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Anusha Goswami

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Community Timed Write

Imagine a community where everyone got along. One that accepted all differencessexuality, gender, race, etc. One where everyones opinion is heard, and times of stress and pain
still bring out the best in the community. An old African proverb states, If you want to go
quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Together, as one community, everyone will
achieve more than a single individual. But, only a productive and cohesive community will
achieve their goals. For a community to be productive and successful in our modern age, they
must be one that progresses to better the environment, despite differences.
All communities should accept one another for who they are. In Anna Quindlen's text, A
Quilt of a Country, she discussed diversity in America and she stated, it will be possible to trace
in the skin color, the shape of the eyes and noses, the texture of the hair, a map of the world.
These are representatives of a mongrel nation that somehow, has one spirit, (Quindlen et. al.
page 6). This shows that although we are all from different backgrounds, we are a whole. A good
community should embrace all differences, just as Quindlen described. Once a community
accepts the idea that everyone is different, there will be more harmony throughout the
environment. A community will never be whole if the population refuses to acknowledge, accept,
and embrace each other, and each others diversity. African Americans, Asians, Whites,
Christians, atheists, bisexuals, asexuals, men, women, everyone, should learn to acknowledge
and embrace each others differences instead of putting down each other. Every community
should accept each other for who they are.
Not only should a community accept one another, they should also use each others
differences to achieve a greater good. Eboo Patel gave a speech about the forming of our
country and explained, Respect, relationship and service to the common good- that was

Washingtons ethic, the three pillars on which he believed a diverse democracy would thrive,
(Patel et. al. page 13). This shows how a founding father, George Washington wished for a
diverse democracy, due to the idea that a diverse democracy will bring many new ideas into the
community. By learning to listen to each others opinions, the community will progress more
together. Together, using our differences, we will be able to simplify the problems we face. Many
minds are better than one, as they bring new ideas that one individual would not have been able
to make alone. Instead of segregating or mistreating those who are different, in sexuality, gender,
race, religion, etc., combine all those different ideals to form a more cohesive community. A
good community uses their different opinions, cultures, and ideals to make the community a
better place.
Communities should not fall apart in times of distress, instead they should bring out the
best in themselves. An essay written after the disaster of hurricane Sandy states, This more
positive and social response could help explain the human connection that happens during times
of crisis, a connection that may be responsible, at least in part, for our collective survival as a
species, (Seppala 2012). She explains how a more cooperative and positive response to disasters
bring the community together, making the disaster easier to get through. Together, a community
should be able to be motivated to rebuild themselves no matter what obstacles come their way.
When a community is capable of coming together in times of pain and agony, it creates a
stronger relationship between those within it. A relationship like this between a community will
provide a more enjoyable environment to live in. Cohesive harmony should exist in a community
at all times, even when disaster strikes.
A successful community is one that comes together, despite differences, to progress and
provide a better environment. Differences should be accepted and embraced. The population

should combine differences to form a better community, even in times of remorse. The
amicability of the people make up a successful society. Together we will achieve more, but to do
this we must live as a whole.