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7 November 2016


City Mayor
Marikina City Hall, Shoe Avenue,
Sta. Elena, Marikina City
Dear Mayor Teodoro:
Manila Water Company, Inc., as a concessionaire of Metropolitan Waterworks and
Sewerage System (MWSS), is bound to deliver water services and build facilities
that will treat used water as part of our agreement and as our environmental
advocacy as well.
With this, we are about to inaugurate our biggest operational sewage treatment
plant (STP), the Marikina North STP, located in Brgy. Nangka, on November 24, 2016
at 3:00 PM. A formal invitation will be sent for further details about the event.
Likewise, as the father of our Host City and our partner, we would like to request
you to be a part of the projects audio-visual presentation (AVP) by sharing your
views and expectations on how the facility will help the City. If permitted, we would
like to conduct the interview on November 9, 2016, 9:00 AM. Attached is the list of
questions that will be raised during the interview for advance information.
In addition to this, may we also request for an audience with you on November 9
(after the interview) to present our Emergency Reservoir Project within your City.
We would like to give updates on what we have done so far and our next steps for
the project.
Should you have any concerns or inquiries, please feel free to revert to our
Senior Territory Manager, Ms. Cres Ann Abundo. She can be reached at 0917 _______
or via email at Thank you.
Very truly yours,
Area Business Manager
Marikina Business Area

AVP Questions
1 What is Marikina City governments contribution to this project?
Key messages:
a Assistance in the STP land acquisition
b Traffic management support
c Maintenance of peace and order in and around our facilities and project
2 What is the current state of Marikinas sewage/used water systems?
Key messages:
a Sewer coverage 24%
b Sanitation/desludging services coverage - 100%
3 Does Marikina need this project with the current state of sanitation, used
water and sewage in the city?
Key message:
Marikina advocates for environmental protection, thus the presence of
this STP plus the extensive sewer network that will cover most of the
city, is a big boost to this advocacy.
4 How is it partnering with Manila Water in this kind of project?
Key messages:
Marikina has been supportive of Manila Water projects since it started
serving the city in 1997.
We will continue to uphold this mutually beneficial partnership.
5 Roughly how many marikina residents will benefit from this project?
Key messages:
2017: 369,000 Marikina City residents
2037: 376,000 Marikina City residents
6 How will the project contribute to the progress of Marikina City?
Key message:
The Marikina North Sewerage System Project will help elevate Marikina
City as a world-class green city
7 How will the project attract investors as a green city?
Key message:
Having this sewerage system in place makes the city more investmentviable to all types of business, with investors assured that the used
water from their establishments and businesses are properly treated
and discharged back to the Marikina River (even after pre-treatment)
8 How thankful are you and your constituents for this project?