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Nestio Listings

Agent User Guide

16 West 22nd Street
12th Floor
New York, NY 10010
1 (800) 975-4077

Welcome to Nestio!
Our Agent User Guide will help you get your account up and running in no time so
you can start searching NYCs most accurate listings database and closing more
deals! Keep this guide on hand for quick reference and if you have additional
questions, concerns or suggestions, please reach out to us at

Table of Contents
SECTION 1: Getting Started

Logging in to Nestio.........................................2

Your Dashboard..................................................3

Managing your Account Settings..............4
SECTION 2: Clients
Adding New Clients..........................................6

Viewing your Clients.........................................8

Client History........................................................9

Running a Search for your Clients.............10

SECTION 3: Listings
Searching Listings.............................................11

Saving Searches.................................................12

Sending Listings to Clients...........................13

Creating a Listings Access Sheet..............15

SECTION I: Getting Started

Logging in to Nestio

1. Go to to access your account.

2. Enter your username (which is your email address) and the password
you set when you created your Nestio account.
Please note that your password is case-sensitive.

SECTION I: Getting Started

Your Dashboard
Nestios system is easy to navigate from the main dashboard. Tab functions are below.

1. Dashboard: Click on it to return to the home screen or to access a drop down

menu of the main page tabs.
2. Clients: Manage your leads, clients and their rental criteria.
3. Listings Search: Access Nestios listings database, where you can customize
and save searches.
4. Settings Tab: Click for a drop-down menu to access your account information,
notifications and to log out.
5. My Account: Edit personal account information and change your password.
6. My Notifications: Set the frequency of your search and client notifications.

SECTION I: Getting Started

Managing your Account Settings


My Account

Complete your agent profile in My Account. The emails that you generate and send
from Nestio to clients will include this information, so be sure to complete and update
it when necessary. This is also where to change your password.

Click on the Settings Tab on the top right of your dashboard to open
the drop down menu and go to My Account.


1. Add/Update your Info: Enter your name, work email address, title, and phone
number(s). This is the information clients will see when they receive your emails.
2. Choose File: Click to choose a headshot and upload it to your Nestio profile.
3. Change Password: If you need to change your password, enter your old password
and your new one.
4. Save Account Settings: Click to enable changes.

SECTION I: Getting Started

Managing your Account Settings (continued)

II. My Notifications
Set your account to receive email notifications about saved searches and updates on
listings you have sent to clients. You can turn them on (notifications are off by default) and
control how frequently you receive alerts in My Notifications.

Click on the Settings Tab on the top right of your dashboard to open the
drop down menu and go to My Notifications.


1. Saved Search Frequency: You will receive an update when a listing that fits the
criteria of your saved searches comes on the market.
2. Client Updates Frequency: You will receive an update when there is a
change to a listing that you have sent to a client.

3. Client Daily Summary: Check off to receive notifications when an important

day for a client is coming up (eg. birthday, lease term expiring).

SECTION 2: Clients

Adding New Clients

The Clients section is where you enter clients and edit their apartment criteria to keep
track of your past and present business. You can also search based on specific
preferences, receive notifications about changes to listings and share listings with
clients in a matter of seconds.

On your dashboard, click the

tab on the left hand side then click
on the upper right hand side. The below screen will appear

1. Client Info: Enter your clients basic contact information and birthday. If you
have multiple people searching together, click
to add the
information for them.
2. Search Notes: Enter your clients search criteria. The more information you can
provide, the better so that your search results are as accurate as possible.

SECTION 2: Clients

Adding New Clients (continued)


3. Client Details: Keep additional notes on clients, what they are looking for and if you
are working with other agents on the deal. This information is for you (not used in
4. Documents & Payments: Keep track of the paperwork you have received and will
need from your client when processing an application.
5. Save Client: Save your client details when adding and updating information.

SECTION 2: Clients

Viewing your Clients

On your dashboard, click the

tab. A list of your clients will appear.


1. Search Clients: Search for clients by name.

2. Show Closed Clients: Click to show both active and inactive clients on the main page.

3. Sort by Criteria: Change how your clients are sorted on the main screen by clicking the
desired filters on the grey toolbar.
4. Change Client Status: Once the status of a client has changed, you can update it
clicking the status button and choosing a new one from the dropdown.

5. Export to CSV: Click to create a client report spreadsheet with client information and
search criteria. It will download as a CSV. If you want to include all clients (active and
inactive), click Show Closed Clients before downloading.
6. Reset Search: Clears search changes you have made and returns to default of
sorting clients alphabetically.

SECTION 2: Clients

Client History
A history of changes made and listings sent to a client is available in your


1. Open Client Details: Click on a clients name to open their information page and
scroll to the bottom.


2. Client History: Keeps track of all client activity including 3 changes you have made
to client contact information, 4 updates to client search criteria, 5 listings you
have sent to your client, and 6 the dates of all activity. 7 You can also add private
comments and reminders about your clients.

SECTION 2: Clients

Running a Search for your Clients

To search all available listings that fit your clients criteria, go to your


1. Open Client Details: Click on a clients name to open their information page.
2. Save and Search: Scroll to the bottom of your clients page and click the
Save and Search button to see all available listings that fit your clients search

You can search listings for your clients as often as youd like.
You can search listings for clients you have just added by clicking
when you first enter their information.

saves any changes you make to client information.


SECTION 3: Listings

Searching Listings
On your dashboard, click the

tab. Nestios listings database will appear.


1. Filter Listings: Use the customizable filters to enter desired search criteria (eg. number
of bedrooms, specific neighborhoods, etc.)
2. Sort Listings: Listings are automatically sorted by the most recently updated, but you
can use the bar above the listing results to also sort by Building, Layout, Price,
Incentives or Available Date.
3. Realtime: When a listing shows a Realtime icon, the management company uses
Nestio as their database. This plugs you directly into the same system with the most
up-to-date information.
4. Feed: When a listing shows a Feed icon, the listings feed directly from the
management company database.
5. Photo Icon: Listings with this icon have photos.
6. Reset Search: Click to clear your search.

SECTION 3: Listings

Saving Searches

When you want to save a search for future use, go to your


1. Save Search: After you do a search that you want to save, click Save Search.

2. Search Title: Give the search a title (eg. 2 Beds <$3500 Chelsea) and it will be stored in
the Saved Searches drop down.

3. Saved Searches: To view your saved searches, click the drop down menu.
4. Go to a Saved Search: Click on the search title to open the search. All available listings
that fit the search criteria will generate.
5. Delete a Saved Search: Click on the X to delete.
Note: You can create notifications for your saved searches so as soon as a listing that fits
your search criteria comes on the market, you will receive an email. See My Notifications
on page 5.

SECTION 3: Listings

Sending Listings to Clients

When you want to send listings to a client, go to your


1. Choose Listings: Select check box next to the listing(s) you want to send to your
client on the search results page.
2. Send to Client: Select and a an email to your client will generate (see on next


SECTION 3: Listings

Sending Listings to Clients (continued)





3. Client Email: Enter your clients email address. If you have already saved the client in
your Clients tab, the email address will autopopulate when you begin typing it.

4. Subject: Enter the subject of your email.
5. Message: Enter a message to your client. It will appear in the email preview below.
6. Location Visibility: Select the address information that you want your client to see.
A map will appear in the email to them.
7. Contact Information: Your contact information will appear in the upper right hand
corner of the email (this can be edited in My Account).

8. Send Email: Click to send the listings to your client(s). Any responses you receive will
be delivered to your email address.


SECTION 3: Listings

Creating a Listings Access Sheet

When you want to create a listings sheet for apartment tours, go to your

1. Choose Listings: Select the checkbox next to the listing(s) you want to add to
your showsheet on the search results page.
2. Download Listing Sheet: Click to download a PDF of listings with access
Note: Keep your Listing Access Sheet internal as it contains apartment details and
access information.