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A travellers guide

A quick guide to yoga holidays and retreats

The decision is made: for your next
holiday, you are going away on a
yoga holiday! This guide is for you: in
the following pages you'll nd the
best yoga holiday providers out
there, chosen by the expert in-house
team here at To
help you on your way, here are some
answers to a few questions you
might ask yourself:
Go alone, or take a friend?
Going alone is not a problem. In fact,
most people on yoga holidays go on
their own. The downside is that you
might have to share a room with
one or more complete strangers, but
at least, you will know that, like you,
they have a keen interest in yoga,
and great friendships are formed on
yoga courses.
Where and when to go?
There are a lots of small, dedicated
venues to choose from all over the
world, and new ones are sprouting
up every where so there's a large
choice of destinations at any time of
the year!
Sun destinations such as Greece,
Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, and the
south of France tend to be most
popular in the European summer
while in the winter; India, Sri Lanka,
Thailand, Mexico and the Caribbean
tend to be favourites. There are also
a number of other locations which

don't emphasise the 'sun' part including Scotland, various parts of

England, Ireland, Finland, Canada,
Austria to name just a few.
What style, what teacher?
Perhaps more important than the location is the teacher and the style of
yoga. Remember you will be stuck
with your choice for the duration of
the course, so a bit of thinking may
be in order. The best, of course, is to
choose a teacher you have already
studied with, perhaps in the context
of weekly classes or a short workshop.
If nothing else, don't be afraid to ask
the teacher such questions as who
they studied with, how long they
have been practicing and how long
they have been teaching yoga. Tell
the teacher about your yoga experience, level of tness and your expectation for the retreat so they can
advise you properly on suitability.
It is also recommended to try the
style of yoga that will be taught as
part of the holiday/retreat by taking
a few classes, just to be sure that it
will suit you.
What to bring?
Check whether you'll need a yoga
mat (if you have your own, it best to
bring it anyway). Bring some reading, yogic or not, and don't forget
your practice clothes!

Val de

About Val de Moses

Vale de Moses is an old valley farm
nestled in the remote and
picturesque foothills of the Serra de
Estrela mountain range, in central

independent yoga holiday listings:

one of the best rated yoga retreats

in Europe.

The Winter family welcome everyone: travelling alone or with friends,

new to yoga or practicing for
Spend a week or more here on the
decades. But its particularly for
edge of wilderness, in the beautifully those in need of a break. Thats why
restored home of the Winter family,
a health consultation, massage and
beneath the village of Amieira,
acupuncture treatment is included
Oleiros. Practice yoga daily, walk in
in the price. Retreat from 800 to
forests, swim and mud bathe in
900 per person per week. 10% disrivers, breath mountain air, eat
count for returning guests, groups or
deliciously, sleep deeply. Retreat to
for a 2 week stay.

Contact Details:
Phone: +351 272 634006


About Healthy Options

independent yoga holiday listings:

Healthy Options oer great summer

holidays where you can enjoy the
relaxed Greek island lifestyle plus a
variety of fantastic Yoga classes.

of Yoga, Pilates and tness classes as

well as a whole selection of other
fun activities. You can take guided
bike rides and walks through the
gorgeous Greek countryside, or you
might want to try your hand at sailing, paddle-boarding or snorkelling.
Incuded is even a half hour massage!

There are two beautiful Greek island

settings for you to choose from.
There's the activity-packed beach location of Vassiliki on the island of
Lefkas, or the slightly calmer and a
little more lavish setting of Syvota, in
Your holiday includes a wide variety
Contact Details:
/Phone: 0844 499 2909

If all you want to do is relax by the

pool or on the beach then feel free
to do as much or as little as you like after all, this is your holiday!


About Ulpotha

independent yoga holiday listings:

Ulpotha has been a retreat site for

thousands of years and remains a
perfect place for a Yoga holiday or
an Ayurveda retreat in the heart of
Sri Lanka.

Ulpotha is a traditional working village in Sri Lanka cradled on the one

side by low mountains and a lotusringed lake and on the other by tiny
emerald green paddy elds.

It's a beautiful and peaceful hideaway open to guests for part of the
year. You may come here to experience Yoga holidays and Ayurveda
retreats and the warm, generous
and gentle hospitality the people of
Sri Lanka love to oer.

The focus is on the restoration of an

ageless agricultural way of life and
creating an idyllic environment for
Yoga and Ayurveda retreats. This includes bio-diverse organic farming
and reforestation of the land and its
immediate surroundings.

Contact Details:
Phone: +44 20 8 1233 603

Valle de Vida

About Valle de Vida

Valle de Vida is an idyllic Spanish
mountain health and yoga retreat
center, and the perfect place to rejuvenate your body, reawaken your
senses and revitalise your mind.
Setin the heart of a secluded green
valley and surrounded by the
dramatic beauty of the Andalucian
Mountains, Valle de Vida is just 40
minutes away from Malaga airport,
but a world away from the stresses
of urban existence. When the team
rst discovered the natural beauty of
Contact Details:
Phone: 0034 951 238 614

independent yoga holiday listings:

this valley, they were inspired by a

sense of serenity and tranquillity, so
relaxing and peaceful compared to
what were very busy city lives.
Since then, Theyve dedicated themselves to replicating that rejuvenating experience for others, promoting
healing, inspiration, meditation, exploration (inward and outward) but,
most of all, a profound and liberating sense of fun.


About Adventure Yogi

independent yoga holiday listings:

Adventure Yogi specialise in yoga re- with Michelle King having the
treats in the UK and yoga holidays
dream of creating yoga holidays
with a twist of action and fun, as well
as being relaxing and therapeutic.
They just love to combine yoga with
adventures such as skiing and snow- Over the years they have run many
boarding, surng, hiking, climbing or yoga retreats in the UK and yoga
biking or simply relax and restore
holidays in lots of dierent destinawith our well-being or yoga detox
tions abroad.
retreat; feel energised by yoga, relaxed by massage and invigorated
Its time to take some active relaxby delicious vitality foods.
In 2007 AdventureYogi was born,
Contact Details:
Phone: 01273 782734


About Yoga Rocks

Yoga Rocks has exceptionally
committed and generous teachers
all dedicated to making your yoga
retreat an incredible and
transformative experience.

independent yoga holiday listings:

sure retreats runs smoothly, allowing

you to kick back and embrace the
sparkling essence of yoga. There are
everlasting beaches with translucent
velvety seas and the locally sourced,
home prepared vegetarian food is
Your perfect yoga holiday awaits you delicious.
at the magical location named after
the three rocks at sea. Relish the
Helen and Phil began the centre and
warming sun, pristine peace and
continue to lead the team. Since
genuine atmosphere all on the
2010 they have summered in Crete;
South coast of Crete, Greece.
their local knowledge will make your
yoga retreat a holiday to remember!
A friendly and experienced team en-

Contact Details:
Phone: +44 20 32862586


About Yoga Ahoy

This is a unique holiday retreat. Enjoy
a week of Yoga aboard a traditional
style motor sailing yacht in the calm
warm waters of the Turkish Mediterranean. Whether you want to enjoy
your day relaxing in the sun, reading
your favourite book, exploring the
turquoise deep with your snorkel, go
kayaking, making visiting ancient
ruins, all is possible on this revitalizing voyage along the Turkish
Mediterranean coast.
Ranked among the top ten Yoga reContact Details:
Phone: +90 (0)536 2424168 (Turkey)

independent yoga holiday listings:

treats in the world, Kathja & Sven are

bringing international Yogis and Yoginis to the Turkish Mediterranean
coast. Leaving behind a successful
international career in the fashion
world, the idea to combine the
unique atmosphere and freedom of
staying aboard a yacht with their
love for Yoga was born during a private sailing trip along the Lycian
coast, where they immediately fell in
love with the blue sea, the stunning
bays, the delicious food and the hospitality of the friendly locals.


Sally Parkes Yoga

About Sally Parkes Yoga

This retreat is for anyone in need of
rest and recuperation from day to
day life. With a proven approach of
yoga, Pilates and an eective nutritional plan, these detox retreats will
restore your vitality and enthusiasm
for life.
Only twelve participants are on each
retreat and no experience of yoga or
Pilates is necessary. Retreats are held
at beautiful English country houses;
a wonderful blend of Dynamic,
Hatha and Restorative Yoga and Pi-

independent yoga holiday listings:

lates. Facilitated by experienced

yoga teachers Sally Parkes and Paula
Hines, retreats focus on re-balancing
both the body and mind, and with
our healthy eating menu they are a
great way to detox. Classes are gently invigorating as well as restorative
and are suitable for all abilities as
well as beginners.

Contact Details:

Burren Yoga

About Burren Yoga

The Burren Yoga and Meditation
Centre is a real nd. The atmosphere
is warm, welcoming and fun. Owner
Dave Brocklebank believes that yoga
and meditation are the two most
transformational practices he has
learned in his life, and he founded
the centre with the vision of providing the best possible environment
to learn and deepen ones practice
of yoga and meditation.
He choose the beautiful location of
The Burren as being an ideal location
Contact Details:
Phone: +353 (0)91 637680

independent yoga holiday listings:

for the centre, and has built in daily

guided outings to spend time in nature as an integral part of the retreats.
Dave does what he believes he does
best which is having the vision on
how best to setup the centre and
run the retreats and taking the
course participants on guided outings to discover many very special
and beautiful places unseen to the
casual tourist in the Burren.