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Our manifesto

for a better Los Santos

Together wewe
Together can;
Together we must;
Together we must;
Together wewe
Together will.
A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats
A foreword from the party leader and mayoral candidate
Dr. Brad Williams

Dear Citizen,
I wish firstly to extend my warmest regards, and to thank you
sincerely for expressing an interest in our policies. I hope that
you will take the time to read the policies, positions and
pledges contained within, and that, having studied them, you
will come to the same conclusion that we did when we put
them together; that they offer Los Santos the best package of
changes, reforms, and improvements.

It is easy for politicians to gain cheap votes by being alarmist.

Los Santos is a truly great city – it is cosmopolitan; it is
enterprising; it is diverse – yet for so many people, quality of
life is not improving. So many people deserve better.

Public transport remains grossly inadequate, and whilst the

Government has postured much over recent investment in the
newly founded company CityTransit, City Hall has failed to
provide the company with the necessary support.

Healthcare provision is patchy and response times remain

high, despite claims that the Government has “saved” the
health service (by installing staff accommodation).

Crime is at an all-time high – the result of years of prevention

rather than cure. No crime figures are recorded by City Hall,
and there is no Government official with the sole responsibility
of co-ordinating the fight against crime.

I want quality of life to improve across the board – I want less

crime, better healthcare, proper public transport. In short, I
want people to regain confidence in Government – I want to
demonstrate that politics can and must, rise above cynicism
and personality, and deliver a programme of reforms, through
a true two-way dialogue with the people.

I wish finally to re-iterate my belief that the policies within this

manifesto are persuasive, effective, and essential. Los Santos
needs more than just a change of Government. Los Santos
needs a change in direction. Together, we can achieve this.
Together we must. Together we will.

Yours faithfully,

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats
Dr. Brad Williams

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats

building a safer Los Santos
“Tough on crime, tough on the causes of

- Dr. Frank Digby

The Progressive Democrats believe in the freedom of
the individual. We believe that this includes freedom from crime, and from
the threat of crime.

We understand that fear of crime is a real issue. We do

not de-criminalise crimes such as muggings and car theft – which cause real
problems for individuals, and for society.

A key part of our policy is not only tackling crime, but

the causes of crime. This means looking at social factors; the
effectiveness of our correctional facilities; the efficiency of our police.

We believe that policing needs co-ordination. This means

the introduction of regular meetings between the LSPD, the SASD, and City Hall.

We will bring fresh focus to law enforcement and

establish a new level of co-ordination in the fight
against crime. We will invite businesses and members
of the public to be a part of regular discussions.
We recognise that crime is not only of concern to the
Government and law enforcement. We also believe that
co-ordination is the key to tackling crime of all levels. We

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats
will establish a Los Santos Police Board, through which City
Hall and law enforcement agencies can communicate at
the same time to bring a planned approach to crime.
Other parties interested in the issue of will be invited to
join this board to ensure that resources and methods are
being allocated and implemented correctly.

We will focus on preventing crime as well as

punishing crime after it has occurred.
Law Enforcement in Los Santos is currently struggling.
Research gathered by IPS POLL has shown this, with
citizens showing that they do not feel the police serve and
protect the city as they should. Conclusively, the
Progressive Democrats believe that there needs to be a
change not only in action, however a change in thinking
with the way in which law enforcement is handled in Los
Santos with a greater emphasis on crime prevention to
ease the strain on the policing departments allowing them
to work more efficiently in creating a safer Los Santos.

We will strengthen the definition between infractions

and felonies.
We feel that is it unacceptable for law enforcement to
treat civil offences the same way as criminal offences. For
example – refusal to pay a fine is and must remain an
infraction. It should not lead to charges of non-compliance
with the police, and be treated in a physically direct

The police know better than politicians when it

comes to crime.
We will work with law enforcement, without infringing on
the right to operational and non-partisan independence,
which we will guarantee.

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats

fresh thinking on a stale issue.
“We will build a transport system which can
proudly call itself a service.”

- Dr. Brad Williams

We believe that effective, cheap, and reliable public
transport is key to creating a more dynamic, fairer
Previous governments have treated public transport as nothing more than a
ceremonial duty – and have largely neglected it. We will see it as a key factor in our
policy decisions

We believe that in public transport, the best solutions

involve the private and public sectors.
We will seek to involve private enterprise in public transport solutions, in order to
provide economic stability, competition, and the best possible service for the public.

We believe that standards on public transport should

meet and exceed those of private drivers.
We will look at ways to improve standards on both buses and taxis, to increase
public confidence.

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats
We will start building an effective public transport
From day one, we will look at public transport as a serious
priority. We will create a new Government department
tasked with this role. We will create a dedicated transport
budget, to serve the needs of the industry. We will
continue to run CityTransit as a private-public partnership,
and will seek to establish it as a model for other

We will involve the private sector wherever possible,

and will fight against a monopoly in public transport.
We believe that a monopoly in public transport will cause
a decrease in efficiency, and will hamper innovation and
investment. We also believe that a free market is
damaging to standards, and poses an unacceptable risk to
passenger safety. We will hold a consultation on the
introduction of a franchising and regulation scheme,
whereby any company can operate bus services, subject
to Governmental approval and registration. This system
would also include Government-endorsed routes, to
ensure that services were provided to key areas of the
city. Such schemes have been hugely successful in
Western Europe, and in particular, London.

We will respond to public concerns over the safety of

public transport services within the city.
Surveys conducted by the organisation IPSPOLL on behalf
of the Progressive Democrats show there is great public
concern and lack of trust in taxi services – most probably
fuelled by a lack of regulation. The current system, an
embodiment of free-market principles, does work
relatively efficiently – however there are very few checks
and balances to guarantee standards of driving. We want
to double the penalties for dangerous driving offences
committed by on-duty taxi drivers carrying fare paying
passengers. This doubling of penalties will apply across
the board to taxi drivers, from double fines for incorrect
parking, to double sentences for evading the police.

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats
We will begin a consultation into making our roads
safer. This will involve the LSPD, SASD, EMS – and
other relevant parties.
We will look at the possibility of introducing tougher
penalties for dangerous driving offences, and giving law
enforcement greater powers and funding to police the

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats

a new approach

There is an undisputable link between healthcare,

quality of life, and economic development. We believe that
in order for quality of life to improve, we need a healthcare system which is effective
and accessible to all.

Healthcare in Los Santos is based on an emergency

response system, with almost no provision for non-
urgent treatment. We will seek to build a network of general practice,
and minor injuries services.

Response times are too high. We will introduce a target of five

minutes for every emergency response, within Los Santos.

There needs to be better communication between the

health services and other emergency services which
rely upon health service support. We will create new channels

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats
of dialogue, and a culture of mutual respect and support, through the
aforementioned meetings between emergency service leaders.
We will create an approachable health service which
caters for minor care needs as well as medical
A Progressive Democrat health service will strive to
revolutionise access to healthcare through walk-in and on
demand services. Working with the EMS we would
encourage the introduction of nurse practitioners into the
medical career ladder – who would attend major events to
provide standby healthcare, and would staff hospitals in
order to treat walk-in patients.

As part of our commitment to accessible health, we

will increase support for General Practice
Whilst there are General Practice services within the city,
they are understaffed and need to be revitalised. We will
encourage the medical services to have a greater
emphasis upon general practice as part of the career

We will also seek to open licensed pharmacy services

– initially within the hospital, with the possibility of
other locations at a later date.
In many places, pharmacies form an integral part of the
care structure, providing health advice and cures for
minor injuries and ailments. Pharmacies are currently
greatly lacking in Los Santos. From Day One, we will begin
a consultation into the creation and construction of these

We will set a target of five minutes for a 911 callout

within the city.
We feel that it should not take longer than five minutes for
an ambulance to respond to a callout within the city. We
will measure the performance of EMS services against this
target, so that they know how they are performing, and
where they can improve.

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats
We will improve co-operation between the health
services and other emergency services.
Whilst there has been much progress in this area of late,
we feel that Los Santos can still do much better. Through
the creation of dialogue between Government and law
enforcement and health bosses we will create at
atmosphere of trust, mutual respect, and co-operation, to
ensure that our emergency services are working as a
team to provide the best possible service to citizens of Los

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats

Government and politics

a dialogue with the public

In order to meet the needs of a new decade, we must

build a new system. Our political system is out-dated and does not
match the present needs of the people of Los Santos.

It is easy to listen to the public. It is harder to be in

dialogue with the public. Through numerous consultations and
committees, we will listen to what the public have to say, respond to it, and act on it.
The present Government claims to fulfil this via regular polls. This is not adequate.

We will create a Cabinet of Advisors to the Mayor,

which will be open and accountable. Many positions within this
organisation will be open to applicants, and we will not bar our political opponents
from joining – this will allow us to create a more broad-minded Government.

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats

We will set a new tone for Government, and create a

system which the people feel they govern with, rather
than are governed by.
We will take an open-minded stance whilst in Government
– we are not immediately tied down to a set of strict
politics ideals which will render us short-sighted.

We will seek to remove the elitism which surrounds

the present Government.
As well as creating a Cabinet of Advisors to the Mayor
which will be open to anyone, from any background – we
will also set a new tone of an administration governing for
the many and not the few. We will not hide ourselves from
the voters with security measures which are
ostentatiously lavish and deliberately threatening.

We do not feel that polls alone are an adequate

measure of public opinion.
Whilst we will continue to hold polls, we will also seek far
more active forms of discussion. We will create a number
of commissions on issues such as crime, health, and
transport – which will be open to members of the public.

By standing as a party, and not as an individual

candidate, we offer the chance of a real government,
and not a cult of personality.
Our party structure allows us to develop policy in a
coherent and balanced manner, as opposed to relying on
the decisions of one man alone.

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats

balancing punishment with
“Only when the public have confidence in their
justice system can the war on crime be won.”

-Dr. Frank Digby

The justice system in Los Santos is ineffectual,

understaffed, and underfunded. With his experience as a former
judge, Dr. Frank Digby would use his Deputy Mayoralty to bring fresh energy and
thinking to the justice and courts system.

The right to a fair trial for serious offences must be

strengthened. We must manage and balance the perceived inefficiency
and cost of a trial system with the indisputable right for serious offences to be tried
by a judge,

A move to rehabilitation is a move to a better justice

system. The current ideology is that punishment can solve everything.
Punishment is necessary, but so is rehabilitation.

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats
We will rebuild our court system, by recruiting more
judges and giving cases more publicity.
We will move the goalposts in the fight against crime –
from simply punishing offenders via the police, to trying
them in an open court, to make an example of them – and
bring closure to cases.

We will re-establish the fundamental right of a citizen

to a fair trial.
We understand that every single offence cannot be heard
by a court, however we will ensure that the treatment of
suspects and offenders is fairer. We believe that it is a
necessity that the public have confidence in the justice
system in order to cut crime. We will therefore make it a
requirement that, for all charges of a certain severity and
above (the exact bar will be set after consultation with law
enforcement), the suspect is tried by a judge with the
right to legal representation. Legal Aid will be provided if
necessary on a means-tested basis.

We will strengthen our correctional system, and

introduce a new ethos.
The Department of Correction will be strengthened, and
will be given a new working ethos. There will be an
emphasis on rehabilitation as well as punishment. With a
greater emphasis on rehabilitation, equality for criminals
who have served their sentence and a reform on
sentencing to reduce institutionalisation, we believe that
the Progressive Democrats can further lower the crime
rates in Los Santos, especially the astonishingly high re-
offending rate. Some DoC employees will be offered
additional training and payment as Rehabilitation Officers,
who will work with the police, communities, and offenders
who have served or are finishing serving their time, to
help offenders get their lives back on track.

We will strengthen and support the co-operation

between law enforcement agencies and prison
We recognise the valuable contribution which the police
make to our correctional system, and we wish to

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats
strengthen the co-operation between the LSPD and the
Department of Correction by inviting the DoC to sit at
regular public service meetings.

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats

keeping Los Santos informed
“Mass media is a keystone of our society, and
should be respected and regulated as such.”

-Dr. Brad Williams

We respect and value Los Santos as one of the

country’s most influential media centres. We will do more to
support independent productions of film, music and literature through a new
Department of Culture.

We respect the rights of journalists to work without

hindrance but believe that SAN must remain unbiased
as a news source. We will continue to provide support and funding for
SAN, whilst keeping a professional distance. The Department of Culture will
ensure that SAN remains impartial.

We feel that media and news play an invaluable part

in society, and will try to increase wherever possible
media coverage. The new Department of Culture will fund viable projects
designed not only to boost Los Santos’ profile but also those which entertain,
educate and inform residents.

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats

We will support the media, and independent

production companies. We will encourage
independent news sources and newspapers.
The new Department of Culture will oversee grants, which
will take the form of access to studio facilities, and
monetary assistance. Grants will be given only to projects
which show extremely high levels of co-ordination, and
which the Cabinet of Advisors to the Mayor feels meet the
requirements of a grant.

We will support SAN as both an entertainment and

news company. We respect the right of columnists
and editors to hold political beliefs, but will not allow
bias to creep into news coverage.
The Department of Culture will monitor SAN's news output
for bias, to ensure that the people of Los Santos have total
confidence in their journalists and news outlets.

We will allow individuals and organisations to dispute

libellous and slanderous allegations made about them
by the media.
Whilst encouraging investigative and groundbreaking
journalism, we will also protect the freedom of the
individual by allowing individuals to file a complaint with
the Department of Culture, if they feel that output is
libellous of slanderous. We will introduce broadcast
licenses, which will be cancelled in extreme circumstances
of illegal or libellous content.

We will provide public funding to organisations which

provide news funding, and will increase funding to
SAN. In return, we will expect public interest
Organisations such as SAN will be able to apply for
additional monetary help in producing news programming.
Contracts for such assistance will include a ‘public service
requirement’, which will require a certain amount of
regular and unbiased news and public service
programming throughout the day.

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats

delivering consistent growth
“To deliver consistent economic growth we must
support businesses and consumers.”

-Dr. Brad Williams

We have an unparalleled team to meet the challenges

of the current economic climate. Dr. Brad Williams has a PhD in
Labor Economics; Dr. Frank Digby is former Deputy Mayor of New York.

We will encourage businesses of all size to thrive by

provided investment where there is a genuine and
realistic case. A new Government department will analyse business
propositions and make decisions on lending.

We will increase consumer confidence through

quality assurance schemes aimed at registered
companies. By investigating complaints against registered companies and
closing down those which consistently fail to deliver, consumers in Los Santos will
be guaranteed a higher level of security, and therefore will spend more readily.

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats

Economic policy will be a key part of our leadership

We will establish a Financial Policy Committee – part of a
new Department of Business and Economics, which will be
summoned by the Mayor when appropriate to discuss
aspects of monetary and fiscal policy. This will reaffirm our
commitment to a stable economy.

We will encourage small businesses by removing red

tape from the applications process.
We will incorporate the Department of Company
Registrations into the Department of Business and
Economics, and increase the efficiency of the applications
process, which we will make more intuitive. The new DoBE
will register more companies, but will also be given new
powers to close down companies which fail to meet

We will increase consumer confidence and choice in

the economy.
By encouraging competition in all sectors, we will increase
efficiency and choice in the market. The newly-formed
Department of Business and Economics will have the
power to close down companies which provide poor
service, and seize the assets of those which commit
economic crime.

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats

Education and training

building our future, improving our

Education is the key to a brighter future and a better

present. We will aim to offer increased educational opportunities to all,
regardless of age, gender, race or income.

Education should not be limited to young people.

Working with businesses and public services we will try to establish set standards
for training.

The state is not always the best provider of

education. We will invite organisations to develop training programmes for
children, young people, and adults - with set qualifications available – these may
be eligible for Government funding, subject to approval.

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats

Public safety
for Los Santos
“Public Health & Safety is an issue you simply
cannot ignore; our collective wellbeing is at stake.”

-Dr. Frank Digby

Our position is that public safety is intrinsically linked
with quality of life and life expectancy. We will improve public
safety as part of our drive to improve quality of life.

For too long, public safety has not been a priority in

Los Santos. This is unacceptable, and we will raise awareness of public
safety issues.

We will create a new department with responsibility

for health and public safety. The new Department of Health and
Public Safety will be granted powers to inspect registered companies.

Lack of funding and governmental support for Fire

Services is unacceptable. The culture of taking the fire services (tied

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats
to the EMS) for granted cannot last, and there must be new impetus to strengthen
and support the department.

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats

We will shift public safety into focus.

During our term, we would found a new Department of
Health & Public Safety. This Department would be
represented in the Cabinet of Advisors to the Mayor in
regular meetings with the mayor and other public services
in the city, and would be able to lobby for legislation,
support and funding.

We will conduct inspections of registered companies

in order to ensure the highest possible safety
The new DoHPS will have the right to inspect fire safety,
hygiene and safety processes, and the structural integrity
of buildings and premises in order to maintain standards.
Businesses which fail to comply will be fined and
ultimately closed down, with assets being auctioned off.
The assets raised by such actions will fund the cost of
upgrades such as new vehicles.

We will conduct a review of public safety related

vehicles, with the intention of purchasing new
equipment where necessary.
The new DoHPS will conduct a review of public safety
related vehicles, be they air land or sea, and will purchase
new vehicles and/or upgrade vehicles where there is
deemed to be a need.

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats

an open and classless society

Freedom of the individual and equality are central to

our beliefs. We will strengthen the requirement for law enforcement to gain
a court order before entering private property, and extend it to cover all property.

We will ensure the right to a fair trial through an

impartial court system. Impartial judges will decide on cases where
serious penalties are at stake; experienced lawyers (when available) will assess
more minor cases.

We will prevent corruption from seeping in to public

service. Tougher penalties for corruption and greater court powers will clamp
down on corruption.

We will support class-actions. The court system will allow for a

group of people who feel aggrieved to take a class action against an organisation,
public department, or invididual.

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats

We will strengthen personal rights by guaranteeing

We believe strongly in equality, and in clamping down on
discrimination. We will always consider the effect upon
minorities and those from all sectors of society when
making Governmental decisions.

We will bring the private sector into line with the

private sector.
The public sector is largely free of discrimination, but this
cannot be said of the private sector – where there is little
enforcement and little interest. The Department of
Business and Economics will have the power to impose
penalties against registered companies which are found to
practise racism – whether in terms of payment,
employment, or opportunities.

We will make private property private.

Landowners will have the right to decide who is on their
land, and will have the right to use reasonable force to
remove them (this will not include the use of firearms).
The courts will be encouraged to issue restraining orders,
to keep certain individuals with a proven history of
breeching the peace away from named properties.

We will ensure that public services are aware of their

rights and responsibilities regarding private property.
We will require public agencies (e.g. LSPD, DoBE, SASD
when operating within LSPD juridstiction) to have a court-
issued warrant before entering any private property
without permission, with the following exemptions:
• When life or limb is at risk.
• When the officers are serving an arrest warrant
approved by a Judge.
• When the property is not owned by the person
preventing access (e.g. in the case of rented
accommodation), and when the landlord cannot be
promptly traced in order to seek his permission.

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats
Any property damaged by public departments serving a
warrant will result in the owner being awarded
compensation to a level decided by a court at which the
owner and the department in question will be entitled to
full representation.

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats

A summary
of our philosophy
Our case is simple. The quality of life in Los Santos must improve.

We want Los Santos to be a city renewed. A city with drive, a

city with purpose, a city with energy.

We are a party of ideas and not ideology. We will not be

blinded by out-dated ideology, but will take a fresh approach to issues, seeking the
fairest and best solution.

We want Los Santos to stride into the next decade.

We do not want a city which will amble into it, with uncertainty and fear.

We will restore faith in politicians by treating the last

administration in a pragmatic and honest way. There
have been some things in the last 3 months that the previous administration has
got right. We will not change them, but we will strengthen them. Where the
previous administration has gone wrong, we will make changes.

We will be wise spenders, not big spenders. Spending is

not the answer to every problem. We will work with private investors to increase
efficiency and increase efficiency. We believe that fostering co-operation and
effective management can have equal or greater effects to increased public

We will follow the ‘golden rule’ of fiscal policy. We will

only borrow to invest, and not to fund current spending. This way, we can
guarantee that Los Santos will not face a budget deficit.

for a better Los Santos

A manifesto for change
from the Progressive Democrats

This manifesto contains details of our plans. We have

not promised what we cannot deliver. The following
five ideas, we believe, are the first steps to a better
Los Santos.

 We will work towards a target of a guaranteed EMS response within 5

 We will improve co-operation between public service departments through
regular meetings, whilst guaranteeing operational independence.
 We will build a new public transport network with a combination of private
and public finance.
 We will support business.
 We will inject fresh life into the court system, and expand the process by
introducing lawyers to the prosecution process.

If you want more details on our policies, you are

welcome to e-mail us with details, or come along to a
Q+A session. We will be only too happy to clarify the
details of our plans.

for a better Los Santos