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*Hanafi fiqh not included*

Light without fire Korb

Israel and palestine why they fight bernard
Path of virtue ethical philosophy yasien
The rumi collection
Vision of islam
Global salafism islams new by roel
Political thought medieval islam Erwin
The Laws of Islamic governance
Islam political ethics pluralism sohail
Arab philosophy of history issawi
Trauma and recovery aftermath of violence
Peoples history of the united states
Gatherings in illumination samar
Islam and liberal citizenship Andrew march
Lives of man al haddad
The History of Islamic Political Thought: From the Prophet to the Present
Muslims in American History: A Forgotten Legacy
A 21st Century Ethical Toolbox
The Book of Ascension to the Essential Truths of Sufism:
Mindset: the psychology of success
The Preaching of Islam: A History of the Propagation of the Muslim Faith
Madrasah life nadwi
Slippery Stone - Islam's Stance On Music
The Accepted Whispers Munajat-e-Maqbul
Heirs of the prophets
The Cambridge Companion to Arabic Philosophy
Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the United States Was Used
to Create Israel
The Autobiography of Malcolm X
The Value of Time
Instruction Manual for the 21st Century Samurai
How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an
Awesome Life
Equating the Equations of Insanity: A Journey from Grief to Victory
Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps

The American Bible prothero

Study bible harper Collins
The worlds religions Huston smith
Impossible state
Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment
Signs on the Horizons: Meetings with Men of Knowledge and Illumination
Economic Globalization: The Era of Corporate Rule
Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business
The Capitalism Papers: Fatal Flaws of an Obsolete System
Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television

Arabic Intensive

Hans Wehr, Arabic-English Dictionary

J.A. Haywood and H.M. Nahmad, A New Arabic Grammar of the Written
Key to Haywood
Tim Buckwalter and Dilworth Parkinson, A Frequency Dictionary of Arabic
Fahim Qazi, lm Lughat al-Qurn
Madinah 1
Textbook for beginning Arabic part one part two yale (own)
Merriam Webster vocab builder (own)
Intro to spoken Arabic conversational course pt 1 yale (own)

Freshman: Fall Semester

Arabic Grammar 1
Haywood, qisas al nabiyyeen abul hasan ali nadwi, madinah book 2,
madinah book 3, al qiraat ar-rashida Abul hasan ali nadwi, English

grammar students arabic mccarrus, Arabic tutor abdul sattar khan 1-5 (own), A
Dictionary Of Islamic Words And Expressions saleh mahmoud (own),

Islamic Law 1: Purification and Prayer

Al maqasid nawawis manual islam, Fiqh al-Ibadat durriah, Islamic

beliefs and teachings (own), on being a muslim (own), book of

manners (own), to be European muslim (own), al murshid al muin ala
ulum al islamiyyah ibn ashar MALIKI (own), Islamic Manners abdul Fattah
(own), fiqh of worship commentary hatem (own),

Creedal Theology
Cambridge companion winter, creed of imam tahawi, the creed of the four
imams (own), marvels of heart (own), remembrance of death (own),
theology and creed in sunni islam jeffry (own), Explanation of the Three
Fundamental Principles of Islam (own), The Beneficial Message and the Definitive
Proof in the Study of Theology (own), Models of Contextual Theology bevans (own),

School of abu al hasan al ashari,

Freshman Seminar

How to read a book (own), office of assertion (own), shaw Pygmalion

(there is also an edition: pygmalion and major barbara 2 in 1), Melville
billy budd, slow reading hurried age, manual for writers, herakles gone
mad, Little gold grammar book (own), into the wild (own), writing philosophy

Vaughn, elements of style, perfect english grammar, liberal education van doren
(own), Excellence without a soul harry lewis
(own), the princess bride (own), the fault in our stars (own), a tale of two cities
(own), pride and prejudice (own), shaw mrs warrens profession (own), shaw
major Barbara (own), shaw man and superman (own), shaw Caesar and
Cleopatra (own), shaw saint joan (own), simple and direct a rhetoric for writers
(own), art of styling sentences longknife (own), quadrivium martineau (own),
How to Read Literature Like a Professor (own), Rules for Writers Diana hacker (own),
weapons of mass instruction (own), instruction of the student zarnuji (own),
gwynnes grammar (own), etiquette of seeking knowledge (own), Learning to
Flourish: A Philosophical Exploration of Liberal, Education (own), kite runner (own),
Office Of Assertion: An Art of Rhetoric for the Academic Essay , best of sentences
worst of sentences casagrande (own), Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum
of Compulsory Schooling (own), scribner bantam, barrons pocket guide to vocab,
synonyms antonyms fernald, learners dictionary of classical Arabic idioms,
Miriam joseph trivium, notes from underground

Great Books Seminar

Platos apology and crito, Oedipus rex/(Antigone/electra(own)), hamlet,
arist poetics, communist manifesto, Socrates meets marx kreeft, orwell
1984, poetry from eliot and yeats, to kill a mockingbird (own), great gatsby
(own), romeo and Juliet (own), of mice and men (own), the odyssey (own), count
of monte cristo (own), Macbeth (own), peter pan barrie (own), tell tale heart and
other writings edgar poe (own),

Formal Logic
Categories, on interpretation, prior analytics, aquinass commentaries,
socratic logic kreeft, Sister Miriam Josephs text on the Trivium,

Platos republic (def. of justice), logic art of defining reasoning

oesterle (own),
Freshman: Spring Semester
Arabic Grammar 2
Madinah book 3,
Al tawdihat al jaliyyah, al tatbiq as-sarfi, read kalila wa dimna, memorize
ajurrumiyyah, treasures of Arabic morphology maulana (own), language of
the quran teachers of madrasah Pakistan (own), tas-heel al nahw mawlana
charthali (own), ten lessons of Arabic bashir (own), fundamentals of
classical arabic sattar (own), learning Arabic language of the quran (own),
Islamic Law 2: Alms, Fasting, and Pilgrimage

shariah law hashim kamali (own), ibn ashur treatise on maqasid al shariah
(own), al muwatta imam malik (own), reliance of the traveller (own), The
Inseparability of Sharia & Tariqa: Islamic Law and Purification of the Heart (own),
muqadimah al izziyyah al azhariyyah (own),

Logic 2
Posterior analytics, on the soul, metaphysics,
Introduction to the Qura-n
The study quran (own), jefferson quran (own), how to read the quran
(own), abdel haleem (own), principles quranic exegesis mostafa

(own),history of the quranic text (own),the bounty of allah

reflections from quran arshed (own), ghazali recitation
interpretation quran (own), Cambridge companion quran (own),
Socrates apology, federalist papers, letter from Birmingham jail, learn to
use the Synopicon, shakespeare's use of the art of language (own), the
words we live by (own), great speeches for better speaking (own),
argumentation dause kay ziegelmuller (own), bill of rights (own), figures of
speech 60 ways Quinn (own), debating in the world schools style Quinn (own),
The Rhetoric & The Poetics of Aristotle (own),

Prophetic Biography
Lings, our master Muhammad 1 and 2 (own), Muhammad ash shifa (own),
shamail al muhammadiyah (the appearance of Muhammad) (own), fiqh
as-seerah an-nabawiyyah al buti (understanding the life of Muhammad)
(own), footsteps prophet (own), revelation meraj mohiuddin (own),
Muhammad a prophet for our time Armstrong (own), muhammad
armstrong (own), Muhammad the perfect man (own), prophet Muhammad
teacher methodologies (own), Muhammad The Last Prophet: A Model For All
Time nadwi (own),

Sophomore: Fall Semester

Arabic Grammar and Texts 1
Ajurrumiyyah, tuhfat al saniyyah, shaykh muhyi al din abd al hamids
commentary on the ajurrumiyyah,
Qura- nic Sciences
Itqan fi ulum al quran by jalal al din suyuti, jawahir al quran, relevant
chapters from ihya, Fazlur Rahmans Major Themes of the Quran,

Von Denffers Ulum al-Quran, explore Journal of Islamic studies,

why is Yasin called heart of Quran?,perfect guide sciences
quran suyuti (own),
In their next assignment, students are comparing the approaches
to the theme of God in the Quran between Fazlur Rahman, the
entry in the Encyclopaedia of the Quran, and a chapter in The
Blackwell Companion to the Quran
The Rise and Fall of Civilizations
Dynamics of ancient empires (own), study of history Toynbee (own),
muqaddimah (own), spread of islam in the world (own), worlds together
worlds apart (own), worlds together worlds apart companion reader (own),
gardner art through ages (own), venture of islam (own), islam in transition
(own), arab awakening (own), radical reform (own), quest for meaning
(own), crisis of Islamic civilization allawi (own), penguin historical atlas
ancient civilizations (own), ancient Mesopotamia sumerians Virginia (own),
Mathematics for the nonmathematician (own), mathematics of medieval
islam springer (own),
Logic in the Islamic Tradition
Imam abharis isaghuji, ghazali qistas al mustaqim, sanusi umm al
barahin, arist ethics (own), god and logic in islam (own), Deliverance from
error (own),
Sophomore: Spring Semester
Arabic Grammar and Texts 2
Ajurrumiyyah, surah Yusuf, tuhfat al saniyyah, commentary on
Prophetic Tradition
Memorize Al manzumah al bayquniyyah, Nawawi forty hadith, hadith
jonathan brown (own), misquoting muhammad (own), hadith literature its
origin development zubayr (own),
Material Logic
History of Science
Beginnings of western science lindberg, religion and the order of nature
seyyed nasr (own), great ideas in science a reader hazen (own), end of

faith (own), the last superstition feser (own), Religion and Science bertrand
russell (own), Religion and Science albert einstein (own), Religion and Science khan
maulana (own), descent of man selection to relation v1 darwin (own), against
atheism markham (own), New Proofs for the Existence of God: Contributions of
Contemporary Physics and Philosophy (own), God and the New Atheism: A Critical
Response to Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens (own),

god's undertaker (own)

Just six numbers, science cosmos soul (own), kalam cosmological argument
(own), astronomy and the imagination norman (own),

Understand moons orbit and nature of luna calendar, calculate prayer

times according to the sun and traditional jurisprudence manuals



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