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Business Mapping Software - MapInfo



MapInfo Professional from Pitney Bowes Software, is

a powerful Microsoft Windows-based mapping
application that allows business analysts and GIS
professionals to easily visualize the relationships
between data and geography.



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MapInfo Discovery
Easily share maps online
throughout your
organization with this
great new companion to
MapInfo Pro.


Market analysis and
segmentation integrated
directly into MapInfo

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MapInfo Professional v11 Highlights

MapInfo Professional v11.0 addresses key usability and business problems related
to spatial data creation, analysis, access and spatial data management. The new
browser window offers advanced data entry options and follows the latest industry
practices that result in a simple yet effective alphanumeric data entry experience.
MapInfo Professionals direct integration with MapInfo Manager promotes

interactive mapping
applications up and
running on the Web.
High-powered geocoder
for getting your address
data on the map.
Workspace Manager
The must-have add-on
for managing and
distributing the data files
in a MapInfo workspace.
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effective use of an organizations spatial data. The all new Premium Services option
makes road level contextual data or navigating a map as easy as clicking a button or
typing an address.
Faster tabular data creation and analysis via the all new Browser Window
MapInfo Professional v11.0 makes tabular data entry, editing, navigation and
analysis a snap. The new browser window offers advanced data entry options and
adopts the latest industry practices for easy and effective data entry. Easy access to
rich stylistic and display options such as font, size and control over alternating row
color ensures improved data readability.

Perform memory intensive operations through enhanced support of 64-bit

operating environments
On a 64 bit system, MapInfo Professional can use up to 4GB of
RAM instead of 2GB. "Memory hungry" tasks benefit from this
enhancement. Examples include:

Large geographic data processing tasks such as combining a lot

of regions together
Opening or exporting large image files
Creating georegistered PDF files with attributes
Direct integration with MapInfo Manager, enabling efficient
searching, accessing and management of spatial data
throughout an organization
MapInfo Professional v11.0 integration with MapInfo Manager simplifies data
management including the ability to quickly find and open the right data based on
specific use criteria. V10.5 added the ability to search and view metadata catalogs
created by MapInfo Manager. V11.0 extends this integration with the ability to add
map data to MapInfo Manager right from MapInfo Professional. The integration
with MapInfo Manager will allow users to:

Quickly find the needed data anywhere in the organization

View origin, quality and author without ever opening the data
Add the data to your map with a click of a button
Share data you create with others in the organization
All this can now be achieved without ever leaving MapInfo Professional.
The available Premium Services includes instant access to worldwide road
level tile-data Move Map To
MapInfo Professional v11.0 users can now opt for additional functionality gaining
access to the latest Road Tile data with a click of a button. Within Premium
Services, users can access Open Street Map tiles (OSM) and Bing road tile services
directly from their Mapper window. Users can easily overlay street tile data to
enable rapid contextual awareness without extensive overheads in opening large
amounts of data. If users need to access different places of interest quickly, the
Move Map To Premium Service allows users to type in a place or address and
zoom directly to the desired location with a click of the mouse.

Create highly detailed maps to enhance business presentations and aid in decision
Reveal patterns and trends in your data that may otherwise be impossible to see
Perform sophisticated and extensive data analysis
Understand customer and marketplace demographics

Manage geographically based assets, such as stores, people and property

Plan logistics and prepare for emergency response

MapInfo Professional is widely regarded

as the easiest to use and most
powerful PC-based mapping software

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The award-winning MapInfo Professional

software package includes a built-in
geocoder, more than 579 MB of data and an
extensive collection of pre-designed maps.
It's simple to use, powerful and easily
integrates with other mapping applications.

Feature List:
Operating Systems Support


Output Options

Internet Connectivity

Major Upgrades to Sample Data

Creating and Modifying Graphical and Tabul

Getting Your Data on the Map

Manipulating Table Structure



3D Views and Prism Mapping

Charts & Graphs

Raster Display Option


Data Access

Productivity Tools and Utilities

Importing and Exporting Data

Enhanced Map, Display and Layout Options

SQL Selection with Geographic Extensions

Map Creation and Editing options

Object Processing

Major Improvements in Ease of Use


MapInfo and Industry Standards

4Bit Windows Operating System.

t easy to put your analysis into colleagues' and executives' hands.

pInfo Discovery enabled server where anyone with a Browser can view

dows to Pocket PC devices running MapInfo MapX mobile applications.

ncluding the ability to embed maps via OLE and add charts; new
ML. The reporting engine comes with a powerful yet user-friendly
engine (MDB Files) ability to embed MapInfo maps, add charts,

a single directory and recreate the workspace referencing the new

network locations and data types.

work with others in their organization. The Google Earth Utility allows
n enhancing the presentation of analysis maps when communicating

d tool for creating and viewing maps in PDF format. PDF format is a
alysis results with the rest of the organization.

Numerous controls are at your disposal, including the

ine Services (EOLS) via industry

street level geocoding. Using the geocoding services for instance,
essional and start location analysis with minimal effort.

oordinates - longitude and latitude or others, you can map it directly

eocoding or by joining your data with an existing map layer to analyze

vinsa platform. Driving regions represent areas that can be traveled

rs that can be reached within a given driving distance or understanding
gic business decisions. The capability also helps in designing targeted

ter, and area. You can aggregate the count, sum, average, min, max,
hes. Finally, use these tools and options to extract information from

election. Dynamically changes with the selection.

andard deviation of a single numeric column of all the records in the

pie charts, graduated

into something special. You

combinations in Thematic

and MI Pro v9.0 makes this

Prism maps are great for bivariate

mapping. Combine with color
thematics to map two attributes onto
one map. (click to enlarge)

and higher quality 3D maps.

implementation of OpenGL

l as traditional panning and zooming. Create 3D views with any grid

nterpolating the data or by using relief shading. And to really make
ghts --- making them pop off the page.

rent sources, even with different formats and projections, in the same

so overlay vector and raster data together. In the map window, you
ucency of raster images. Now, instead of simple backdrops, raster

ends a PostgreSQL database to support spatial data (geographic

al data in a wide variety of formats including:

astermap Independent polygon format, which is supplied by the UK

, AirPhoto USA, GIF, JPEG2000 Import and Export support, built-in

for exporting reports (through Crystal Reports 8.5)

, From, Where Group By, Order By, and Into, MapInfo

ueries can be written once, re-used and even distributed to others.

ects, just select the few you want to exclude, and invert the selection

lygon, and boundary tools to complete your tasks. Select the

r, Convex Hull, Enclose, Split, Erase, and Erase Outside. Also included
s for you to clean and modify your data with new object processing
erlaps; snap nodes together; and thin or generalize. These functions

om-defined regions such as trade areas, sales territories, school or

er interface it is now possible to create exclusive coverage and trade

clusive trade areas for retail, modeling cell tower coverage or even

g a highway or river, for instance) by adding a line or polyline.

d territories. It can work with any layer and over 500 different
of objects, sum and percentage of total of any numeric value in the

layer, via interpolation. For

color spread instead of
Professional gives you
triangulated irregular
make variations in the

make any object or label into a hotlink. You can launch web sites, open
ike DOC, PPT or XLS. And you can even open map files like TAB, WOR
clickable web page. Select one or more layers of points, lines, and
should be links. Finally, use the MapInfo Metadata Browser, included

Create professional looking maps by creating points, lines, polylines,

tools that cut, copy, paste, move,

You can even fill patterns and use

columns and pack tables, quickly and easily.

30 major projections. Users modify existing and/or add new

y cursor location in decimal degrees, DDMMSS, meters, and Military

To that end, we have be an principle

stomers can now access any OGC compliant, WFS or WMS server
often using different technologies in different locations over the
ple user interface to add additional server locations as needed. The
mote sources. By supporting this Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)

The Best in Business Mapping Software

MapInfo Professional is hands down the best business mapping
software on the market, used by thousands of business analysts
to make key decisions where location information is critical. Call
your MapInfo Partner at 888.627.7767 or email us today to
discuss how MapInfo Professional can address your business

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