Religion is that - what even the most infinitesimal cranny of your
eyes wanted to see—inexhaustibly absorb; admire; yearn for till
times beyond infinity and even beyond your veritably stinking
Religion is that - what each ingredient of your blood
inexhaustibly craved to be a part of - flow for with an untamed
zeal resembling the unendingly vivacious expanse of the
crystalline blue sky,
Religion is that - what the innermost voices of your conscience
felt to be the ultimate truth - irrespective of whatever be the
place; time; situation; moment or conditionality of impoverished
& truncated life,
Religion is that—what every part of your feet wanted to ardently
step on - pave an inimitably righteous path of their very own
amidst a brutal quagmire of emotions and squalid
commercialism all around,
Religion is that - what your hands wanted to give the most
unflinchingly definitive shape to - such an unfailing silhouette of
eternal friendship which was impossible for even the most
beguiling of demons to disrupt,
Religion is that-- what your lips wanted to kiss 24 X 7 –
perpetuating even the most bizarrely frazzled persona to
uninhibitedly soar in wisps of unfettered paradise,
Religion is that - what your nostrils wanted to inhale till the last
breath of life - an entrenchment of unassailable compassion
which made existence the most priceless chapter of destiny,
Religion is that - what your fingers wanted to timelessly
intertwine with each unveiling instant - bask in the spirit of
invincibly bountiful friendship for times beyond an unfathomable
Religion is that—what each part of your ears wanted to
mellifluously hear - enthrall to the most unprecedented of

capacities in the everlastingly symbiotic tunes of blissful
Religion is that—what your palms wanted to infallibly clasp
forever and ever and ever - that united strength of togetherness
that granted you the temerity to palpitate even in the most
apocalyptically disastrous of storms and times,
Religion is that—what your mouth wanted to perennially talk and
sing praises about - rhapsodically engulfing each element of the
atmosphere around you with the unbridled happiness of a
countless lifetimes in one,
Religion is that—what each of your bones felt the most resolutely
strong for---defending each honest and fructifying voice from
within like the citadel of the gods,
Religion is that—what your mind fantasized till beyond the most
unbelievably beautiful limits—and thereby felt in the seventh
heaven of ubiquitous prosperity whilst traversing each instant on
mundane earth,
Religion is that—what your shoulders philanthropically hoisted
from one end of your adventure to the other—being a selfless
harbinger of humanity to mitigate each ounce of sorrow with
profound camaraderie and care,
Religion is that—what your legs want to ecstatically gallop after;
like the horizons indefatigably running after the Sun—the most
tantalizing mirage which tirelessly triggers you to achieve more
and more and more,
Religion is that—what the tiniest cranny of your soul unshakably
radiates - permeating such a yearning that you continued to
wondrously exist beyond your corpse for a countless more lives
and lifetimes,
Religion is that—what your heart feels is the absolute epitome of
righteousness—no matter how uncouthly the barbarous planet
outside chose to devour every bit of you; from your very roots,
So folks lets forget everything else; come lets move united and

forward; come lets live this immortal religion of our hearts to
the fullest; come lets forget our disdainfully castrated pasts and
give this new religion of ours a fresh try—and our very very
best .