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With every majestic sunset making way for the Immaculate

moon; that astoundingly depicted the multifarious shades of this
Universewhich was a gift from the Omnipotent Creator,
With every draught of exuberant wind; that evolved into a whole
new mist of rhapsodic excitement; out of sheer and insipid
With every dainty petal of the poignant rose; that permeated a
scent of oneness in the otherwise monotonously subjugated
With every vivacious stroke of the mesmerizing rainbow; that
charmed the entire Universe; fraught with its own inexplicably
unsolicited misery,
With every infinitesimal speck of the atmosphere; that invincibly
clung to the bodies of us living beings; befriending an entire
Universe of solidarity-from its own realms of isolation and
With every step that marched forward to maintain the royal
equilibrium of life; ensure that life went on despite anything and
everything; but only by the grace of God,
With every flight of unbridled fantasy; that made even the most
inconspicuously ordinary of living being; catapult beyond the
definitions of desire,
With every squeak that escaped the throat; triumphantly
piercing the bizarre sullenness and silence of the atmosphere
with a desire to be embraced by one and all,
With every sensuously tantalizing night; that unfurled into the
morning of a bountifully optimistic and brilliant dawn,
With every solemn pledge of goodwill in the graveyard; that
bedazzled the ghastly silence of remorseful death; with a new
found longing to disseminate love and life,

With every rumble of inscrutable thunder in the sky; that

brought alongwith it the optimistic promise of rain; an infallible
reason to cheer in the aisles of ecstasy,
With every inimitably righteous footprint left on soil; that carved
an entire pathway of unflinching goodness; love and peace; as
the quintessential elements to lead life with,
With every idea that uninhibitedly germinated from the brain;
blossoming into boundless sparks of freshness; to unite the
entire planet into the religion of love,
With every affable outgrowth that joyously leapt out of soil;
instantaneously engulfed with the blessed rays of the Sun; after
an equally compassionate cuddling by mother soil,
With every handshake executed between people of all race;
religion and color; paving way for the most immortal and
unassailable religion of humanity,
With every lump of frigidly asphyxiating snow; that
perseveringly labored its way to becoming the most adorable
stream of love; as its eventual outcome,
With every step traversing on the road not taken; permeating
robotic chunks of the atmosphere with tantalizing splashes of
With every anecdote of failure that strengthened one's resolve to
succeed all the more; metamorphosing every bit of morbid ash
into an opportunity to holistically survive,
My faith in God grew; as irrespective of whatever has happened
or would happen from now on; I know it would be for the good
As God is my faith; God is my life- God gives me the power to
symbiotically survive with one and all till the time he
commandedAnd whenever he decides to take me away from this earth of his;
I sincerely pray from my heart and soul to him; to be able to

utter his name in poetry and song; when I felt I was dying.