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Name of the Project:

Shell petroleum Service

One unit Chowk, Hasil Pur Road, Bahawalpur, Punjab Pakistan.

Authority Responsible For:

There is no sponsoring party for this project. This is financed by the
existing partners and
external loan by the Allied Bank Limited and

Sayyad Abdul Majid Bukhari

Operation and Monitoring:

Khurshid Ahmed and Muhammad Adnan

Concerned Federal Ministry:

Plans Provision:

Station should be located within a growth center or an urban area so

that maximum profit should be earned due to maximum sale.
Land should be zoned for commercial and industrial use or be
designated specifically for the purpose in the sub division.
Station should be located at a minimum of 500 feet from any public
institution such as schools, hospitals, public library and so on.
Area of land to be developed should be sufficient maneuvering of
vehicles with in its cartilage, but should not be less than 12000 sqft,
with the minimum frontage of 3000 foot on the primary stage.
Filling station will not be allowed in any area where the traffic situation
is such that it will cause obstructions in entering or living a station or
on light curve where visibility is not adequate.
Petrol pump should be located at a minimum of 100 feet from any
residential building.

No fuel pump and other mechanical equipment shall be installed so as

to permit servicing of motor vehicle standing in a public street or high
All servicing area should be paved to avoid dusting nuisance.
Stations are to be equipped with firefighting and fire protection
equipment .
Proper facilities of shortage disposal for used and waste of oil must be
Fuel should be stored double walled container to minimize leakage and
permit contamination of ground water.
Integral containers of adequate design and capacity should be
provided for solid waste such as discarded cans, bottles etc.

Vision, Mission and Objectives:

Our vision to be the top performing and most admired refinery in access.

Our mission is:

Manufacturing and supplying the oil products and services satisfy the needs
of our customers.
Constantly achieving operational excellence.
Conduct our business in a safe environmentally sustainable and economically
optimum level.

Our objectives:

Benefit our shareholders

Realize the potential of our people
Meet our customers requirements
Minimize refinery margins
Safeguards assets integrity
Deliver structural cost reductions

Deliver continuous sustainable health. Safety security and environmental


Capital cost Estimation:

Some of the points are as follows in which the cost of capital is estimated.

Land acquisition for the filling station will require Rs. 3,000,000
Architecture and engineering design will require Rs. 200,000

Construction including materials, equipment and labor will estimated

cost Rs. 700,000

Equipment and furnishing cost will be Rs 200,000
Utilities etc. will cost Rs.100,000

Construction including material Rs. 1,000,000

The total capital cost is estimated Rs 5100000

Annual Operating and Maintenance Cost:

After completion the project what will be the annual operating and
maintenance cost. Here we estimate the annual operating and maintenance
and operating cost in the following points.

Owners general office overhead annual cost

Inspections and testing
Maintenance of machinery like that generator etc.
Operating staf
Labor and material for maintenance and repair
Periodic renovation
Financing cost
Owners other expenses

Demand and supply analysis:

Demand and supply is the study of how buyers and sellers interact to
determine transaction prices and quantities.
The theory of consumer deals with consumption by utility maximizing
individuals. The theory of the firm deals with the supply of goods and
services by profit of maximizing the firm. Some important factors related to
the demand and supply is as follows.

Why does consumer supply buy more when the price falls?
What are the appropriate measures how sensitive the quantity or
supply is to change in price, income and prices of other goods and
what efects of these sensivities?
If a firm lowers its price, will its total revenue also fall? Are there
conditions under which revenue might rise as price falls?

How diferent types of auctions do afects price recovery?

It is reasonable to exempt markets to coverage to an equilibrium price?

Project Benefits and analysis:

Better efficiency in delivering services

Improved, increased and enhance the customer satisfaction

Enhanced efectiveness and delivering services.

Improved growth and development within your team

Greater slandering competitive edge.

Opportunities to expend your services.

Better flexibility

Increased risk assessment

Increased in quality

Increase in quantity

Project Analysis:

Quantifiable out of project

Unit cost analysis

Employment generative

Product of delays on project cost and visibility

Description, Jurisdictions and Technical Parameter:

Our project is the Shell petroleum service in which we have to open a new
branch which is located on the area of Bahawalpur ,Punjab province Pakistan.
For this purpose we will have to require a lot of money, technical labor, and
so on. For this project we will have to hire some employees to work for our
project. Such as an accountant, security guards, Five to four persons for
filling the petrol etc. We will have to manage their reasonable salary and
rewards etc.

This project will have some external boundaries and limits or technical
parameters. This should not have any type of bad efect on the general
public. It should be totally legal .There should not be any activity which show
the illegal tasks.

Project Implementation Or Implement Schedule:

Prepare the infrastructure

Coordination with the organization involved in implementation
Implement training
Installed the production solution
Convert the data
Perform final verification in production
Implement new process and procedure
Monitor the solution

Management Structure:

Who are the project leaders?

Who has certain responsibilities?
Who make the decisions?

Entrepreneur and manager

Functions and objectives
Infrastructure and Equipment
Marketing strategies

Main Power Requirements:

Financial Planning:

Understand the top down approaches to project budget

Choose the approach for you
Discuss the needs of project with the stakeholders

Source of Financing:
Equity source:

Shareholders Equity
Common stock
Profered stock+ general public + general public +others

Debt Financing:

Local Government

Implementation Schedule:
We will start our project on the Shell Petroleum Service from 1st January 2017
to 31st December 1919. For this this project we will take the following
actions and steps.

First of all we will purchase a reasonable land for the construction

After that we will hire some employees for the construction task
We will make a place underground for storing the petrol
Purchase 5 points for filling the petrol
Make the building including offices and for the machinery
After take we will purchase oil and petrol and store it underground
Purchase all the necessary goods for the petrol pump
After completion the construction task we will we will start our
purchase and selling process

Additional projects, Decisions Required to Maximize Socio

Economic Benefits from the Proposed Project:
Our project is Shell Petroleum Service. Its not too large project. So it has no
required further any additional project or any other decision.