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Douglas Grandt

All y'all going down with Rex's sinking ship
December 18, 2016 at 7:54 AM
Malcolm Farrant, Darren W. Woods
Rex Tillerson, Suzanne M. McCarron, Max Schulz


Dear ExxonMobil Irving employees,


Thirteen days remain for Rex Tillerson to fix his legacy. You can help him change course.
Rextirement minus13 could be GOOD LUCK for all you employees at the #XOMDeathStar.
You are all implicated with Rex's legacy for your aiding and abetting his insular bubble, his
intentional turning a blind eye, and his hypocritical failure to lead in the transition from fossil
fuels to carbon-free energy technologies in the face of accelerating climate crisis.

Unless you get together and compel Rex to immediately take bold and courageous action, that
is your collective legacy, too. You will go down with the his sinking ship together. Good luck!