Lets pray with our fingers invincibly clasped; for UNITY; a
wave of perpetual solidarity to descend charismatically all
over the monotonously
bedraggled planet,
Lets pray with untamed fires blazing in our eyes; for
PROSPERITY; uplifting all those tottering with relentlessly
acrid pain; to the ultimate realms of bountifully enamoring
Lets pray with divine obeisance enshrouding our souls; for
HARMONY; the winds of celestial symbiosis to emphatically
deluge; every treacherously shattered
Lets pray with Herculean energy in our shoulders; for
RESILIENCE; an unflinching attitude to confront the most
mightiest of disaster; by all those miserably shivering and
pathetically deprived,
Lets pray with overwhelming bliss enveloping our senses; for
PEACE; the immortal cloud of rhapsodically contented
happiness; to shower its heavenly blessings; upon the rich;
poor; and devastatingly orphaned; alike,
Lets pray with insatiable nostalgia in our blood; for
INNOCENCE; all lecherously satanic life loitering insidiously
upon this boundless Universe; to
metamorphose into a garland of Godly childhood,
Lets pray with unrelenting ardor in our conscience; for
TRUTH; the wholesome overshadowing of satanic evil on the
trajectory of this enchanting planet; with the threads of
unassailable righteousness,
Lets pray with stupendously everlasting belief in our veins;
for EQUALITY; the profusely uninhibited virtue of
compassion; unfathomably entrenching all souls
pathetically staggering; for volatile traces of indispensably
vital life,

Lets pray with insurmountable glory in our voice; for
FREEDOM; an irrefutably unconquerable spirit to
unequivocally exist; amidst the diabolically
tyrannical lingering reflections of the bizarre devil,
Lets pray with unparalleled eloquence in our impoverished
visage; for BEAUTY; an unsurpassably redolent flower of
humanity; engulfing all webs of
maliciously manipulative and rotten prejudice,
Lets pray with an unprecedented shimmer upon our lips; for
BROTHERHOOD; all disastrously orphaned destitute
coalesced synergistically together; to handsomely evolve into
a wonderfully endowing and a majestically
sparkling tomorrow,
Lets pray with indefatigable strength in our palms; for
SYMBIOSIS; a profound melanging of all tribes; caste and
religion on this fathomless planet; to scrap
the very essence of ignominiously rebuking devil; from its
worthlessly non-existent rudiments,
Lets pray with incomprehensibly melodious charisma in our
lashes; for SOLITUDE; an irrevocably unshakable tenacity to
exist in a land of supreme pacification and heavenly joy
descending torrentially from all sides,
Lets pray with unfazed belonging in each pore of our skin;
for WISDOM; the bells of an invincible triumph over
despicably despairing sadness; ringing loud and poignantly
stringent through the frigid cocoons of lackadaisical
Lets pray with joyously swirling desire in our blood; for
BENEVOLENCE; an evergreen carpet of marvelously
Omnipotent showering; upon all those entities
murderously encompassed by gruesomely ominous

Lets pray with magnificent majesty in our shadows; for
TOGETHERNESS; a spirit of pricelessly augmenting passion;
to wholeheartedly circumvent all those
miserably divested; of their revered mates in penalizing life,
Lets pray with altruistic faith in our innocuously glorious
countenances; for SUCCESS; the pearls of sagaciously
benign wisdom to perpetuate a serenely
satisfying chapter of existence; in the lives of those
uncouthly engulfed by savage blood; indiscriminate crime
and horrific lies,
Lets pray with an intransigently sacrosanct propensity in our
breaths; for LIFE; a prolific dissemination of its fathomlessly
fabulous repertoire of spell binding
forms; and its perpetually Omnipotent spirit to
philanthropically survive; reigning supreme in every birth it
was bequeathed; from the Almighty Lord,
And lets pray with an immortally royal fervor in our hearts;
for LOVE; its miraculously healing touch; proving as the
ultimate panacea for harmoniously
surviving and blossoming into; a countless more wonderful