Your blissful happiness; was my impregnable bridge to
transgress upon for centuries immemorial; even after I had died,
Your inexplicable anguish; was my invincibly augmenting
revolution; to massacre every trace of malice from the trajectory
of this colossal planet,
Your mesmerizing smile; was my insurmountable tenacity to
trigger brilliant beams of optimistic light; in a tunnel engulfed
with macabre darkness,
Your philanthropic fragrance; was my incessant source of
inspiration to ubiquitously disseminate the essence of mankind;
to the most remotest corners of this planet,
Your poignant empathy; was my Herculean fortitude to assist my
fellow comrades; in moments of deplorably dwindling distress,
Your enchanting reflection; was my unprecedented fervor to
incarcerate the stupendously alluring beauty of this gigantic
universe; within the whites of my eye,
Your heavenly footsteps; were my unsurpassable strength to
propel forward; exhilaratedly embrace every obstacle in life;
until I succeed,
Your lecherous defeat; was my overwhelming ardor to extricate
the seeds of manipulative diabolism from their very ignominious
roots; behead them with the
sword of irrefutable righteousness,
Your enlightening essence; was my sole tool to dedicate my
entire life; profoundly towards nurturing and harboring the gift
of perennial love,
Your valiant victory; was my astronomical conviction; which
didn’t buckle the slightest; even under the most invidiously
tumultuous of storm,

Your melodious voice; was my overpowering exuberance to exist;
even with my visage dreadfully sunken beneath the ghastly
Your discerning senses; were my unconquerable waves of
prudence; in sagaciously discriminating between the good and
the ominously bad,
Your unfathomable innocence; was my everlasting reservoir of
strength to survive and bear; amongst an uncouth battalion of
blood sucking tangible beings,
Your never dying spirit; was my Omnipotent whirlwind to
blossom like a magnificently glorious lotus; from a pile of
tragically smoldering ash,
Your explicitly candid expressions; were my cloudbursts of
daunting audacity; even when hanged like an orphaned pig; on
the hideously menacing gallows,
Your majestic sweat; was my tunnel of unrelenting endeavor; the
insatiable compassion in my eyes; to metamorphose god’s planet
once again; into a wonderful
Your impeccable conscience; was my undefeated bonding with
love which grew more and more fortified; even as the boundless
expanse of sky treacherously blended with mundane earth,
Your Omniscient breath; was my sacred chapter of divinely life;
unveiling into an incredible myriad of new vistas every minute;
making me live an infinite exotic lives; in each desire of mine,
And your immortal heart; was my royal rhythm to love; live;
embrace; transcend and perpetually reign supreme over every
devil that lingered in air; over every bad that dared .