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Executive Summary

The 2016 Presidential Elections is the specter that haunts the Philippines. The
candidates for the Presidential Elections have pressed on each advocacy against the
other. For each election year, the economy is strengthened by the outflow of money
spent by political parties and supporters of many candidates, especially those running
for national government positions.
The voting pattern of the Filipino voters is not measured by which political party
they support but is actually personality-based. The Presidential candidates for the 2016
National Elections belong to the different political parties of the Philippine political
system which caters a multi-party system, opposite a two-party system like that of the
United States of America, and a one-party system of the Peoples Republic of China.
Looking back at the list of former Philippine presidents, the trend has been
leading towards voting for the most popular candidate. The highest government position
in the Philippines has been possessed by a famous Filipino action star who neither had
enough experience nor ample knowledge on how to run a three-branched democratic
The campaign proposed in this work focuses on informing the voting population,
as well as the whole Filipino nation about the advocacies, platforms, and government
programs of each candidate. As a democratic government, this campaign entitled Boto
Mo, Boses Mo, Filipinos will have an avenue to air their concerns about the platforms
of the candidates. Filipinos will also have the chance to ask their questions addressed
to the candidates, whatever they may be. Boto Mo, Boses Mo will be the channel of

common Filipinos to know more about the issues of the society and the government,
and it will tackle each issue, highlighting the stand of every candidate.
Public service is a public trust. The government officials that the voters elect are
accountable to their constituents. The power exercised by the officials emanate from
each vote that allowed them to be put in the exercise of such power. It is important that
the Filipinos be informed of the endeavors of the candidates, as each program will affect
each of their lives one way or another.
Voters education is essential in achieving a successful and clean election. It
does not start with deciding who among the candidates would one vote, nor end in
going to ones voting precinct and cast their vote. The campaign Boto Mo, Boses Mo
focuses on encouraging each Filipino to be aware of the actions and propagandas of
the candidates before and after the very Election Day.
The main objective of the Boto Mo, Boses Mo is to cultivate a better
understanding of the Filipino voters, and the society as a whole, of the culture of
intelligent voting, and harnessing a Filipino voting behavior that emphasizes individual
responsibility in promoting awareness and encouraging sincere and informed-voting.
It is high time that the corrupt practices of dirty politicians be ended. Through this
campaign, Filipinos will have more knowledge on what possible violations of the
Election Code are the candidates in their localities could be committing. It is also time
that Filipinos have the courage to step up and know their rights when voting.
It is with high hopes that the campaign Boto Mo, Boses Mo could bring about
change in the voting behavior of the Filipino voters. The impracticable practices of
voting by popularity and not making educated votes shall be avoided. The sanctity of

someones right to suffrage will be protected and be exercised with faith and hope of a
better future for every generation.

Situation Analysis

Industry Analysis
The Philippines is a democratic society. The 1987 Philippine Constitution was
crafted to protect the people from another experience of atrocities caused by an
uncontrolled dictatorship. Alongside this, the conduct of a free and fair election is one of
the pillars that built this new society. Ones right to vote shall be protected and by all
means, campaigns like Boto Mo, Boses Mo yield towards the protection of this sacred
right. A democratic government is strengthened not only by free speech and assembly,
but as well as the freedom to vote.
Voters Analysis

SWOT Analysis
The figure below shows Boto Mo, Boses Mo campaigns strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This will help in analyzing the possibilities of
improvement of the campaign.

Social Media
Visibility and Reach
Political Awareness
Empower voters to
know their
responsibility and


Low Direct
Involvement Of
Massive Filipino
Limited Reach Of
The Campaign for
those without access



Direct Socializing
with Class DE
Know the needs to
use a different
strategy to reach the
masses and far-flung
To partner with
universities and



Political and
Economic Factors.
Unsupportive media
Poor image can
cause irreparable
damage on the
Partisan politics in
universities and
colleges, as well as

To Establish
Relationship To The
Class D&E Voters
The Social Media To
Be Aware And Give
Knowledge About
The Philippine
Everyone has the
right to vote wisely
according to their
wants that they know
the effect(S2,S3,03)


A campaign that
influence the class
D&E that every vote
must take their
responsibility to vote
wisely and it will
change the
Philippine politics.
Create a strong
image that gives
knowledge to voters
to sustain the

to the Internet, or
areas without
Lack of exposure
Possible language
By the use of
advance technology
and social media, we
can reach every
Filipino. (W1,01)
Conducting a
seminars to give
knowledge about the
vote buying to
selected Barangays
to be able to reach
them. (W1,02)
To connect with local
or community nonpolitical leaders and
ask for their
assisatnce regarding
language barriers

Engaging the fellow

Filipino to participate
into seminars to
have information
about Philippine
politics and
controversial vote
buying. (W1,T1)
Exposure of the
campaign by the use
of media outlets to
create a strong
image that inspires

empowerment to
vote wisely.
Encourage nonpartisan politics
among the youth to
put pressure on their
leaders or
administrators (T4)

the voters not to sell

their votes.

Integrated Marketing Communications Objectives and Strategies

Major Objective:
To cultivate a better understanding of the Filipino voters, and the society as a
whole, of the culture of intelligent voting, and harnessing a Filipino voting behavior that
emphasizes individual responsibility in promoting awareness and encouraging sincere
and informed-voting.
Minor Objectives:

To propagate platforms, advocacies, and government programs of candidates

To be an avenue of airing concerns and questions
To be a channel to report malicious actions or violations of candidates before and
after the conduct of election

Campaign Strategies:

To remain active in social media channels to reach millions of people and

To relate to localities and partner with local organizations in creating events that

focus more on their local issues

To partner with universities and colleges that will conduct seminars concerning

the elections in their respective venues

To reach a wider audience, promote the campaign in major broadcasting

networks through the television, radio and their own social media accounts
To search for personalities who care for the same cause and encourage others to
promote the cause of voting with responsibility
Positioning and Campaign Theme
Market Segmentation and Target Market
Primary Target Market
Life cycle
Philippine Islands
Secondary Target Market
Life Cycle
National Capital Region and Far-flung areas
Sample Target Market and Slice of Life
Campaign Theme
Boto Mo, Boses Mo believes in the capacities of Filipino voters to
understand the importance of protecting their votes from the threat of corruption
and deep-rooted Filipino traditions such as utang na loob, and voting via
popularity. It aims to achieve a significant change in the voting behavior of the
Filipinos by conducting seminar campaigns that will educate the Filipino voters

about responsible and intelligent voting. This campaign will be true to its title of
being a voice of the Filipino people regarding the issues posed upon them.
The campaign will run for a period of one year before the May 2016
elections. The partnerships and organizations that it will form shall communicate
with each other and plan for the seminars and awareness campaign that they will
conduct. The campaign eyes massive cooperation among the target market.
Boto Mo, Boses Mo will also be the mechanism by which rampant issues
like that of vote-buying will be discussed. It will be an expression of solidarity
among the Filipino nation in finding ways to end such corrupt practices.
Creative Recommendation
The campaign shall eradicate the chances of corrupt practices by
exposing them, but it shall not fail to protect informants about such practice.
Aside from this, its main objective is to cultivate in the people individual
responsibility in casting a vote that is educated. The campaign aims to allow the
people to understand the importance of electing officials that represents them
who are carrying the same values and beliefs as them, but most of all, to veer
away from the temptations of voting because of popularity, money, and
Advertising Objective
To inculcate the avoidance of evils such as vote-buying and intimidation
To inform the people of the advocacies, platforms and proposed programs

of the government
To encourage the people to protect their rights
To empower the people that they are the home of sovereignty

Marketing Message Strategy

A Filipino who votes with knowledge and sincerity is a Filipino who cares for the
future of his children, and the entire nation. A Filipino who votes responsibly carries with

him the pride of voting for what he thinks would be for the betterment of the coming
Advertising Appeals
Advertising Execution Format
Promotional Mix
Advertising Media Recommendations
Campaign Flowchart and Timetable