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Teuku Adifitrian or better known as Tompi.

Aceh's bloody man born in

Lhokseumawe, Aceh, 22 September 1978, or about 36 years ago this was a jazz singer and
host Indonesia. he was known through the album bali lounge and also a solo album. born and
raised in Lhokseumawe Aceh, vocals influenced by traditional songs Aceh and study the
Qur'an. in addition to singing, He is a doctor graduated medical faculty of the University of
Indonesia and has seize a plastic surgeon in 2010. In his personal life, the bachelor tompi
terminate on 1 September 2006 by marrying her lover Arti Indira who've been dating for six
years. Of the marriage of their 3 children karuniai Teuku Omar Dakari, Cut Malacca Ayesha,
and Teuku Zakarizen.
Tompi's career began with campus activities, he started ventured to appear singing.
From here continue his vocal form through his encounter with Bertha and Tjut Deviana.
Besides singing, Tompi also developing their creativity to create their own songs. He started
to create some songs in his spare time with the help of a small recording device, or even a cell
phone. Inspiration of making songs of different moods or also about personal experiences of
the people closest.
Having had the opportunity to perform in various cafes and join in groups. Finally,
thanks to the capabilities and characteristics that he has, Tompi successfully entered the ranks
of top Indonesian singer. Until now Tompi has released about nine albums include My Happy
Life (2008), Paris Jakarta Express (2009), and Never Half Heart (2010).
After quite a long time 'ngamen' from one event to another event, he got an offer to be
the house band at The Bar, Four Season Hotel. His career as a professional singer has taken
him to a variety of experiences, including being a vocalist CHEROKEE which gave him the
opportunity to perform in Singapore for 3 days in a row. And dubbed as SuperVocalist or

Hendra Samuel Simorangkir or Sammy Simorangkir is one singer from Indonesia

which has a very melodious voice. Sammy was born of a couple D.N. Simorangkir and Tiur
Ida Simanjuntak in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, September 8, 1982,or about 34 years ago.
At the beginning of his career as a singer, he is one of the finalists of the first season of
Indonesian Idol.
His name is more shine when she joined the band Kerispatih fronted by Storm, Arief,
Andika and Anton. At the beginning of the formation of this band that is on April 21, 2003,
Sammy has not become part of Kerispatih. But the day after the official recently announced
that Sammy was asked to be the vocalist of the band.
During the work he and Kerispatih has released a compilation album titled Gulalikustik 1
(2004) and 4 single album Kerispatih, Honesty Heart (2005), Reality Feeling (2007),
Enduring By Time (2008) and All About Love (2009).
But when Sammy's career as a singer was at the peak of popularity, news not good come
from him. At the end of 2009, Sammy reportedly stealing cars Honda Civic owned by a
woman named Giska. Sammy finally picked up police officers on Wednesday, December 9,
2009 to undergo police checks in Mampang.
But the case is not finished, Sammy back caught in legal problems. This time he had to
deal with the police having been caught taking drugs type of methamphetamine on February
2, 2010. Sammy officers arrested in a rented room Pedurenan Palm Setiabudi area, Central
Jakarta. Not long ago, Sammy was declared free by the police. However, because Kerispatih
that time already had a replacement vocalist himself, Sammy finally opted to go solo. During
her time as a solo singer, Sammy has released two solo albums and six compilation albums.
This time he claimed to have satisfied air-solo career and was not thought to join another