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Xhelledrick Santos
Professor Kane
English 115A MW
15 November 2016
Essay 2.2: Come Together
Wars, laws, and even sports have different sides. Anything from big presidential decisions
to how the shelves of a supermarket are stocked involves someones thought and another
persons disagreement. It is not just one side versus the other, theres many different views to any
subject of choice. Anyone can have an opinion and ones opinion can be affected by ones walk
of life whether it being raised in a high-class estate or the rough streets of a down town city. It all
boils down to the natural instinct of perception and how we can see what we want better for
ourselves and/or our community. If we didnt have opposing views, there wouldnt be conflict in
the first place. But with opposing views, we all have thoughts and can come to a compromise.
Lots of decision making and ideas to come to a solution that can help the majority is just how
two sides can come together and fit in with those in America.
All decisions come from thought and initial perspective before being influence by others
for your decisions on projects improving society. Once one has been exposed to an idea not from
his/herself they will then follow that belief until a better one arises. He will first ask whether
that soul of man has come out of the brighter light, and is unable to see because he is
unaccustomed to the dark, or having turned away from darkness, is dazzled by the excess light of
day. . . This is a quote from The Allegory of The Cave by Plato in which a prisoner,
metaphorically ignorant people, come out of their prison of the dark cave and see the light, new
ideas and understanding, for the very first time. Like the prisoner, we all start with a perspective

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like we are in the dark. We dont comprehend many things or we cant conjure up entirely clear
or unique thoughts. Once our brains are brought out into the light of new and fresh ideas, not
necessarily right or wrong, we see clearer how that side works. Then we become enlightened and
follow that path, yet there may be still other prisoners in the cave that still see differently from
those outside of it. How then do we know what is right or true?
We may not know the clear truth of something, maybe we dont know it now or maybe
well never know it. We all may be shielded in a sense from what can be thought of as right or
wrong. I am quite amazed and my amazement is such that it is almost capable of persuading
me that I am dreaming right now This quote said by Descartes is from his ideas on how we
may never know if the reality we see is real or imaginary, that this could all be a dream and
were waiting to wake up from it. Like waiting to wake up from a dream, or escape a cave, based
on what surrounds us or how we are raised we may follow a belief not like the average. One may
be raised in poverty wanting to improve the living conditions of his people while another may be
raised in wealth wanting to have no taxes to keep all their money. There could even be the same
people with the same minds but in swapped roles. Either role one may take, they may not see the
bigger picture in how to help everyone not just themselves. They dont see the collaboration like
how one may be stuck in a dream, being delusional and not seeing the reality of the situation
which is how to help everyone around them. Helping everyone makes life easier for everyone.
One shouldnt be inconsiderate of others for we may all be similar, some in more ways
than others. Time takes change, and we can change for the better. The price that the immigrant
willingly pays, and that the exile avoids, is the trauma of self-transformation. This quote is from
the story Two Ways To Belong in America, the story where two sisters that come to America
on similar conditions thus leading to them putting on opposing political sides. As a person goes

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through time and has a sense of identity, they end up leaning towards one side or the other
causing conflict with the opposite. The two sisters began with similar personalities and thoughts
then eventually split due to their life choices making them be opposing one another when voting,
but voting helps in helping the majority giving them solutions to the problems they have. Some
can see the right change better than others, and the sister who wrote the story is open for change
and understanding.
America is a diverse country where many have strong opinions and viewpoints, although
nobody can ever satisfy everyone fully with a decision. There is ignorance and with it there is
intelligence, everyone is a little bit of both in their own ways but that shouldnt stop them from
better understanding one another to come to a satisfactory soultion. As far as child care is
concerned and so many other things, I think Hillary and I agree on that. We probably disagree a
little bit towards a number of amounts and what were going to do about it later. As said during
the 2016 Presidential Debate held in Hofstra University. Here the presidential candidate Donald
Trump agrees with his opponent Hillary Clinton on this particular issue. They may be on
opposing sides and one may say one is more ridiculous than the other, Trump here can agree on
one point they should both work on regardless who wins the presidency. Even with an entire
country split into two, both sides can agree on this to making it better for everyone. A common
problem for whatever party you may support. Whoever wins the majority of votes can assure the
country that at least this problem will be fixed, without worrying one side or the other. Voting is
one solution to make collaboration easier.
Not every disagreement has to be big enough that causes the whole country to be
involved. We might not have to have problems anymore if we just go and talk about things,
working on one another slowly but surely. group counseling is more than a set of techniques

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and that the use of such techniques without careful consideration is a dangerous practice This
quote comes from an article where young students are counseled together to improve behavior
and improve the school system along with it. Like in the counseling, one must be careful on what
they work on or how they project it. We may have radicals in politics but even simple things like
small habits in behavior of a person could hurt another. Not being overall good people is what
causes conflict in the first place, the base of it if anything.
As we work together as a whole, we shouldnt abandon structure and layout of roles just
because we collaborate. readily subordinates abandon their personal ethics to obey a highly
unethical authority; the hierarchy alleviated individuals feelings of responsibility. Here in this
quote, a psychology study shows how people may feel like they can do less of a good job to
whatever it is based on how low of a position they are in comparison to those higher up working
harder. Yes, higher roles have more responsibility but that should stop others from working just
as hard to achieve something great or greater beyond themselves. Having society work on
themselves can make everyone greater and possibly happier, and with the help of structure we
maintain order instead of reverting to wild unorganized chaos.
Everyone in society wants to strive for better, to live to be and have the best. To do better
than the past and go forward with the future should be one good incentive to make a community
thrive. It postulates that group members decide to compete because they expect the outgroup to
behave competitively and wish to defend themselves against the possibility of being exploited.
The quote comes from a scientific study of psychology in which two groups are faced against
one another and they are observed for their behaviors with one another and their performance.
Like the past and the future, they are two separate groups trying to reach a common goal;
compromise for all. We as the present, or the future in the perspective of the past, are trying to

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outdo the past in their mistakes. It may be considered a greed of sorts to outdo the other group, as
said in the study, yet it doesnt necessarily mean greed is a bad thing. The wanting for better is a
positive way that should motivate society as a whole to improve.
Having ideas and understanding others are important in making others better. Thats why
companies hire individuals rather than working individually so when one person runs out of
thoughts, another one has a fresh set to keep the flow going. But whatever the case, a situation
should have a diverse set of people working together to combine different perspectives so when a
group comes to a solution it doesnt leave another group left out when fixing things. Keeping an
open and active mind in whatever one does is what helps make reality better and come together.

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