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New Poems

Harry Potter,
the magically known.
He grew up in 4 Privet Drive,
His muggle home.
He had hair jet-black,
and brightly green.
He was small yet fast,
Quiet yet keen.
A boy so little,
so smart and great.
Had known none of his past,
His parents fate.
He had but 2 friends,
both funny and true.
Ron Weasley,
and Hermione Granger, too.
Harry Potter was famous across the land,
now I think we need to take a stand.
Oh J.K. Rowling,
don't stop writing silly!
I love those books!
More then food or TV!

Slytherin, oh Slytherin
How stupid you can be!
With your tounge stuck out and your nose up high,
How glad I'm not stupid old you.
For Gryffindor is the best house, everyone can see!

Womping willow, wompingWillow,

I'm not a pillow
I'll wish naught of pain to me or Ron
Sorrow, sorrow, sorrow
By Matt Willett

Dearest ChoI feel that you are my soul-mate

and that you are secretly in love with whom?
Harry Potter
By Matt Willett

Green eyes, black hair,

White owl, ghostly friends,
By whom do I speak?
Harry Potter
By Matt Willett

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Older Poetry

There is no other wizard as brave as he

He stands alone in a realm of his own
He saved the world as we know it
He saved us from the Dark Lord
We thank thee, Harry Potter
Lea Hartley, Ravenclaw

The Dark Lord gained power

He sure gained it fast
He was out to kill anyone
Who dared to cross his path
One night it was the Potters
He set out to kill
Unknowing the fate that lay ahead...
When he tried to kill the baby sound asleep in its bed
The Dark Lord's curse backfired
And away he went
Leaving the crying baby behind
Never to repent
Lea Hartley, Ravenclaw

Slytherin is Slitherin
Hufflepuff is puffing
Ravenclaw is clawing things
But Gryffindor is:
Harry Potter's excellence
Hermione Granger's secret
Ron winning games of chess
Can this trio be beaten?
Taylor Seven, Slytherin

Draco Malfoy picks on Harry,

Hagrid's face is very hairy.
Hermione reads books like crazy,
Ron seems to be lazy.
Dumbledore helps Harry out
That's what friends are all about.
Genisis Gryffindor, Slytherin

Forbidden Forest
Ah, the forbidden forest in which the Dark Lord often drifts
The paths are narrow and steep
So mysterious, oh forest!
Be careful, many unwelcomed creatures dwell in the deepest thickets,
Unicorn blood sparkles in the moonlight,
Can you hear the roar of dragons?
You will not be known as couragous if you enter,

They will think you are a fool!

Hermione Thornaway, Slytherin

Voldemort, the evil one

tried to kill the Potter's son
but his powers againts him,
well, he had none.
The Potter's son reflected death,
sent by Voldemort,
thus killing it's maker it's the evil force
Now the evil one practically dead
cringes at the very site of Hogwarts in its stead
One day he might just rise again,
to power but kill none.
For he will once again be stopped by the Potter's son.
Albus Riddle, Slytherin

Hogwarts, Hogwarts is our name
Studies and quidditch is our game.
We wake in the morning with wand in our hand
to go and make magic is our plan.
Gryffindor, Gryffindor, everyone hopes
except for Draco and his folks
Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw, known for its skill
they can fight but not usually to the kill

Hufflepuff, Hufflepuff, the dream of few

but when you get in its quite fun and new!
Slytherin, Slytherin the dreaded tower
But its not tall bad except Draco' has some power
Thats Hogwarts and now I will leave
Remember, for Harry to become real all you have to do is believe!
Marcel Homfought, Slytherin

Harry, Oh Harry
Harry, oh Harry, your so fine
Please, oh please, be all mine!
Harry, oh Harry your eyes are so green
Yes, oh yes, you're in my dreams!
Harry, oh Harry, I want to be yours
Please, oh please, keep up your roars
Harry, oh Harry, look into my eyes
Yes, oh yes, you'll be memorized
Harry, oh Harry, its tearing me apart
Please, oh please, put me in your heart!
Harry, oh Harry, you are the best!
Yes, oh yes, better than the rest!
Crystal Charm, Ravenclaw

Oh Petunia is the tall one,

With the long, long neck
Dudley is the fattest

With all the fat in heck

There's Vernon,the beefy one,
with three chins
But none of them will clain to be
The Potter's relatives
Now Harry, good Harry, the kind Potter's son,
Is something that the Dursleys know is good for none
He goes to Hogwarts,
He has a wand
Have you guessed it yet?
Harry Potter is a wizard
Down to his very gizard.
Albus Riddle, Slytherin

Hogwarts, Jogwarts, we earn some fame,

With students like Draco, Harry, and James
We fill kid's heads with lots of fluff,
also some neato magic stuff.
We let them go home for summer
Where they act like a lot of bummers,
They empty their heads,
We fill them again,
And give them a ride on the Sein.
Albus Riddle, Slytherin


Very proud creatures are hippogriffs!

Half eagle, half horse are these wonderful creatures!
They soar through the skies and are very loyal indeed,
Buckbeak trusts Harry Potter Unquestionably,
Harry and Hermione save Buckbeak's life and also Sirius Black's,
And they watch them fly through the sky towards the moon.
Hermione Thornaway, Slytherin

Harry Potter great

Harry can see
Harry is one of the best that can be
He works hard and plays great
But most of he's
Crystal Charm, Ravenclaw

Once in the school of hogwarts

There was a mighty mugwump
Famous is he for saying HE HE
Once in the land of Jogwarts
Albus Riddle, Slytherin

The Prefect's Life

Prefects bold, all tall do stand
There to lend a helping hand
In time of action, in time of need

The helpers strong will always heed.

Strong their power and soft their tongue

The people know they do no wrong
For when in trouble, they never shout
As brains and wit will get them out.

A student so small always can depend

On a prefect to be their friend
A brash student who's making loss
Can look up high to find their boss.

So every hour, every day

Mind your words and what you say
As prefects bold can change the life
Of students all over, and cure the strife.
Lizzie Baker-Smith, Hufflepuff

The Prefect's Law

To help all who have lost their way
To stop all who have crossed the path
To lead all who know not the road
To achieve our own goals and that of others
To be there for all that need us
To wipe away the dark shadows
And to protect Harry Potter, whether he wants help or not.

We are the Prefects! And we will do our job!

Lizzie Baker-Smith, Hufflepuff

Slytherins are charming folks

Never much quite provoked
We rule the world
We're bad not good
We're Slytherins
Lea Hartley, Ravenclaw
Gryffindors are the bravest kind
Fighting evil in their spare time
They're friends with nearly everyone
They're always having loads of fun
They're the good ones not the bad
They're Gryffindors!
Lea Hartley, Ravenclaw

Alone, alone, a young girl once did sing about the wonders
Of a young boy, Harry Potter.
People wandered past, thinking to themselves.
She claimed he was a wizard,
He had a power,
Defeated all. And this is what she sang...

"Great Harry, all we bow at your feet

We know the facts, and you did defeat,

The Dark Lord. He scares us all.

Even the name makes us feel so small.

Smiling, yet not the happiest child

No parents, yet a family so wild
From the depths of England, a boring place to be
Have you ever seen a boy as gleeful as he?

Griffindor, a proud and promising place

You can see that, by the sight of his face
A bright shining lad, you never could find
A star that shines brighter than his face and his mind.

He claimed that he was normal, he said there's no power,

But as soon as that was said, there was a shower,
Of bright shining sparks, they began to show
'We love Harry Potter, and Way To Go!!!!'

Great Harry, our fan club is here!

We love you! We love you our dear!
Never, could there be such a lad!
You're the best and the greatest boy this world ever had!"

The people, they thought she was mad,

Do you blame them? They were all muggles.
All except one, and his face went quite red.

Can you guess who he was...?

"Never, could there be such a lad!

You're the best and greatest boy this world ever had!"
Lizzie Baker-Smith, Hufflepuff

He's Famous and kind,

I wish he was mine,
He'll beat you here
and over there
but no wait, he'll beat you anywhere.
He has the power
Not just to crush a flower
But to be a friend and
care over and over again.
Crystal Charm, Ravenclaw

Harry Potter
Harry Potter is the best,
He really beats all the rest,
He deafeated the Dark Lord,
He also got Godric Gryfindor's sword!
Hermione Skitter, Hufflepuff

Ah, feal the adrenilen, feal the rush,

There it is, the croud goes into a hush,

they see it they see it, as do I,
the snitch the snich, right in front of my eye,
I reach out for it, but reremember something,
I have to wait, uh oh, look who's coming,
I'm supposed to wait, till were 50 points ahead,
ok. let's think, he must be mislead,
I suddenly turn, sharp to the left,
ha ha I think, he has been miffed,
then we score, were aere ahead by 50!
must get the snitch, gotta be swifty!
I see it, I see it!! Right there it is!
Must get it! Man, I can't beleive this!
there he is, its right abouve his head!
Again ths boy, yes he must be mislead!
I dcied what to do and turn towards the right,
I go as fast as the speed of light!
He's following me! He's following me!
Time to get our victory!
I turn and I twist
I've gotta get the snitch!
Almost there, so close
He's following me, oh no!
I speed ahead, there it is!
I lean on my broom, he lean's on his,
Iv'e got it I've got it! I've got the snitch!

Aurua Riddle, Hufflepuff

Harry Harry your so fine,

You send shivers up my spine.
Harry Harry your so great,
We should all celebrate!
As you read this poem from me to you,
yYou will think "Is this all true?
I will answer
Yes yes it's all true,
and theres not a better person better than you!
Crystal Charm, Ravenclaw

Harry, Harry make it snow

Harry, Harry's on the go
Harry, Harry dosen't know
Hemione, Hermione make it snow
Oh, oh she's on the go
So now it won't snow
Ginny Granger, Gryffinder

Harry, Harry, a character that took my heart away.

A character that was magical, and so was the author, in her own way.
A character that leaves you waiting breathlessly for the next adventure.
A character that has captured the hearts of the public, as quickly as he
captures the snitch.

A character that no one can resist.

Paige McGonnagal

Ravenclaw is pretty cool.
Some people say it rules!
It's just gotta be neat,
Because you can't defeat
The ravenclaw House, it rules!
Aurora Riddle, Hufflepuff

Gryffindor is so very special,
Because it's the house Harry's in.
Harry is what makes it so specail,
Yes he and all of his friends
Aurora Riddle, Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff is the house for me
This is very plain to see
Everyone knows
Because it shows
Hufflepuff's where I wanna be!
Aurora Riddle, Hufflepuff

Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger
The clever witch
Gives her nose
A little twitch
Before she performs
Each complicated spell
Which always earns her an A
Samantha Morris, Slytherin

Ron Weasley
Ron's robes are old and worn
His family is quite poor
But that doesn't mean that Ron
Is unhappy!
He is friends with famous Harry Potter
And he isn't a bad wizard, either
Ron's a cool kid
Lea Hartley, Ravenclaw