When I first saw her; I felt tremors of unparalleled excitement
euphorically enshroud me; till the very last bone of my spine,
While today when we had perpetually coalesced in threads of
immortal love; I had not even the most infinitesimal iota of fear;
as I willingly surrendered myself to the most ghastliest of death .
When I first saw her; I felt unsurpassable torrents of ecstatic
rhapsody tingle me till times beyond blissful eternity; as I
uncontrollably slithered in the clouds of timelessly endless
While today when we had perennially bonded in flames of
impregnable love; I philandered without even the tiniest of
circumspection in my eyes; ready any instant for the most
torturously truculent of death .
When I first saw her; I felt unfathomable infernos of exuberance
envelop every ingredient of my scarlet blood; as I unrelentingly
envisaged the compassionate
magic of her sensuously ravishing caress,
While today when we had invincibly bonded in mists of
bountifully unassailable love; I smilingly invited the corpse of
traumatic death; unflinchingly bonding my spirit with the
Omnisciently divine .
When I first saw her; I felt like the most majestic prince on this
colossal earth; fabulously romanticizing in the realms of
stupendous aristocracy and tantalizing passion,
While today when we had unshakably blended in the
entrenchment of mesmerizing love; I trespassed even the most
acrimonious fires of hell barefooted; liberating my mind; body
and spirit; in wholesome entirety .
When I first saw her; I felt as if all enchantingly blooming
goodness of the gigantic planet; had been sumptuously bestowed
on my impoverished lap,
While today when we had irrefutably intermingled in the tunes
of gorgeously everlasting love; I selflessly relinquished every
organ of my body for all bereaved
humanity; asking the devil to squelch me instead .

When I first saw her; I felt insatiably untamed whirlpools of
longing profusely encapsulate my nimble flesh; with the
yearning embrace her voluptuous body;
overwhelmingly towering over every other thing on this
While today when we had unequivocally united in the fortress of
unbreakable love; I had not the most capricious of apprehension;
in imparting bone of my body to the valley of sadistic death .
When I first saw her; I felt as if I had just discovered my truest
identity in vibrant existence; astoundingly spell bound by her
regally Omnipotent footsteps,
While today when we had intransigently mated in the swirl of
heavenly love; I wholeheartedly welcome morbid death on my
doorstep; bid adieu to this planet
with grateful contentment aligning the contours of my
diminutive face .
When I first saw her; I felt that the fathomless horizons were a
fraction too short; as the paradise of empathy in her marvelously
enthralling eyes; stretched till boundless kilometers even beyond
infinite infinity,
While today when we had irrevocably melanged in the ocean of
vivacious love; I altruistically bestowed every speck of my breath
to all those despicably thwarted; before handing my penurious
body to the scavengers of vindictive death .
And when I first saw her; I felt that the beats of my passionately
thundering heart made me the most priceless scintillating entity
alive; as I embarked on an expedition of impeccable truth on
every step that I tread,
While today when we had divinely fused in the fragrance of
symbiotically philanthropic love; I handsomely saluted the
chapters of life and inexplicable death with equal equanimity;
was duly prepared for both any instant; whatever the Lord had
in store for me .