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New Years in New Orleans

Plumas County replanting


Dunsmuir house

Isabel and Ren

Little South Fork Lake

Cousins Marilyn and Jerry

Camp Douglas
The Caillaux Family, Lima - Per

Gocta Falls, Amazonas-Per

2529 feet high

Kuelap Fortress, Chachapoyas, Per

2016 Dilles-Caillaux Holiday Blurb

Well, it is Holiday Blurb time again! Time to catch enquiring minds up on the fore goings and on goings of
the Dilles-Caillaux family! Samira (24) is working towards a four-year nutrition degree at University of
Nevada-Reno. She is also working as a personal trainer at a local hospital gym. Elas (13) attends eight
grade at a local middle school where he is a good student and plays violin in the school orchestra. He also
enjoys playing electric guitar and grew a stunning 4.5 over the last year! Jeannette and Pete are doing
much the same sorts of work as in previous years. Here are the highlights of our year:
Jeannette and Pete brought in the new year at a jazz club in the French Quarter of New Orleans,
described by some as a colorful, noisy drunken scrum by the levy ; there is nothing like the Big Easy!
Just after midnight Jeannette ducked outside the club to photograph fireworks over the Mississippi
River and got scraped up when hit by a guy on a bicycle. Party went to in Jackson MI on Emily and
Bennett joyful wedding. In February we enjoyed and shot fireworks at Clarissa Roland & Michael Midkiff
under-the-windmills wedding near Altamont Pass, CA.
We spent a late March wet week end camped out on the Plumas County property planting seedling
trees: thanks for the considerable help of Luke, Maya, Jacob, Chico, and Justin. We planted about 250
seedlings. Next year the federal/state grant money may come through to replant the main salvage
logged area or, just maybe, we do it again! Elias and Pete joined Dilles family members in sprucing up the
old Dunsmuir house immediately afterwards. We chopped, hacked and burned our way to making a
temporary dent in the thorny vegetation. We discovered a stash of old family photos including one of
great-grandfather William Schuckmann in a steamer trunk. By July the house walkways were again
clogged with sweet peas; what a wild, green science project Dunsmuir is!
In May, we attended Zoe Dilles graduation (in Geology, another one!) at Scripps University. Pete
spent a lot of time at the Camp Douglas property leading many tours with Greg Ekins across the
Discovery zone. The family, including Marilyn, attended Jerry Browns annual ranch gathering near
Williams with our new batch of Schuckmann family photos in hand. Jerry was thrilled to have the old
photo copies.
In June, we travelled to Lima, Peru with Samiras boyfriend Justin Bouldt. Jeannettes mother
Isabel married Rene Gamarra in a cozy civil ceremony followed by delightful backyard reception with
many family and friends. Regrettably, Jeannettes father Armando, underwent surgery in early June,
hes recovering at this time. We later visited Gocta Falls, and Chachapoyan fortress Kuelap in Amazonas
province of Peru; both are spectacular and well worth the trip to see.
Pete made a tough hike to an old favorite, Little South Fork Lake, in the Trinity Alps over the 4th
of July week end. On our annual trip to Cliff Lake in late July, we prepared a Peruvian Pachamanca feast
for Marilyns 90th birthday. Yep, she camped out at one of her favorite places.
We made some home upgrades before Petes 60th backyard bash in early September (four months late!)
Hot licks were provided by Gary Kepharts band. That was just the warm up, because Jeannette
organized an outrageous second annual Halloween costume party. Elias was a hot Cousin Itt, Samira was
Wednesday, Justin was Lurch, Pete was Gomez and Jeannette was Morticia. A bullfighter, a Roman
emperor, a Geysha & a Samurai, a couple of Arabs, a French maid and a scarecrow got down and dirty.
On a sadder note we attended Elizabeth Kellys memorial in November followed by a very green
Thanksgiving on the ranch. We are looking forward to some home time, less chaos and a little reflection
over the holidays. We hope this finds you in good health and sprits!
Cheers!! - The Dilles-Caillaux family

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