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SAP Business Transformation Study | Retail | NTUC FairPrice Co-Operative

Serving over 500,000 shoppers a day is a tall order. And maintaining the supply chain
that can deliver the best products promptly and at the lowest price, day after day, adds
to the sophisticated challenge. But both these goals have been at the heart of NTUC
FairPrice Co-Operative Ltd.s operating model since it launched its first supermarket in
1973. As Singapores largest retailer, with half a million people relying on it each day,
NTUC FairPrice Co-Operative needed an up-to-date solution to enhance and automate
collaboration with its suppliers in order to meet customers expectations and needs.
Turning to SAP HANA Cloud Platform, NTUC FairPrice Co-Operative now benefits
from much easier and faster real-time communication and collaboration with its
suppliers. It launches and maintains products more efficiently. And SAP HANA Cloud
Platform has helped it improve its inventory management and drive revenue
growth. NTUC FairPrice Co-Operative's greater agility helps it keep top-quality,
fresh goods stocked and shelved for its discerning consumers.

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NTUC FairPrice Co-Operative: Gaining

Agility from Real-Time Retailer-Supplier

SAP Business Transformation Study | Retail | NTUC FairPrice Co-Operative

Serving 500,000 customers with fast supplier network

NTUC FairPrice Co-Operative
Products and Services
hypermarkets, and
convenience stores
US$2.3 billion
Web Site

Develop a new portal for supplier collaboration
Communicate with suppliers more quickly and with greater ease
Launch new products more quickly and ease maintenance of articles
Enhance storage of diverse document formats
Real-time SAP HANA Cloud Platform, portal service
SAP Fiori launchpad for improved access for the mobile workforce
Existing SAP software landscape and familiarity with SAP solutions
Expertise in retail industry
Global 24x7 support with platform availability
Rapidly developed and deployed a supplier portal on SAP HANA Cloud
Automated manual forms and processes to facilitate effective
collaboration with suppliers
Provided mobility to the workforce and thus improved productivity
Improved process efficiency and faster time to market
Implemented additional SAP software, such as SAP Web IDE and SAP
HANA Cloud Platform, document service
Future plans
Connect to on-premise workflows running on SAP software
Integrate with existing business process management software
Use SAP BusinessObjects Lumira software to help users explore and
analyze data better
"SAP HANA Cloud Platform enables our huge supplier network to collaborate in
real time and helps us drive revenue. With SAP HANA Cloud Platform, portal
service, and the SAP Fiori user experience (UX), we transformed the user
experience, improved accessibility, and accelerated application development."
Zhang Yan, Deputy Director, NTUC FairPrice Co-Operative Ltd

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Productivity and

Visibility of process and
time to market

Level of supplier
satisfaction and effective

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