Dance. And you’ll uninhibitedly release even the most
infinitesimal iota of mercilessly trapped frustration; disdainfully
entrapped in your bones.
Dance. And you’ll metamorphose every droplet of your brutally
estranged sweat; into a paradise of intriguingly unparalleled and
triumphant newness.
Dance. And you’ll feel like the most pricelessly blessed artist on
this fathomless Universe; efficaciously expressing even the most
obsoletely defecating of your emotions; like the blazingly
unfettered Sunlight.
Dance. And you’ll feel an unsurpassably overwhelming urge to
lead a countless more lives; as if every of your inadvertently
committed sin is forever erased into the wisps of worthlessly
wanton nothingness.
Dance. And you’ll feel the innermost dormitories of your soul
profoundly blending with every ounce of the celestial
atmosphere; galloping as God’s most endowed organism alive.
Dance. And you’ll feel the inferno of unconquerable desire tower
to the most ultimate crescendo in your crimson blood; with every
pristinely untamed pore
of your skin insatiably yearning to be timelessly kissed.
Dance. And you’ll feel that the tantalizing mists of infinite
infinity were invincibly captured in your magical palms; with
every bone in your gallantly bountiful persona rhythmically
swaying to the beats of the divine.
Dance. And you’ll feel that there was no bath ever which was
better than the bath of mesmerizing golden sweat; as it
resplendently trickled like the most sensuously blessing
waterfall over every patch of your fantastically glistening and
naked skin.
Dance. And you’ll feel that exhaustion never ever existed on the
trajectory of this boundless earth; with even the most ethereal

trace of disease forever transforming into the heaven of
unprecedented excitement.
Dance. And you’ll want every second to consist of a countless
more seconds;
every pathway of ebulliently rhapsodic life to be endlessly
eternal till the time planet earth holistically survived.
Dance. And you’ll feel that even the most deliriously robotic
structure around you was silken fluffs of enamoring candy;
inevitably culminating into a limitless forest of desire in every
cranny of your impoverished caricature.
Dance. And you’ll feel an inimitable fountain of heart-rendering
empathy arise in the whites of your eyes; putting even the most
disastrously frazzled dormitory of your brain to a perpetually
glorifying rest.
Dance. And you’ll learn to fly without wings even in the most
fathomlessly unlimited of sky; indefatigably adventuring and
proliferating into astounding newness; even as the entire earth
around you brutally fought and died.
Dance. And you’ll feel even the most treacherously obstinate of
impediments beneath your feet convert into the oceans of
unbridled prosperity; victoriously enveloping every of your nerve
with undefeatable rhapsody.
Dance. And you’ll feel like a freshly adorned bride; inexhaustibly
tossing and turning on the bedsheets of Immortal friendship;
waiting for the prince of her life to kiss her to an infinite billion
Dance. And you’ll feel as if you were the ultimate messiah of
humanity; enlightening boundless orphans and deprived; with
the miraculously subliming optimism in your vividly gleeful
Dance. And you’ll discover the most fragrantly invincible
meaning of life; symbiotically coalesce every element of your
majestic form with the insuperably panoramic cradle of Mother

Dance. And you’ll feel as if your heart was the most pricelessly
infallible creation on this gregariously impregnable Universe;
with each of its Immortal beats forever bonding with the
Omnipresent light of the Creator Divine.
Dance. And you’ll feel as if the chapter of victoriously
Omniscient life could never ever end; and with every joyously
unhindered leap that you took into the atmosphere you were
reborn again and again and again; for an infinite more lives and