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Account Opening

While opening an account, the customers are required to fill up the form containing all the
detailed information, along with specimen card with their verified signature and the type of
account preferred to open (saving a/c, current a/c, call account and fixed a/c). The citizen card
and its copy are compulsory (except for the minors). The customer may also include the name
and detail of the beneficiary. After the form is filled, it is entered into the system by the employee
in the customer service department which gives the customer ID and account number. Then the
form is sent to approval to the branch manager. Depending upon the type of account opened, the
customer is needed to deposit the minimum balance amount of NRs.500, NRs.1,000, NRs.
10,000 (minimum) or account is also opened without minimum balance.
Documents required in opening Personal/Joint A/C

One photocopy of Citizenship of the accountholder(s)

Two Passport Size Photo

Birth certificate for the minor account and the citizenship of the parents of the minor

For the Indian citizens registered certificate from the Indian embassy is needed

Documents required to proprietorship A/C

One copy citizenship of proprietor.

Copy of renewed registration certificate.

One photocopy of PAN registration sheet.

Two Passport size photo of proprietor.

Documents required for the Partnership Account

Firm registration certificate

Income tax/ PAN registration

Partnership agreement

Resolution of partners to open and operate account

Identification documents of partners and their photo

Duly filled specimen card with authorized signatures

Documents required in opening A/C of corporate bodies

One photocopy of Minute regarding opening A/C.

Copy of Memorandum and Article of Association of the Company

Duly filled specimen card with authorized signatures and Signs.

Two Passport size photo of proprietor.

Board resolution for opening of account and its operation

Minute for the opening of account

Documents required for the accounts of clubs, societies and association

Registration certificate


List of office bearers and their address

Copy of resolution to open accounts

Identification documents and photo

Some accounts and their special features

S. N. Account names




Minimum Balance

Special Features

balance Rs. 0 (for cheque issuance Free SMS banking and eit is Rs.1000)
saving Rs. 500


Free inward remittance,
25% discount on draft
issue and travelers cheque


Mahila Bachat

Rs 1000

Free locker facility, 25%


Normal saving
Muna Bachat
Special savings

Rs. 500

discount on locker
Account for minors
Current account; free debit



processing charge