day. PS III professional study is designed to complement and enhance the internship. The
professional study components may occur on or off-campus and are coordinated by the Faculty Mentors in
collaboration with Intern Teachers and school personnel.

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Intern Teacher

Karin Wall

Grade Level(s)


Elijah Smith Elementary


Melanie Bennett

Teacher Mentor

Jane MacArthur

Faculty Mentor

Dawn Burleigh

Intern Teachers Descriptive Report:

My professional placement this semester has enabled me to grow as an educator and

develop my own style of teaching. Through the course of my degree I have become familiar
with various levels of planning to help organize and direct my instruction. I feel that I have
successfully created detailed long range, unit, and lesson plans that incorporate student needs
as well as curriculum outcomes. My major in First Nations education has prepared me for
creating inclusive lessons that value all forms of knowledge and ways of learning. Having this
background has helped me to feel more informed about the challenges Aboriginal students are
facing and how I can do my part to ensure that every student in my class can feel successful. I
have made an effort to learn and remember some basic dakwanje (Southern Tutchone),
collaborate with other teachers and bring in First Nations individuals to share their knowledge
and teachings.
One strategy that I carried forward from previous semesters was to plan many lessons
in advance. I found that having several lessons available with varied instruction allowed me to
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PS III Final Report for Karin Wall

gauge how the class environment felt and provided some flexibility to change things if students
needed more movement or quiet time. I also made sure to have a wide variety of books
available to read to the students when they needed some time to wind down and re-center.

Intern Teachers Descriptive Report (contd):

My main instructional focus this semester has been to allow the students to decide what
direction they want to take their learning. One assignment I had the students complete in Social
Studies was to create a brochure about Whitehorse that included their favourite places and
incorporated their unique experiences in the territory. As a class we brainstormed and
constructed the criteria they should follow, but ultimately let them decide individually what
content they felt was most important. Most assignments have followed this project-based
structure that allow students to work independently or in groups with room for adjustments
based on personal interest and skill. I tried to promote student-led research, more independent
exploration of subjects, and less lecture-based lessons that focused on inquiry and acquisition
of knowledge.
One area that I really feel that I have seen growth in myself is classroom management.
The class I worked in presented new challenges for me, as I have never started a school year,
but have come in when routines and expectations are already set in place. This made it
necessary for me to rethink my instructional strategies and implement systems that worked with
the students, my TA, and myself. I mainly focused on incorporating more movement and peer
communication into my lessons and made sure students were given more warning time when
transitions were approaching. I also used the growth mindset ideals my TA was implementing to
help further student motivation and self-regulation. One strategy I implemented was a class
point system called WOW points that rewarded the students for excellent behavior as a whole
group. I found that most of the time students really worked to self-regulate themselves and
some even encouraged others to follow expectations to make their learning environment a
positive place.
One thing I learned that really impacted my teaching was to ensure that students had
their voice heard within the classroom. I found that students were much more cooperative and
willing to listen if they felt their opinions were heard and validated.
I found that I was using lecture-based lessons too much and often students would tune out or
become bored. What I tried to do was give shorter introductions with a specific assignment so
that students could quickly get to work and not feel overwhelmed by a huge task. I often tried
scaffold their learning and build upon each lesson, making sure to provide students with
movement and communication breaks in between.

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PS III Final Report for Karin Wall

Lastly, over the past few months I have really begun to connect with the students and
learn about their personalities. I have also allowed them to see my silly side, and get to know
more about me. I feel that my position in the school is well liked and overall feel more included
as a staff member than I have during past practicums. I have participated in school fundraisers,
such as the From the Ground Up veggie boxes, SWAG club, and Hot Lunch program. I also try
as often as I can to go to specialty classes with the students.

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PS III Final Report for Karin Wall

School Administrator Comments:

It has been a pleasure having Ms. Karin Wall at Elijah Smith Elementary School for her
final four month practicum. Ms. Wall is viewed as a member of the ESES team and has had no
difficulty working with our school community. She has been a dedicated member of the team
who strives to complete the professional duties of a practicing teacher. I have observed Ms.
Wall instructing the grade four class and she has demonstrated her ability to manage and
effective teach a dynamic group of students. Ms. Wall takes her role as an educator seriously
and works hard to meet the needs of her class as well as the school. Ms. Wall has been a
positive member of our school community. I wish her all the best in her future years of the
teaching profession. I am confident she will endeavor into a successful teaching career!

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PS III Final Report for Karin Wall

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Teacher Mentor Comments:

I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Karin Wall while she completed her fourmonth internship at Elijah Smith Elementary School (ESES), in Whitehorse. We worked
together as colleagues in an intern/mentor relationship in our grade four classroom. She has
become a well-loved member of our ESES Community of Learners.
Karin has consistently been well-prepared with creative lessons, units, long-range plans
and for integrated teaching activities. Her lessons and plans have been submitted well in
advance of deadlines. Karins planning has allowed for teaching the curriculum outcomes, with
consideration for meeting individual student needs through differentiated instruction. She
collaborated to write the first-term report card comments for specific subjects she taught, as
well as, participated as a full staff member in student lead 3-way conferences. Karin has
immersed herself in all aspects of teaching at ESES.
Science, Social Studies, and Art have been Karins main instructional subjects.
Integrated into all subject areas, she has been very successful at incorporating place-based
lessons on Yukon First Nation knowledge, with a sensitivity to facilitating local educational
resources such as arranging a visiting elder to our classroom. She prepared lessons in math
with hands-on games and manipulatives to support the concepts taught. From the beginning of
the year, Karin was part of co-creating class routines, expectations, and school procedures to
support ESES Eagles Code of Conduct. Clear about expectations, she has established
classroom management strategies as various challenges arose and experimented successfully
with a variety of techniques. A representative example of this was her implementation of a
WOW points plan to encourage students' positive behaviour. Karins lesson goals took into
consideration activities that could promote independent self-regulated learning. Most notable
were her project-based Whitehorse Brochure and Habitat for Sale projects. Her thoughtful
lessons allowed students to gain independent work skills and then engage in research at their
own skill level. As Karin explained, Her main focus has been to allow the students to decide
what direction they want to take their learning. Under Karins instructional leadership, her
students created informative final culminating projects, which she showcased in an attractive
manner in the classroom and on well-organized hallway bulletins. She tapped into the joy of
cultural and seasonal art expression, such as by having students hang their Halloween ghost
creations from the ceiling. Regarding the use of technology, Karin is knowledgeable and at
ease using it in creative ways to support student learning. She has utilized and demonstrated a

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PS III Final Report for Karin Wall

good understanding of various formative and summative assessment methods. Karin has done
an excellent job in all areas of instruction.
In terms of professionalism, Karin presents a professional manner and fully meets her
professional obligations. For example, she shows professional judgment when considering a
change in plans; by asking questions, listening and thinking about the effect on others, before
implementing her plan or suggestions. When there is a need for confidentiality with issues, she
recognizes this. Karin is reflective and flexible; she can self-assess to identify her strengths and
weaknesses and adjust her approach to achieve professional growth and learning. She is an
active listener with colleagues and demonstrates a very approachable and fun personality. She
is a great team player!
Karin takes the time to build relationships with students. She is respectful, treats
students with dignity and is considerate of their circumstances. For example, she can often be
found having a quiet conversation with a student to cheer them up, correct behavior, or just
lend a listening ear. She wants to ensure that every student in her class can feel successful.
Karin is patient, and this radiates through the classroom to influence students in a very positive
way. She has developed an excellent rapport with her students.
Teacher Mentor Comment (Contd):

Over her four-month internship, Karin has shown dedication and commitment in
involving herself in our ESES school community. In addition to classroom obligations, she
attended Dakwanje language class and PE specialty classes when time permitted. During her
four months, she has participated in SWAG events, several school fundraisers, and the
Christmas Craft Fair Concession to benefit the whole school.
Overall, Ms. Wall demonstrates a very solid foundation as an intern teacher. Her keen
organization skills and ability to meet timelines show in her planning, preparation, and
instruction. Her major in First Nations education has prepared her for creating culturally
inclusive lessons. She is self-motivated with a strong desire to learn and try new creative skills
as a teaching professional. During her internship, I have seen Karin display a growth mindset
and push herself to grow in all aspects of teaching including classroom management and
assessment practices. I am confident Karin will explore what works best in any teaching setting
and challenge herself to demonstrate a high level of efficacy. Karin is a caring and outstanding
teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Karin in my classroom. We will miss her and I
wish her all the best.

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PS III Final Report for Karin Wall

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Faculty Mentor Comments:

Karins PSIII placement was located in Whitehorse at Elijah Smith Elementary School,
which allowed for three digital lesson observations. Lesson observations included opportunities
to observe lessons, debrief, and connect with Karins Mentor teacher on a regular basis by
email and phone. Karin also attended all five University seminars for PSIII. She successfully
completed her inquiry project, portfolio, and growth plan. Based on three classroom
observations, discussion with her Mentor teacher, and five seminars with Karin, I can make the
following comments and observations about her practice as teacher intern.
In terms of planning, preparation, and assessment, Ms. Wall was able to demonstrate
knowledge and skills in the subject matter and grade level and she was able to incorporate a
variety of different teaching and learning strategies. Karins planning and preparation was
always detailed, thorough, connected to the program of studies and accounted for the prior
learning and needs of the students. With excellent support form her Mentor teacher Karin was
able to demonstrate growth in both planning as well as assessment. She also integrated
various creative and innovative components into her teaching and made significant efforts to

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PS III Final Report for Karin Wall

utilize various forms of technology in meaningful ways. As a Native Education major, and
through her Inquiry project, Karin sought out opportunities to integrate FNMI perspectives and
resources into her teaching. In terms of assessment, Ms. Wall utilized various formative and
summative assessment methods and was able to demonstrate strong understanding of
assessment practices. Overall, Ms.Wall strongly met expectations in the area of planning,
preparation, and assessment.
Engaging students, involvement in the school community, and building a strong rapport
with students is a key to success in teaching and Karin contributed significant effort to this area.
She was able to build relationships with students by engaging them in class but also by being
involved in school wide events. Karins classroom management underwent substantial growth
and development throughout the term. Self-assessment and reflection on classroom leadership
and management supported growth and development for Karin in this area. Excellent progress
Karin fulfilled professional obligations, demonstrated knowledge about professional
issues, and was able to establish professional relationships with her Mentor teacher and some
other school staff. Karin worked throughout the semester to develop and attend to a very strong
growth plan and her strong reflective practice allowed her to meet her goals. Karin was very
organized, worked diligently on improving communication with students and parents, and met
her commitments and obligations, all while ensuring her focus was strongly held on her work
with students. Karin met expectations in terms of professionalism and professional conduct.
Karin demonstrated excellence in some areas of teaching like planning and assessment
and the integration of FNMI perspectives and strong levels of development in other areas such
as classroom leadership and management. Moving forward Ms. Wall can continue to focus on
developing her skills in classroom management and leadership and her ongoing efforts to
create engaging, creative, and innovative learning activities with students. Overall, Karin has
strongly met expectations for PSIII.
I have read the complete Final Report and certify that the assigned grade is PASS.

Faculty Mentor Signature

September 2000

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