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Daughters of Mr. Mahmood Uz Zaman
35, Sir Syed Ahmed Road Kolkata-700014
Son of Late Md. Mustaquim ,
Of 22A, Gora Chand Lane,
Police Station - Beniapukur,
Kolkata- 700014.

Letter dated 02.02.2016

We the above named and undersigned would like to state you as follows :
1. That an Agreement of Tenancy was executed between you as the First party/Landlord
and Ms. Ambreen Mahmood and Ms. Andleeb Mahmood as the Second party on 10th day
of May, 2015.
2. That as per the said Tenancy Agreement we had agreed to pay Rs 1,60,000/- to the First
party as a consideration amount in respect of the physical possession of a One room
measuring about 250 Sq. Ft. be the same a little more or less with common bath and
privy on the first floor lying and situated at premises No 35, Sir Syed Ahmed Road
Kolkata- 700014, Police Station Beniapukur.
3. That we have already paid you Rs. 50,000 in a single installment
4. That in the letter dated 02.02.2016 you have claimed Rs.1,10,000/- as due in respect of
arrears of rent and asked us to pay the said amount within 15 (fifteen) days from the date
of receipt of this Notice.
5. We are not denying or disputing your claim. However in accordance of the Agreement
executed between us, and as per the requirements of the said Agreement we are supposed
to pay you the said amount of Rs.1,10,000 in several installments as a consideration
amount. Furthermore there are no arrears of rent accrue upon us in respect of the said
Room because we have paid the rent till December 2015.
6. We also notify you that we have arranged to pay Rs.20,000(twenty thousand) as the
Second Installment which we are ready to pay to you presently as per your convenience
We therefore request you to kindly withdraw your letter dated 02.02.2016.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Ambreen Mahmood

Andleeb Mahmood