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AKS 2004/3004 Friction Pads

How do I check if my side pads are worn?

To check the side pads couple up your AKS 2004/3004 and pull the handle down
onto the tow ball until you feel resistance (not clamping force). If the line on the
handle reaches the second mark on the stabiliser then you will require new pads.

How do I replace my side pads?

Uncouple your AKS 2004/3004 and remove the plastic caps with the aid of a
small screwdriver. Press the worn pads inwards and remove using a hammer.
Insert the new friction pads from below (after first re-inserting shim washers if
they were present) and press in as far as it will go.

How do I check if my front and back pads are worn on my AKS


Couple your AKS 2004/3004 to the tow ball but do not activate the stabiliser. If a
green indicator is visible (on the handle), then the AKS 2004/3004 is in a new
condition or the pads and tow ball are within the permissible limits. If only the red
indicator is visible then firstly check your tow ball. If the tow ball is o.k then you
may require new front and rear pads.

How do I replace my front and back pads on my AKS 2004/3004?

Uncouple your AKS 2004/3004 and remove the rubber soft dock. Press the
safety indicator outwards and secure with a 14mm spanner (not included).
Remove the cheese head screws using a torx tool. Press the friction lining
recess inwards and pull down and out. Open the coupling handle and remove
the countersunk head cap screw using the torx tool.
Press the friction pads inwards with a screwdriver and remove from ball cup.
Fitting the new pads will take place in reverse order.

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Friction Pad Replacement and Stabiliser

Adjustment - AKS 2700/AKS 2004/AKS 3004

Changing the Friction Pads and Adjusting the Stabiliser Device

(please replace one at a time):


Fig. 1

Remove old friction pads & washers by removing protective caps

(Fig. 1/Item 1) with the aid of small screwdriver. Press worn out
pad inwards.
Adjusting the stabiliser device with new friction pads:
- Remove screw from top part of stabiliser handle (Fig. 2/Item5)
- Fit new friction pads
- Locate AKS 2004 onto the towball (050h13)
- Lower RH stabiliser handle until resistance is felt. If the arrow
on the stabiliser lever is in line with the front section on the red
soft dock (Fig. 2/Item 4 Point A) then adjustment is not required.
- If the arrow on the stabiliser lever is in the centre or at the rear
of the section of the red soft dock (Fig. 2/Item 3 Point B) then
adjustment is necessary. Remove friction pad and fit washer (or
washers) to the friction pad spindle, replace friction pad and
recheck until arrow is in line with front section (Fig. 2/Item 4
Point A).
- Repeat same procedure for LH Stabiliser arm.
- Replace screw in stabiliser handle (Fig 2/Item 5).

Fig. 2