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According to our group, Sri Mulyani is not corruption in bailout funds to Bank
Century Bank Indonesia. Sri Mulyani, who is now the managing director of the
World Bank confirms that the bailout of Rp 6.76 trillion, which he agreed to be
liquidated, is necessary to prevent the collapse of the institution and the domino
effect on the financial sector at the beginning of the financial crisis of 2008.
Measures taken by Sri Mulyani to save Indonesian economy due to the global
economic crisis.

2. Father: Prof. Satmoko (alm.)

Mother: Prof. Dr Retno Sriningsih Satmoko (alm.)
Professor of the State University of Semarang (Semarang first Teachers' Training
Husband: Tony Sumartono
Children :
Dewinta Illinia (24 years old), passed in the Australian Department of Trade and
Adwin Haryo Indrawan (20 years),
Indra testifying Luqman (17 years)

- Composite stock price index in Indonesia Stock Exchange continued to weaken
since Sri Mulyani announced her resignation. In yesterday's close of trading, the
stock price index fell further by 35.62 points (1.25 percent) to a level of 2810.6
from the position two days ago at the level of 2846.2. In the middle of the
trading session, the index decline of close to 100 points. The decline in four days
in a row is cut index up 160.6 points (5.41 percent) from last week's record high
of 2,971, and causing the index fell at its lowest level since April 1, 2010.
- The rupiah against the US dollar weakened again.

5. Stabilize the macro economy, maintain a prudent fiscal policy, lower

borrowing costs and manage debt and give confidence to investors. These efforts
is to become Asia's best finance minister.
Reform of the Ministry of Finance dinahkodainya well so many fundamental
changes in the Ministry of Finance from the organization, SOP, HR and others.
Improved economic growth increases above 6%.
Addition of gross domestic product (GDP) in the beginning of the KIB only Rp
2.700 trillion; today has reached Rp 5,400 trillion. Meanwhile, the poverty rate
shrinks; from 16% to 14%.

da 14 awards given by the international media related financial management

performance of government securities Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Indonesia for the
lead in the Ministry of Finance since 2005.

The award was given by the foreign media based in Singapore and Hong Kong.
Some of the awards are listed, among other things, for the issuance of Shariah
Securities (SBSN) or Sukuk-0001 series and IFR IFR-0002 which was published in
August 2008. Both the sukuk has received international appreciation by grabbing
his appreciation of the International Financial Review Asia / IFR Asia, namely as
the Best Deal and Best Indonesian Capital Markets Deal.

Sukuk state also awarded the Alpha South East Asia as the Best Deal of the Year.
Then as the Indonesian Islamic Finance News Deal of the Year 2008, as well as
the International Financing Review as an Emerging Asia Bond.

On February 11, 2009, the Government of Indonesia received an award from IFK
Asia as the Best Islamic Deal and The Best Indonesian Capital Market Deal of the
issuance of Sharia Securities (sukuk) and IFR0002 IFR0001 series. Both are given
in Hong Kong.

A day later, the government also received an award from Finance Asia for Best
Sovereign Bond of the Year on the issuance of government bonds in foreign
currencies (global bonds) in June 2008. On January 15, 2009, the Government
also received three awards at once on global bonds in January and June 2008
from the international financial media, The Asset.

Is an award given in the category of Best Issuer; Best Sovereign Bond for the
issuance of government bonds in the foreign exchange series-18 INDO and INDO38; Best Deal and State Bonds in foreign exchange series-18 INDO and INDO-38.

As at February 4, 2009, the Government has also received an award from the
Alpha Southeast Asia for the issuance of sukuk, with the category of the Best
Deal of the Year and Best Sovereign Deal of the Year in Southeast Asia.

Previously, Indonesia was also awarded on the issuance of state bonds in foreign
currency in the international market premiere in 2008 on January 15, 2009. There
are three awards at the show The Asset Triple A Deal of the Year 2008 in Hong
Kong. "This is the result of the good performance of debt management and
leadership of the Minister of Finance," said Grace.