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Located along Indias west coast, Goa has a rich regional cuisine that shows shades of Hindu,

Muslim and Portuguese influence. Being surrounded by sea, the cuisine is predominantly
seafood based and is high on spices and coconut. Meat, pork and seafood form the staple daily
diet. Rural Goa continues to use traditional way of cooking food in clay pots on firewood
leading to the smoky flavour. Traditional Goan cuisine preparation involves a lot of time and
effort. Nonetheless, Goan cuisine, a treasure trove of culinary delicacies, includes distinct
vegetarian and non-vegetarian items that are famous, in both, urban as well as rural landscape
of the place.
Lets look at some of some of the most sumptuous dishes from Goa.
Non Veg Delicacies

Creative Commons Chicken Xacuti by Pankaj Kaushal is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Chicken Xacutiis
Chicken Xacutiis is a chicken curry with local spices. Also known as chacuti, it is generally
eaten on festive occasions. It is best served with plain white rice. Its uniqueness lies in the use
of poppy seeds, grated coconut and large dried red chilies. Lamb is also substituted for chicken
at times.

Chicken Cafreal
Chicken Cafreal is a very popular dry chicken masala dish, which can be either fried or grilled
for the more health conscious foodies.

Creative Commons vindaloo by stu_spivack is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Vindaloo is a fiery hot and spicy dish with heavy use of vinegar. The vindaloo in its variations
could be made with pork, chicken, lamb, prawns, or vegetables such as mushrooms. Pork
vindaloo is the most popular one and its origin can be traced to the Portuguese. The authentic
taste of vindaloo comes from a unique blend of the fat tissue in the pork along with the use of
garlic, vinegar, and Kashmiri chili.

Creative Commons Pork balcho by Adriao is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Balcho has its origin in Portugal and is one of the most loved seafood dishes in Goa. Fish or
Prawns are cooked in a dark red and tangy sauce having a tinge of feni (traditional Goan wine).
It often makes up a good substitute for pickle as well.
Vegetarian Recipes
Goans take pride in the chutneys, which incidentally form part of the staple food.

Karathiacho Kuval is bitter gourd and curd based chutney, which has a fine blend of dry roast
mustard seeds, green chillies, salt and jaggery. Prepared on auspicious occasions, this is one of
the most popular vegetarian dishes in Goan cuisine.
Sushelle is a raw jackfruit based dry chutney. Mustard seeds along with coconut, jaggery,
tamarind juice and chillies are mixed together to make a unique tangy mixture.
Mushroom Tondak is a gravy based dish wherein mushroom is cooked in spicy gravy. Served
with rice, Mushroom Tondak is popular across the region.

Creative Commons Khatkhate by Portugal Editor Exploration is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Khatkhatema is a tangy light gravy dish, which is made by adding a variety of seasonal
vegetables. It is a delectable, traditional Goan cuisine recipe very often prepared by Hindu
Goans during Ganesh Chaturthi festival.


Creative Commons 365-77 Bebinca by Amanda Fernandes is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Bebinca is a traditional Goan pudding. It is made up of multiple layers of flour, sugar, ghee,
egg yolk and coconut milk. Bebinca is usually made during Christmas and can be eaten fresh
or preserved.
Dhonos is a cake made from ripe, soft jackfruit mash. Another variation is called Tavsali in
which jackfruit is replaced by cucumber.

Creative Commons Christmas cake by James Petts is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Christmas Cake is a traditional Christmas dessert and has a rich mix of dry fruits. Rum is
added to give it a unique flavour making it one of the most popular desserts of the region.

Creative Commons Goan Cashew Fenny by abcdz2000 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Feni is often called the Heritage Spirit of Goa. It is a traditional drink made from coconut or
cashew. Feni is extensively served during various festivals and cultural occasions.
Feni is matured in terra cotta jars for a number of years although it can be consumed as soon
as it is collected. While many love to drink it straight, it can be had with aerated colas. Feni in
its first distillate form is called Uraq and has a low alcoholic content and is quite popular with
the localities and the tourists.
For most casual tourists who visit Goa, food and drink in Goa means the famous fish, curry,
rice and feni package. With the information given here, hope you have discovered that theres a
lot more to the Goan cuisine!