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Richard Baum, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor of Political Science

University of California, Los Angeles

rofessor Richard Baum is Distinguished

Professor of Political Science at the
University of California, Los Angeles, where
he specializes in the study of modern Chinese
politics and foreign relations. He earned a B.A. in
Political Science from UCLA in 1962; an M.A. in
Political Science from the University of California,
Berkeley, in 1963; and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Berkeley in 1970.
He also holds a certificate of achievement in Mandarin Chinese from the
Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies in Taipei, Taiwan.
Professor Baum has lived and lectured extensively throughout China and
Asia. In recent years, he has served as visiting professor and visiting scholar at
a number of leading universities, including Peking University; Meiji Gakuin
University; The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Delhi University; Leiden
University; Princeton University; and Arizona State University, where he
was honored as the universitys Distinguished Visiting Scholar for 2008.
For many years, Professor Baum was the director of the UCLA Center
for Chinese Studies. Throughout his 40-year career, he has served on the
boards of several leading organizations in his field, including the National
Committee on United StatesChina Relations and the Joint Committee
on Contemporary China of the Social Science Research Council. He has
been a consultant to numerous public and private agencies, including the
White House, the United Nations, and the Rand Corporation. He is also a
frequent commentator on Chinese and East Asian affairs for several leading
newspapers, the BBC World Service, Voice of America, CNN International,
and National Public Radio.
Professor Baum has written or edited nine books and has published more
than 100 articles in professional and popular journals. His books include
China in Ferment: Perspectives on the Cultural Revolution; Prelude