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The Old Dope Peddler Words and Music by Tom Lehrer Wistfully te + sempre legato f f fo EfT _ By When the shades of night are fall-ing, comeé a eve-ning you will find him, = A — ees 7 “a P I Tr Dm a c cham Dm fel- low ev-'ry-one knows. it's the old dope ped-dler, spread-ing round our neighbor - hood. W's the old cg ped-dler’ — do~ing ae 2 r rf f c joy where-ev-er he well by do ~ ing or rp te 18 © 1953 & 1954 Tom Letver. Copyright renewed. = a Em Dm c gives the kids free sam-ples, be - cause he knows full 4» z well That to- , = i or c a pt a Dm? day's young in-no-cent fa - ces— will be to-mor-row's eli-en - tele. Here's a oe ft e c BT cure for all your trou-bles, here's an end to all dis- tress. It's the ped-dler with his pow-deredhap- pi - ness. >