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Remote Viewing Ancient Civilizations - a

compilation of data.
Revision 90 (contains OP's content up to page 90 in the thread)
Greetins. I come from Germany. My introduction maybe somewhat
lacking but i'm not a great fan of lying to people so here's what i have to
share. No personal details
nor details of any sort. I'm an employee in an educational facility of sorts.
Together with my co-workers we're engaged in what ypu'd call remote
viewing with a specific goal of targetting and describing ancient
civilizations. The goal itself is to provide our benefactors with crucial
information, technological and
historical artifacts and whatever data might be useful commercially or
On a fun night we've decided to provide our initiative with a little leak.
You may ask whatever you want concerning old history and ancient
civilizations, historical or beyond. If its covered by our work you will get
an answer, if not then no.
Sumer, Babylon and beyond, ask away, someone will log in every day for
an hour or so to answer those questions.

pyramids - when, how, why and by whom? thx.

Circa 10.600 B.C.E or 12.600 years ago. The entire complex was built for
a period of approximately 100 years. It was built by the local people. The
area then was similar to United States today in that it was a melting pot
of many cultures.

Why?As a gravestone.
These people knew their civilization would end and while many
projects were to act as time capsules this one was built as a sort of
memorial. In its vicinity were and still are records and caches of artifacts.
How? They used a principle of magnetism to effectively levitate the
stones, onto ships from the
quarry and then onto their place. They also use a chemical substance to
soften the stone for ease of cutting. Both the substance and the devices
used were relatively simple appliances.
Was there an Atlantis, and did they have flying vehicles of any kind?
Yes there was, at some points of their history they did.
What kind of people in Atlantis? White, Black, other, both?
Originally? Reddish, initially this was the only color, other skin colors
appear untill around 16.000 years ago.
How old are the pyramids, really? The Sphynx?
Pyramids are approx. 12.600 years old, Sphynx is over 16.000 years old.
Anything you have on the Rama empire and have you seen Krishna?
It describes the final days of a high civilization and a global apocalyptic
war that's responsible for the second destruction and the end of the last
technological civilization on earth - some 32.000 years ago.
Have you seen Jesus Christ and/or the Crucifixion?
Yes, the guy was a son of God in many ways, he was genuine although
the Catholic Bible got many things wrong and twisted even more to fit its
What do you know about vimanas and nuclear weapons described with
precision in the ancient Vedic texts?
They were not nuclear weapons, similar but far more destructive. Vimana
is a blanket term for various vehicles that the myriad small nations in
Asia used at that time. The nuclear exchange in Ramayana ended that

era, almost total casualities, civilization wiped out completely. The happy
ending about Rama ruling afterwards was added later.
Have you seen the nephilim, the giants, in the book of Joshua and the
book of kings?
They're the original iteration of mankind. Larger, stronger, much smarter
and much longer lived. One flaw of their species was an extremely slow
reproduction rate, they did not survive their own wars and cataclysms,
we did.
Have you seen Enoch? What was he like?
How was puma punku built and what did it look like?
Using machines, mechanical saws, chemicals applied to soften and help
shape the stone. It was a complex of rectangular buildings few hundred
feet long and up to a hundred feet high, built at mathematical angles
with a very modern appearance,
narrow tall doors and no windows. How was baalbek built and for what
Who built Olytatambo?
A nation who's origin was in a place you call Atlantis, at the time they
built it as a mountain outpost that overlooked a small colony there. It
was built approximately 35.000 years ago.
Who were the "hairy ape men" from the Ramayana?
You're referring to Vanara. They were a non human species who built
their civilization in today's Pakistan. Fairly advanced but local and few in
number, they were wiped out during the war.
How far back does the Etruscan civilization pre-date the founding of the
Roman Republic? Did the Etruscans engage in child sacrifice? Anything
else you can tell me about them is greatly appreciated.
About a thousand years, they developed from the people know to our
history as Raeti, no they did not engage in child sacrifices. They were an
advanced and liberal people who treated their women as equals and
enjoyed sex without any moral and few social restraints. They themselves
evolved from the tribes who lived as sheepherds for almost 5.000 years.

Who were the Hyksos and are their descendants still here today?
An asiatic people ruling the 15th egyptian dynasty, they invaded the Old
Kingdom and melded into it as rulers, overlapping and marrying into the
existing ruling class of Egypt.
What happened to the giants with double rows of teeth and 6 fingers?
We happened. They were the distant descendants of old high civlizations,
without their high technology and with extremely degenerated civilization
and low birthrate they lost the competition. Most were killed off or died
out on the fringes of human lands.
What happened to the Minoans?
A volcano followed by ancient greek raids and infighting.
Was there a Moses? Solomon?
Yes, both are historic figures. Solomon was not jewish though and Moses
stole several technological artifacts from Egypt hence Jews were pursued
by the Pharaoh.
One of these provided the Jews with safe crossing of the Red Sea, the
other helped him carve the tablets (and burned his face for the rest of his
Tell me about Atlantis please
Extremely general question gets you a very general answer. Atlantis was
a continental sized landmass along the Atlantic Ridge. It was destroyed
three times, the size of the landmass steadily decreasing untill it was
reduced to one large island off the coast of Africa. The sinking of this final
island is what Plato
In any of these ancient cultures was there anything you saw that
indicates that extra-terrestrials or other bizarre beings of any kind were
interfering with mankind or interceding?
No aliens i'm sorry. There was a significant variety of civilizations both
human and non-human but all of theae races evolved on earth.
Or has everything on Earth transpired solely through the hands of

There were non-human and pre-human species that influenced mankind

in many ways but they were all terrestrial in nature.
as a white person, I'm curious when/how we developed from the original
Originally people lived in areas of extremely stable climate, ice covered
much of the planet and many lands that are today submerged or
transformed existed. They all sported a similar mild climate that did not
favor variety. Once the climate shifted
we began to change based on the conditions any chosen group lived in.
The major divergence started over 32.000 years ago and stabilized into
different races some 15.000 years ago.
What do you find about ruling elites, or families, as far back as you can
track it, if there are any. Anything about their origin also.
They don't exist. There's a multitude of people and groups who believe
they're in control, none of them exert such influence as professed by
them and suspected by various conspiracy enthusiasts. There are people
with money, power and knowledge that provide them a large degree of
control over chosen fields though. Let's stick to history though, i won't
touch on politics and current affairs.
You say Moses stole technology to part the Red Sea...are you implying
that Moses was not under any influence other than his own and what he
could accomplish with some tools?
If you're implying God as per bible, no. Moses' motives were simple, he
wanted a people to rule and being inducted into the priestly caste of
Egypt he was shown the vaults and records of older times including tools
and artifacts.
What was the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night?
A side effect of a faulty mobile algae farm that fed Israelis. It worked but
produced excess heat, light and radiation.
Did Moses write the Torah?
How did these ancients manage to encode Kabbalah into Torah if it was
only man at work in it's creation?

At one point divination was a hard science combining mathematics and

mental disciplines. It was possible to predict the future and encode it.
Also, as a remote viewer, does it become self-evident that there is a
spirit world and, if so, was Moses likely directed by entities from it?
Moses was a man driven by ambition. He wanted a people to rule and
discovered tools that allowed him to appear as a chosen miracle worker
to people who did not understand technology from a much earlier period.
Who built Gobekli Tepe and for what purpose? Why was it intentionally
Gobekli Tepe was an administrative center of a local civilization. It was
built some 10.000 years ago. They buried it because they were losing a
war with a neighbouring kingdom and it was not in their culture to
destroy their heritage instead they preserved it with sand and fled the area becoming nomadic
and gradually losing what civilized state of mind they possesed.
Where was the Troy of the Homeric tales? (the supposed location in
Turkey does not exactly match the story)
It's where they dug it out, mount Hisarlik. The original war was much less
epic than the homeric account. Troy VIIa was a city of some 6000
What about all those Chinese pyramids? Age, builders, purpose, I read
something about lakes of mercury? Who were the Mound Builders?
Distant descendants of atlantean refugees. They lost a religious war with
their brethren in Mexico. Their opponents migrated to South America
while they migrated to North America, they both established disparate
civilizations that were the roots
of all native american activity in the Americas.
Who were the race of giants with a double row of teeth?
Degenerate descendants of the first human species to reach technological
civilization. They survived in Americas as late as 2000 years ago. They
died out due to inbreeding caused by low populations.
It took them a100 years to levitate stones into place?

The Pyramids consist of hundreds of thousands of stones and the people

who built them were not at our level of technology. The appliances of
high technology they had left over from previous eras were sufficient to
facilitate the creation of such
vast projects but not to do so speedily or with ease.
Any stuff on why crazy things happen in the so called Bermuda Triangle?
Active power generation units, built to withstand upheavals, the
civilization they powered is long gone but they remain due to being
housed in such solid structures.
They interfere with compasses, cause visual, spatial and time distortions
as well as increase the level of oxygen in the water making it less dense
and sinking ships instantly. The mechanical/scientific reason for these
phenomena is not understood, the technology they stem from is
centuries ahead of ours but its apparent the millennia of neglect left
these devices faulty.
Ed Leedskalnin claimed to have rediscovered the methods the ancients
used to levitate stones when he built the coral castle in Florida. Inside
one of the larger structures he wrote a mathematical formula for the 9
cornerstones scientists are now using in major universities to unlock the
secrets of anti-gravity. Some say the work has already been done and is
being covered up by the U.S. Government. Were the secrets of levitation
anti-gravitational, or were they some force that an ancient artifact used?
Leedskalnin was a genius, he was also privy to transcripts of ancient
records describing construction. The method with which to levitate
objects is known for decades and experimented upon. It was not made
public for various economic reasons.
Also, was Edgar Cayce correct about the "Hall of Records" beneath the
paws of the Sphinx? Do such records exist?
The hall of records
natural caves and
beneath the Sphinx
emptied by Egyptian

is a massive subterranean complex accessed via

multiple entranced around Giza Plateou. What's
is a small cache of artifacts, also it's already been
authorities at an unknown but recent date.

Can you speak at all on the nature of the Earth's Ages in regards to a
specific polarity for each age?

The ages are an invention of Greek Philosophers. There was no such clear
distinction in human history.
It has become apparent to me that we are in "Negative" polarity right
now, where the emphasis in this world is on Negativity, Death,
Destruction, exploitation, etc.
I wont engage in spiritual discussion i'm sorry.
Was there a Positive polarity age on Earth where Truth and virtue were
the norm and Evil/Death rare?
There was a period where civilization reached global unification and a
level of technological attainment that allowed society to achieve a postscarcity lifestyle.
Presumably there was crime and unrest but only at personal level as
society reached a satisfactory equilibrum.
How far back have you gone, what did you find there, and why not go
back further?
200 thousand years. The further one goes the less fidelity and clarity can
be obtained untill viable results become impossible.
Did dinosaurs ever co-exist with any species of sentient biped that
populated the earth?
Dinosaurs themselves? No, there did exist large reptile descendants both
aerial and terrestrial, they co-existed with humanity for a time.
Was there a reptilian race and have they gone underground?
No and no. All known species are mammalian.
You have said no Aliens, but how about the they exist and
inhabit the Earth?
Not to our knowledge.
Is there anything to Hollow Earth and who lives there?
Earth is not hollow, consequently no one lives within the strata. The myth
was born from primitive people rediscovering ancient underground
complexes the size of which impressed them so much they presumed the
earth itself is hollow.

Was there a Moon as far back as you've gone, or did it become attached
much later?
Yes, the moon is present for the duration of our reaching back.
So, how many wipe-outs of larger civilizations that couldn't rise above
their technology level to build a sustainable society can you count to? Are
we the sixth or the seventh, or less? It's not good news. We struggle
hard right now not to implode. It's such a mess.
We're the third human civilization to have high technology on a global
level. The number of civilizations that reached some level of technology
below ours is much larger, none of them were global however. The entire
span of human civilized
history as counted by the broad human genus is approximately 150.000
So there were other civilizations with technology by which they failed,
besides the two before us? Even though they weren't global i assume in
your answer they were also wiped out. How many and for what reason?
The total number and the time span is too large to elaborate. There have
been two major civilizations, first centered in a region of Antarctica, once
warm today covered in ice. This civlization was both global and
advanced. It was destroyed by
an impact of a small comet that caused a global firestorm and
destabilized our planets geology some 50.000 years ago. The remnants
of this impact are evident in a layer of ash in India, the comet exploded
directly above this continent. The second
civilization, much closer to ours both in technology and lifestyle though
still above our level destroyed itself in a global war some 32.000 years
ago. The final destruction was caused by a rapid submerging of the final
remnant of Atlantis some
12.300 years ago. Human civilization by then was less advanced than we
are though still possesing a sophisticated and significant level of
achievement, also enjoying some leftover technologies with capacity to
maintain them but without the ability to reproduce them.
Are the islands in the Caribbean the tips of a submerge Atlantis? From
where the people of the islands in the Atlantic came? Atlantis? Are there
any technology.
Hidden around in those islands?
The Carribean are not direct remnants of Atlantis rather than remnants of
one of the many archipelagoes that once surrounded the landmass. There

are cultural and architectonic artifacts scatted on them but no operational

or recognizable
The flood? Noah? All the animals? True?
To a point. The final remnant of Atlantis was approximately the size of
Scotland. It's rapid submergence caused a tsunami over three thousand
feet high as well as a change in gulfstream. The result was the inundation
of the coastlines as deep as a
hundred miles inwards, massive floods and torrential rains that lasted for
weeks in many regions of the world. The north american and european
glaciers provided the required water while melting. The Bible offers a
dramatization of the actuall
geological event. Many people survived using boats and ships but clearly
the entire globe was not inundated, there were efforts to herd animals
into safer zones such as highlands but no, there was never a wooden ship
meant to house a pair of
each species.
So, I guess you guys messed around looking into the future? :) Got
anything to say about that? Will there be a fourth civilization after we,
most likely, will mess up...
The future is not set, possibilities exist, free will is a factor. Precision is
not possible to a degree that assures viability and what is viable cannot
be disclosed.
Antarctica was once warm but not in 35 million years it is thought. Even
if they are a bit wrong on this it is possible to get ice cores from
Antarctica that date back 800,000 years setting an absolute minimum to
when the Antarctic was ice
free. In other-words this aspect of your story cannot be true. I find your
comments interesting though!
You're probably right about the ice cores. Still a significant portion of
Antarctica was ice free as recently as 52.000 years ago and hosted a hub
of global civilization.
Do you see our current civilization repeating the same mistakes that
ended previous civilizations?
We do not yet have weapons that provide us with potential for total
destruction like our predecesseors did, also there is no geological or
spaceborne threat that can be recognized in the immidiate future.

A tsunami caused by a rapid submergence could in theory occur - but the

speed of the wave would be such that "herding animals into safer zones"
would not have been possible IMHO.
You misunderstood. The people and all animal life caught in the wake of
the wave were destroyed of course. People attempted saving themselves
and their animals by transferring to higher grounds in response to vast
regional floods and torrential
rains which became a survival level issue on the plains. A side effect of
the sinking of the last remnant of Atlantis was the change in sea currents
and an extremely rapid melting of the glacial sheets, the result is heavily
dramatized in the Bible as 40 days and nights of rain.
I recently began researching tales of giants in the area I live, Indiana
(ohio valley), can you offer any info to help my research? A new direction
I can look into?
I'm not certain what are you looking for. Save for one recovery the vast
majority of biological remnants of these people come from their final
period when they existed in an almost completely uncivilized state. Any
evidence of high civilization that they once constructed is inaccessible due
to either being
destroyed or existing in inaccessible places either due to geology or the
fact that what little was found is already claimed by various authorities. If
you want to find more detailed data make an attempt to contact native
american elders,
preferably Sioux. Native Americans clashed with the remnants of these
peoples from the moment of their arrival to Americas. They have a rich
tradition describing these conflicts.
Broad strokes on Mu/Lemuria if you would. Also a sinking?
It's still here. It's current name is Australia. Parts of it sank but much of
it remains. It was host to earliest human cultures and civilizations.
Simple and close to nature. People abandoned it almost completely when
its climate shifted.
How did this culture differ from Atlantis?
Neither Atlantis nor Lemuria had one distinct culture, they were
continents that hosted multiple civilizations, often pararell to each other.
How about language? What was the language of Atlantis and what does it
closely resemble today?

There was once a universal language from which all others evolved, it
remained in its form as a trade/common language but vanished after the
end of the last ice age destroyed civilization and isolated the various
groups. For the past 12.300 years humanity developed and evolved
different languages, there is no close descendant today that would
provide a lingustic base for viable analysis.
Same question: Rama (though I suspect Sanskrit is pretty "pure" from
ancient times)
It's not. Mahabharata describes events that happened over 32.000 years
ago, over such a period of time a language evolves to a point where its
previous form is no longer recognizable.
Was there ever a civilisation that was peaceful?
Yes, quite a few.
what of the Adam and Eve story,
It's an allegory on when first proto-humans became self aware to a point
where they were able to realise they're mortal. Once their brains became
sufficiently complex their evolution began. It has no bearing on actual
history from archaeological
did you view any crucifixion of the one known as Jesus (Essa-Aramaic)
was he born into poverty or really a Prince as I have read. Did he marry
Mary Magdalene since all Rabbis were required to marry.
Yes, Jesus was married, he had children, he was also in many ways a
very special man. He was not born into poverty, his parents were part of
a group that's analogous to our royalty, he would have lived in significant
wealth if he chose to
spend his youth with his family.
Any info on the Neanderthal people?
Smarter than us but devoid of imagination. They built significant
civilizations with an extreme level of social sophistication but their
technological progress was extremely slow. Also their technologies were
marked by an attempt to move away from mechanical and utilize natural
forces and resources in ways that provided them with efficiency and
achievements that at one point rivalled our own.

Was the sword Excalibur, myth or real.

We never looked into it, i'm sorry.
How far did the ancient civilizations go with their medical advances.
I'm under assumption you're asking about the very highest point during
the most advanced period? They had the possibility to prolong their
natural lives to great lenghts, they also artificially enhanced their own
lineages - the result of this
are unnaturally long lifespans listed in the Bible. These people were
distant descendants of the elites of that high period, their longer lives
were a genetic gift handed down from their ancestors who bolstered their
bloodline with an artificial booster of unknown means but presumably
technological in nature.
Could you elaborate on contemporary physical
evolutionary adaptations to local environments?




I'm not Edgar Cayce i'm sorry. I'm not capable of providing reliable
responses beyond a few chosen fields associated with history and
Did any of the past civilizations make it off the planet and become
Yes. During both high periods they travelled relatively freely within the
confines of the inner solar system. In fact the only fully intact facilities of
theirs we may hope to find will be present off world since the moon
provides a sterile and
stable enviroment which preserves structures despite the passage of
How do you and your team calibrate your ability to see accurate results?
Are there control tests that prove reliability in these matters? Also, could
you comment on what it takes to do what you do? How does one
recognize a latent ability to do these things and/or how to develop them?
It's not precisely remote viewing, the term was used because you people
are familiar with it. I'll refrain from providing details, they would not be
helpful in any case. The best mechanism to prove reliability is recovery of
hardware when such is located in a place that can be accessed by

If there were past advanced civilisations, why was there so much fossil
fuel available for our industrial age considering the rate at which we have
consumed it?
We're the first civilization that consumes this volume of fossile fuels, our
predecessors evolved different solutions that based themselves on more
exotic but far more efficient and renewable sources of energy. Their
industrial ages depended
on steam and coal shifting directly to processed solar power and what we
assume was a form of fusion. The first high period saw a far more exotic
source of energy that i would struggle to explain.
assuming you can 'view' the past you should be able to see how human
physical traits change based on environment over long time frames. If
you do that for a few areas, you should have a decent answer to my
Perhaps but it was never our focus. As a people we shrunk from an
average of seven feet to six feet. We've lost our dark brown skin and
universally black hair in favour of various pigmentations. Our skulls and
brains decreased at least 10% and we live significantly shorter lives.
Even during the last ice age people living in civilized areas could achieve
over 100 years of age consistently while today it's considered an
achievement. As for direct evolution of ethnic groups it was simply never
a focus of work being done. One consistency is size. People got
progressively smaller after each upheaval due to less quantity and variety
in their diet and medical supplies.
Are pole shifts recurring, periodic, and predictable? Did our ancestors
build in Egypt around 10,600 B.C. because they knew cosmic events
would inevitably cause a cataclysmic pole shift on schedule?
The pole shifts as new age movements define them never existed. The
complex at Giza was being built because the people of that period
perfected divination as hard science and for a long time received a
consistent information that their world would end. Some time before the
end the geological instability of remnant of Atlantis was discovered and
various projects such as time capsules containing records and migrations
to perceived safe zones started.
What location hosts the most amazing cache of prehistoric technological
evidence not yet found? Where, and what exactly could be found?
The Smithsonian university warehouses. Artefacts from all periods can be
found including records, functional technological artifacts in operational

state and mortal remains of ancient people. The inventory of items

appropriated by people
affiliated with this particular university numbers hundreds of thousands.
Have you seen biblical artifacts like the Ark of the Covenant, and if so
where is it currently located?
Yes, in Libya, it's a core of an ancient energy generation device. No
longer operational, still heavily radioactive.
has humanity ever ventured into space, become space faring, colonized
other worlds? Are we in contact with space faring humans and if so are
they simply an offshoot from human civilization on Earth? Or are we the
colonists here? Have
humans built bases on the moon long ago, and can you describe them if
we have?
Mankind never reached a level in which it was capable of interstellar
travel. There were period when space travel was possible and practised
far more intensely than today but never to a point where full fledged
colonisation was possible. Yes there are multiple facilities on the moon,
some quite extensive, they existed for purposes of research and low
gravity manufacture. Once the civilization that built them was destroyed
their inhabitants went back home once they exhausted their resources.
Are you aware of the material that Anastasia (Ringing Cedars of Russia)
has divulged about the past? she is able to accurately access the last
9,000 years..
She says that most history we are taught are lies... Was Man originally
According to her this is the 5th time humanity has re-emerged after
planetary catastrophes.. Also what about the Russian guys book that all
the history is made up? the dates dont match up, etc.. he says history is
really only about 1,000 years
old, all the way back to Egypt... Another question about the dolmens, can
you specify their purpose and age?
I'm not familiar with Anastasia nor the book you mention. Dolmens were
gravesites of a tribal people who lived in the coastal areas near today's
cities of Krasnodar and Noworosyjsk.
What can you tell us about figures such as Ceopatra and Alexander the
Great? Where are their tombs located?
Cleopatra - six miles north of Taposiris Magna.

Alexander the Great - Soma, the communal mausoleum of Alexandria,

now submerged.
Who are the red-headed mummies found in China?
Original inhabitants of China. Redheaded, white skinned people who. by
the arrival of proto-chinese chan ethnicity were in severe decline as a
populace, the few holdouts eventually mixed with the new arrivals. Prior
to the deluge they presided
over a large conglomerate of democratic city states that spanned much of
continental China, the deluge saw them decimated and displaced to the
point of losing their achievements and becoming reclusive shepherds.
you say that didn't saw aliens or alien contact so far, but ancient
civilizations could reach the moon and inner planets. This means that
maybe there are structures in the moon, but these were build by humans
from the earth?
That is correct. There are such structures and they originate from earth
as does all debris and ruins present on the moon.
What about, all the records of flying machines, gods, etc. ? Can you tell
us something about Nazca lines?
Part of it is less developed people observing much more advanced
neighbours, part of it is survivors of various upheavals trying to maintain
a link to their own past. For a society of hunter gatherers an ancestor
who lived in a skyscraper built of stone and glass and achieved various
technologically assisted results perceived by them as impossible was a
As you stated previuosly lemuria was located on the continent of
Australia. I have believed this for some time but any evidence of ancient
civilisations that have been found are usually attributed to the ancient
Egyptians who possibly mined
gold on this continent. Which areas of Australia would you think the most
evidence of lemuria could or would be located and did the egyptians
regularly travel here and if so for what purpose?
Lemuria never hosted a technological civilization so there's not much to
go around. Egyptians never travelled to Australia to our knowledge. They
did maintain trade links with North America for a time.

+1 for the Holy Grail Also, you said Jesus had kids. Are his descendants
still among us? And are they special in any kind of way?
Holy Grail is an allegory. Arthur - a centurion drawn from the locals
sought a location where Tuath Danann, ancient refugees from a different
period stored their artifacts of scientific nature. Merlin was one of
hereditary caretakers, his magic is science, medicine and mechanical
devices as witnessed by early dark age society.
Given the genetic branching there must be tens of thousands of
descendants of Jesus but no they're not special. The reasons for Jesus'
being special were not his genes.
I have read differing views of where Lemuria extended from Australia
some say west some north but most seem to say off the east coast of
Australia encompassing many of the pacific islands and perhaps
extending all the way to Hawaii. Can you
confirm this and would you expect that remnants of past civilisations
such as statues, pyramids, hieroglyphs and stone arrangements that
have been found would be from Lemuria or have other civililastions visted
or lived on this continent?
No meaningful artifacts have been found of Lemuria to date. The lack of
high civilizations on that landmass combined with its antiquity means lack
of any archeological finds of note.
Anything about the Maya? Curious about their tech and seemingly
otherworldly knowledge. Also, their knowledge of the cosmos. Lastly, how
did Mayan civilization finally crash?
The Maya did not possess any advanced technology. They were a
sophisticated stone age society. From their ancient precursors they
inherited mathematics and a keen interest in the stars. The Maya
civilization failed due to disease and war,
consequently they suffered an economic collapse which in such a simple
culture meant famine and mass starvation. This led to migrations and
dilution of the centres of civilization.
Do you know why a small percentage of humans today have rh negative
No i don't.
How did humans get on this planet? Are we descendants of beings that
came here from elsewhere?
No, we evolved here.

You said Jesus was a special man, but not because of his genes. Can you
please explain more about him?
Jesus was the first man in a very long time to understand the mechanics
of creation, life and more. He attempted to share that knowledge with the
I think humans made a leap from Mars to Earth...and that Mars got
destroyed by something a long time ago. What's your take on that?
They did not. By the time human civilization first traveled beyond earth
Mars was a dead planet, presumably for a very long time. All human
races evolved on earth.
They helped each other, they were also helped by contemporary prehuman civilizations when they did not compete with them.
Can you tell us about the Armenians?
A people who rose some 1400 B.C and established a series of realms
near the borders of today Turkey and Iran.
Where did they come from and how back does their history go back?
As an ethnicity approx. 1400-1500 B.C
What else can you tell us about Urartu the Lost Kingdom of Van and how
is it related to Armenian civilization?
Urartu and Van are the same thing, they were the hub of ancient
armenian activity which at the time was mostly military in nature. Urartu
is in fact the bibilical kingdom of Ararat
Can you give any examples of any of the advanced technologies? Eg,
vehicles, medicine, other cool stuff?
You would have to name a period. During the second high period of
civilization solar power, magnetic propulsion, artificially grown crystalline
hardware were commonplace. One major difference was that most
energy was renewable and what consummable fuel existed was
significantly more efficient than ours. Among the artifacts from the final
high period of civilization there is a prelavence of devices and appliances
that have few moving parts or lack them alltogether deaspite

their technological nature. During the later iterations of civilization much

technology was lost but the appliances to carve and transport stone were
retained due to simple means required.
Who were the people who built and inhabited Teotihuacan? Why did they
the city?
A precursor to the Toltec civilization. Stone age in technology but with a
large population and a significant level of social organization. It was built
some 1600 years ago.
Who built Machu Picchu and for what purpose?
The Incas around 1450. It was built for the priests and elites who
worshipped a much older site in the vicinity. Later it was used as a safe
haven during the spanish conquest.
Did the ancient Mexicans and South Americans who built these places use
the same levitation technology as the Egyptians used for the pyramids?
No, both cities you listed have been built within the last 1600 and 500
years using fairly primivite methods.
How did the peoples of 32,000 years ago destroy each other (I know war,
but do you have more details)? Are there any remains, physical or
cultural, of their civilisations?
They used weapons of mass destruction, kinetic and energy in nature,
they destabilised the geology of the planet and poisoned the ecosystem
for a long period of time, the loss of life and infrastructure was such that
survivors reverted to
stone age levels. Yes there are artifacts left over from that period.
Has the solar system undergone any changes during the period of your
viewing or are the planets still in the same orbits now as they were
150,000-200,000 years ago?
No major changes.
Did the second high society ride the tides of the first high society to
develop, or did the second society primarily develop on its own? What
were the final moments of the second society like? What circumstances
led to its demise?

There was a continuity of human history for the past 150.000 years. The
total loss of knowledge happened only recently during the end of the last
ice age. The last high civilization ended with a global war. The direct
remnant of that war is
evident in large radioactive sand deposits all over the world.
Do you know which modern ethnic groups have the most genetic
similarities to groups of previous high societies?
We all do. We're all descended from some of the people of that period.
Do you know for what reason the global war erupted during the second
civilization? Can you give any details on some major players in that war?
One side believed in an enslavement of all minor human species to use
them as tools. The other did not. Both sides consisted of major nations
and minor allies with imperial ambitions. The desire to dominate led to
conflict. The inability to break the stalemate led to the use of weapons of
mass destruction and a mutually assured destruction scenario. The
participants on one side were people from the land mass in centre of
Atlantic along its ridge now submerged, their allies who lived on the
plains of western Europe around british isles - today flooded, people who
lived on and around Cuba and in the Americas. On the other side were
the nations and states that inhabited areas of today's Indo-China
including the portions of land now submerged, large part of Africa and
mediterrenean as well as parts of today's Black Sea coast. All belligerents
were wiped out, on both sides.
And do you know the peaks of global population for the first and second
high civilizations?
The highest total never exceeded half a bilion individuals globally for all
the species.
You speak of jesus having an understanding....does this then roll into
remote viewing etc, knowledge providing "abilites" based on the universal
math? ie - egyptians having perfected divination.
What you refer to as abilities are a side effect of understanding. The
process of understanding involves mental disciplines that transform a
person untill his point of reference to reality allows him to step out of it in
a manner. Egyptians did not possess divination. Their precursors did. It
was different in that it was hard science based on mathematics and
physical media while Jesus thought how to blend various elements that
compose a person into greater understanding.

With the rise and fall of empire after would seem ours is
destined to be a myth for people a thousand years from
question being, was there growth or "point", or simple biology birthing
and dying...?
I do not understand the question, please elaborate.
Is it possible for you to go more in depth on how previous civilizations
extended their lifespan? Did this entail other personal modifications, such
as improved extrasensory skills and such?
Genetic modification that prolonged the aging process and cell
regeneration devices.
Can you describe the race(s) of the humans that thought they were
superior to others at the end of the second civilization? For instance, is
there a modern race that bears similarities to them or is even a direct
descendent of them?
We all have some percentage of genes from many of precursor races or
even species. There was no direct analogy to the old civilizations in our
history. The people who lived in what is called Atlantis believed in their
supremacy as the premiere
technological power of that old period.
Has there been a positive progression or negative progression in terms of
human evolution? Are we continuing to devolve or do we have
advantages over the previous iterations?
We live shorter lives, our health and overall physical attributes are much
poorer, we're also not as smart but we're restless and we have an
extreme birth rate. Human race while much less refined than it was
evolved into what might be called a
Were awakenings such as that of Jesus more common during previous
societies (as you mentioned, him being the first person in a long time to
rediscover certain functions of creation)?
At one point such knowledge was common, perhaps not at the level he
Are the Annunaki of Sumerian legacy simply humans with access to
ancient technologies? And are the various modern legacies of ancient

catastrophic war fragmented memories of the fall of the second

The Annunaki are the invention of Zacharias Sitchin. The man was a
Is there a notable influence that the fallen second civilization has over
our modern society? Such as its technologies or knowledge, etc
Yes, atomics, scramjets, magnetic rail technology, crystalline parts of our
computers are all reverse engineered from the artifacts found at one
point or the other. Presumably there's more.
What happened to the region of Africa that is known as the Sahara? Was
it always so barren?
Sahara was a fertile savanna as late as 11.000 years ago. Prior to the
end of an ice age it was a heavily forested region. The original saharan
desert was barely a tenth of what it is today. It enlarged after the climate
Have there been others of Jesus type in history?
Yes, multiple.
Was this a self understanding, or mention of the "mystic" schools of the
time? ...I guess most pertinent...did any such "real tradition" exist, or
continue to exist
Large parts of it exist in some places but in its entirety its not present
anywhere in the world at this point in our history.
if the viewers are all getting different impressions from the same blind
target, it's more than likely their own imagination.
There are no impressions. As stated the methods for obtaining knowledge
are not precisely remote viewing. The term was used because you're
comfortable with it. I will not at any point elaborate, i'm sorry.
Did you view the moon landings? What really happened and what was the
real goal? Did the moon missions really stop or are they done out of the
public eye now?

They stopped. The race to the moon started after the various goverments
realised that it's the last repository of functional technology from previous
They're no longer allowed to land on the moon, also more caches of
usable artefacts have been discovered on earth making it cheaper to
appropriate them here
Is the Philosopher's Stone merely an allegory or something more?
It was a medical device that survived into roman times and late
medieval. It healed the body. It did not allow for transformation of
matter though. That part was added later as dramatic license by
unknown sources.
How long did the first civilization last? Were they larger because of
previous, better conditions for life on earth?
Almost a hundred thousand years. The ozone layer was much thicker
letting less radiation in. This resulted in overall larger size of animal life,
longer life spans and healthier bodies. These people were also the first
iteration of mankind, not yet damaged by genetic modification, harsh
climate and aided by advanced technology, all of this provided them with
a much higher quality of life and physical endurance.
75,000 years ago did earth have a solar system wide civilisation that
ended in a devastating war?
No, our civilization was always centered on earth.
They're [moon landings are] no longer allowed? Why not? And who has
power to tell governments what to do? Thanks for answering
There's examples of technology still present and functioning on the moon
that if brought to earth might prove to be a global threat, everyone
realised it's not safe to continue, nobody wished for an extinction level
Where were/are these caches located?
All facilities are located in the northern edge of Sea of Tranquility and
within the surrounding mountains. There exist at least one large scale
facility and dozens smaller ones. All of them have been mapped and
photographed, only one was actually accessed.

No large permanent colonies built on the other inner planets or dwarf

planets in 100,000 years? Or a way discovered to travel to other stars?
Slightly off topic but if that's true it makes it seem like the simulation
theory for our universe is true since that technology is only 50-200 years
away for us. That or something kept them from leaving.
There were large facilities on the Moon and Mars but these were
industrial or scientific in nature. No colonies or settlements. It took these
people a long time to develop to a point where they travelled beyond
earth, also they were less
curious than we are due to having media or research and observation
over interstellar distances without the need to be physically present.
No, you said they were on earth. Where on earth are these caches?
South America, subterrenean shelters in the Andes, repositories in Giza,
ruins in Bolivia, remains of defensive installations and settlements in
Syberia, some abandoned cities buried in the Gobi desert, drowned
regions in the Bahamas, under Paris, in Italy, in underground facilities of
today's India and Pakistan, in multiple chinese mountain ranges and
Did any previous civilization explore Venus or Mars to see if there had
been life on them at some point in time? i.e. fossils
I have no knowledge of that.
Do you know approximately many humanoids survived the collapse of the
first civilization? What about the collapse of the second civilization? And
do you know if ancient technologies influenced any wars in the past
several hundred years?
Less than 3% after the first destruction, less than 10% after the second.
No, no wars were fought over ancient technologies. Hitler and Americans
both recovered atomic related knowledge prior and during WW2 but
that's it.
What was the preferred choice of public transit in the other two
technology advanced civilisations. We hava cars and they had what?
Cause I'm sure they didnt travel around with oxe carts?
During the first civilization it was a network of devices that bent space in
a manner that allowed to travel vast distances in a single step. During
the second civilization it was an automated system of vessels that
hovered a few hundred feet

above ground and covered a global network of destinies, much like our
railway does today but with much greater speed and not limited by
bodies of water.
Why was Hitler so interested in Antarctica? Is there anything there?
It was the hub of the first major civilization and some technology is still
there. Hitler was under the wrong impression that Germans are direct
descendants of this first iteration of civilized mankind.
Are there any civilizations, ancient or otherwise, living below the Earth?
No. There are native american tribes in Amazonia and the Andes that
inhabit ancient underground complexes but their relationship with them is
religious, ritual and cultural, they're not their builders.
Are you not allowed to talk about the chinese pyramids?
You're referring to the Xian pyramids? If so these are the tombs of rulers
from a white culture that dominated China prior to the end of the last ice
Any indications of other dimensions? Were they able to travel or look into
them if discovered? Big question: Any of them try to find (or did find!)
the reason life exists or why the big bang happened?
Death and what is beyond was known at some points in history and there
were hard sciences that dealt with it as well as technologies devised to
cope with an extended knowledge of reality and creation. The full span of
the precursor knowledge is unknown but they did have contact with what
you would call "the other side" and approached it from a scientific
standpoint rather than religious.
Did they see anything in the interstellar distance that was surprising or
disturbing? Any signs of life in other solar systems that was deduced or
observed? Did they see anything in the interstellar distance that was
surprising or disturbing? Any signs of life in other solar systems that was
deduced or observed?
I'm sorry. I only ignore question venturing to far into spiritual and
religious but there's enough of them that i get lost. No. To our knowledge
the previous human civilizations did not encounter any threat from
beyond our planet save natural

Why is there no history pre-Sumerian? Or is it being hidden by someone?

Yes, its being supressed.
Where did some of the mesoamerican communities disappeared too?
Archeologists say they simply vanished without a trace left no tracks
behind. Was it interdimensional travel involved?
Many different cases. Some died out, some were enslaved, others
traveled far enough that archeology lost track of them. Most reasons are
fairly mundane.
Can you say why there is a lake of mercury underneath the great white
pyramid, what did they use it for?
Mercury was emulating water in a miniature presentation of the region.
[history pre-Sumerian ] What are you able to share? You mentioned no
elite families are really in control, so who is able to repress such a vast
amount of knowledge? Royalty?
The scientists built their careers around certain theories, should these be
overturned everything, economy, academia, medicine and religions would
be faced with greater truth and consequently everyone who has much
would lose much. As a
result there is widespread dislike over digging to deep, its socially
ingrained rather than externally steered.
Why do Chinese refuse to excavate it.
Hundreds of white skinned, red haired and well preserved corpses that
prove China was inhabited by a white race prior to the arrival of the chan
Did either the first or second civilizations create chimeras? Such as half
human half-ox, etc?
Yes, perhaps not half human half animal but gene splicing and taking
away a persons cosciousness to make them a biological automata was a
practice against those defeated or considered inferior at one point.
Do you focus at all on future and not want to discuss it, or purely history?
I would prefer sticking to history.

What would we lose if we knew our past? What would the elite lose if
there is no sinister agenda behind?
Religious people would be forced to forfeit their beliefs. Archeologists,
philosophers and others would be forced to admit their knowledge is
insufficient and concerning the history they know as little as a common
person. Reverse
engineering the renewable energy sources would deprive vast companies
of their income, cheap and effective medical technologies would
undermine the medical complex and so on. The change of this magnitude
is too much for a great many
Is there really a shielded cave in the Bucegi mountains in Romania filled
with advanced technology and knowledge? What happened with it?
Same question for a cave in the Grand Canyon that is supposedly heavy
protected containing lots of artifacts.
An old kingdom priestly sect built their haven there, the complex itself is
even older, built prior to the end of the ice age. Its location was known
by a secular sect of old kingdom priests who moved there after being
exiled from Egypt.
You mentioned sitchen a fraud. Is Jordan maxwell a fraud?
I'm not familiar with Jordan Maxwell.
and who are the beings seen entering and exiting the underground caves
in that area [Grand Canyon]
Researchers from authorized government groups.
I dont like it when he says there is absolutly no alien interference on our
planet. Thats just retarted. Who are they then, OP? Interdimensional
Because the phenomena do exist. Nobody could deny that.
Presumably aliens exist. We never focused on them and yes, our history
was not at any point influenced by any extraterrestrial beings.
Why did the mesoamericans did blood sacrifices?

After the deluge it was simply tradition and mindless repetition of

misunderstood rituals who's true purpose was lost but it stuck for
Did those first two civilizations also use gold/money or was their
economy set up differently? Did they use a centralised energy generation
system, or did they produce energy individually/locally?
The first iteration of human high civilization achieved a post scarcity
status. Currency was not used. The second civilization used currency as
we do today. It was made of alloys in the forms of coinage. There was no
paper currency.
Did the US really find an ancient Vimana in an afghan cave? Why was it
hidden in a cave?
No, they did find flying machines in Arizona, Alaska and in South
America, none operational but intact.
Can you please describe these flying machines? For a single person, or
many? Operated by...thought? If intact, why not operational?
They found a mass transportation module. A vehicle that operated in
capacity of a gunship. In South America they found a much later airship.
Where are these machines now
Did the first civ use barter, or something like that? Could you also
address the previous energy question?
No, all personal needs were catered for freely. Their level of technology
allowed them to manufacture goods with little cost and what work
needed to be done was done so voluntarily. Both civilizations produced
power both regionally and globally much as we do today.
Also were they able to create artificial intelligence?
Yes, learning machines with some form of self awareness did exist.
Why was the first high civilization unable to stop a simple comet?
It was not aware of it untill it was too late, they were powerful and
extremely advanced but still just people. The comet itself is also not a
small threat. They did reduce the threat from global extiction to mass

dying by destroying it high in the atmosphere, if impact was made only

bacteria would have survived.
What was the biggest, most monumental city/hub ever build in history of
mankind? And how did it look(size, architecture, height of buildings) Or is
Tokyo today the ultimate human hive ever build?
Is terms of space our cities are much larger. The largest cities of the high
periods housed a milion, perhaps two. A city holding a hundred thousand
people was considered large. During the second period they built in a
style we could recognize, high towers of glass, alloy and white stone with
bases of carved
granite. United States is notable for some attempt to recreate an old
style by groups that fancy themselves inheritors of the old ways.
how high were those towers? 70, 100, 500 meters?
As high as our skyscrapers, in some cases higher.
Did operation Highjump really encounter flying saucers? Who do they
really belong to?
Yes, these were experimental nazi germany gunships fulfilling the same
role as our modern attack helicopters. They were built to copy an ancient
design of a similar craft.
You talked about defensive systems in place in Siberia, are they still
functional? Can we control them?
They're not. In recent decades local swamps flooded the sites. We could
never control them, they're automated and damaged by milennia of
neglect. Today they're evident only by much higher radiation in the area
where they're submerged.
are the nazis still hiding in the Antarctic?
No, Americans dismantled their base upon their victory.
How did they [first and second civilizations] organise their economies?
Did they use money? How did they obtain food?
They ate meat, grains and vegetables. Some cultures chose a vegetarian
diet, in higher period synthetic alternatives to meat were available. The
multitude of nations, races and even species as well as a significant time
span the question covers makes it impossible to answer in detail. The
very same goes for economies, capitalism in some form and fashion was

common during the second civilization. The first one did not have an
economic system other than voluntary labor, education and
development was also voluntary. High output, largely automated industry
coupled with low populations allowed for such a lifestyle.
Armenian history has been suppressed and rewritten. I am not sure as to
I do not cater to national pride. Neither will my colleagues. Much of
Armenian history overlaps the canon, also bear in mind we wont have
answers to all your questions. What we know is limited by what we
Why isn't there much publicly known about the battle of Antarctica?
Because it's tied to a larger picture, both politicaly, historically and
scientifically. Most Germans captured lived out their lives in United States
working under various projects.
Do the americans now use this saucer technology, and did their
experiments with it lead to the Roswell crash?
Yes they do. We never bothered with Roswell.
In other words you can't talk about it. Are you also not allowed to discuss
the afterlife?
I'd prefer to stick to history.
Can you tell something more about the battle in the skies witnessed over
Neuremberg in 1561?
Places remember, emotions implant themselves into walls, the air, the
ground. When some site was a place of dramatic event people will feel
odd and should conditions arise a sort of visual playback might become
available to a viewer. That is what
happened over Neurembeg in 1561.
You're saying something triggered a memory of the past? It was
something like a mass illusion/ fata morgana? (Project Blue beam?) Do
you know what triggered it?
The exact conditions differ and the mechanism is not fully understood but
correct. Someone fought over Neuremberg in the past just like in twenty
thousand years people will see dogfights over where London once was
should similar conditions allow.

Do you think this mechanism is also responsible for a lot of the current
UFO sightings?
Yes, some of them.
So, humans evolved in a way, science is claiming today? Like from
monkeys? Thanks to cyanoshit? Without any affect from outside nor
inside? Please explain.
More or less.The missing link to the evolution theory is that early in the
species history it mutates rapidly. Changes that normaly are meant to
take hundreds of thousands of years happen over the span of
generations. This process is unknown to general science since all species
on earth are past this stage and unobserved it escaped Darwins
Out of left field and bizarre misdirection. Aliens, UFOs and the afterlife
are off the table, 10-4. In your viewings of the past was time travel ever
attempted or did you ever see time travellers?
It was attempted, succeeded in a way but failed to create expected
results and provided very real dangers so that avenue was abandoned
very quickly.
any info - Oak Island
An old viking ruin purported to be a treasure hoard. It's not.
So, besides the speed mutations occur, species evolved adapting the self
to the environment? All started from one? If so, how, when, why and why
only, the humans created the seperation, self-consciousness, i am?
We don't have knowledge about how all life began. Humans developed
from early hominids. The process was much more rapid than common
science believes but it was more or less gradual evolution.
US Army Remote viewing program (Maj. Ed Dames being a part of it)
revealed a future event they called The Kill Shot, a series of extremely
strong solar flares plus CMEs that would devastate Earth. Can you
confirm such an event is coming in our not-so-distant future?
Ed Dames is a fraud, one of many. No kill shot is coming. Apart from
possible war we're safe.

Can you comment on the Holocaust? Do we have the true story regarding
Nazi atrocities or were these trumped up charges, staged photos, fake
stories/testimonies...were 6,000,000 Jews really killed/gassed/shot by
German forces? Or were these numbers greatly inflated for Zionistic
About six milion Jews, more than eight milion Russians and many others
Why did many ancients build their structures in a lay-out to resemble
It was to reflect an important date to them. Once humanity migrated
away from its neighbours and established first civilization.
Can you please say more about this? What was the important date?
Humanity MIGRATED away fron its NEIGHBORS and established first
civilization...? Can you explain?
Humanity moved to the continent now known as Atlantis as all the other
habitable locations were taken by pre-human peoples who's advancement
or physical capability made it impossible for early man to compete. Their
calendar memorized their
movement into that new landmass and orion was part of its star charts.
Have you viewed the Yellowstone caldera going off, what were the
It never went off fully.
where the ankh crosses used as healing gadgets?
No, they were once badges of an order of healers, as such they were
later associated with life and health.
Can you give any clue on the methods to soften rocks with chemicals?
I'm sure they didn't just rub talc on it. It has to be a reaction using
frequency and a specific combination of elements. Can you also elaborate
on the accuracy of the
records contained in the Urantia book?
We do not know what kind of chemicals were used, they had an
appearance of paste that, once applied provided the stones with a
softness of clay. That's how the stones of various south american
megaliths fit together so smoothly despite being
cut at peculiar angles. The Urantia Book is not factual.

What is the source of your information. . . is there a library of past

events? If so is it a technology?
There exist repositories of ancient history, both partial and complete.
Most are however controlled by various authorities. Most of them are not
technological in nature though a few examples of records stored via
technological means were also
Seems very difficult to keep all this information locked down unless there
is a well organized group of enforcement personnel dedicated to that
Not at all. Most easily accessible evidence is destroyed or under the sea
or sand, overgrown with jungles. Even the latest civilization existed
12.300 years ago. The most recent high technological civilization existed
32.000 years ago. Time conceals evidence better than people.
Whistleblowers or rebels would eventually blow the lid off such a source
like yourself. Is that part of your motivation for this Thread?
Whistleblowers and rebels are generally ignorant of the facts. We're not
whistleblowers or rebels.
So you fear no reprisals or actions taken against you for engaging in this
business? Are you advertising your services?
We render no services.
You state that radiation that passes through the ozone is degenerative
and thus the reason for our shorter livespans, decreased intelligence, etc.
Was their an event that caused the ozone depletion?
Multiple events,the greatest contributor was a global war 32.000 years
ago, the destruction poisoned the atmosphere to a point of steady
degeneration of the layer. Our current industry aids this process.
Has the size of our planet grown or shrank over eons?
It stays the same more or less.
Does the historical record reflect crustal plate shifting over time as we
are currently taught?

No it does not, current geology is based on insufficient scientific

knowledge and commits many errors as a result.
Have the land masses changed or moved over time as we are currently
To some degree.
Do the ice ages occur naturally and periodically?
Most do, others are hastened or ended artificially.
Is there a historical record of homosexual behaviour and how was it
In different periods it was accepted or abhorred. During the high periods
it was accepted, homosexual couples could not however raise children in
many cultures as it was felt that they were too effeminate to pass on
desirable traits. It all depended on the period and culture though.
Of the most successful and developed most recent civilizations: What was
their ideology of government?
Atlantis - it was an empire ruled by an elite council of what you would call
nobles. Membership was hereditary, this was a period of severe
corruption however.
How did they handle crime?
As far as Atlanteans during their high period 32.000 years ago? People
who could be fixed or turned were being helped via various medical and
scientific means. Those who were damaged and beyond help were killed.
Can you give a little more info on the Mound Builders specifically
Serpentine Mound in Ohio. What was its purpose? Is there anything to be
found inside the other large Mounds in the Ohio area.
Mound Builders are distant descendants of people who migrated from
Cuba and the Bahamas. The original migration ended up in Mexico some
12.200 years ago.,There they erected a civilization that lasted for more
than a thousand years. Eventually civil war broke out and the people who
would become native americans split. A larger group, who practised
human sacrifice and was less advanced moved to South America where
they founded the many realms found today. A smaller more advanced

group moved to North America where they recreated the urban society of
Mexico and attempted, without success to rebuild a civilization lost in the
flood. The mounds have several different purposes, the simple ones were
used as foundations for dwellings, the serpentine ones told symbolic
stories, yet others were used to cover caches of artifacts bhese people
brought with them. Theirs was a sophisticated civilization, they knew and
used water wheels, wagons, wheelbarrows and plows, they created large
urban centers. A crop disease wiped them out causing mass starvation
some 3.000 years ago after they flourished for some 4.000 years.
Tunguska? Was it Tesla? If not, who or what caused it?
A failed launch of an unmanned drone by an automated facility now
submerged in Siberia. The drone was so damaged by milennia of neglect
it failed to operate and self destructed.
By whose authority are they not allowed to land? Thank you.
Common consensus among nations is that currently the moon is not safe
to explore and nothing more can or should be brought back from it.
Can you tell us something more regarding pyramids build in Europe.
There is strong evidence of Pyramids in Bosnia. Moreover, other strange
ancient structure sites are reported all over Balkans area, further up to
Austria into Germany. Practically all over Europe.
The Pyramid is Bosnia is a hoax. An old mine shaft is used as a supposed
entrance. It's just a regular geological structure. Civilization thrived in
several regions of Europe prior to the end of the Ice Age but not in
Which are those regions of Europe. Mediterranean perhaps.
Coast of Spain hosted a large collection of colonies. France west of Paris
hosted mining colonies. Flooded landmass that surrounded the British
Isles was a place of large urban centers. Greece, Malta - then a much
larger landmass. Sicily and parts of Italy. Europe in these times was
considered a frontier, the center of civilization was elsewhere.
One more critique on OP: He dismisses the entire Annunaki scenario
because "Sitchin was a fraud" But Annunaki is not limited to Sitchin,
much of their tale is in the cuneiform. Enki, Enlil etc. are all mentioned
with or without Sitchin so why the summary dismissal?

There is no mention of the Annunaki beyond Sitchin and all mentions of

them derive from him. Sitchin originally made multiple mistakes in
translation. When he realised he could and would make money off his
claims he never bothered to correct them.
What can you tell us about Russia, just before they decided they needed
royalty? Apx 1000 years ago.
Novgorod and Muscovites vied for control. If Novgorod would win Russia
was to become a second United States eventually. If Moscow won, it
would become an autocratic military state. Pre-Tzarist Russia was a
country which showed great promise in a great many areas, that
mentality is all together gone by today.
Can you expand on the technology used to levitate stones used to built
the pyramids?
A principle of magnetism as opposed to gravity. An electrically driven
device that interact directy with forces generated by the earths magnetic
core to nullify them and create an effective repulsion pillow below any
chosen object or item.
HOW did humans learn how yo do all of the things you've described
(transportation, building, the liquid used to soften stone, etc). How did
we gain this knowledge?
Some of it was handed down by the pre-human civilizations, most of it
was just learned in the process of developing a civilization.
Without going into the religious aspect- what was the knowledge
specifically Jesus was trying to teach/pass on to people? Is there
anything present day that closely matches this knowledge?
Jesus tried to show people how the creation operates and attempted to
give them a manual for self-betterment. No there is not.
I know it is a funny question and someone has recently asked it, what
about wifi? If present day humans aren't as smart as previous, why did
they not have what we have now? Why no metal structures?
They had metals and alloys, more advanced than ours. The issue here is
that there were fewer people than in modern times and they lived in
areas that are today gone. Time is also a factor, the last advanced
civilization perished more than three thousand centuries ago.

Who was responsible for creating religion and why? What was it supposed
to achieve- and did it or did it backfire?
Originally religion was just a way to organize people. Everyone knew
what God is and how the world works. Later it became a tool to stave of
the fear of the unknown and govern the populace via dogma.
Have you viewed anything that completely blew you away- maybe
dispelled some preconceived theory you had that turned out to be
completely different?
We have no preconceived theories.
Is there anything that is in plain sight that were too stupid to see?
Lots of things, specify please.
what can you tell us about the "BLACK KNIGHT"?
Nothing. I'm not familiar with it.
What's the deal with Bigfoot?
Remnants of several species. Some pre-human, some a strand of early
human. Endowed with natural abilities that allow them to conceal
themselves and traverse the terrain faster than possible using just legs.
Is/was there any interaction or guidance directly with the creator of the
world? If so how is it known?
There existed hard sciences permitting interaction with forces beyond our
scope of perception at one point, yes. These were not representative of
what you refer to as God however.
What were they representative of? Could you expand a bit on the details
of this "interaction"? What were the purposes? What outcomes did they
Knowledge, expanding the scope of it. Corruption of society was the
is this same thing going on today?

No. We do no not have the scientific knowledge or the mental

composition to access the higher and lower realms in the manner done in
their era.
The crystal skulls, what's the deal with them? Real deal ancient tech?
They're not technological in nature. Most are hoaxes, the few genuine
artefacts were brought from Cuba where they were created prior to the
end of the last ice age. They're hand crafted works of art with an added
ritualistic purpose.
If we melted Antartica and explored archaeologically would we find
evidence of the aforementioned civilization?
Also what about art?
It's available as well.
Surely there must have been films and books and other examples of art
from these lost civilizations...
There were, they did not survive the time span for the most part but
some media did.
Was there an Internet in those civizations?
Yes. The concept and technology are reverse engineered. The form was
somewhat different but it functioned in the same manner and for the
same purpose that our worldwide web does.
Shell game, OP. Throw away the word "Annunaki" and you still have the
host of Sumerian Dieties Ea, Enlil, Enki, etc. Call them "The Steves" if
you prefer, their tales exist in one form or another with or without
Sitchin, so Sitchin's errors/fraud do not eliminate a Pantheon of Deities,
you see what I mean? They are still credited for creating man by mixing
their blood with the blood of "Mud Man" in any translation you want to
choose, so the question remains: What of them?
A more advanced culture who arrive to Sumer some 8.000 years ago,
bringing with them the arts of medicine, irrigation and society. They
became the rulers and rebuilt the region after it lied desolate for more
than four thousand years. The claim they were Gods came from their
greater physical stature and knowledge. Much of their myths was lost in

translation, even more became artistic license or fell victim to people like
It concerns the ethnic people of Ireland. It is said that they were of
particular relevance, in the dim and distant past, to the development of
mankind, but that they were targeted and in some way damaged as a
race by another people, whose leaders were aware of their potential
influence, in order to prevent them fulfilling their role.
The Irish are not special, no single people are that special in current
Do you have any observations about the repression of the ancient
inhabitants of Eire, their descendants and the island they occupy,
particularly with regard to Ley Lines and Earth energies?
In regards to the last ice age. The center of civilization was to the southwest and south of Ireland. The British Isles were a large penninsula
jutting out of the greater european landmass, more than three times as
large as today. The lowlands of that penninsula hosted the largest urban
civilization in Europe, Ireland as with the entire english islands at that
time was a hinterland where only shepherds lived and few settlements
existed hence the scarcity of ruins and artifacts. By that period people
were no longer able to draw from the earth, Ley Lines are a new age
interpretation of a different concept alltogether.
Who were the founders of Roman empire, and is there any correlation
with the Trojans.
No, Romans did not descend from Troy. They were just innovative people
who learned all they could from Etruscans and then proceeded to conquer
Who were REALLY the Goths.
Descendands of a proto-group of thracian tribes east of Danube.
Sup with Stonehenge? What was its purpose, who built it, etc
People from whom the tradition of druidism originated. It's a permanent
structure erected some 6.000 years ago. Prior to it a wooden structure
was in place and was first erected more than 10.000 years ago when a
people fleeing the results of a changing climate settled in England. This
monument in both its forms was erected as a ritual claim of the land, it
essentially tells a bystanted "this is our new home".

I'd like to refine another poster's question about Israel, which was vague:
As we know, most of today's Jews are either Kazars from Russia or from
one specific tribe or area of Israel. Who are the lost tribes?
The lost tribes are gone, diluted among the peoples they joined to the
point of no recognition. Original israelites were descended from Sumer
and carried its myths and ways with them, later these diverged due to
distance and long term separation.
Who are the Israelites, today, really? Did they go West and settle Europe
and become Anglos, Saxons, Gauls, Visogoths, etc?
A mix of all ethnicities present in Europe and Middle East.
Can you expand on the "able to draw from the earth"? I think you might
have said earlier in the thread, but did any of the previous advanced
societies develop their abilities/ civilization along these lines?
Yes they did. The principal sources of energy were the earths magnetic
core and the sun. They were both sources of easily accessible and
renewable energy that could be converted into electricity and used in
many other ways.
Did some of this tech "interface" with the user? Was it perhaps
controlled/ directed/ amplified through touch/thought, rather than strictly
No. It was all strictly mechanical.
Will you elaborate on what he [Jesus] knew about how the creation
operates (and attempted to give them a manual for self-betterment)?
Can you see what he knew?
I would prefer to leave it there.
Will you elaborate on what he knew about how the creation operates
(and attempted to give them a manual for self-betterment)?
Jesus learned in India, Tibet and other places, he attempted to convey
that knowledge to people in a manner in which they could understand it.
Anything on Easter Island? The Voynovich (sp?) Manuscript? The codex

Easter Island - once an outlying seaport of an archipelago dwelling

nation, the Moai were built thousands of years later though. Both books
you've listed were written by people with significant knowledge, they're
however not wholly factual. Voynovich manuscript describes data from an
older period without referencing or explaining them.
Where did the Sumerians come from? Indus Valley? Did Indus valley also
have a civilization?
No they did not come from Indus Valley, yes it did have civilization.
Urban civilization in reduced form survived the end of the ice age in Indus
and rebuilt though drying of their principial rivers eventually meant their
Who gave them their language?
No one, they possesed it all along as a permutation of an even earlier
language. They did lose the art of writing thousands of years earlier
hence the cuneiform.
What can you tell us about the 'Seven who decree fate'?
The Igigi were the original royal family, remembered due to their long
rule and lives.
What are Shedu/Lamassu?
An amalgam of the kings face with a bull body. The bulls were considered
divine animals, sticking someone's head on them was considered an
honor to that person, hence all the statues - they depict people of note
and position and honor them in this fashion.
This is a strange request, but I want to know about the Exodus. Moses.
Moses was an ambitious individual who was adopted by the Pharao's
family as a child and inducted into the highest orders of egyptian priests.
There he was given the known history of the world and shown the
repositories together with their artifacts. He then proceeded to steal
some of them, used them to convince the Jews he was sent by God and
led them out, once his theft became apparent he was pursued by the
Pharaos forces, he used the devices to stave off the pursuit and aid his
new followers. He led his people to Palestine, it took him about a year,
the four decades would be added later.
Any insight into the use of psychedelic substances in earlier civilizations?

Drugs are a very old habit.

Does being able to repeatedly induce a completely lucid textbook style
UFO abduction experience on high doses of psilocybin, and visions of
other worldly civilizations among other things, have anything to do with
the development of these ancient civilizations?
No, psychodelic substances alter consciousness in a manner that's neither
safe, stable nor productive.
When was earth seeded with human life and how?
It was never seeded. We evolved.
What of King David, and his descendants. The House of David.
A member of the royal family associated with Saul. He defeated a local
force led by a man later called Goliath. Saul died in that battle, David
survived and went on to rule Judah.
President Eisenhower and the Alien treaty? Joint
underground bases/citys? Yes or no? Or you dont know.


There is knowledge and acknowledgment of extraterrestrial life in the

government but that's it. No projects of such nature as you described.
Did some of the Sumerian kings live thousands of years like the king
chart shows? Or were there multiple kings in line with the same name?
Also what came before the Sumerians? I can trace my line back to
Sumerian kings but not beyond. I hope this is a true post, as I believe
there is much to be learned. Is it possible that time is circular and is
much like movies being played over again?
The original dynasty lived for several centuries, their descendants had
each shorter life spans but even the final line lived well over a hundred
and twenty years. The list of kings is accurate, the life spans are inflated.
Yes the governments of the world are aware of alien presence but there
is no corporation with them? According to intel leaks there are several
meetings with different alien species.
There are no intel leaks. What reaches the general public is what is
supposed to or what's not important enough to matter.

just tell us whether there were aliens there or not. then we can go from
Probably there were. They did not influence us in any way however, also
there was no meaningful interaction throughout history.
Did FDR know the Japaneese were going to attack Hawaii in time to have
prevented the magnitude of the losses?
Yes. The attack was needed to schock the nation into going to war.
Was JFK assassination a conspiracy? Were there multiple shooters?
There was a second one.
You describe "non-human" civilizations on Earth. Who were they? Please
A variety of races that evolved and attained a civilized status before any
iteration of humanity became dominant.
If these other races were non-human, what were they?
Bipedal mammals or different size and composition. Mankind is a species
that was most suited to survival which is why we're still around and
they're not. Their level of development was varied but they had a
common trait which was a low birthrate. Such a disatvantage eliminates
a species in times of hardship.
Were either of the Shuttle disasters sabotages?
No. One was an accident, the other was a tragic oversight.
Do you know anything concerning Wingmakers?
A very garbled account. It manages to pile together creation myths, an
old regional conflict, the tales of surviving chimerae. It's multiple
different stories rolled into one. The fact that it's an Akkadian translation
did not help it either. Baybylonion artistic license made it even harder to
Are there shadow government's possessing and using advanced
technology and intentionally suppressing this knowledge to maintain
power and control?

No. Real government's do that. No need for shadow ones.

Has any civilization left earth?
As far as exploring the solar system like we do? Yes. As far as space
colonization? No.
There is a number of people working in development of nearly free and
infinite energy sources. The one most currently close to become an
everyday reality is called LENR (before, it was called cold fusion) in
another post OP already refered to the Atlanteans as having "some sort
of fusion". Many of the people like me that devote time to research and
be up to date with so called "exotic energy sources" aknowledge that one
of the main reasons for supression of this technology is that it threats the
current paradigm, but if it would be let to develop, and mankind would
adapt non violently, we could live in a post scarcity situation, rendering
currency obsolete. You have mentioned that the supression of real
history is an active purpose to avoid the collapse of the current paradigm.
Does your work in this kind of "remote viewing" justify that supression?
As an example, what happened to Nikola Tesla was justified? Aren't we
ready to advance to a new paradigm?
We do not offer personal opinions. Tesla's research would lead him to
provide free energy. His method was an almost exact copy of the energy
generation used in the last high period.
Is there an ancient underground rail system portions of which are
useable? If so what do they link and what are they used for?
There are underground networks, the largest are in Africa and South
America but these were used as long term shelters rather than railway.
During the last technological period most transportation happend via
aerial vehicles, without the need for rail.
Did the ancients ever deal with climatic changes caused by their
Yes they did.
Are we responsible for climate change and are there covert programs
being used to mitigate this change?
We partially are. Yes they are.

What other planets are humans currently residing on? Are there two
space programs, public and hidden?
None and no hidden space programs.
Where was President Obama born? What is his real history?
The hidden part is that he was born a muslim, everything else is true.
So they actually went to the moon with rockets in the 60s?
What is the voynich manuscript and what language was used in it? What
was its purpose and who created it?
It's not written in a language, its written in a cypher using a dead
language. It was a message from one representative of a secret society
to his colleagues. It's not meant for the casual reader.
Was the 2012 election fixed? All polls taken the last three days had
Romney ahead and he was ahead in exit polling on the day of the election
which is suspicious
No it was not fixed.
So what about the countles alien ufo sightings and encounters. If the
government doesnt collaberate with aliens do they take them to there
The fact that we are not alone does not mean we're interacted with on
any meaningful level.
Also J.R.R.Tolkien claimed that the Lord of the Rings was actually the real
history of the Earth. Sounds like its possible!
Tolkien was privy to much information as a member of a secret society.
His works are heavily allegorical and contain hidden facts.
There are, at the root of almost every ancient civilization, deities that
were identified as snakes or snake men. Quetzacoatl, Kukulcan, Amaru,
the Naga, etc. Quetzacoatl and Kukulcan were snakes and also tall
bearded white men. The Egyptians, the Sumerian, the Babylonians, the
Vedic Indians, the Chinese, the Greeks, all worshipped snakes at one
point or another. There is the serpent in the garden of Eden, which

actually means sorcerer in Hebrew. Then there is the brotherhood of the

snake. My question is, why the proliferation of serpent worship
in so many disparate cultures? Why the constant presence of these
snake/Dragon priests in every single ancient cultures? King Arthur was
said to fly a banner of a red Dragon, the hittites worshipped dragons, and
on and on it goes. It seems to be a common thread that binds every
single ancient culture. What is your explanation for this?
A winged dragon in the shape of a snake was a symbol of a brotherhood
that attempted to revive civilization after the flood. These people thought
ancient natives in South America about agriculture, their member saved
Egypt from famine and more. Their symbol survived them.
what can you tell us about Kensington Runestone?
Made by nordic monks as a memorial.
Sumerians and Phoenicians made a "pit stop" in south america. Why?
Trade for herbs, gold and very rare dyes.
and do we have any undiscovered artifact in Brazil yet?
Yes, thousands.
Does the singularity occurred in the past? Any other civilization thought
that technology would make them immortal?
No singularity occured. Ways to achieve physical immortality were sought
after, great longevity and much corruption resulted.
Do we learn - as a species - only through our language skills? or do we
have any undiscovered sense that was what the other spiritual leaders
were talking about? Like in the allegory of Adam and Eve becoming self
aware and starting language as the means to learning and domination of
We have many forgotten senses.
Babel Tower, does it refers to the above question? The myth of mankind
overcoming itself through technology?
Babel tower is an allegory for technology causing downfall, yes.
What was in Eridu? How many times it was destroyed/rebuilt?

The oldest city of Sumeria, established as a settlement directly after the

flood it lasted for almost 10.000 years. It was rebuilt more than 15 times.
How many floods were there?
One global, many regional.
Were they artificialy induced floods?
They were caused by natural events.
Is Sapiens engineered genetically from primates?
Have we seen the greatest pyramids ever built?
No, the largest ones exist in the Amazon, they're overgrown and
mistaken for small mountains.
Any chance you could give some coordinates on those? Or would that be
giving too much information?
They wont be much use, they're about 15 feet under heavily overgrown
Please humor us as in the case of a large structure 15 feet of soil and top
overgrowth might not conceal the general outline of the structure to
satellite imagery.
It will.
is thoth the atlantean real, to the emerald tablets exist?
No and no.
Can you explain who or what built the structures in Wiltshire?
Stonehenge, Avebury Circle, Silbury Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow....and
the regularly occurring crop circles there?
Avebury Circle is a ritual border of a place where certain druidic activities
took place. In its center there lived a grand healer who took the ilness' of
other people as his own. I have no information about crop circles, i'm

You said earlier they captured saucer technology from the nazis in
Antarctica, are you saying they have been sitting on it for 70 years and
not do anything with it?
The magnetic propulsion of these craft are used in secret aircraft, these
are atmospheric though.
I'm curious. How can you be certain about the correctness of your
information? Do you find answers as you go, or have you just compiled
enormous amount of information, so that you can answer all kinds of
A massive amount of data.
I have allways had a hard time fitting stoneage sapiens with previous
advanced civilizations. It seems impossible such mount of info could get
completely lost. Could you elaborate on that?
It did not, there are both ruins and artifacts that defy explanation but the
hubs of civilized life existed in places that today are under water, ice,
sand or in the jungles. Also the population was much smaller than it is
today so the amount of refuse is limited by age, numbers and location.
When in the past did "we" become selfaware?
A quarter of a milion years ago.
Was it Vajrayana Buddhism and Kalachakra [that Jesus learned]?
Neither. Buddhism got many things wrong. Jesus got all of them right.
Was there any kind of time travel (or at least manipulating time) in
ancient civilzations?
There were attempts yes.
There are references in hindu mythology (King Raivata Kakudmi who
travels to see Brahma and when he came back some hundred million
years passed on earth). Or a japanese legend of Urashima Taro who
visited the underwater god an when returned after three days, 300 yeras
have passed. How accurate is the book of dzyan?
Time dilation, hindu mythology inflates the numbers, if a device
malfuctioned it could skip a century of five but not a hundred milion

No one has asked about Angkor Wat and its relation to being layed out
like the pattern of the constellation Drako. Tell us about Angkor Wat?
Why built? How? Why like Draco? Are you aware, OP, of the significance
of ancient monuments around the globe and their relation to leaving
behind the ancient knowledge to pass on to those who may be able to
decipher their inherent messages at later times? These structures were
built to leave behind messages. Tell us about the yuga science and
how mankind will once again re-learn this knowledge left behind.
Yugas just like the greek ages are a distinction made by primivite
people's who's philosophy seeks repetition and patterns in order to justify
the destruction of previous worlds. Angkor Wat is patterned on Draco
because that's what the pecularity of the mathematic design that lies
behind it demanded. It was built according to an old school of
architecture which used the stars in its equations in a manner too
complex to fully describe here.
Please do explain more in detail. I've got time. This is a certain topic of
great interest to me and I am working on a book directly related to this
and any available info you have would be greatly appreciated. Yugas are
much different than the greek ages as they pertain to mans mental
dharma and directly connected to the precession of the equinox and the
contstellations themselves.
They're the same. Once people lost all the advantages of civilized life
they still remembered it for a time, power of flight, medicine, ease of
communication, quality of life. They attempted to make sense of the loss
of civilization so they kept coming up with all the cyclic ideologies. Later
an entire pseudo science and philosophy grew around it and eventually
you have the Yugas.
Can you speak of Jesus knowledge or from the ones before him that
knew similar information regarding life? I know this is vast but maybe
some pinpoints?
It's a topic that i'm not qualified to tap into and it's too important for
unqualified people to voice.
Why were Ancient Peoples so interested in Stars and Planets? Was it
because of travel?
Immidiate Pre-deluge civilizations missed their highly civilized and
technological state hence longing for the ability of powered flight and
great interest in astronomy.

Did much of the travel between Middle East, Europe and North and South
America take place by air? And not as we are taught to believe - that
most travel was by sea or land.
During the last high period of civilization almost all travel was aerial.
Astrology - birth signs, is it as informational as we are led to believe?
Yes, in the hands of a learned specialist it is.
In the text of the Book of Mormon, "Cumorah" is a hill located in a land of
the same name, which is "a land of many waters, rivers and
fountains".[7] In this hill, a Book of Mormon figure, Mormon, deposited a
number of metal plates containing the record of his nation of Nephites,[8]
just prior to their final battle with the Lamanites in which at least
230,000 people were killed.[9] Does or did this hill exist and the ancient
Whereas most religions stem from older misunderstood sources the
Mormon religion in particular is almost completely made up.
Can you speak of Jesuses knowladge or or from the ones that knew
similar information regarding life ( like Buddha or ancients? I know this is
vast but maybe some pinpoints?
Jesus, Buddha and other people are from a group that continously
attempts to create a philosophy of individual path to wisdom. They keep
failing for a very long time by now.
Was Freemasonry around in Atlantis? Before then? Origins?
No, of course not. Freemasonry was founded in early dark ages, it did not
bear that name then.
Can you give an example of a (recent) discovery your team made which
is known to the public? Or a preview? Or will none of what you discover
ever be known to the wider audience and only for a select few?
I will get it out of the way. I'm speaking in the name of all of us. No
details of our activity will be given, now or ever. We're having fun but
there are issues we need to mind, we can't provide you with such
Or will none of what you discover ever be known to the wider audience
and only for a select few?

Many of the things we discuss will be disclosed eventually. If you're under

thirty chances are it will happen in your lifetime. Other details will remain
hidden untill its proper for the general public to view them. One reason is
the peak oil. Once it happens industry shall switch to alternatives and the
public might be given knowledge that said alternatives are in fact reverse
engineered from an older source.
The House of Dan (Rothschild lineage) is genealogically connected to King
Nimrod of Babylon?
No, Rotschilds are just rich people with lots of time and capacity to do
much with it.
What you think of Fritz Springmeier's work?
I'm not familiar with it.
Someone mentioned the bigfoot a while back, and you said they had a
method of travelling that doesn't entirely rely on walking. Is this a form
of time dilation?
The technicalities are unknown. It functions as a short distance blink,
they vanish and reappear within a few miles. It taxes them physically and
may cause death.
Although you said that time travel was proven dangerous and
abandoned, you mentioned that time dilation was used as a transport
method by the first high technology civilisation. Are we likely to
rediscover it?
No, time dilation was a side effect of certain devices unrelated to time
travel. It was rediscovered but our current science is incapable of reverse
engineering it. Even the principles behind it are not understood fully.
Were humans ever able to fly without technology?
No, unless you count levitation which is not exactly flying.
Did prior civ. tech allow them to fly freely or with a jet pack or something
Personal devices did exist, they provided limited capacities.
Did the previous civilians play football? (not american handegg!) What
other forms of entertainment did they have?

Sports, performances, digital conveniences, dance, reading, sex, drugs,

travel, meditation. They were not so dissimilar in these aspects.
I have a deep interest in Art, and have always wondered about the
HALOS we see depicted on the older religious works. Did some people
actually have Halos? Or, was it more like an Aura? Is there any specific
work of Art, that has survived the elements, that you consider to be more
important or revealing than we know.
Halo was a symbol of royalty in pre-dynastic Egypt. The rulers who
migrated from the altantean remnant used the halo glyph as their sigil. It
was ever after associated with highborn and later with divine.
What was the Baghdad battery used for?
Generating light, that's how ancient egyptians painted inside pyramids
without torches that would cover the frescoes with soot.
what is the origin of humans? I have read you have said we have
evolved, but from what specifically? With whose aid?
Apemen, not yet found. Pre-human people who believed we would inherit
the world sped it up a little but beyond that it was wholly natural.
What was Cuba before? His people ? Piramids south of Cuba? What about
the north of Puerto Rico . A mountain in Puerto Rico with extrange
phenomena? Thanks!
Cuba prior to the end of the last ice age was a tip of a large peninnsula
and one of the two surviving civilizations of Atlantis. The other existed on
an island off the west coast of Africa. Most of the submerged ruins are
from this country.
What is the purpose of the Georgia Guidestones and who made them?
Thank you!
A rich but somber member of one of the secret societies in America, he
believed the world would end, it cost him more than 40.000 dollars.
Joke's on him.
I know you're hesitant to give this into out, I'm just a lost person
searching for ...something (anything) [re: What did Jesus know?]
Read the New Testament, much is omitted but there is still value there.

They found a cave in the north of Finland. It had signs of people living up
there 35 000 years ago. Fast enough it was closed to public wiev.
Anything on that?
I'm not familiar with that particular case. Finnland would have few
artifacts of note. It did not host any civilized populations for the past
50.000 years.
Has there ever been a shift in the Earth's magnetic poles where north
becomes south and vice versa? If so, when was the last? What impact, if
any, did this shift have on the planet's biosphere, in particular, any
humanoid populations?
No, the poles move very slowly and gradually. A shift as describes in
popular theories would result in total extermination of all higher life.
What do you know about the 'Hunnebedden' structures in the
Netherlands? What was their real purpose? Were those people just
farmers or were they more civilized? Has there ever been a high
civilization in this part of europe before?
Simple tribesmen. This was their form of commemorating a leader who
saved them against a seafaring tribe from England.
Was the apostle Paul a double-agent who infiltrated and redirected
Christianity as originally established by Jesus?
No. Just an ambitious man who saw an opportunity to control others.
Is the 'chip' they found in a rock in Labinsk, Russia, an artifact of the
first civilization? What was it's purpose?
We have no knowledge of that.
Is the mayan Long Calendar legit or baloney? You guys know anything on
Solar System One and the Moon Chain Cycle? Real/Fake? Whatever? Is
there any time period in ancient history that you don't know or don't
have information about? Or access to? Is there anything above your paygrade per say? I'm trying to say is, you know an incredibly vast amount
of information, what relevant information on ancient history don't you
It's legitimate but misinterpreted. Yes there are entire periods not
available to us. Also we don't know everything there is to know from
analyzed periods.

what can I read or refer to to learn and understand more about the last
high civilization that existed 32k years ago?
Nothing. Edgar Cayce was genuine but the manner in which he obtained
information made in tainted and often close to gibberish.
somewhere in these threads you mentioned pre-human civilizations.
Were these close relatives (hominids), further away (some other kind of
primates) or even further away (felines/ungulates/marsupials/etc.). Were
there any earth-based civilizations before 65 million years ago? (like
intelligent dinos)
All of them evolved from mammalian primates. Many were close
relations, others had a wholly different genetic makeup.
Also, what about Odin and Thor? Remarkable men that legends just
called them gods?
Odin and Thor are nordic names for mythologized leaders from the
technological period of 32.000 years ago. Virtually whole nordic
mythology is an extremely garbled and allegorical account of events that
transpired in that distant time.
can you give us some details about dragons, were they just a symbol or a
real creature?
Both, a winged reptile of large proportions did exist as a distant
descendant of dinosaurs. Like the lion or eagle he became a part of the
ancient peoples emblems and sigils.
the garden of Eden, where is it and can you give us any details on the
garden or the story of Adam and Eve?
Garden of Eden is a double allegory. It means the time when people were
not evolved enough to be aware of their mortality and it means a time
when civilization and knowledge provided a quality of life unhead of
since. Both lost.
A previous poster mentioned the 11:11 phenomenon. I see this there something to this?
We have no knowledge of that. A site of New York hosted cities as far as
50.000 years ago. In every period it was a massive urban hub. The
founders of New York knew that. Central Park is standing in a place
where - prior to the end of the last Ice Age was the heart of a largest city

in North America, its ruins are the reasons why Central Park is left
untouched, it's a sacred place to many.
I'm still interested in the ancient drawings found in those caves in France
and what the site was used for originally.
After the deluge and the end of the ice age the close descendants of the
people living in western Europe attempted to maintain some sort of
continuity with what little they had left, the drawings are the result.
Would it be possible to find these ruins at some point? Are they the
source of the rumours about subterranean caverns under NYC?
No, but underground complexes and tombs exist. Yes it's possible they're
perfectly preserved.
Also you mention the pre-human civilisations arising from other primates
of a wholly different species / genetic background. Are there any
examples of these in the fossil record (e.g. Erectus, Heidelbergensis,
Erectus and Heidelbergensis were humans, Erectus was slightly less
inteligent than us while Heidelbergensis significantly more so. Their IQ
averaged at 20% higher than ours.
The new testament is accurate? So, Constantine and his cronies did not
alter/modify/selectively ignore/rewrite historical facts?
It is not. Yes they did. It still has value for an insightful reader.
Do you know what the 'Klerksdorp spheres' were for? Who made them?
No. They're outside available points of reference.
Is Nicodemus a fraud?
I am not familiar with Nicodemus.
Are there some who practice reincarnation and transmigration, that Peter
J. Carroll describes in his book, Liber Null and Psychonaught? I think this
practice actually started several thousand years ago.
Neither am i familiar with Peter J. Caroll
Is it true that Paleolithic texts reveal a collective global preoccupation

with the waning strength of the Atlantean pyramid network and that it
was caused by a perceptible dissipation of infrasound resonance within
our entire solar system? Artifacts found in Lascaux Cave, Carnac seem to
support this. Is it true that infrasound resonance of the Sun, Earth and
Jupiter are directly linked with the Great Pyramid? Was the pyramid built
by Atlantean engineers approximately 73,000 years ago? ( I know you
answered on the pyramid before but I hoped you would look
at it 73,000 years ago and share what you find.)
The answer to all above is no. 73.000 years ago Egypt was a vast
forested area with pine trees, there was another river, much larger than
Nile, Nile itself was larger and longer.
This creator of this website claims to have identified remains of a
significant canal system both on land and underwater along the eastern
US coastline. Is this another remnant of the Ice Age civilisation?[link to]
He's getting warm in some of his assesments.
elongated skulls...who were these people?
One of the older human races. One of several races responsible for the
creation of the second high civilization. Also they maintained their's
civilization at a much higher level than any other survivors of the end of
the high period 32.000 years ago. Later natives tried to imitate them by
bandaging their skulls.
Starchild skull, any info?
A half-human mutant conceived with one of the last members of a nonhuman race. The mother was exiled by her tribe due to her childs
strangeness and starved in that cave.
Any Cryptozoological creatures other than bigfoot (Mothman, sea
serpents, Nessie. etc) actually real?
We don't concern ourselves with cryptozoology.
How do we preserve knowledge in a effective manner so that we dont
become so reliant of electricity or paper or stones... How do we overcome
this paradigm? Did any other previous civilization have this kind of
methodology? If so, how far are we from getting something similar?

Both high perios saw people reliant on energy to run their machines,
knowledge was stored in digital banks and other more egzotic ways. It's
not the lack of stored knowledge that kills a civilization but a massive loss
of life and with it of qualified people.
Having reviewed so much history, is it apparent why they [Jesus,
Buddha, etc.] keep failing?
Yes. Their way requires lots of courage and hard work, people generally
have both in deficit.
Was gold used or consumed by the ancients in the form ormus or
monatomic elements?
It was used with alloys and solar energy processing equipment. It was
not valuabe as means existed to produce it in a synthetic form on an
industrial level.
What about The Camino de Santiago? Who built it and how did they know
to align it with the Milky Way and lei lines? What relics are at the
Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela which is the church at the end of El
Ley lines do not exist.Some monuments are built in specially devised
places where location allowes for specific conditions to arise but it has
nothing to do with what you call ley lines.
You mentioined psychodelics are not useful longterm. You seem to know
the effects an improved perception of reality can have, as in Jesus
example. What alternative methods do you know/recommend?
None. It's not something that's readily available.
You mentioned the group of people Jesus and Buddha belong to, can you
They keep trying to create an enviroment for man to thrive and progress
in a sustainable manner.
Why is there such a large sanctuary at Gbekli Tepe? What were they
protecting themselves from? Is there anything else in Turkey?
It's covered earlier.

Also was Sargon the Great half human? In the Epic of Gilgamesh,
Gilgamesh is part human and part god.
Almost all of Epic of Gilgamesh characters are human.
Bab-Ilu, do you know what that means?
Tower of Babel
I just can't agree with you on the Pyramid of Giza. It wasn't a tomb.
I never said it was. It was a memorial of sorts.
Did they posses technology like a 'replicator'? (I guess your employers
now also posseses this tech? No good changing to a new gold standard
No, post scarcity was achieved by aquiring raw materials off-world and
processed via industry that was largely automated and ran on renewable
When did dogs become companion animals with humans?
Approximately 100.000 years ago.
Were there different companion animals of humans in the past?
how do companion animals attach to humans and why?
Animals feel an instinctive need to cater to human emotional faults. It's a
natural requirement of balance. In return they aquire intelligence above
their natural capacity via interaction with a more complex being.
OP, how long will your group be available to answer questions? I think we
could keep you busy for quite a long time
I don't know.
Did our ancient civilizations understand the electric universe theory?
There is nothing we know that they did not.
How large did their spacefaring ships get?

Very. Fuel and mass were not an issue to them as they're to us.
Did they utilize off world elements?
What was the specific form (or closest to) of divination the Egyptians
used to gain accurate higher knowledge? Was it omens, sortilege, augury
or spontaneous?
The Egyptians did not use an accurate or viable for of divination. Their
predecessors did.
U said earlier that jesus knowledge of creation was in fact a "point blank"
shot of how our reality functions, is it in any way connected to tesla's
3,6,9 and vortex mathematics (rodin coils, magnetism, etc..) ? Are self
division principles in core of our understanding of our reality/perception
construct ?
The topic is too broad and i'm not qualified to undertake it.
Have you viewed Enoch and what that was all about? Scripture says God
took him. Does this indicate a spaceship?
A flying vessel. He was taken to a sheltered area in advance of the global
catastrophe by a priestly group who still possesed operational
What was the specific form (or closest to) of divination the predecessors
of the Egyptians used to gain accurate higher knowledge? Was it omens,
sortilege, augury or spontaneous?
A drug induced state for visions where a person was guided by a handler
coupled with mathematical formulas, astrology and mechanical devices
that allowed what was termed full vision. This disparate forms of
perceiving the future were brought together in a specific regime of
interpretation based on mathematics and other hard sciences we have no
analogy to and produced concrete, highly detailed and completely
accurate results.
This artificial means of creating gold, was it done by the 'transmutation'
of an existing material, or did they create it 'atom by atom' so to speak?

The exact principle is unknown, it was done in industrial scale

laboratories where massive volumes were produced in a short span of
Have you viewed the Hayu Marca mountain region of Southern Peru
where a portal door is supposed to be? If so, what is it?
It's not a portal. It was originally meant as casing for a machine with the
depression being a socket of sorts. The architecture comes from over
34.000 years ago. The stone itself was cut with devices that weakened
the particle bindings making the rock soft like clay. In later periods a
simple chemical made into a paste would be used for similar results.
What was the machine meant for and who was building it? Did they
succeed with this machine, elsewhere?
It was meant to create a kinetic shield for a city below. No, the entire
region was inundated and all of its inhabitants were killed shortly after.
Prior to that event the entire region was a vast construction site and
there were urban centers all around. Their ruins are still scattered across
the mountains.
What have you learned about Machu Picchu?
It's a site to shelter the Incas from the Spanish, built in a deliberate
proximity to a much older site from a precursor civilization that the Incas
considered sacred.
Has time travel ever been possible?
Yes, it was possible but created risks that made it unfeasible.
If so can it only go back in time or also forward?
Time is not linear.
Have you viewed the Hawaiian Huna? How far back does their culture go?
Why do they feel it's important to be fat? Why do they have their own
island that non- Hawaiians aren't allowed on?
Huna is a simplified mental discipline that allows to alter reality in a
limited but significant way. It's heavily ritualised though and little of what
it was originally remains, few true practitioners remain as well and none
outside the Hawaian islands.

Are you familiar with the CHANI Project? and if so, was it legit?
No we're not.
is there anywhere we can read to find out more about: how the paste
that makes rock soft is made;
There are sources of information but they're inaccessible to you. The
formula is not available to public, it is however fairly simple.
What were the risks? [of time travel]
Absorption of one timeline into another in which case one or both seized
to exist in their original form. If you travel in time you cannot travel
within your own timeline. You have to calibrate to enter a paralell one, if
you fail a person will jump into a void, the void will be forced to balance a
consciousness and another paralell timeline will be created that mirrors
the timeline a person originated from. If that happens the original and
newly created timelines merge which can remove people, places, periods,
memories and more. I'ts not annihiliation, explaining it would take too
much. Think of it as an undesirable reboot of a singular reality.
It is said whales are record keepers. Do you agree? Have you viewed
them and if so, what things have you learned?
Whales and dolphins were genetically modified. If proper sciences are
developed and correct specimens are singled out there will be knowledge
available albeit in a form that an animal could comprehend therefore
limited in scope.
What was Sekhmet, 15,000 years ago? A spiritual leader? A queen? A
No one, the goddess Sekhmet is not representative of a person.
Still curious about ancient orbital satellites from prior civilizations. Did
they use them? If so, were they destroyed? Or can they be recovered?
They did use them. No complete examples remain. Parts could be
And if these correct specimens are singled out, are you saying they have
the knowledge? And would the knowledge only be comprehended by
animals? If so, I am assuming this would be of benefit to the animal
kingdom to do so? [re: whales record keepers]

By knowledge we meant memory. A dolphin's ancestor would remember

being used in the capacity of a lifeguard but that's it. Their genetic
memory is limited to what interaction they had with members of earlier
Do the ships and planes that disappear in the Bermuda Triangle, drown
or change dimensions?
They all drown.
can you explain what kinds of drugs the advanced civilizations used? Feel
good drugs and hallucinogens?
Also, you said Moses was a fraud. So what about the 10 commandments?
Many emergent sects and ideologies mix apparently good and benevolent
content within their control structures.
What happened to Mars' atmosphere in the past?
It evaporated some 200.000 years ago after a particulary powerfull
planetoid impact.
Was the Sphinx' face carved into a human later on after it was built?
The Sphinx always had a human head, it was simply proportionate.
Original face belonged to a governor of that particular region. The man
was an able administrator and was honored with this statue.
How often do climate changes happen? Are we going through a cold
change now?
It's not cyclical so giving such an answer is not possible.
How long did it take them to reach the moon or mars? Days, hours,
During the last high period it took them approximately four hours to take
off, reach the moon and land. They reached Mars in about two months.
Any insight that you can give on ancient civilization's understanding of
sacred geometry, the Fibonacci spiral and the importance to architecture?

The term sacred geometry emerged as one of the completely baseless

new age names. Such references do not pertain to anything in ancient
who was responsible for the 9/11 attacks - is our civilisation in danger of
economic collapse causes by sovereign debt?
No. We're in danger of a crisis but collapse implies a definite end, that is
And that what happens in one does indeed effect the other? [re:
There exists an infinite number of paralell realities. It will be covered by
physics during this decade albeit in theoretical fashion. Yes they influence
each other.
It is said that Crater Lake, Washington was created by a battle between 2
gods. What are your findings on the creation of this unique and very deep
A kinetic pellet strike against a ground force of heavy armour.
So who was battling, how long did it last and who won? [re: Crater Lake]
People from the Atlantic region against people from Asia. No one won,
the war ended with a complete destruction of all civilization and death of
90% of earths human population.
What about Mt. Shasta? It is not part of any mountain range. Is there a
civilization that lives within it in caves and tunnels?
No. There's a native american repository there from the times following
the colonization of Americans by their people.
There are artifacts that are interpreted to show that Jesus toured the USA
and Glastonbury before the crucifixion. Is this true?
No, its not.
Did either of these two advanced civilizations tinker with genetics to
create slaves? What were their fundamental religious beliefs, if
any.(atheist/diest etc)

The second one did. Gene splicing and other methods were used to strip
people of their consciousness and reduce them to biological automatons.
They believed in a prime force, both sides. One hated it for having to die,
the other embraced it as chance for liberation.
If ancient civilizations had space travel did any leave the planet on these
ships? Does their lineage live on off-world? Have they come back before?
Are we indirectly the ancestors of these ancient civilizations?
No, what installations and populace existed off-world were not self
sufficient nor did they possess the neccesary resources to rebuild. Once
their consummables ran out they were forced to return planetside.
Please tell me if there are any artifacts hidden in the state of Mississippi.
Plenty, particulary of the Mound Builders and some earlier artifacts from
a far more advanced culture.
Thank you for the answer on Mississippi. Would it be possible to discover
remnants of artifacts with a metal detector?
Mound Builders used little metal and it degraded, the older culture exists
at a layer more than sixteen thousands years old, too deep for a
commercial metal detector.
Much like the Mississippi question, is there anything of consequence to be
found in the area now known as Maine?
Megaliths erected by primitive descendants of several ice age era cities
that collapsed due to starvation.
Any truth to the hollow earth stories??
None. They stem from primitive people's getting into underground
complexes of precursor cultures. Awed by their size they assumed earth
is hollow.
Any info on how our species devolved from the first civilization to the
second/third? Did it involve prior genetic engineering?
Both high periods of civilization saw multiple human species making up
their general populations. Not races, but species.
Can you give any insight on any very important person from the second
civilization? Perhaps a political/spiritual leader?

There were thousands of important people and leaders.

Did the elite of the second civilization use genetic engineering to extend
their lifetime? Would this mean that those genetics get passed down
along the generations of those who survived?
Yes but they no longer work with the same efficiency. Today they just
mean a decade or two of extra life and a higher immunity.
Was Jesus a vegetarian and if so did he recommend it to others/followers
and if so for what reason.
He ate meat.
How did the Dogon tribe get their knowledge of Sirius being a binary star
system if we couldn't verify that until recent times? Carl Sagan believed
they were in contact with a more advanced civilization, but the Dogon
oral tradition claims that their knowledge came from visitors from Sirius.
They did come into contact with advanced contemporaries, they added
the Sirius fragment later.
what was the name of the second high civilisation from 32k years ago.
Names are irrelevant. There were two sides. One in Asia, the other in and
around Atlantic. Both were technologically advanced and composed of a
cluster of nations.
If in fact you are in AL, OP, Happy Thanksgiving.
We're not in Alabama. The geolocation is hidden.
What philosophy currently most matches the last civilizations? Who came
Nazi Germany and United States.
could you please tell us why you are divulging your info I this forum?
No. Settle for the fact that the information is genuine. This is not a bot,
not a commercial programme, nothing of the sort. Your belief or doubts
are up to you, you're getting something for free, settle for what you get
or don't.

Is there significant and residual evidence of biological warfare in the

ancient past?
No tangible evidence remains.
Are any of the historical plages related to the ancient techniques of
genetic manipulation?
No, there are however genetic diseases.
Could you list any of the genetic diseases?
Almost all of them. Originaly genus was almost free of genetic
please a name would be useful. [re: name of the second high civilisation
from 32k years ago]
Mashra - the leader of the coalition from the asian region later recorded
as Rama. He led his people in a war against the people from the Atlantic
region and fought them down to a stalemate. He, his people and his
country died once both sides used weapons of mass destruction.
is the area in which poland now lies anyhow connected to the ancient
civilisations ? are there any artifacts present in Poland ?
No. That part of eastern Europe was covered in ice sheets and later
Was Poland destroyed by nazis and communists because of political
reasons or they were ideological threat to them ?
Did the plan to destroy poland originated
government, or it was implemented by Hitler ?




It was implemeneted and conceived by Hitler.

Where can we find Jesus' true teachings? In the most unchanged form?
Dead Sea scrolls.
So diabetes for example is not a natural mutation?

No. The genetic deterioration came from experiments, thinning of the

ozone layer and inferior diet and conditions which led to the overall
degradation of the human body.
I wonder instead what words/ideas some of the great people from the
past had....
The greatest idea was an attempt to emuluate the power of God via
technology. It failed.
Would it be possible to reverse engineer the human species using the
ancient technology or has that horse already left the barn?
We cannot revert back, even through technology. Our current state can
be improved however.
Did the earlier civilizations have a road network and something similar to
cars & trucks?
They had roads and highways in some period but their vehicles did not
use fossile fuels nor wheels. They fulfilled similar roles to our vehicles
No, the principle was magnetism. These vessels could fly although in case
of civilian and commercial version such action consumed much power and
reduced speed.
So the Last high tech period where more totalitarian like Nazi
Germany/Usa ?
Far more.
Did they use a form of A.I. or central computer to manage their
No. Civilization was not centrally managed. Learning machines were used
for many tasks at one point however.
Are there any natural ways of healing used successfully by prior
civilizations that we can still use today? Herbs, things like hyssop,etc?
Yes. Many.

Are the current humans lacking or deficient (due to our

diets/environment) in any vitamins or minerals that made past people
No, the deficiencies damaged our genes.
Is there a way we can get back some of what prior genetic tinkering has
taken away from us?
Not without pure genetic templates.
are there any ancient artifacts from the last high society kept in
Edinburgh Scotland or London England??? or at a museum somewhere
that we can visit and view?
In both. Many, museums, private owners, storage vaults.
can you ease be more specific? ie something at a museum that we can
Saqqara bird and associated valley temple artifacts exist in London.
saqqara bird is fascinating. please can u list more at the British museum
that I can go and visit??
No, you have to wait for a colleague of mine to log on, accessing the
british inventory is too much bother at this hour.
Can you speak of breatherians? How they achived their state?
They did not, the movement is a fraud.
How "old" were the two previous civilizations?
The first developed for approx. 100.000 years. The second one laster
approx. 10.000 years.
Looking at our civilizations current age (using first world countries as a
reference), has or did human-kind evolve at similar rates, based on
societal structure, technology, etc...?
We're advancing much faster due to genetic memories and reverseengineering. Once we reach the previous level the progress will slow
down to it's natural speed.

If post-scarcity was achieved in the first civilization, why were societies

They were not. They became authoritarian during the period of the
second civilization.
If in the second advanced civilization, consciousness was "taken" from
some citizens for the purpose of having biologic automatons? Who were
these people? Criminals? Pyschopaths? Were those non-conscious
biologic humans treated as slaves or fodder for war?
They were members of defeated nations and prisoners of war.
Does this imply that consciousness resides in the brain? Or is the brain a
receiver and they merely shut off the mechanism that allows
consciousness to function?
The consciousness resides in the brain and much of it is created by the
brain. Some of it is not.
what really happened at dyotlov pass??
They were affected by a storage dump where an experimental soviet
weapon resided. They turned on each other.
But how does that explain the internal injuries?
Force of blows. A chemical imbalance provided them with a strength
Was it a genetic tweak that made the Jewish people able to access more
of their brain power, and is that why they were targeted for genocide in
the past (for control purposes?)
Jewish people are not smarter than any other people. They have a clearer
genetic memory however. This allows some of them to reinvent old
concepts slightly more frequently.
In the past 2 civilizations, was there ever an occurrence where the
common people stood up and revolted against the "rulers" (on more of a
global scale)? If so, what was the incident that finally pushed the people
over the edge?
No, there was no such event. Loyalty to one's country and ruling system
was much deeper than comprehensible in modern times.

Artificially boosting ones IQ or just something like computers with

educational software?
By learning machines we meant machines capable of learning and
adapting like a sentient being.
It is assumed the Khajuraho Temples have to do with Tantra. However,
some of the frescoes depict smaller beings with larger beings. Have you
viewed these temples and found anything other than what is typically
Two different species of humans.
What was the date of these 2 species and were they that much different
in size as portrayed in the frescoes? And, were the species giants and
pygmies or what?
Modern sized humans and descendants of Heidebergensis.
I'm curious about Croatia. There seems to be quite a lot of artifacts there
and it seems it may have been a crossroads for ancient civilizations. Is
there anything interesting there and esp. Zagreb, the capital?
Croatia was a hub of stone ega migrations some 7.000 years ago.
What about the "4 corners of earth?" Quoting from this article, which was
recovered from microfilm at the Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Library, we
read the following: The Earth has four corners, measurements made of
earth-circling satellites have shownThe four-cornered, or pyramid-like,
design was found by calculating the changes in the orbits of globegirdling satellites. At the center of the high points, the satellites were
pulled downward a few hundred feet by the unexpectedly high
gravityThe new figure for earth was found by scientists at John
Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Silver Spring, Md., working under
a contract for the U.S. Navys Bureau of Naval Weapons. The report
included a world map that shows all four of the Earths high corners are
located in the Earths oceans and that there are also four low spots,
which are additionally found in the vast oceans. Each of the high spots
covers several thousand square miles of ocean and were a staggering
220 feet higher than what the equalized average depth of the
ocean should be in that area. The low points on the other hand are apx.
253 feet below [what should be] the stabilized oceans average. Have
you viewed this and can you tell us why the high areas in the ocean don't
flow into the lower areas?

Crustal displacement following the sinking of a continental size landmass.

Plates shifted to accomodate the added mass.
Did our ancestors/former civilizations have a much wider or a more
general understanding of a connection between consciousness, matter
and time and were these subjects part of teaching and technologies,
maybe at some point more metaphorical for better comprehension ?
Yes, at one point they understood the concept of death and what is
beyond fully. In the second period they lost most of their knowledge but
still had hard sciences and much greater knowledge than modern man.
What's the deal with the 30th parallel? Why so many anomalies there?
Mexico's Zone of Silence (it's like the Bermuda Triangle, but on land),
Cairo, The Pyramids and the Sphynx, The Dome of the Rock and the
Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, Qumran (discorvery site of the dead sea
scrolls), Petra's "Monastery" (centruy old discovery that still only has
10% excavated), Ur (An important and ancient citystate of the Sumerians
located in Mesopotamia) Venice of the East (proposed area of the Garden
of Eden), the city of Sufis (or the City of Saints, the oldest city in
the world), Lhasa (the "Roof of the world", the historical residence of the
Dali Lama and a revered sacred place in the world), The Lhasa Giant
Buddha (tallest statue in the world) Tianamen Mountain aka Heavens
Gate, Casas Grandes ( a unique evidence of a highly developed culture
that had suddenly disappeared right before the Spanish conquest), The
Nasa Space center and The Bermuda Triangle!!!!!!
Pick a clear question. Massed posts like this tend to be ignored. Each of
us operates on limited time.
I was curious, as I'd not heard of Neuremerg 1561 OP, Is this a visual
playback of the Destructionof the 2nd Civilization.If not, a playback of
what? Thanks so much.This was recorded in a form of Art of the time.
An aerial battle between two skyfleets.
Thanks! Can you say of what time frame? 1st Civiliz. 2nd Civiliz.
Skyfleets of what time period?
Second civilization. Final stages of the global war. In that period nations
had aerial navies as well as naval ones.
OK, why so many anomalies on the 30th parallel?

In some regions that it crossed old machines remain active. It was once
an ice free belt where much development took place.
Interesting. What are these old machines doing? Is anyone studying
them to see if they can be used or reverse engineered?
Trying to power laboratories and factories that no longer exist,
malfunctions cause mechanical failures in aircraft and sinking of the
There is a mountain area, Maruntha Malai, (Tamil, India) where the
vegetation is different from the surrounding area. The myth is that
Haunman, the flying monkey that helped Rama, dropped a piece of a
mountain there when helping Rama win a war. What really happened
there and why is the vegetation so different? Is it true there is an herb
there that can revive a person after the died? Also, it is rumored that
Hauman is still alive and living in the Himalayas. Is he alive and what is
he? A genetically altered being? Does he have great powers?
I have no knowledge of that.
What calendar and timekeeping system did they use?
16 months, 100 days a month. Our calendar is influenced by seasons,
seasons did not exist for much of human history.
Was it still 24 hour days? What changed so we have seasons now?
ice age ended. It was 26 hours with a s shorter hour. Earth was spinning
is it possible yet to get a list of ancient high civilization artifacts held
at the British museum. even just a few? the saqqara bird was awesome.
Later by a colleague - maybe. Such a list is not my prerogative and i'm
unqualified to provide it.
What is consciousness, then? And that which is not created by the brain
is created by what?
Cosciousness is a medium by which an autonomous sentience perceives
reality. The explanation would take too much.
So what keeps the higher water from flowing down to the lower water?
[re: four corners of the earth]

Centrifugal forces.
Will you tell me more about these historical people and how the gained
their knowledge? Were they given their "genius" from outside influences
from entities (lack of better word) or some unknown method? Choose
one. May I request you choose the most interesting, in your opinion?
Da Vinci. His genetic memory and genius were such that given right
materials he would be able to recreate almost any old achievement.
Did this knowledge help them have what we might call a peaceful and
cooperative civilization? [re: understanding death & beyond]
Are the monoliths on the moon and on phobos part of the structures the
ancients build? What was their purpose?
There are no Monoliths on Moon or Phobos. Moon has structures. These
were industrial and scientific bases.
Are some still used today?
No, most of their personnel left for earth almost 32.000 years ago, those
who chose to stay died as their resources ran out. A few are operating on
Any specific operation? Bad if they stop working? Thanks
Defence systems, local transportation, air recycling,
communications equipment, mobile maintnance hardware.



What about down syndrom, was this "deficiency" created way back or is it
a recent condition? Any important information regarding chakras and any
truth in how they work?
Down syndrome is a result of meddling with the genes, the disease
started first over 32.000 years ago. Chakras are points where a body
accumulates energy which physically takes form of microscopic electric
charges, they can be utilized in a variety of ways.
Also interested in the kinetic strike you talked about at crater lake. Can

you tell us more about the civilizations that lived in Western United
States and Canada? Is there any hidden tech or sites still unfound in
Washington and British Columbia?
This question was skipped. Canada and the Western United States hosted
colonies from the place you refer to as Atlantis. By the period of the war
they were long since separate countries each in their own right, still allied
with their motherland. Yes there is technology present in both
Washington and Columbia. The kinetic strike was done via a pellet. A
projectile roughly an inch across with density that provided it with a mass
of a small asteroid it was shot from what amounts as magnetic cannon in
orbit. Such a kinetic strike produced very specific results obliterating
crust and releasing much energy. Larger projectiles were called pebbles,
they were the size of a bowling ball and were capable of destroying
large islands. This was one of the favored types of weapons of mass
destruction at the time.
what was the most important breackthrough in each of the previous
ages? To what point is it posible for us to reach another level of
understanding, a higher one if possible, with the available genetic
memory and data? From what you see, did we reach this point yet or will
we surpass our energy production capabilities with our birthrate?
Gunpowder and hot air baloons. They allowed original societies to finally
expand. Before that people were not really able to hunt the local fauna.
The predators were too large, too smart of both. Once humanity
developed effective gunpowder weapons and unpowered flight mass
hunting parties pushed the borders of small societies, hunted the local
predators to near extinction and allowed for agriculture to develop.
Did the 1st and 2nd high orders have to deal with cancer ? How were
their healing methods different from ours ?
No, cancer is as recent as 6000 years. The first high period saw mostly
noninvasive medicine, the second was in many ways like ours. Herbs and
subtler forms of healing were not abandoned but spare organs were
grown, surgery was practised. Gene splicing in early months of
pregnancy was available to those who were entitled to it.
Tell me about the flower of life as it pertained to past civilizations?
It's a chemical symbol in graphic form. It's a substance with potent
reinvigorating and regenerative capabilities. The graphic form is a
mathematical cypher. Once approached properly it will deliver a chemical

Forgive my density, but why would releasing all of this information

destroy religion? How does it do anything to preclude the existence of
Religion is not about God, its about dogma.
Did they use color light waves to heal?
No. They used sound frequencies however.
Any in particular that we can use today? How thanks [re: sound
Simpler forms of this technology are experimented upon in laboratories.
So Buzz Aldrin is full of sh*t? [re: moon]
No, he's just not sure about the details of what he saw.
What did he see? [re: Buzz]
The main facility still intact. It's the size of a small city.
If we go.....can we use them? Could it be possible for us to understand
how they work? Thanks
Some of the technology uses principles we understand, much of it does
Did one of the past civilizations genetically domesticate our animals such
as cats, dogs, for companions or did the animals adapt to human
emotions as was mentioned.
OP you mentioned before the first civilization had knowledge of after
death/universe...any insight into what methods were used, both on a
personal scale and spreading of the information to the masses with them
knowing truth as well.
Scientific research and mass education.
Any specifics? Math? Physics? Or completly exotic to our current
understaning? [re: knowledge of death]

All three. Math delivered ways. Physics delivered means. Other avenues
supplemented both of them and made obtaining such knowledge possible
and easy.
If Jesus, or those like him, had of been in a time when such knoweldge
could be translated into the "equation"...was this the equivilant?
What Jesus knew through mental discipline and what first period
scientists worked out is the same result obtained through different
I see what you mean. That is falling away regardless. I should rephrase
my question, how does releasing this information destroy religion? [re:
religion is not about god, it's about dogma]
It removes the need for dogma.
Did people implant memories in other people's head via technology back
It was possible but not practiced, the process of aquiring knowledge was
Is there any technology in the deep waters north of Puerto Rico in the
Atlantic? Or in land?
None operational. Remnants exist in the coastal waters and inland.
hi OP your colleague earlier mentioned that you might be able to provide
a brief list of some of the ancient technologies from the high civilisations
that are currently at the British museum to view? are there any you can
list for us?
Another will answer your question next time we log in. It's not my
preferred subject, next time we will provide an answer.
Were commoners in the high-tech civilizations smart? Did the high-tech
Yes. I do not understand the second question.
You mean the facility located on the moon (tycho crater was it?), but
what I

meant with my Buzz Aldrin statement was about why he reffered us to

phobos with his quote - "We should visit the moons of Mars. There's a
monolith there - a very unusual structure on this little potato shaped
object that goes around Mars once every seven hours. 'When people find
out about that they are going to say, "Who put that there? Who put that
there?" Well the universe put it there, or if you choose God put it there."
These are not monoliths either. We're not privy to all off world activity
nor all locations but it's likely that these are more of the same.
Any specific, important things/groups/periods in ancient human history
that we did not ask about yet?
Yes, many.
Anything you ever view indicate to you that the Moon is an artificial
It's not, it's a naturaly formed planet.
with type if music did the high ancients listen to? is there anything similar
to it from today's music?
It was softer.
Can you clarify what you mean with 'softer'?
Just as there's difference between heavy metal and pop music.
what is the biggest influence that the high ancients have on our society
today? if any?
did the high ancients have a stock market in the same way we do?
No. Commerce was conducted differently.
The Arizona crater, was it a meteor or is it a scar from the wars?
It's another pebble fired at a much lower velocity.
what was the THE ANTIKYTHERA MECHANISM used for? is it significant?
Astrology and astronomy. It was to the Romans and Greeks.

You have explained that evolution from early humans ocurred in

accelerated bursts - generations instead of thousands of years. What
would drive such evolution, if not selection from more fitting attributes
(survival of the fittets)?
A natural trigger buried in DNA of all living things.
That begs the question, if any such bursts have been observed in modern
history. In plants or animals?
No. Our worlds is old and evolutionary stable.
Does that mean that a spicies evolutionary path is given in their genes?
In the first civilization, how did human-kind subsist? Have plant materials
and animals always been used for food or were other technologies
available that did not require the taking of life for subsistence?
Accelereted growth fruits and vegetables and vat grown meats. Living
tissue that mimics the cellular structure of specific animal meat.
In the first civilization, were plants and animals treated with more
reverence or respect? Were other living biologic entities treated as
entities with sentience?
Fauna and flora was understood for what it was.
To what degree did robots play a part in the daily lives of commoners?
Did people engage in personal relationships with robots?
Automation made life easier on a public level, not on personal. You can't
have a relationship with a machine.
is there any significant mysticism or secret to the US1 dollar bill?
Not really. Just some people showing off.
Did some of the higher evolved civilizations have some dogmas we would
find strange and primitive today?
Strange yes, primitive no.

Were male/female physical differences the same today as in the first two
high periods? From what I've read from your group so far, my guess for
at least the first period, is that men and women were valued equally but
I'm interested to hear more about gender roles and their impact in the
Yes, male and female physique was similar to modern one. There was a
clear social distiction but if a woman chose to step out of it she was free
to do so.
Did each house have its own toilet or was it only public bathrooms? How
was their general waste system organised, recycling or massive dumps?
Yes, people had all ammenities available to them. Waste was dissolved
into it's component particles and recycled on that level.
Atlantean Crystals?
A more exotic form of power generation. Originally mined in Africa, later
grown synthetically.
Was jesus the only one being that fully comprehended to construct of our
universe ?
Can we say that he " hacked the matrix" ?
most species are now at/near their evolutionary end? Doesn't sound like
a good ending for the hominid race, does it?
They're not. Evolution is a process that works inwards. Once the body is
at its limit the brain and then the mind start to evolve. That's how a
species achieves a higher level of self awareness and with it it's body
starts to change anew. The process repeats itself once every several
milion years, it's also synchronised for most species. You talk about
Jesus, anything on the antichrist? Nostradamus' predictions? Antichrist is
a catholic invention. Nostradamus was genuine.
Can u give an example (name to be precise) of people that gained and
understood the principles of creation ? and how to harness them ?
Jesus and Buddha

were there any successful attempts to "get out of the box" meaning
jumping out of reality ?
Jesus and Buddha
does high magnetic/gravitional forces enables a man to bend the
timespace ?
What primary or typical system or structure of government was used at
the height of the first civilization? Anything close to what we have now?
Citizen democracy, no ours is different.
What were the main common concerns and issues of the time at the
height of the first civilization (not including the impending comet.)
Where to go next. Interstellar colonization and expanding sciences in that
direction was considered.
What was their primary method of problem solving?
Was the scientific method of experimental inquiry/falsification still in use?
Yes but with very different mindset
How did they educate their young?
First 10 years at home. Next 20 years in an equivalent of our schools. For
the next 10 years a young citizen was expected to travel. At 40 he would
return and choose a specific vocation in which he was then expected to
learn for another 20 years. At 60 he was considered a young adult ready
to live on his own, was given full citizen priveliges. A person could choose
a different vocation every 20 years or at any other time, changing
professions at will was fronwed upon but not barred.
Did people drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes or were there other
Alcohol was present throught entire human history. Tobacco was not.

Were people obese?

No, their metaboism prevented that.
What was the most common cause of death?
Old age.
Were Jesus and Buddha aware of the previous two civilizations?
In the list of famous characters you chose Da Vinci as the one with
greater potential. I agree. Teslas would be the second one?
No. Tesla worked with transcripts of ancient blueprints, he was still a
you say Nostradamus was genuine. how did he get such abilities? is he
still relevant today?
He was never relevant. He made his predictions undecipherable, it made
his authenticity irrelevant.
Any info on Alice A. Bailey? Was she on the right track about how things
work and fit together?
I'm not familiar with her.
Why is Mohenjo-daro radioactive?
The priests recovered an old fusion generator and tried pushing the
Did high civilization, 1 or 2 detect signs of extraterrestrial activity
either indirectly (for instance through telescopic and spectral analysis of
exoplanetary atmospheres looking for signs of oxygen or pollutants?)
They were aware of extraterrestrial life.
Did they detect certain low freq anomalous IR radiation or gravitic
anomaly profiles from highly advanced civs that formed shells around
their distant stars or other mega-structural, large scale engineering?

No, they used their technology to reach out and communicate or just
Did either civilization have something similar to our SETI program
(optical, radio, neutrino, gravitic or any other type of SETI) and was
anything interesting detected?
They did not need such a program.
Can you describe the weapons of mass destruction used during the end
of the second civilization? Was the pebble be a popular weapon of choice?
Who struck first? Did the other side retaliate because they didn't want the
initiator to inherit humanity? Can you explain what was going on between
the time of the fall of the first civilization and the rise of the second?
Pellets and pebbles - orbital launch high density kinetic projectiles. Fusion
warheads, high yield nuclear weapons, magnetically contained
pressurized plasma charges. Spikes - a similar technology to pellets and
pebbles designed to bury itself miles underground and destroy a large
portion of crust.
Who struck first? Did the other side retaliate because they didn't want the
initiator to inherit humanity?
Neither side was prepared to allow the others victory. People from the
atlantic region struck first.
Can you explain what was going on between the time of the fall of the
first civilization and the rise of the second?
An empire from the atlantic region conqured all civilized world save for
the people in Asia and their allies. It was a final bid for global dominance.
The sides were evenly matched conventionally. After decades the
civilizations residing in Asia and part of Africa gained upper hand, that's
when both sides used their full arsenal.
You mentioned Down syndrome was a genetic 'disease' that was
introduced (32.000? years ago?). But Down syndrome is not a genetic
mutation... it's a chromosome too many. (Analogy with books: it's not a
misprinted letter, but a repeated page.)
It's a genetic fault. Mutation is used as a blanket term.
OP, what about the reptilian humanoids and the greys? Where do they fit
into all of this? ...aliens or genetically engineered lifeforms?

Neither. Reptilians and Grey's are a new age invention. There existed a
semisentient race that developed from lizard stock but they died out
when humanity was only emerging and they never reached a civilized
Is time, as we know, it artificial? How is it that we all agree to this ?
ANything more you can add about time?
For us it's not.
Do YOU have a different idea of time that the rest of the population?
What about "time is not linear"?
Time is not artificial for people who are alive.
Probably activated by the sun's emissions/transmissions? [re: natural
trigger & DNA]
No. The evolutionary trigger is activated by what you would call a
communal mind which spans all flora and fauna.
I practice Himalayan Singing Bowl therapy. The bowls are made
according to an ancient formulation that includes many metals. Does the
formula emulate any known equivalent to ancient technology and how
would this have been passed down or found in Tibet? Also the 440 hz rate
is said to be the fabrication of the Nazi's to create disharmony as the real
healing rate is 432 hz or "A". Is this true?
The instrument you're using does nothing. It once did but details
important to it's construction were lost a long time ago.
was Le Comte de St. Germain real? Can you tell us a little about him if he
Yes. He was real. He used a chemical formula to keep himself alive for a
long time. He died in late 19th century in Paris.
It is known the chemical formula? Why did he died? Did he pass the
formula to somebody else? Is still used?
Yes it's know to some. He died because this chemical only extends the
aging process, it does not make it's user immortal. No they're not used,
they have a side effect of making their user mentally unstable.

Do you know how he died?

Old age. A substance he manufactured reached the extent of it's capacity
to keep him alive.
can you elaborate on 'time' for people who are not alive, who have
passed on? What is time like for them? Is it something we can
Time is malleable from a certain perspective. Return to historical
What happened to the settlers at Roanoke?
Ran out of food, left the settlement. Many starved, others blended into
native populations.
Does the Akashic records exist?
Yes they do.
The Transfiguration of Jesus - did this event really occur and how would it
be explained scientifically?
Solid matter into energy , once in energetic state rearrangment of matter
Anyone ask about the STONE SPHERES yet? Such as the one found in
Costa Rica. What was their purpose? Who created them? ETC.
Counterweights in a mechanical saw.
Why go through the trouble of making them so perfectly spherical if they
were merely to serve as counterweights?
They moved in a stone pipe that required perfect shaping.
Doesn't seem to add up. The largest found in CR was 8 tons, IIRC. If a
pipe contained them, they'd all have been similar size, no? Not to
mention some appear to rest in alignment...
Later they were used for ritual purposes. The saw was the size of a large

Can you please tell us how Atlantis was destroyed each of the three
times? If a geological event, can you describe?
First destruction happened due to a comet that exploded over India. The
overpressure destroyed multiple power generating stations which in turn
destabilized geology on a global scale. The second destruction was a
kinetic barrage from orbital weapons that destroyed the crust and most
of the continent. The third destruction happened as a consequence of
geological instabiity caused by the previous two events.
What did power generation stations have to do with geologic stability?
"destroyed multiple power generating stations which in turn destabilized
geology on a global scae."
They interacted with earth's magnetic core.
Shroud of Turin. Real? Hoax?
Reproduction of an original.
Reproduction of an original? Shroud is Jesus? Humor?
Reproduction of an original burial shroud.
There's a theory being proposed by a guy named Tellinger about ancient
cities being laid out in what resembles templates, or computer chips. He
thinks this was done purposely for energy purposes. Theory got legs?
No. Prior to the deluge cities were built in circular pattern for efficiency.
In the last high period they were built at sharp angles much like american
cities today.
Which civilization produced the Klerksdorp spheres? How old are they and
what is their purpose?
Post deluge holdouts. They tried to re-create the large stone and metal
saws used to cut large blocks of stone. The spheres were part of this
device originally. Add note. They were used in the manner of ball
Why do they say they are 3 billion years old? [re: Klerksdorp spheres]
Because people associated with new age idoeologies will generally attach
aliens or billions of years to any subject whether its an old sock or a
twelve thousand year old pyramid.

From your knowledge of Atlantis, is it possible that Atlantis, or part of

Atlantis, will rise again?
Most of it will, eventually.
Long time frame?
Extremely long.
Can you comment on Edgar Casey saying something pertaining to'
Atlantis (part of) will be found in 1968'
Casey's method was extremely failible, only a third of his readings
contain facts.
Was Atlantis found in 1968?
I'm trying to understand large land masses going into the sea and
possibly rising again -perhaps due to the ancient technology on those
land masses being re activated.
No, the process is natural. Continents float on a global sea of magma and
are not meant to stay down so to speak.
Has anyone ever had the ability to channel the dead?
Are the Akashic Records technology or simply memory impressions left
by energy patterns acting on some universal natural medium?
What you understand as Akashic records is a pure reservoir of knowledge
deposited in a deep subconscious, there are also other memory imprints
that can be tapped for varied accuracy.
So to love your brother, or the golden rule, is the true will of the true
self? That's the point of our lives on earth? Or is that new age or a
Constantine added part?
You can't go wrong with a little empathy.

Can you explain to me how the loss of intellectual property in a

population can be so great, that even the knowledge of the wheel can be
forgotten? How can a hightech civilization degrade to such a extend?
Loss of 90% of population plus total loss of technology that supported
them means they will be forced to focus on survival and re-learn basic
crafts while forgetting the more advanced ones that become useless in
new conditions.
You mentioned some personal flying machines/jet packs in prior civ. Was
developing this tech. important to them? Also how advanced did the jet
packs/tech get?
They had no jetpacks, jet propulsion was not used. Not very important,
such harnesses were associated with sport and leisure. Compared to our
level, very advanced.
Is there any evidence that either the first or second civs you mention
openly developed their abilities of telepathy, astral projection, or past life
recall as a society norm or were those abilities already lost by the time
these civilizations appeared on the scene as it has with ours?
People never had the abilities you describe on a societal level.
Was the Bimini Road left over from the ancients?
Yes, it's a genuine highway.
Was primitive societies existing in parallel with the more advanced?
Yes. Just like today.
what were the Nazi's doing in Antartica before, during, and after WWII?
Digging for artifacts and establishing an away base in case they lost the
Are they still there? Did they found lost ? tech ?
They did, no they're long gone.
Did Hitler escape to Antartica after the war. I heard the Russians say
they never accounted for over 100 submarines and they wondered what
happened to them?

Not to Antarctica, he died in Switzerland en route to a U-Boat that would

carry him to Peru.
What caused the "Little Ice Age" which affected our planet between
Natural climate change.
What happened during the crucifixion? Was Jesus actually the one on the
cross? Did he experience samadhi? Did what happened with the
crucifixion cause a time change and that's why we went from BC to AD?
They nailed him to the cross and speared him, he bled to death. I'm not
familiar with the term samadhi. No the change BC and AD is purely
Were the continents all 1 landmass at one time?
Yes, Pangea did exist.
Does the continent the USA is on, sink when the continent Atlantis is on
rises? (or does USA ever sink, period?)
The balace of continental plates must be maintained.
Are there immortals on earth?
why is our atmosphere degrading, which is making the sun look whiter
than it used to? I read it was caused by atomic testing releasing positive
charges in the atmosphere that create an imbalance. Chemtrails then,
are an attempt to release negative ions into the atmosphere to reduce
these positive ions. Is there any truth to this?
are those currently in our population then that are "younger" (not from
the previous civilizations lineage) and if so, who are they/what continent
are they from?
We're all descended from various peoples of previous era. Some species
of humans died out, others melded with the Sapiens Sapiens genus. Due
to the nature of human interactions there is not a single human who
would not have genes of people who were living in advanced societies.

Having viewed humans throughout history, would you gather that, as a

whole, humans Function better and are happier as a collective (like
today), Function better and are happier within small pockets/communities
,Function better and are happier in small families, left alone to work and
trade freely amongst each other?
People are collective beings.
What was the recipe for a successful civilization and why is it so ingrained
in humans to ultimately destroy/control everything? Is it as a result of
over genetic tinkering? Was something removed from within us that
would've made us able to achieve it
Nothing is ingrained in us. We have complete free will as long as we're
When year was Gotama Siddhatta (the Buddha) born, and when did he
pass away?
Buddha did not die, neither did Jesus. They achieved a state in which
physical life is no longer viable and thus exist in another manner.
dropa stone discs. Any truth about those?
Yes. The Dropa were not aliens however.
There is a huge underwater structure off the eastern coast of the US,
extending from Brunswick, GA to Jackson, FL. It can be seen on Bing
maps but is obscured by Google maps. What is it? Ancient or modern?
If you're referring to the lines on the sea floor that were claimed to be
sonar traces then they're not, they're artificial. If it's another topic we're
unfamiliar with it.
what is hidden beneath the Vatican
Ruins of a megalithic culture and beneath that the first city to ever stand
what is the chemical that was used by the ancients to cut, melt and
create rock?
They did not cut, melt or create it. They softened it enough that steel
saws and special pressure cranes were able to fit it together.

Who was responsible for the Reichstag fire in 1933?

The Nazis
did Amelia Earhart really crash into the Pacific Ocean?
Yes. She survived and was recovered by the Japanese, she died in a
japanese prison camp.
The stone circles in Africa Who or what civilization built these and for
what purpose?
Which stone circles?
What can you tell us about Jack the Ripper? Was he really a Polish
immigrant? And what were his motives for the murders.
He was an irish medicine student.
Please give us some information on Tiahuanaco. Anything you wish to
divulge. How old is this site?
33.411 years. It's been used even later though. It started as a skyport
and a mountain settlement. At it's peak it hosted six thousand people.
Skyport as opposed to spaceport?
Yes, a hub for automated transport network.
Was Baalbek a spaceport? Which civilization fabricated and placed the
No. Baalbek stones are the foundations of an ancient tower, it was once
in the middle of a large, modern city.
What happened at the site which caused the other really large stone to
be left and not placed.
A firestorm that killed all inhabitants.
Is there anything of interest at the site which has not yet been
discovered or made public?
Streets, basements, sewers.

OP you mention that the Nuremberg incident was caused by ppl seeing
an ancient air battle. Is the current UFO phenomenon of the past 60
years akin to this? Clearly there is something happening in the skies?
What about the recovered bell shaped craft in Kecksburg, Pa?
No information about Kecksburg. Some of the incidents are imprints.
Others are government aircraft, yet others are real extraterrestrial
objects - there's no one explanation.
Can you tell us anything about the NAZI "Bell" experiment?
Nazis recovered multiple non-operational aircraft from one high period
that they attempted to reverse engineer.
Can you tell us what this image depicts and the who and the why of its'
The north star.
What is the origin of the three major races? You mention different species
of humans in the past, would you consider the three races different
Except for the black race we're all branches of the same species. Black
people are an evolution of another, extremely similar species.
How are black and others able to procreate then?
Same general genus, different human species.
did modern blacks as a different species exist in the past and if so, how
were they dealt with or improved? I personally think genetic modification
to raise IQ would help, is this viable in the future or has it been done
Black race is the remnant of one of the proto-races that hit a genetic
bottleneck. They were being helped for a time by others in this regard.
Currently interbreeding helps them bypass this obstacle.
OP, why were the Nazis interested in Antartica, and why were they there
for all the years around WWII?
It hosted a cache of artifacts in the form of a second civilization military

can you tell us anything about the ancient Chinese who built the Terra
Cotta Warriors tomb? Why did they do it?
As a memorial to their emperor.
Did the highest known civilization have a proper understanding of what
Dreams are and were they able to manipulate them or use them in any
significant way? If so, what was their understanding of dreams and how
did they use them and or manipulate them for practical or recreational
They did not dream as we do.
Did the highest known civilization have a proper understanding of what
Dreams are and were they able to manipulate them or use them in any
significant way? If so, what was their understanding of dreams and how
did they use them and or manipulate them for practical or recreational
Dreams stem from a damaged relationship of consciouss and
subconsciouss elements. The people during the first period were
constructed very differently as far as psychology is concerned. Their
minds operated in a manner where dreamscape was just as accessible to
them as waking reality thus they did not dream - ever.
1) How can we fix this damaged relationship? [re:conscious
subconscious dream elements]
2) How many times can we reincarnate? Is there a limit as some say
only 7 times while others say we can reincarnate eternally.


It will take generations. Individual effort is not enough. We cannot delve

into reincarnation too much.
[re: Dreams stem from a damaged relationship of consciouss and
subconsciouss elements.]
No. We can not give out information that will alter your day to day
So the Atlanteans messed up strategically by letting there enemies catch
up to them technologically?

No, the enemies of people from Atlantic were inferior technologically,

they had numerical superiority however and the weapons of mass
destruction of either side could not be countered
Can you give details on the general "leader" figure of the Atlanteans right
at the end of the 2nd civ? I understand that there was a council of sorts
leading them, so perhaps info on one of these council members if
possible? Was there a particularly special food that existed during the 1st
civilization that was critical to maintaining their superior biological state?
Perhaps it was lost during the fall? I forget if this was mentioned, but did
the first civilization partake in genetic manipulation? Did this
manipulation lead to the birth of the other human species? Is that why
our genetic template is not as pure as it once was?
The council had no generals. Their military was led by soldiers and
soldiers had no place in polticis. No the first civilization never altered a
single cell in any creature.
how much did hitler himself know about the ancient civs and the tech
recovered? also the puma punku stones, what did they make and how
was lake Titicaca formed?
Hitler did not know much, the 30s-50s was a time when even the elites
had limited knowledge and were only beginning to discover what is what.
Titicaca was formed naturally.
Have you any indication of any other intelligent specie on earth before
the time period you have been collecting data from? There are quite som
evidence from artifacts found in strata and rock dating back millions of
Yes there were many, not millions of years prior however.
Can you give any insight on the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, CA? It is
known as a gravatational anomaly.
A natural magnetic anomaly.
In the past two advanced civilizations was divorce as prevalent as it is
today? Were families a strong source of community, or was life organized
into smaller communities for living support?
There was no institution of marriage in the first. The second had allowed
divorce after at least 10 years of marriage. This was to allow choice but
also force citizens to take such bonds seriously.

Considering the way you gather data, could it be possible that other
civilizations where present 5+ million years ago , that you just can't get a
"reading" on? It's an old planet, is it not?
It could be possible. It is however unlikely.
I would like to know more about the Akashic records, how do I access
You die and try hold on to remaining consciouss afterwards.
Is there any training in how to hold onto consciousness? And, what
happens if one doesn't hold onto it.
Yes there is. He might lose awareness just as if when sleeping.
Do you know of any specific reason that so many military bases and
prisons are built on 'burial' mounds?
They're not built on or near burial mounds. If any are it's an accident
Any light you can shed on Jesus' miracles would be fantastic. He states in
the New Testament that we will be able to perform the same miracles.
Peter also did. What insight do you have into how He achieved this
ability, and also how Peter did the same?
Peter did nothing. It was added later.
What insight do you have into how [Jesus] achieved this ability? I.e. To
perform miracles.
There were no miracles. What he did was utilizing natural laws in ways
unknown to people at that time and today.
What were the trees in the Garden of Eden about?
Allegory for knowledge.
What was the serpent and what was the temptation?
Allegory for curiosiy.
Curious if there is any truths to the Nosferatu/Vampire mythology?

There are. Genetic constructs from a time long passed surviving into
Neolithic Turkey.
How were the Sound Frequencies you speak of applied? And if the Chakra
system resonates to certain "pitch" can this be used for healing? What
"instrument" was used for creating the correct frequency? Acoustic or
Electronic production? Can any process available today simulate this
higher technology? Also is true "A" 440 hz or 432 hz?
Chakras do not resonate with sound. No, you do not have the proper
materials and obtaining them requires either equipment to synthesize
them or offworld sources.
Law of One - Ra channelings - Real or not?
Law of One - real after a fashion. Ra channelings - fake.
Was there war as we know it in the first civilization?
Not against humans, no.
Which group was more spiritually advanced, the Asian conglomerate or
the Atlanteans?
The people from Asia did not turn their captives into mindless drones,
they just killed them.
Would it be fair to say that there were those who considered themselves
nobles/royalty among the Atlanteans? Or the Asian group? Did superior
genetics have anything to do with it?
Superior genetics were available as a result of artificial tampering. You
received it because you were born into an elite. People from Asia grew
authocratic and militaristic out of fear of what would happen should they
lose to those in the Atlantic.
Is there anything significant about having long hair?
Yes, washing time.
Please tell us what you know about Floresiensis.
An backwards offshoot of what you'd call a hobbit.
Are there any existing sentient earth based intelligent species besides

sapien sapien?.
There are a few.
What is the closest forms of yoga and meditation which allowed
Siddhartha and Jesus to become enlightened?
None. Yoga as you treat it is just a distraction.
Any remnants of previous high civ art or artifacts I could study online?
Is the chronovisor or Chronovision real, and do you have access to one?
Is there holographic or other forms of ancient information you have
accessed stemming from ancient technological civ's?
I'm not familiar with chronovision. There are operational records from the
previous high periods.
puma punku cut stones, what did they form and what was its use? what
was atop the great pyramid?
Diamond like alloy saws and drills. A settlement. A set of antennae to
draw lighting.
In the past.. what was a non-medical way to render illness or dysfunction
into healthy human function without surgical or evasive means.
Acupuncture? Pressure Point Massage? Crystal energy channeling? Sound
therapy? Prayer?
No, it all involved medicine of some sort.
Do you have any information on the formation or structure recently
discovered on the sea floor of the Baltic, off Sweden? The sonar traces
seem to show some kind of construct but submerged over 80 metres
below the surface
We have no information about that.
Between the first high civilization, the second, and our current which one
would you most prefer for the human race?
We have no preferences in that regard.

What was King Arthur like as a person? Was Lancelot real?

King Arthur was a centurion in the roman legions. Lancelot was real.
what were the antennae on the great pyramid used for?
Drawing lighting and gathering electricity.
why were the great pyramid antennae used to gather electricity? was the
pyramid used as a capacitor? by later peoples than that created it as a
Pyramids, Sphinx and the Valley Temples are the above ground elements
of an underground complex. It spans more than a hundred square miles
of corridors and chambers. In order to build and maintain the complex
electricity was required. Baghdad batteries provided simple electrically
powered lights but there exist devices that needed a lot more power,
hence the masts and antennae. If the complex would be fully operational
triggering correct mechanisms would result in vast entrances opening
within the pyramids that lead directy into the complex.
Did the Course in Miracles really come from Jesus?
Jesus wrote A Course in Miracles? Could you please explain?
He did not.
I'm confused about what you said about the book "A Course In Miracles",
you said it was from Jesus and said it wasn't written by him? What % of
it is accurate? and why did the author suffer poor health and die as did
the human author of the Seth material?
I misunderstood. It was interpreted whether miracles of Jesus came from
him or another source. No Jesus did not write a course of miracles if such
a document exists.
What about the Voynich manuscript? Is it real? Is it from a previous
civilization? Alchemy? Where does it come from? Is it a form o science?
Voynich manuscript is an encoded guide book covering extinct species of
plant and describing things from previous era. Alchemy is simply
chemistry mixed with superstition and remnants of old sciences.

Is there any tech in the deep waters of the Atlantic , north of Puerto
Operational? No.
Do you know about the looking glass? [re: chronovision]
No. Current projects do not concern us unless they interlock with our own
Did Crazyhorse kill Custer or was it several shots/arrows from different
Several projectiles.
OP, please explain the origins of the rhesus antigen. Are those that are rh
descendants of a specific past civilization or genetic altering? Are there
advantages or disadvantages that we do not know about in whether or
not one is rh positive or negative? Thank you for the best Thanksgiving
read EVER.
No single person is a descendant of a specific group by this time. The
interchangable nature of genetic heritage means that you have genes
from most if not all groups from the high periods excluding those from
the genus that did not intermingle sexually with the rest.
When did the rh- blood type show up and in what area of the world if it
was specific? Was this part of an evolutionary trigger?
It appeared some 37.000 years ago during the emergence of a specific
protoethnicity in the atlantic region. Prior to the end of the ice age and
sinking of the atlantic remnant it was most prelavent in today Spain and
Portugal in the mining colonies and industrial cities of the region.
Is there anything you can tell me about early people in South America,
most specifically, where Chile is located today? Mapuches, onas etc?
The area of Chile was inhabited for the past 80.000 years. Man first
arrived prior to the last high period. By the last ice age 12.300 years ago
it was a sparsely populated region with a handful of large cities, people
moved between them by rivers or air.
Also, there's always been stories about giants in Tierra del Fuego,
Patagonia territory? Something about this?

A race of antediluvial peoples that gradually died out untill they became
fully extinct some 2.000 years ago.
Im interested in knowing if jesus could manipulate the stuff around him
to creat miracles? In todays times, magicians such as dynamo, is he/
them manipulating "stuff" or is it just tricks?
Neither. What Jesus accomplished was done by moving himself, not the
world around him.
Have any members of the elongated skull species survived till modern
times? Have any ancient bloodlines of humans survived until modern
No and no.
If you could please share with us something from ancient civilizations
that you found truely amazing.
We found nothing amazing. As for you. At one point they had six torus
habitats in orbit being a permanent home to almost a hundred thousand
What civilization had these habitats? And why were they called Torus?
Torus is a modern term. They were ring habitats generating gravity with
centrifugal force. They were first created some 34.000 years ago and
remained operational for almost two millennia. They were an effort of a
global community. Later they were destroyed in a war.
Why did they create these habitats in space? Was it because of the
physical instablilty of the Earth?
It was a part of a concentrated step into space. These habitats provided
crews of facilities on Moon and Mars, orbital industry and space going
vessel crews. They were also an effort to create an ark of sorts in the
event the civilization would fall for whatever reason.
Can you elaborate on the torus habitats? Perhaps describe them? Do they
compare to anything we may have seen in movies?
Large circles with four to eight spokes, in ther centre a ball some 3001000 feet in diameter depending on the size, from an umbilical jutted out
for the vessels to dock. The living space inside a pipe was around three
thousand feet in diameter.

Wow! How do you create a torus habitat in space?

They transported the neccesary meterials to orbiat via suitable vessels
and assembled them on site.
What kind of materials and did how did they maintain orbit?
alloys, machines, subsystems. All that is needed to create a habitable
permanent space station. There was a superstructure with magnetic
equipment that acted as our engines would, appropriate calculations were
made so that the structure maintained correct orbit. It was then
extended and built upon untill the entire habitat was
What size population could live in one of these? Did they grow food in
labs, like one OP told us about? How big were these tori (sp?)
Between 10.000 and 40.000. Yes they grew food but were not entirely
self sufficient. They could maintain a closed loop for centuries, eventual
resupply was a neccesity however.
any info on Akhenaten where the statues of him true to his actual
Some were. A fairly englightened ruler.
Where the Greek gods, just remenants of surviving old civs, with
advanced tech?
Yes. The mountain facility in which they dwelled still exists in Greece.
First civilizations space program...did they explore/habitat outside our
First civilization did not have a space program. The second did.
Assumed with their technology.... Why the lack of interest?
They could achieve and learn most things without taking to the stars.
Not even a sense to explore? Very different mindset then us now....was
this a cultural set, trait of their species/race...or the knowledge they
possessed make such things obsolite?
Their entire mental make up was different.

I'm curious about healing, specifically energy medicine. Maybe it's a

recent thing our age discovered. Anything you saw historically past civ.
that it may have been used?
It exists, not among the masses though. It's not a recent thing.
Where did the Basque ethnic group come from?
Originally an island off the west coast of Africa. They formed the bulk of
mining and industrial communities in Spain and Portugal prior to the end
of the last ice age.
Also, would you describe how Jesus trained his 'mental skills'--did anyone
else advance their skills to his level. Who?
There were a few people like Jesus across the milennia. None at his level
Lastly, was he killed because he was deemed a threat?
His death was purely political. Jewish council feared him and he was a
minor nuisance to the Romans.
Any info on the story of Lilith, Adams first wife?
Adam is an old leader of the people. Lilith was his non-human lover who
led him astray from his responsibilities.
And is there any info you have on the sealed door inside the
Padmanabhaswamy temple?
We have no information.
You said that time travel was attempted but had too many unstable
issues, but was dimensional travel every used/attempted?
Those two are tied.
In the past advanced civilizations were people targeted for elimination or
sterilization to rid the race of undesirable genes, and what were those
There was no such problem.

In the first advanced civilization did they try to locate living areas for
good energy, and were round dwellings employed for this purpose? Was
there a certain kind of lighting used? (energy source?-- of the lighting)
There were zones of particular interest to them. Light was electric.
How Islam originated.
With Muhhamad the Prophet. He invented the basics of the religion.
Ask full questions please, i'm here to respond to your questions not read
No I mean, did he invent the basics of true religion or the dogmatic
religion you've described earlier?
No religion is true. All religion is dogmatic.
how long was the gestation period of the Giants? And how much different
in size to modern humans?
Roughly the same. Their women ovulated once per year however.
From what did the Giants evolve from?
A mixture of pre-human and human ancestry.
Did humans or homonids ever domesticate mammoths?
Yes, it was a common grazing animal.
Are you an ancient?
No. I can still run a few miles every day.
Did Fulcanelli die or did he find a way to chemically lengthen his lifespan?
He died. No he did not.
Out of all Ancient civilizations what was the highest population of
intelligent beings?
Approximately half a bilion for all races, species, nations and countries.

Just a recap is carbon dating bad as in the past nuclear type stuff was
used and has a tendancy to ruin the samples
Sometimes it goes awry.
Norway Spiral...??
Religions symbol from the proto-druidic religion prelavent across all of
Europe prior to the emergence of early Rome.
I think he's referring to the spiral that appeared in the sky.
No information on that.
What is going on at Medjigore?
Something unpleasant. We would prefer another subject.
What can you tell us about King Arthur ? Was he really connected to the
city of Avalon in FRANCE and NOT the Avalon in the British Isles ?
Avalon was a small island off the english coast. It has since been
submerged. It hosted priestesses of a religion now lost. Arthur was a
centurion in the roman legions, drawn from the local population he
established a small kingdom where he attempted to marry Christianity
with Druidism.
Was there ever a northern civilisation in the Arctic area (or northern
Siberia) like the mythical Hyperborea or Thule?
Yes there was.
Did the first advanced civilization identify similar theories and natural
laws in the areas of chemistry, classic physics, quantum physics,
electromagnetism, etc...or did they identify an entirely different set of
theories and laws that better explain some of the difficult questions not
yet understood by our scientists (quantum mechanic properties of
superposition, entanglement, and the observer effect, for example?)
Their scientific principles were wholly different then ours.
Is the photon theory, per Einstein, correct? How right was Einstein? What
did he get wrong?

Partially correct. He was mostly right but there are things he never
thought of.
Have some of these scientific principles been identified and/or preserved
via the artifacts that have been found?
Maybe you already discussed Quetzalcoatl, but if not, what is the reality
behind this legend? Was it based on a real person, a comet, a ruler? Do
you know anything about Quetzalcoatl?
A brotherhood of priests based on Cuba attempted to reboot civilization
after the deluge. They thought basic survival and civilization crafs all over
South America. A feathered dragon was their sigil.
Were they white and had beards? It seems like a lot of legends tell of an
older white man, appearing out of nowhere, and teaching them things.
Yes, they were caucasian.
Are they still descendants of these people in the islands?
Yes. All over Europe.
What's the story with Arkaim and similar circular cities found in the
This was a preferred city layout. Much like the reneissance era german
law founding of cities.
Has your group found ancient artifacts in the Himalayas? And, what kinds
of things?
We found nothing. There are many, examples of technology,
underground facilities, preserved corpses from as far as 50.000 years
I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying you found nothing in the
Himalayas. But, there are many artifacts elsewhere?
We are not looking anywhere so we can't find anything. There are many
artifacts in the Himalayas.

Were these preserved corpses royalty? Has any one learned to reanimate a corpse, sort of like is supposed to have happened with the
Philadelphia Experiment??
No. They were mostly scientists and their families, soldiers, technicians.
People who were present in the region when the end came. Reanimation
was not possible in the sense of returning a subject to life.
Have you got anything pertaining to our tiny island of Malta? :) We have
plenty seemingly ancient bits n pieces, combined with again a seemingly
rich history.
It was an administrative center and a much larger island some 12.400
years ago. Later it saw a remnant of the culture build a megalithic
What started mummification, and how far back does it date?
Approximately 50.000 years ago. Originally it was to preseve bodies as a
time capsule. Later it was the fear of death and scientific purposes.
Is there anything about the Philadelphia Experiment that we probably
don't know?
Not much, conspiracy theories covered all that happened and did not
Who is Lucifer? Who is Krishna?Who is Shiva? Are there infinite souls or is
it finite? Who is Adam, who is Adam, who is Adam? Yes, there are infinite
souls but it is still an idea that has yet to be fully realized and manifested
Adam was a leader who led the migrations of people into the atlantic
region. Krishna and Shiva are names for people from Asian in the final
high period.
If Adam led people into the Atlantic region, was he the same as (or
similar to) Atlas?
No he was not. Atlas is not a person. He's an allegory.
what is 666 about?
It's three numbers six next to each other.
Was Edgar Allen Poe genetically gifted in the way of genetic recall

No, he was an average man. Depressive and unstable, intelligent but

Was cannabis developed purposefully or did it evolve alongside man?
It's a naturally ocurring plant
the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Was it once a planet?
We have no information about that.
Op you mentioned that Adam had a non human female lover, what non
human species were present then and/or now? Such as did Elves, fairies,
succubi, vampires ever exist? Also speaking of things of legend was
magic like in fantasy novels ever real?
No. Magic like in fantasy novels was not real. There were abilities either
natural or aquired that allowed for similar results. There were also
disciplines that allowed natural rules to be bent or bypassed. At the dawn
of human civilization there were many non-human species. Some of them
biologically close enough to allow interbreeding. A female known today as
Lilith was a member of one such race. Adam was a political leader among
early humans and her presence by his side did not work to the benefit of
his people.
Have any ancient civilizations existed in the areas around northern
Vancouver Island? If so, how long ago, and do any remains exist to be
discovered? Who were these people?
Yes, there were some towns and settlements in the vicinity. They were
the same people who at the time lived on Cuba, New York, Florida and in
other coastal areas. A fairly advanced culture centered in and around
Do sasquatch portal jump?
The nature of Sasquatch ability is not fully clear, it is natural and taxing
to the point of death from exhaustion - those are the known facts.
What was the name of the first civilization that inhabited Antarctica?
Their language is lost to us.

What is and where did the rock that the Muslims worship or pray to come
From a quarry. It's not as holy or special as they believe.
What is Bigfoot? How many?
A few thousand at most.
can you please tell me about the inhabitants of aotearoa before the
arrival of maori. Thanks
Not much of interest. They represented the same level as the Maori. One
of the many remnants who reverted to a tribal level of the 10.000 years
period post deluge.
Is there only one timeline you are able to access? Are there other
timelines in our history?
Think logicaly. If there's another timeline it's no longer our past is it?
So we don't move into and out of timelines or probabilities that vary ever
so much?
Not in the context of these questions and answers.
Seems like every civilization before us had some special trait.. What of
the current civilization? Or was all specialness cooked out of our genetics
and were just here bc we were able to repopulate?
Correct. Current iteration of advanced humanity is geared towards
survival rather than finesse.
What was the West Coast of the USA in ancient times. Can you describe
the society, people 1st or 2nd civilization, and how it differs today. The
role it played globally!
The first civilization was for all intents a utopia in which people of
different genus and species lived together. The second civilization was in
many ways similar to ours, the people's thinking and intent was
something we could relate to. It was however still far more advanced
than ours. The first was global, without borders or nations, the second
was split among different political and national entities.

Non-human species?.. Can you elaborate on some appearance such as

skin colour or physical features? were they evolved from different
mammalia ? based on your collective data, aside from ape like
humanoids, did intelligent beings originate from other species such as
cattle, equestrian or other sort?
There were multiple. Some were tall, slender and by our standards
attractive. Another group of species were short and gave rise to the
hobbits and dwarves of legend. Others were completely alien in their way
of thinking. All were aware that humanity would inherit this world and
were more or less hostile towards man.
Please explain how they were all aware that humanity would inherit this
world? How did their hostility play out and does that hostility still echo
through the ages to present day?
All the non-human species are dead excepct for a few remnants, most of
whom don't even remember they once had civilizations of their own.
They had sciences and disciplines that told them that collective human
species would supplant them as dominant.
Very interesting! Are there some that are still here and are they still
hostile towards man? And, how was it decided humanity would inherit
this world?
They had means of looking into the future without detailed facts, they
saw a distant future where humanity was dominant and no traces of their
own world remained.
Does this mean they have completely vanished or are they in another
They died out.
They died out in physical form but isn't there life beyond physical?
They're no longer here regardless.
Who were the olmecs in veracruz or where did they originate from? Were
they one of these advanced ancient civilizations?
No. Olmecs originated from an even earlier civilization of flood survivors.
What was the purpose of the huge stone heads? Did they use the rock
cutting paste to form them and why did they have negroid features?

Correct. They used the paste. They had negroid features because a third
of the Olmecs were a negroid people.
Also, i'm curious about the one we call satan or lucifer? You mentioned
Jesus a few times, so, I'm asking you if this character existed and if he
really plays a key role in the misguidance of mankind today? Not a
religious question, just want to see what you may have on him if he exist
through your studies or findings. Thanks.
Lucifer existed, he's the same as Prometheus the bringer of light. Satan
is a Catholic invention.
Lucifer - a remnant soul of the first civilization teaching early survivors
of the second civilization basic lost knowledge?
No, Lucifer was not human, he gave early man secrets of hot air baloons,
gunpowder, basic farming and more. He is directly responsible for ending
the hunter gatherer way of life of early human species.
Interesting! What was he if not human?
A member of a highly advanced pre-human species who did not share his
kinds dislike towards mankind.
Is there anything you can tell us about Christopher Columbus that might
surprise us?
He had a chinese map stolen from portugese sources, that's how he knew
America was there. Portugese knew that for at least a century.
Was Hy-Brasil an actual place? If so was it part of Atlantis, or what
happened to it?
Yes, it was a real location. It's currently in the region you call Bimini,
under water.
In the past destructions of high society, where did the survivors survive?
Were there lucky pockets in the main population or were they in remote
areas? If remote areas, where were these located?
Isolated highlands and mountains. Protective shelters or simply luck.
Did the native Americans cross into North America via the reputed Bering
Sea land bridge or did they migrate from another location?

No. The Native Americans came to North America aboard large ocean
going sailships in migratory waves from islands in the middle of the
Did the Chinese journey to North America prior to Columbus? Did the
Vikings? Did the Celts? If so, are there ruins of their habitations here that
we can visit?
Chinese and Vikings yes, Celts no. Few ruins remain. Yes. H
Can you please tell us more of the proto-ethnicity that introduced the
rhblood type to the gene pool? What was there society like? What did
they look like? Was there something unique about them from the other
species that flourished? What was there demise? What was the peak of
their society like?
They were a proto-caucasian race that lived on one of the three
remaining islands of the culture you call atlantean. They were a fairly
advanced society of maritime explorers and conquerors. They used their
sailships to map out the entire planet and established mining colonies all
over western Europe.
From what genus did the rh- proto-ethnicity arise from? Was the rhesus
the dominat primate that developed into hominids?
It was not. The ethnicity no longer exists in recognizable form, it was a
mix of caucasian and native american.
Who did the first civilization fight against?
Early on against non-human species they competed against. Eventually
peace was struck with them and ensued for millennia before the
May I ask you if all your team members are human.
No, are you?
Wow! Would you ask your benefactors if we can talk about more than
We can to some extent.
OK, do you have team members who come from 'other' places than this

I'm tired and i really don't want to be here. Do you have to do this?
Based on your knowledge of genetic manipulation by our predecessors,
did creatures like centaurs, fauns , minotaurs exist?
A Greek myth Pandora's box, was there an ancient tech that it referred
It's a metaphor for knowledge, a different approach to the myth of Apple
of Eden.
How accurate is maxwell's theories of hyperphysics?
I'm not familiar with that theory nor with Maxwell.
In regards to Maxwell. May I point you here to a page of equations in
referece to electricity and magnetism's relationships. Is this related to
some of the tech used in the past? Were the magnetic vehicles in the
past used on the concept of putting the north ends of two magnets
No, they were not used according to such a principle.
I' m really curios about Zamolxes. Who was he. Where did he
If you're referring to the Getae fellow. He introduced a set of beliefs
among them and moved into a region known today as the Black Forest.
He died among the natives. To be more specific - he was hired by a local
monarch and established a made up religion as en situ control form to
tame the subjects with a common spiritual ground that could be exploited
What were his origins?
He came from Thrace.
Do you have anything on Uluru/Ayres Rock in Australia?

It's a natural structure, once there was a vast modern city around it. The
base of the rock is hollowed out, there are artifacts from several different
periods and an aborigine burial ground there.
Has anyone discovered the artifacts?
Yes. The Aborigines.
Is there significance to the zodiac beyond horoscopes. If yes then what is
it? When was it developed?
Zodiac in a different form existed prior to the emergence of the human
race and was inherited from precursor species. The sky can be used to
map out a persons fate and personality in accordance to mathematical
patters long forgotten. Now only superstition remains.
I know a lot of folks that wouldn't agree to this. Anyway, I can't imagine
what information used to be available if what we have now is really
superstition. Amazing!
To be precise it's not all supersition but the astrologers do not understand
'why' what they do works. It works because nature provides us with
personal maps. In prior ages there were sciences dealing with creation
and the cosmos as contained within each individual. One of the
byproducts was the ability to map out a persons fate based on specific
mathematical patters present in nature. Originally not only the stars but
structure of a leaf, a snowflake, everything that could be mathematically
analyzed according to specific models could be used as a map of
individual fates and features.
Where did the Roswell rock come from? If from earth which civilization?
What was its purpose?
I'm not familiar with Rosweel rock.
Therefore, Lord of the Rings relate to the first high civilization age. Yes
or no.
No, it's a mish mash of various facts intertwined with fiction. There is real
knowledge buried there but done so in a manner where extrapolating
events from the book without prior knowledge of the real events would
be impossible.
Can you tell me , since you are from Germany, who were the ancestors of
Germans. From which tribes German ethnicity evolved.

The people living around the black sea prior to the deluge mixed with a
certain indo-european tribe from Afganistan region.
We're dinasaurs ever held captive for entertainment purposes?
No. As a species dinosaurs were dead milions of years before man
Are there explicit answers about creation, life, and more in the new
testament or have those important passages been sanitized or deleted?
Yes there are explicit answers, only a few of them have ever been
disclosed by Jesus himself on account of his contemporaries not being
able to comprehend them.
did the ancients know how to fix lower back problems? like l5s1 bulging
disc? like completely fix with it with medicine or some sort instead of with
invasive surgery technology today?
Yes they did.
Please give us some help on this. If you can. IF we could have relief from
this back pain/disorder it would mean so much to so many.
If it's related to work go swimming four times per week, an hour will do.
Your pain will be relieved under three months if you maintain the routine.
Regarding swimming 1 hour/4 times a week for back pain: L5/S1...any
particular stroke more beneficial than another? Order of stroke abilities?
In other words, which is best, second best, etc...
Just make a physical effort while in the water.
I still do not understand WHY our governments have chosen to keep
relevant truths from the people of the world? Why not share the truth of
our history via information that has been gleaned from high tech
artifacts? How can academia live with itself? How can science? It's hard
to imagine that for the past 100 years or so, all the many people who
have direct knowledge of previous advanced technologies
(which have been reverse engineered) have not come forth. How has that
been possible in this day?
Many people would lose a lot. A few examples: Jews forced to recognize
they're not a chosen people and have never been led by God. Christians

forced to recognize baptism is pointless and original sin does not exist.
Oil companies forced to compete with renewable energy that's far
cheaper. Medical industry forced to compete with remedies that costs
very little and can be used by average people. China being forced to
admit it's land was host to white civilizations that far outmatched the
chinese empire. Black people being acknowledged as descended from
another sapiens species. It's not only potential loss for many influential
groups but also prospective global upheaval of social, religious and
economic stability.
OP said that both buddha and jesus figured out the secrets.... later OP
claims Jesus was first to figure out the secrets... Buddha is 500 years
older than Christ.... I suppose you will speak of nonlinear nature of time
No. Jesus got all the things right. Even some that Buddha did not. He was
the greatest of his kind but not the first.
Please tell us what global civilization 2 left in the Lagrange orbit points
of earth? And if possible break them down, ie L1, L2, L3, L4, and L5.
I do not understand the question, clarify.
Lagrange orbit points are five locations around a planets orbit where the
gravitational forces and the orbital motion of the spacecraft, Sun and
planet interact to create a stable location from which to make
observations. L4 and L5 are of particular interest because as seen from
the Sun, the L4 and L5 points lie at 60 degrees ahead of and behind
Earth, close to its orbit. Unlike the other Lagrange points, L4 and L5 are
resistant to gravitational perturbations. Because of this stability, objects
such as dust and asteroids tend to accumulate in these regions.
At L4 or L5, a spacecraft is truly stable, like a ball in a large bowl. When
gently pulled out of place, it orbits the Lagrange point without drifting
away. As far back as the early 80's I have heard rumors that there are
artifacts located at L4, L5 or both. Being that you claim the second global
civilization was traveling about the solar system L4 and L5 would be
excellent locations for torus habitats or who knows what else.
The habitats were in low orbit as mass and fuel consumption were not an
issue. Astrographical information is not available.
What ever happended to the crew of S. A. Andre's arctic balloon
expedition of 1897?
No information about that.

Do humans and plants (all) have a connection mentally and if so, do we

still have the ability to connect ... Or has that been stripped away from us
too? What are the traits that have been genetically remove from present
day humans? Will you list them? Are there things that present day
humans CAN do, but we're either not aware that we can (or how to) or
discouraged not to (via atmospheric manipulation, ie: fluoride, genetically
modified food, etc)
Plant life has no consciousness as you understand it. We lost our intuitive
part and strenghtened the logical mind. Modern man does all he can,
there is no supressed potential.
Can you shed some light on the nuraghe in Sardinia? Who built them and
what was their purpose? Did an ancient civilisation living in that region
have advanced tech?
The term Nuraghe describes several designs, some of them were homes,
others ritual. We should discuss specific structures for you to obtain a
specific answer. No, they were not built by advanced peoples, they're all
post-deluge structures, the oldest being 6.000 years.
Can you tell us something about biblical Yahwe? Did such entity really
exist and if so who was he?
It did not. Yahwe is the name of God as a supreme entity but was later
ascribed to various phenomena as their originator. It was easier for a
simple people to assign various unexplained phenomena to God than to
things they had no comprehension of.
You mentioned Nosferatu having some basis on real beings. Can you be
more specific? How were they different from normal humans and why
were they created? Do stories of lycanthropy and 'skin changers' have
any basis on fact too?
Descendants of people originaly modified. Their genetic structure became
unstable. They became increasingly sterile and bestial in appearance.
They were prelavent in ancient Turkey some 9.000-7.000 years ago when
they enslaved the local peoples and ruled over them as godkings.
In the two civilizations that failed, were there some kind of "awakening"
amongst the people that was surpressed. If so, by whom?
You're being too vague.

During the last days of the the two civilizations that failed, let's say the
last 10-30 years before ruin. Where there cosmic/inner influences driving
people to awaken to the bad path. And was that drive actively
suppressed by others, if so, by whom and what interests was driving
suppression? Is this still too vague, or you cant/have no access to answer
this question? Let me try to rephrase it a last time: During the last 10
years of any of the two failed civilizations, where there inner (individual)
and/or outer energetic/vibrational forces that stimulated an inner
awakening among people that if succeeded could lead to avoiding the
downfall in progress? And if so, were there other interests/groups/forces
that tried to suppress this awakening taking place? Describe these
interfering interests/groups/forces motive and describe the awakening in
general terms. If there are any parallels from your answers that can be
implied to this days civilization please describe that too.
There was no awakening of the sort you describe.
How old are the Bulgarians as people, where do we come from? Have you
ever heard of Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)? Are his teachings real? What
can you tell me about the androgynous creature which is buried under
Caritchina, Bulgaria? Is there anything we dont know about the Seven
Rila Lakes? Is there anything interesting in our lands? What about the
We have no information about the creature you speak of or about Peter
Deunov. Shambhala is a real place. Originaly an outpost from the first
high period it survives to this day. Bulgarians are descended from
nomadic asians. Yes there are a few sites of interest in Bulgaria but it
was never a particulary busy or populated area prior to the Greeks and
Did you hear about Nassim Haramein and his Unified Field Theory? If so
is that man onto something or maybe exactly right?
No, i'm unfamiliar with him.
I was asking because Nassim also claims that the so called
tetragrammaton (YHWH) can be decoded into some kind of gravity
generator or torus shaped field. That directly relates with my previous
question on Yahwe. Also you said earlier that people where living in the
torus shaped stations on the orbit. Some people say that entire earth is
covered by such torus field, in fact it was recently proven true: [earth
wrapped in star trek force fields] Can you please also tell us something
about the crop circles requested earlier? Why the relate so much to the
so called sacred geometry and who creates them and for what purpose?

We do not concern ourselves with crop circles and similar cases.

Please share details abour origin of quran, prophet and why such violent
ideology spreaded across world.
Islam became violent centuries after it's conception, initially it was a
relatively benevolent religion. It became violent because the cultures who
gave birth to it are underdeveloped.
Alterwel, what do you mean by 'prehuman' or 'nonhuman'?
Various intelligent species that evolved prior to humanity and dominated
the earth long before the various genus came together and developed.
Where did they originate? Can you be more specific? The Sumerian
cylinder seals talk of genetically creating mankind or splicing with
No sumerian cuneiform talks of such things.
There are some depictions of the DNA strands with the pinecone at the
base of the skull by these beings carrying 'bucket's. Shamash was a
leader as well as Enki and Enlil.
There are no such depictions in the sumerian iconography.
Are stargates real? Bab-ilu 'Gate of god'
No. They're not real.
Why are most artifacts from past civs buried, flooded or frozen? Is this on
No, it's simply because in the past people lived in areas that today dont
exist or are difficult to access while areas previously flooded, under the
ice or sand are today fertile and livable.
Did a huge floating structure that resembled two step pyramids stuck
small end to small end ever exist above Bloomfield Hills, Michigan? Or did
civ 1 or civ 2 have structures such as this anywhere?
No. They did not.

What caused the quaternary extinction that wiped out almost all
megafauna in the world? What was Cactus Hill?
There was no single quarternary extinction. Some animals were hunted
down, others displaced by climate. No single reason can be given. Cactus
Hill is a site hosting early settlers from a primitive culture.
Who was god talking to when he said 'Lets make man in OUR Image after
OUR likeness' ?
A science team hastening the development of the genus to give mankind
a chance at survival.
Wow! Could you tell us more about what this team did?
Natural evolution was greatly sped up where it could.
How was it sped up and what exactly was sped up? Was it just biological?
And, would it be possible and advantageous to do that same thing now?
Controlled bursts of mutation. Unlikely, the science used was far beyond
current capacities.
So it wasn't the Holy trinity or multiple gods as the Sumerians worshiped
? Being that the Abrahamic religions have their origins in Sumer ?
No. It was an advanced peoples contemporary with early man who
helped the various species of humans by speeding up a natural process
that would otherwise lasted milennia longer.
advanced non human people? is so why did they help humans?
Were were seen as their inheritors.
are they still helping us? if not why?
They're extinct for a very long time.
What role played Emotion in the previous civilizations and is there a
significant difference on that subject between the first, second and
current civilization concerning emotional stage, recognition and
"mastering" emotions?
The first civilization people were incapable of thinking as you understand
the term, the second was similar to us in all psychological aspects.

When you mentioned that moses stole a few devices from pharoah to
lead the israelites out of egypt, was the ark of the covenant one of these
things or was it built in the wilderness?
The ark was one of these things. Israelites built the casing.
What was the ark of the covenant built for and was it a advance device
that had a certain purpose above human understanding?
Correct. It was a portable power generator.
Did any extraterrestial life come down at mt sinai from your knowledge?
why did the earth slow its spin? how was this achieved?
KInetic projectile bombing by orbital weapon platforms.
this was done on purpose? by whom?
People fighting a global war some 32.000 years ago. It's a byproduct of a
barrage designed to destroy a continental sized landmass in the Atlantic.
Where was the material to make the kinetic projectiles taken from?
Earth? The Moon? Elsewhere?
It was done with materiel from earth and processed in a specific way that
exceeds current scienfitic understanding. A pellet inch across had the
density that provided it with a mass of a small asteroid. The projectile
was suspended in a magnetic field and accelareted via a rail. As it lost
speed it lost density and mass, the greater velocity the greater the
besides creating seasons what other effects were the results of the
slowed spin of the planet?what were the effects on humanity or flauna/
Less stability for the continental plates, appearance of the golfstorm and
other currents that effectively meant a gradual end of the glacial period.
Were people in past civilizations aware of the mechanisms of psychodelic

Yes. They were.

I don't understand, does it mean that some of them really take people to
another reality/dimension etc. and other group just fools with our
Our knowledge in this subject is still very limited. Do you possibly know if
their effects are real or just brain hallucinations?
I was wondering what Atlantis was up to before it sank? Did the activities
of Atlantis have anything to do with causing this? Thanks
They made a bid for global domination via force of arms.
How was this dealt with by those not from Atlantis? How were they
stopped, or were they stopped?
They were stopped. A war was fought and ended with the use of both
sides entire arsenals. Both sides were wiped out.
you said jesus bled to death at cruxifiction, earlier you said he didn't die.
so which one is it.
Were people of these past civilizations able to overcome boundaries of
natural selection? I mean the general portion of the population, because
I'm aware that in our times it is also possible but quite rare. You don't
generally see beautiful women with bad looking, unfit, poor men...
Social sorting in the manner you describe did not exist in the first
civilization. In the second it was stronger than in the modern western
You said that shambhala still exists to this day? Can you please describe
it's current state and if it is still accessed by modern man at all? Would it
be able to be accessed if it were to be found?
It cannot be accessed or found without permission. It looks exactly the
same as the day it was built.

does it exist in our dimension on earth but is just hidden from us?
Are there currently humans living in shambhala to this day?
Yes. There are.
Also you said that not all of your group is human, would you be willing to
elaborate on that at all?
It was sarcasm. My colleague failed to control himself.
I have a question about chi energy and tai chi. how old is the knowledge
about chi energy and have people known the benefits(if any) of chi for
1000s of years? Where did it develop?
It developed in modern day Indonesia, the practice in it's original form
existed for more than 15.000 years.
It sounds like the first period was very much a utopian society. Was there
crime in the first period? What types of crime were there in the second
There was.
Is crime in our society now worse than it has been in the previous
Worse than in the fist period, yes.
Who were the Black Priests of Khem in Ancient Egypt? We're they known
for anything or were they important?
A ruling elite of a negroid immigration wave that bolstered the population
of the old kingdom at one point. They were inducted into the priestly
orders of the old kingdom.
You mentioned that the Arizona crater was the result of the use of a
pebble or pellet. What was located there that they wanted to take out?
Was this from the Atlanteans or against them? Did they have accuracy
with these things? Did it hit the target?
Both the pebble and pellet projectiles had absolute accuracy. This specific

projectile was fired in order to destroy a field facility of an invading force.

At this point it's not clear who's weapon platform fired it.
Is one of you Paxton? And is this a Thread you began in June 2014? [link
Interesting? Would you do the personal reading? If so, I would volunteer!
We're no longer responsible for him. He will however not reappear on this
forum or any other for that matter.
In the Paxton thread, your group offered personal readings stating, "On a
sidenote as a bonus we will deliver a single personal reading weekly to
first user who asks us to do so. The user can ask any question personal
or otherwise, we will not ask any details (we don't need them at this
point) and come back with a detailed and precise reading. This will serve
as our credentials in regard to the thread and add a bit of amusement for
us, and possibly for you" Would your group consider starting an
additional "bonus" thread consisting of personal readings? Not only would
it change things up, but I agree when you say it would bolster your
credentials in regard to your ancients thread. Just a thought.
This was a singular initiative that was not ours. He was speaking for
himself only and as a consequence is no longer our responsibility. That is
Did the first and second civilizations believe in God or a creator. if so,
did they find ways to commune directly with God in a physical manner.
They believed in him. More tangible forms of prayer did exist in both
Recently a 91 year old collector named Don Miller was raided by the FBI /
government agents. Did he posses any suppressed artifacts from civ 1 or
civ 2? They really came down on him in a heavy way, was this the
We're not familiar with Dan Miller.
What happened to Jesus' sword ? The one he carried. I've been trying to
find it. [AC comment: Did not know He carried a sword. Many seek the
Sword of Destiny.]

Jesus did not own a weapon.

Was the Sword or Spear of Destiny the one that pierced the side of
Jesus? If so does it carry any special powers and if not why is it
reportedly sought by many including nations?
It had Jesus' blood inside of it stored in a vial. His DNA was priceless to
when did humans ( our current version) begin to inhabit the earth?
Approximately 100.000 years ago.
What is the main reason why Black people are treated so badly in the
USA, and other parts of the world. They are treated like they are
inhuman or inferior to whites? What was their position on the planet in
the past, during 1st and 2nd civilizations?
They lived among other peoples in the first. In the second they had their
own nations in Africa and South America.
When you say they are a different species? What exactly do you mean,
and why is this such an issue?
They evolved from a different stand of a genus that was not Sapiens
Sapiens but close enough for significant similarity.
What we're the ten commandments? Just 2 stones with Moses writing
cool on them?
Moses took the truths of egyptian priesthood and added to them.
Is the smashing of the bull in religious texts really an allegory for moving
out of the age of taurus?
No. Jews literally worshipped the bull deity and Moses turned them away
from it.
Isn't Shamballa the same as Hollow Earth Theory? Isn't Shamballa inside
the earth? Where is Shamballa?
Somewhere in the Himalayas. No it is not beneath the earth.
how were people from the 1st civilization able to find their mate and

reproduce? Did they have no sexual drive? Or they simply didn't care
about the looks etc.?
They found their mates intuitively. Sexual drive played a secondary role.
Also I saw some questions still about Jesus, so if he ascended because he
had no further need for physical existence where did he go then? Can you
even answer such questions?
Everything physical is finite. In order for something to become
permanent it needs to transform into a non-physical state.
What sort of ceramics were used in civ 1 and 2 ? electrical isolators ,
domestic implements etc ... ?
Various. You need to specify a period or the question becomes too broad
to answer.
why have they not been discovered ? are they "secret" in order to
preserve the accepted historic narrative ?
They have been discovered. Correct.
You previously mentioned that in the second period gene splicing and
other methods were used to strip people of their consciousness and
reduce them to biological automatons. Did this occur frequently?
Every time a war was one and another peoples conquered.
Was there a large part of the population that was used on?
Entire nations.
Was this a method used by the government to control population?
No. It was a method used by a conquering power to destroy all opposition
and aquire docile workers.
You said that Jesus had information that was not appropriate for that
generation to comprehand, maybe we are ready for some insigh on
You're not.
Is the Book of revelations fact or fiction? Is it a proclamation of what is

to come or simply the words of man and nothing more?

Fact mixed with fiction. It's diluted by time and handling by people with
little understanding of the content.
Are Jehovah's Witnesses misguided or actually gods chosen ones which
they sincerely believe?
None of the current religions are correct.
You state there are no such depictions in the Sumerian iconography and
there are hundreds of cylinder seals and tablets depicting a race of
beings that claimed to create mankind. The tablets and cylinders are
there for all to see. How can you deny that?
People misinterpret sumerian artifacts to fit their pre-conceived notions.
We're not here to challenge such beliefs.
Buddhism is incorrect?
Partially correct. Buddhism however is not a religion.
OP, You stated that Buddhism is partially correct. Is the philosophical
aspect the part that is correct?
Buddhism is a philosophical remnant of hard science that once defined
the outer realms and what you call the afterlife. A long period of time
without access to it's scientific roots diluted the knowledge with personal
opinions of authority figures over the ages.
What really happened at the marian apparitions? At Fatima, Kibeho in
Rwanda, Guadaloupe in Mexico, and Lourdes? Was it real or a hoax?
Were the visionaries truthful, lying, or were they being deceived?
Different events, different occurences.
Okay then Kibeho specifically. Did Jesus's mother appear to the
schoolgirls and Jesus appear to the boy? Was it legitimate or were they
being deceived? I know they weren't just making it up.
No she did not.
How old is shambhala? Which civilization was it built by? Is it hidden by
ancient technology?

Over 50.000 years. It was desgined by global authorities of the time. Yes
it is hidden via technological means.
So the inhabitants are modern man or are somehow more directly related
to the 50,000 year old civilization?
Mostly related to the precursor people.
Do they interact freely with existing cultures presently?
No. They don't.
Any other info you could give on shambhala? Are the inhabitants living in
a state of peace and tranqulilty? Do they still use and maintain the
ancient tech? Do they hold onto the old knowledge of past civilizations?
We're unable to provide information about it's current state and status.
The inhabitants of Shambala came to the Buddhas Kalachakra teachings.
It is said they arrived in a most unusual way. That was a hint at
spaceship travel.
Every group of note attented the teachings of Buddha and Jesus.
Did the past ancient high-tech civilizations do Human Ritual Sacrifice?
No, the sacrifices had functional purposes.
The functional purposes were what? Medical research? Organ harvest,
Thinning of the wall between this place and another. People were killed to
facilitate communication with sources outside of this place.
Cv1, Cv2, Cv3 when was this practiced and who were they trying to
communicate with?
It was practiced a hundred thousand years prior to the first civilization
beginning to unify. It was done approx. 250.000 to 230.000 years ago.
The exact date is unavailable.
Hmmmmm, seems you wish not to indicate who they were attempting
communication with or did you miss the question?

Question was missed. No one attempted communication. Early man

lacked the sophistication required to communicate with those who helped
So they were trying to communicate with their benefactors? Non-human?
There was no communication. Humans were simply altered.
Does this still go on today? Does it still get the same or close to results
as it did in the past?
No. The scientific know-how that accompanied the process is currently
Drinking blood when it's super adrenalized gives you an adrenalin high?
No, it does not.
Have there ever been any kill shots from our sun in the past ?
If you refer to solar flares then no.
were gay people around in each past civilization ?
Did gays have a important or powerful part in any of these past
civilizations ?
Sexual orientation did not predefine their position in society.
In the past did science understand why people are gay ? I mean was
there a understanding it was or is just part of evolving of the humans and
animals. Was there a social stigma in the two main or major enlightened
Depending on the period and culture there was social stigma, tolerance
or total acceptance. Yes at one point homosexuality was fully understood.
How many constellation ages have humans gone through? (I mean like
the age of aquarius, age of taurus, etc) Is there any effect when we
change ages?
There is no effect.

OP has the sun ever cause a cataclysmic event on earth writhing the past
40,000 years?
It did not.
OP are you ignoring me or don't you have any info regarding Adams
Calendar and the African stone ruins? If you don't have any info then I
highly doubt your credibility.
We do not have any relevant information for you. You're not being
ignored simply overlooked.
Is evolution being speeded up again right now? Some think the
chemtrails are leading to transhumanism.
No it is not.
Was there ever an event where the sea gushed up to the Sphinx
completely engulfing it with only the head above the frothing water?
I'm confused about what you said about the book "A Course In Miracles",
you said it was from Jesus and said it wasn't written by him?
What % of it is accurate? and why did the author suffer poor health and
die as did the human author of the Seth material?
I misunderstood. It was interpreted whether miracles of Jesus came from
him or another source. No Jesus did not write a course of miracles if such
a document exists.
how long was the gestation period of the Giants? And how much different
in size to modern humans?
Roughly the same. Their women ovulated once per year however.
Can you tell us about the religion of the most ancient civilization you can
There existed no religion in the first civilization.
Why is it forbidden to klimb mount Kailash? Whats so special about that

There is a facility from the second high period there as well as a place for
chosen people to meditate.
What was the music like in the 2nd civilization? Would you elaborate?
thank you
No fully functional record was ever recovered.
How did religion form and what was the first religion?
The first relgion formed due to fear of death. It's direct cause was
forgetting of much of the nature of life and death.
Since you know what Jesus and Buddha knew does that mean you are
equally to them or perhaps have even surpassed their knowledge of life?
We lack the capacity to utilize such knowledge. It has value only when
learned it cannot be given.
Has jesus also visited other planets, dimensions and/or universes in an
attempt to provide assistance?
Interesting. What do you mean about tangible forms of prayer? Has there
been any physical artifacts of God recovered from the first and second
God leaves no artifacts. Tangible meaning capable of producing instant
Alterwelt,thank you for all your input.
Please feel free to tell us all if civilization gives any signs or behaviours
that act as indicators for the coming catastrophe.?
Yes, social patterns exist.
Can the consciousness of nature make whole populations of humans
destroy themselves and us?

OP: Are there pacekka-Buddhas or arahants physically alive today? Do

they live in the Himalayas in Shambhala? What is the best way we can
contact them?
By definition people who achieved a state of buddha are no longer alive,
that definition is correct.
Who decides access to Shambhala?
It's inhabitants.
God leaves no artifacts. Tangible meaning capable of producing instant
As in thoughts manifest physical form or physical force?
The subject is broad. Suffice to say it was possible to receive an answer,
albeit not one you could phrase in words.
Why is it forbidden to klimb mount Kailash? Whats so special about that
There is a facility from the second high period there as well as a place for
chosen people to meditate.
What chosen people. The Illuminati?
Buddhist masters and those chosen by them.
What was the Average temperature in Atlantis; also at what age did you
become a historian in Atlantis. Was Atlantis its real name?
Atlantis is a Greek name, it's actual name was different. The culture in
the Atlantic lasted for 200.000 years. It hosted dozens of nations,
cultures and several distinct civilizations. There is no single responce as
Regards education.
For much of it's history it was a mild climate, warm throught the year
with lowlands being hot in summer.
Thank you OP. Have the early writings of Buddhism such as the nikayas
been corrupted in any way and by whom, or are they accurate recordings
of what Buddha taught?

Also, how and who determines who is ready for Buddha's and Jesus' full
knowledge, and how can/will that knowledge be accessed
All buddhism writings are slightly distorted.
Shambala What's the population there? How many have they allowed in?
Is it really as depicted where no one grows old and is a like a garden of
eden? Also, could you give us the links to the other places on the internet
that your group participates in?
We have no data pertaining to it's current status in any regard.
Atlantis is a Greek name, it's actual name was different.
The culture in the Atlantic lasted for 200.000 years. It hosted dozens of
nations, cultures and several distinct civilizations. There is no single
response as regards education.
For much of it's history it was a mild climate, warm throught the year
with lowlands being hot in summer. What was its Actual name?
The last remnant and its capital city were named Anamash by the native
Catholic idea of the Holy Trinity. Father, Son , Holy Spirit.Is it correct?
No it is not. The early bishops could not decide whether Jesus was a
human, a God or both. The trinity is a compromise they came to.
Were there pedophiles in every civilization? Why did it start?
It started with the second civilization when sexuality was explored as a
source of pleasure for the sake of it.
Did the art of Goetia come from any of the past great civilizations?
If not who invented or discovered it? It seems that after decoding some
old grimoires (using hermetic knowledge) such as Lemegeton the so
called demons presented in it are just merely a chemical part of our
world just like everything else. Where the hermeticists correct in their
assumptions or was their knowledge distorted?
It comes from Greece. Hermetic order got most things wrong.
You stated the 2nd civ. was like Nazi germany Was it oppression? 2nd
civ. sounds horrid.

The premiere power in the world followed a manifest destiny part of

which was considering all other people not human.
Can you please tell something about the Norse gods?
This is a garbled transcript of a war that happened 32.000 years ago. The
Asir and the Vanir are mythologized sides of an actual conflict.
What forums of divination existed in the first and second civilizations, and
can you describe them in any detail?
No divination. There existed techniques of prognosing the future and
branching possibilities. There were a great many of them. From
mathematics and altered states to purely technological means combined
with specifically targeted data harvesting.
If jesus was so important, unique and enlightened that his higher
teachings have been studied by all who visit here and are regarded as so
powerful they are guarded with maniacal secrecy, why did he choose to
visit a people who by your account are low, wholly inept and devoid of
purpose or hope?
That is your assumption, we do not posess opinions based on nationality,
race or creed. Jesus chose Jerusalem because its site was geographically
a place where many beginnings took place for mankind throught many
Based on the information available to you, do any of our present day
Individuals understand the laws, rules, science, mathematics of Creation?
Who was/is Brahma?
A metaphorical presentation of the creative force.
Based on the information available to you, do any of our present day
Individuals understand the laws, rules, science, mathematics of Creation?
Quoting: Alterwelt Is anyone close to discovering it?

Was it ever like this before. Miljons of chemicals floating around, nuclear
waste and so on. And if so, how did they solve it before?
Yes, after the last global conflict much of the world was poisoned. It was
not solved, the contaminants cleared naturally over several thousand
Then what did this mean:Luke 22:36 Bible
He said to them, But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a
bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one."
Is this one of the "additions" to the Bible... did Jesus NOT really tell his
disciples to carry swords ? I know that one of them drew his sword and
sliced off the ear of a soldier, when they came to arrest Jesus ....
Hmmmmmm???? Thank you in advance if you explain this to me.
Jesus never affirmed violence. Factions among his students did.
When did the whole illuminati / masonry movement start? Where does it
come from? Are they really the evil creatures striving for power and world
These are two separate movements
Have there been any extremely accurate
If so, who has been the most accurate?




Yes there were. We never ranked them.

OP, how much radiation is on our planet and is there anything from the
ancient civilizations that we could use to disable it or break it down? How
long will it take to break down, naturally without our help?
There is no abnormal radiation globally speaking.
What was the purpose or reason for the Nazca Lines in the desert of Peru
considering these lines in the shape that they are only visible from the

A primitive people's cargo cult. The lines represent painted sides of

airships that passed through that region over 12.500 years ago.
Was any ships or crafts expected or awaited to land in this desert?
Thanks for your time. take care.
No, but there was significant traffic over it at a time.
So the animals etc depicted on the ground were the corporate or
organizations trademarks painted on the aircraft? How funny!!! LoL!!
They were the sigils of the guilds that operated the airships. The vessels
sometimes landed on the desert surface due to heavy winds. The local
tribe received food and trinkets from the crews.
Any ideas of relevance of genetic lineage of Jesus and Buddha? Did the
mother of Buddha influence his achievements? Their "group" as you
described it, is defined by genetics, soul origins, practices, incarnation
patterns or something else?
Their group is defined by their belief in mankind and their determination
in guiding it. It has no genetic significance. Jesus had a perfectly regular
brother and sister.
What's the virgin birth about?
Dogma. Joseph was Jesus' biological father and Mary at 17 was far from
being a virgin.
These questions keep getting skipped. Did trees ever grow on ancient
Mars? Did animal life ever exist on ancient Mars?
Yes. It was extinguished at a distant time however. We're unable to
provide details.
Soo How did the Gnostics find out about the Arcons?
Archons. They were invented circa 1947.
Are you just assuming that Mary wasn't a virgin by far? DaVinci painted
twins showing that both came from Mary's womb, but one was hidden by
St. Uriel.
Jesus had a twin brother and a younger sister. No Mary was not a virgin,
Joseph of Arimathea was her husband and the father of three children.

As a note of interest he was rich. Mary gave birth in a spacious house

near Jerusalem, one of several he owned.
Were Joseph, Mary, and Jesus part of a messianic Essene movement? Did
they pre-plan Jesus and teach him to be the messiah? ... as Edgar Cayce
No. They were regular people hoping to live out regular lives.
Archons. They were invented circa 1947.
Quoting: Alterwelt
Isn't it based on the Gnostic beliefs found in the Dead Sea Scrolls? Did
the Templars hide something?
It's not. Archons are not present in the Dead Sea scrolls.
So I guess theres no Lizard people then? Or where there ever any species
like that, lizard like?
There was once.
Did Jesus physically resurrect from the dead?
Yes for a while.
How do child prodigies occur? Is it possible to be a mutation of some
gene long thought to be wiped out/erased? What about people who
sustain brain injuries only to wake up and know how to suddenly paint,
play music, speak other languages? Is there dome part of out brains that
lie dormant from long long ago that just needs the right simulation to
jump start it?
Genetics are a larger and completely separate subject. Various things
occur for various reasons. There is no single source to any phenomena
you described.
Do you know when he resurrected, exact date and time?
Have you heard about the disintegration of the elements of the planet?
Is the planet dying, or why would they be disintegrating?

We posses no such information.

Is there an ancient hidden base from a giant race in the Bucegi
If you're referring to Romania then no. It's a burial ground.
Which civilization did the lizard people cohabit with? Their fate?
None, they were extict a very long time ago, themselves a primitive
people in an evolutionary bottleneck. It is not clear whether they had a
civilization or were an equivalent of today's primates.
You wrote that the early Buddhist writings are slightly distorted. Are they
significantly less distorted than what we have of Jesus' sayings? Are they
still of value even though they have been slightly distorted?
Yes, they're less distorted. They have significant value.
Are you familiar with Mother Shipton?
Yes. An alias for a gifted male writer, inventive but a fraud.
what was the cause of the global atlantean war?
The continous attempts of the people from the atlantic region to
subjugate the rest of the civilized world coupled with large scale
did the atlanteans develop graviton bombs or in other words bombs that
destroys matter?
No. They had other weapons.
Was Jesus's Twin involved in his ministry? Were they identical? Could he
have be mistaken for the resurrected Christ?
They were similar. No, Jesus' twin became a carpenter like his father and
lived out his days peacefully.
Are you familiar with Mother Shipton?
Yes. An alias for a gifted male writer, inventive but a fraud.
Quoting: Alterwelt

Did he write fiction or did he have prophetic information? If he did, where

did he get it?
He published most of his works after the events he described and
embellished in a manner where general public believed his story. He was
helped by multiple publishers.
Can you explain human chromosome fusion? How did this happen and
An artificially advanced human chromose was joined with it's own natural
stage of evolution to create a hastened mutation period that would
stabilize at about our current level of development.
What happened to the rest of the Aztec treasure?? Please
It remains hidden and guarded in South America.
OP did ancient elites live in constant paralyzing fear of the populace they
had decieved for so long, not realizing that if they had a true change of
heart that possibly not only would society forgive them but find their vast
management skills quite useful in the development of a better humanity
and preserving an elevated position for them in that society too?
If you're referring to the second high period, no one was deceiving
anyone. People were honest about who they are and what they want.
P did the ancient elites berate the ignorance of lower classes while
simultaneously refusing to teach them?
During both high periods the majority of citizens were highly educated.
OP you wrote "Buddhism is a philosophical remnant of hard science that
once defined the outer realms and what you call the afterlife."
Would you say that Buddha in the early Buddhist writings accurately
describes these outer realms? Also, scholars today generally divides
Buddhism into three major divisions: Theravada (earliest from
~400BCE), Mahayana (began ~100CE), and Vajrayana/Tibetan (began
~400CE). Are these dates accurate? Which "brand" of Buddhism is most
accurate to the original "hard science"?

The issue with Buddha is the same as with Jesus. Their original teachings
divert from the movements spawned from them, in some cases
who were the minor human species that the atlantean fought over and do
they still exist?
Atlanteas did not fight over them, they fought against them. We're
descended from some of them.
Ayurveda is said to have ancient origins. One treatment is the use of
chants. Are these chants helpful? Is OM the sound of creation?
Is it true that sun-gazing is healthy if done correctly? Thank you
Ayurveda has ancient origins and as with most ancient things is very
significantly distorted. No, chants are not helpful.
Thanks OP. Do we have all or much of Buddha's original teachings
available today, or is much of it lost?
We have quite a bit and quite a lot is gone.
Did L Ron Hubbard's story on our past hold ANY water at all?
Ayurveda has ancient origins and as with most ancient things is very
significantly distorted.No, chants are not helpful.
Quoting: Alterwelt
Well damn.. Is there anything left that is true and legitimate?
Valuable things are generally not easily available.
My questions concerns the 1st civilization. You have mentioned that they
didn't have religion or marriage.
They excersized freedom and did not refer to moral templates as far as
life's choices.
Also, you said they couldn't dream or even think.

They did not dream due to their subconscious and conscious being
melded rather then separate. For the same reason they did think but the
entire process was very different than ours.
This sounds like a very bizzaro world. How was society structured,
families, communal, military structured?
People instinctively felt what role they fit. In their lives these would
change but their lives were led by intuitive processes. Their military as
with any social role was voluntary. They had a government that was a
democracy of sorts. When they met their spouse they knew. When they
sought an adult vocation, they knew. They spent much less time thinking
about things.
Did they have love? Humor? Art & music?
They had love, humor, art and music but these were all coming from
their subconsciouss minds. It's difficult to explain. Suffice to say that we
developed logical faculties, creativity and imagination to deal with being
severed from a subconscious reservoirs of knowledge which they had
been connected to. This was both their strength and their weakness.
Does the Vatican archives hold any artifacts from the first and second
Yes, a massive amount.
Did the kinetic weapons' technology have a purpose other than warfare,
or was it purely for destruction?What is the depth of the deepest hole
ever drilled or otherwise bored? And was it for the purpose of interacting
with core of earth and it's magnetic field? Please elaborate to the extent
They were developed to prevent the second civilization meeting the fate
of the first. Initially they were to be used as a global defence network
against planetoids and comets. Their power was such that they'd be able
to destroy any celestial body short of a large planet.
Page 105

OP I Imagine that addiction existed in at least Civ2. How was it treated?

You mentioned alcohol has existed throughout all Civs. How did The Civs
handle rehabilitation and treatment for the disease of addiction?
There existed physical remedies and psychological treatments. Also
chemical purging of the body including almost total exchange of the fluids
was practiced in the second period.
The first high civilization had no issues with addiction.
This is one of the most interesting posts on GLP. If I could ask a
question, Why have large amounts of meteorite (Nickel/Iron) been found
(some over 600 Lbs) around the impact site at Meteor Crater Arizona? If
in fact it was created by a high speed pellet fired from an orbiting
These are components of the initial projectile regaining it's original
density. They're however not meteor fragments.
I'm very interested in Tesla and Edward Leedskalnin. You mentioned that
Tesla designed his machines based on ancient blue prints.How and
where did he acquire them from?
Transcripts of records in Bucharest.
You said that Leedskalnin re-discovered how to re-create a pillow of
gravity under objects. Do we have any technology or theories that
would come close to discovering his methods?
The technology is common knowledge in ceirtain circles. It is extremely
easy to recreate with a simple machine shop.
Where in South America ? So....what is hidden in the canyons in Arizona
It's current location is in Peru along with various Inca stores. Which
How much knowledge do you have regarding pre-human civilizations,
Not much, they were old when mankind was young.
the civilization of which Lucifer was a part?
The original dominant people on earth.

How far back do those civilizations go?

Close to 700.000 years.
Were they physical beings like us, or something else?
They were physical beings.
- How were mammoths and other animals frozen instantly? What event
caused that to happen? When did it happen?
An artificial climate shift when an ancient network of devices
This has probably already been asked, but I'm not looking thru 100 pages
to find out so I'll just ask..
Is the Goddess of Ur, Nin.Puabi, a demigoddess?
She is not. There are no demigods as you understand the term.
Can we communicate with the being we call big foot? Do they live
No, they live in well disguised wooden shelters, yes if it wanted to be
communicated with.
What is the Atawah?
I'm aware of Atawah as a region in India. If you refer to some other
subject - elaborate.
If the 'out of Africa crowd' was so smart why didn't they float from West
Africa to Central America and then onto Australia?
Original species of man were very simple. Civilization reached advanced
levels tens of thousands of years after they fled Africa.
I understand the term to mean hybrid human/alien.
Would she be fully alien..? Or were the Sumerians/Akkadians simply
copying earlier civilizations royalty burial rituals.
There were no extraterrestrials involved with Sumer or it's predecessors.

The myths are based on even earlier myths of technological societies.

A legend of a legend so to speak.
What is the significance of Saturn regarding humanity. Has it always
appeared to us as it does now?
Purely astrological.
Can they understand us? Telepathy? How?
Their thought pattents have not evolved for a hundred thousand years.
They do not think logically, they're intuitive and will feel your intent.
Any brief information about the Philippines in the past civilization where
we came from etc... ?
Philippines hosted a large population in all periods.
throughout all of known history, has there ever been any individual or
group that has physically traveled through time into the past, staying
there indefinitely. Same question - Future.
No. There have been people who travelled and came back. After then the
practice was wholly abandoned.
Any large scale matriarchal societies in the last 100,000 years?
Matriarchal culture was dominant in Europe between 14.000 and 12.300
years ago. It was the seed of druidism much later. God was viewed as a
1. Was it naturally created or man made (also who made it)?
It was a naturall hill that was heightened and enlargered by neolithic
tribes who built a wooden fort around it.
2. When was it created and how/why?
3. Has it always been regarded as a holy site?
It was built some 6000 years ago over a period of a century. It held
important religious sites for it's people.
4. Are there any important historical artifacts discovered or undiscovered

Interesting neolithic items, nothing groundbreaking.

5. Are there any hollow areas within the Tor?
Yes, a few graves.
At one time, was Jupiter the only planet in our solar system with our sun?
We have no idea but i'm confident that if we ever find a person capable of
accessing information several bilion years in the past we will find out.
1.) Was the Library at Alexandria is main repository for this ancient
knowledge and was it all truly destroyed in the great fire?
Yes. Library of Alexandria held old knowledge and gave it out freely. It
was completely destroyed.
Atlanteas did not fight over them, they fought against them. We're
descended from some of them.
Quoting: Alterwelt
Are Catalans similar descendants?
No, they're latecomers to the area.
Yes. Library of Alexandria held old knowledge and gave it out freely. It
was completely destroyed.
Were there any equivalent libraries we are unaware of that survived and
where are their works today, accessible?
No. Alexandria was special in that it was the only source of such
knowledge, of such size that gave it out freely to anyone who knew
where to look.
Is there still any of those mass destruction bombs around in the ground?
That wouldn't be so nice if still working would it.
There are non operational weapons hidden in various locations. A non
working nuclear weapon was retrieved from India prior to World War 2.
What about the "Hall of Records" under Giza ? Are those records still
there ?

There are dozens, possibly hundreds different halls of records from

different time periods and civilizations. We've located many, our
predecessors even more and a full century after people started looking
for them they still pop up.
Are the Taino natives of the Caribbean descendants of the Atlanteans?
One of the original ethnicities of the atlantic region, yes.
What about the nordic kind, blue eyes blonde hair, what you know about
their origin? I mean way back, from the first people settling in places like
Norway and Sweden. Is it just environmental evolution, lack of sun,
secluded country etcetera?
And what is the connection to the so called aryans?
The Aryans in the new age sense did not exist. The nordics are a part of a
larger ethnicity. White skinned people are the latest addition to human
races being only some 35.000 years old, perhaps younger.
Where? In Giza ? How about the golden scrolls in Ecuador in a cave?
Giza holds the largest known complex from the most recent civilization. It
has never been fully explored.
Do you know anything about the Gosford Glyphs in NSW, Australia?
Thank you.
Yes. They're a hoax.
The Aryans in the new age sense did not exist. The nordics are a part of a
larger ethnicity. White skinned people are the latest addition to human
races being only some 35.000 years old, perhaps younger.
How did they come about? The red hair and blue eyes. Some think they
originated in the Caucasus mountains. Was this a genetic mutation or
designed by a race of beings? Were the Frankish kings A descendent of
them and linked to the Christ?
They first appeared in what is known as modern day Georgia among the
urban colonies of one of the maritime powers. They were the result of
climate change and humankind adapting to it.

where did the knowledge about i ching came from? how old is that
system? Are we interpreting it right?
I Ching was born in a pre flood civilization that flourished in present day
China. The migrating Chan Chinese aquired it from the people who
previously inhabited the area.
No we're not.
Will you tell me about the Jordanian codices?
What do you know about them?
They're a hoax.
These groups that have been meditating since ancient times, such as
Shambala, according to your findings, are they accomplishing anything
for civilization?
They helped reboot civilization each time it seized to exist.
Matthew 27:34 actually states that he was given vinegar and gall. Now,
translating those 2 things are dicey. Gall can be the gallbladder of an
animal or Heroin.
The translation is correct. Romans used very strong wine that was almost
vinegar. The legionnary who gave Jesus vinegar was actually giving him
wine out of his own canteen. It was an act of mercy.
So what would be the right meaning of i ching and its system then? how
the people used it?
As a mathematic guide in discerning which possibilities and solutions
would benefit them most in the immediate future.
Is telekinesis a human trait that has ancient origins? Who about other
paranormal abilities?
There is nothing paranormal about natural abilities. It is not inherent in
humans it was both bred and built into them.
So persons were genetically selected to enhance these abilities? Who has
done this?
People were selected for a variety of reasons. Soldiers were endowed

with additional potential. Elites wanted to have more. Other peoples were
equipped for special tasks.
Was witchcraft a concept in the past three civilizations? How did it
become feared by the Church?
There was never any witchcraft. The Catholic Church attempted to
monopolize certain aspects of human life.
Did the ancients know how it worked scientifically? Were there
instruments that could measure extra sensory abilities?
Yes. It was a fully understood process.
Do you know if they discovered the carrier waves that sent and received
information between individuals?
The global memory imprint was understood at one point. It is not a viable
source of information however.
Yonaguni Monument & WW2 Foo Figter, plizz
Yonaguni monument is a remnant of an ancient quarry from which stones
were extracted using advanced tools. I'm not familiar with Foo Fighters.
Do you know perhaps, why Vatican is hiding all hidden knowledge from
this era, and previous two high civilizations.
I suppose some knowledge from Alexandria end up in Vatican Libraries.
It directly contradicts the foundations of all religions.
"Global Memory Imprint". . . is this equivalent to Akashic Records? If so
is this a medium (substance) or technology?
They're both mediums and both different. Both were knewn for what they
were at specific times.
Are the horned skulls found in North America a hoax or remnants of an
extinct species?
Yes they are

Do you know who stole the skulls discovered in Pennsylvania?

If real, what can you tell us about their life and history?
The employees of a museum.
These are the remnant of an old people who mixed with non-human
predecessors, the horns were the result. They lived among the natives
with their facial features and horns being the only difference.
Why are Hindu gods, black, white or blue? Does each color signify
something? What are your findings on Parashara, the one that wrote so
many ancient, Hindu texts?
Affinity to ideas.
What about some of the Inidian sages: RamaKrishna? Did Kali really stop
him from killing himself? Yogananda? Sri Ramana Maharshi?
When did the practice of eating human flesh and increment start among
some of the sages and is it a viable practice?
It's not beneficial. It's difficult to discern as hindu mythology is butchered
by milennia of reinterpretation. Even having close to complete knowledge
of the periods it originally pertained to.
Jesus has been a debated topic all through out this thread. One question
has always remained and has not been answered:
In Detail as you see Jesus, please describe him. His physical features. his
skin color, his hair color, what he smells like(ok maybe a little too far)
Tall, thin, had a beard, women thought he was handsome.
These are the remnant of an old people who mixed with non-human
predecessors, the horns were the result. They lived among the natives
with their facial features and horns being the only difference.
Was Lucifer a horned figure?
No. The name describes a member of a race that outwardly was very
did the ancient chinese sail to central america?
They sailed both to North and South Americas as traders.
is there any interesting facts about pacific islanders?
Plenty, you need to choose a group however.

its pretty impressive how they navigated by the stars and small boats.
Their sea going vessels were quite large, even if primitive.
Im very curious about the ancient egyptian artifacts discovered in a
cave system in southern illinois near a town called Iuka. Can you touch
on this subject?
We're not familiar with that particular discovery. The old kingdom
Egyptians were all over America losing quite a few expeditions so it is
Do you have any information about the pyramid in Croatia? I'm sorry if
this has been asked already. I didn't notice it however.
It is a geological feature, it's not an artificial structure.
when you responded to a question about the Egyptian Hall of Records,
you said that many such sites have been discovered over the past
century. You also mentioned that a non-working ancient nuclear bomb
had been recovered from India before WWII. Also that Nikolai Tesla made
use of ancient records in the archives of Budapest.
Would we be right in thinking that much of our technological progress in
the 19th and 20th centuries is due to recovery of old tech rather than
Atomics, internet, microchips, jet enginers, helicopters and multiple other
achievements are all retro-engineered.
Many others are concepts derived from various records.
Why is it the ancients often mention oak groves as sacred places? I know
trees are special but I would like to know your findings.
They don't. New Age got stuck upon the idea that trees are special. Even
as late as two thousand years ago most of the landscape was a forest so
unless you wanted to host a holy event in some pigshit covered square
your only alternative was a forest.
When was the ouija board created and how was it used and what were
the results?
Chinese Empire, approx. 1000 years ago. Fairly consistent.

Same question re: tarot cards.What about the history of muscle testing?
Tarot cards first made an appearance in Italy some 600 years ago. They
came from Egypt.
Can you give an exact location where the first king of Norvegen, Harald
Hrfagre is buried
Hairfairs burial place no longer exists. His remains were trampled by a
1. Could you tell us more about the copper mines in Michigan?
2. Age of the mines,
14.000 years.
3. Who dug them originally and for what use?
Copper for simple industrial and mechanical implements.
4. Any implications of the mines, which are not known?
Presence of semi-industrial civilization in and near the Americas prior to
the end of the last ice age.
You mentioned earlier that previous civilisations used sound in order to
heal diseases, was this technology tied to frequency of the sound
(cymatics to be precise) to achieve cellular original order ? Was it based
on fibonacci sequence (as we can see in all of the nature)?
No, the principle used was different.
is there ANYTHING that I can do NOW-aside from genetic manipulationthat can get me closer to how the first civilization humans were?
Is it possible that there are herbs or minerals out there that alter DNA in
a good way and if so, what are they?
No. Your genetics, biology and bodily chemistry are too different.
Will someone from your group who specializes in genetics log in soon?

I will be alone for the next two days. My knowledge might be sufficient, if
it's not you'll need to wait.
ou mention that phsycadelics have limited use. Does this include
ayahuasca or is this set apart from the others? Did other cultures have an
understanding of the pineal gland? Is there anything special about it?
Yes, all psychodelics provide either no connection to the places you're
interested in or an ustable one. Ayahuasca is the latter.
Pineal gland is the region that stimulated provides an out of body
experience among others.
Were there any female rulers, or were the ancient leaders all males?
It has been over 200.000 years, you could fill a small country with female
you mention that phsycadelics have limited use. Does this include
ayahuasca or is this set apart from the others?
Did other cultures have an understanding of the peneial gland? Is there
anything special about it?
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 61031202
It's difficult to understand the evolutionary history on earth.
You use a lot of different terms like: accelerated evolution, genetic
manipulation, humans, people, subhumans, prehumans.
It sounds from your answers, that you could piece together a precise
map of who is who and who made who, as an evolutionary graph/tree.
That would be EXTREMELY helpful in our understanding of the context of
the different events we discuss. Would that be possible?
Not without compromising ourselves to an unacceptable point. Also it's
not possible on the internet and without someone's DNA.
Could you answer the question about the effectivity of Sun Gazing?
Does this practice of viewing the sun at dusk an or dawn offer any
I'm not familiar with sun gazing but if you are talking about looking
straight into the sun then no, its not healthy. In fact you have a good
chance to go blind.

Bupm Anything on this OP?

Also keen to hear about the limits of ancient space travel. Was
interstellar travel ever attempted? If so how close were they?
Psychodelics do not provide a viable solution to any problems. Ayahuasca
does not as well. It's used commonly by the natives of Amazonia but
these are just an inch above cave cultures in the level of civilized
Now i have some further questions regarding the Voynich manuscript.
1. There is a few pictures wich seems to depict stars/sky/constellations,
does those pictures depict the "Time-stamp" of wich these plants and
things lived on earth? Or can simply put, can you tell in wich timespan
(how long ago) these plants were present here on earth?
The Voynich star patterns are completely artificial and meant to convey a
2. As for now i got 204 pages from the manuscript, is there more? (Not
counting the acual book cover or first/last blank page.)
3. Is there anything more you can tell me about these previous states of
earth regarding plant-life and so on?
I know you want spot on questions but do you care to elaborate a little
more on what you know, anything visual information about earlier times?
The Voynich shows plant life as it was 32.000 years ago. 15.000 years
ago and 12.300 years ago. Different species, all extinct.
It's a proof of validity towards the readers to whom it was adressed.
Even the most skeptical and most intelligent of scientists have been
forever changed by Ayahuasca. Are you saying that the experience is
primarily that of a change in brain chemistry and in fact, Truth of
Consciousness and Reality is NOT revealed at all?
Of course people would be changed. Many psychodelics, Ayahuasca
included plow your brain and rewire quite a bit of it. That's not to say it's
good or revealing, it is not.

On the interstellar question, I wonder how close the second civilisation

got to exploring further than our solar system and how far away we are
from the level they reached.
In sciences that are analogous to theirs we're approximately three
hundred years behind. Our progress is much faster then theirs.
Is there any specific topic that you are bewildered that we haven't
inquired about and, if so, would you kindly drop a few lines on that topic?
I think some of us are stumped where to go next.
That's all right we'll be here for another week or so anyway.
In sciences that are analogous to theirs we're approximately three
hundred years behind. Our progress is much faster then theirs.
Quoting: Alterwelt
Did they attempt interstellar travel?
No but they were getting to that point.
What you have been given are facts. We're not part of any group, project
or research for a book. We're not affliated with any new age
theorists.Rest assured you have not been used in any way.
If your questions were ignored it's either because they were outside our
bonduaries, we overlooked them, they reached into spirituality or were so
stupid answering them would derail the direction of this thread and
compromise it's purpose.
You've got everything we could give you within the parameters alloted to
us. What you do with it is up to you. We've had our fun but it's over.
We're done here.
Thank you and goodbye.

Anonymous Coward (OP)

A single guy with a bad case of flu and completely bored can fuck with
people's minds for 118 pages. I'm so proud of myself.
A single guy with a bad case of flu and completely bored can fuck with
people's minds for 118 pages. I'm so proud of myself.
Gawd, you're a fucking idiot!
Moar exclamations marks!!! Feed me!
People actually read all 100 pages of this one? :P haha
What if the real authors got pulled off and we're now watering it all
What did you use as your basis and foundation? I find it hard to believe it
was all off the cuff and so cohesive for so long. But I did notice you went
back and deleted several posts, but still...
Totally made up mate, sorry.