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POLE SHIFT 2008 2015

Turning The World Upside Down
Scriptures that perfectly describe a pole shift before and/or at Messiahs
Isaiah 2:19-21
Isaiah 13:6-13
Isaiah 24:1, 3-6,18-23
Joel 2:30-31
Zephaniah 1:2-3, 14-18
Matthew 24:29
Luke 21:25-27
Revelation 6:12-17
Revelation 8:7-12
Revelation 16:8-10
(See Appendix A at end of this article for details in each Scripture as to how
the Scripture gives a description of a pole shiftlook at the timing)
Even secular scientists are giving these Scriptures as examples of prophecies
about what is coming soonthe descriptions are too detailed to overlook.
A small remnant will be saved when this happens in the clefts of the rocks
Edom--or in the tunnels under Jerusalem
At the end of my seventh year of living in Aqaba, Jordan, I began to learn from
personal instruction from the Word and from our Fathers teaching me by His
Spirit regarding the final-cycle time-period (from September 2008 Yom Teruah
to September 2015/2016 Yom Teruah). This led to much research and study and
further revelation about this time-period. My knowing about the Shmittah year
began in 2005 when a former pastor felt led by the Spirit of our Father to give
me a CD about the Shmittah year prophecy. I listened to it once, then put it
away thinking: thats interesting. But, in February 2007, I felt strongly
impressed in my spirit to re-listen to the prophecy CD. Then, it was like a fire
in my spirit. He then gave me eighteen things to proclaim at the Western Wall
in Jerusalem at sunset, Yom Teruah, September 12, 2007 that would begin that
night, related to the fulfillment of the final cycle of the Shmittah year
prophecy. Since then, my research has led me to findings that now match
findings of physicists and other types of scientists, including NASA scientists,
findings from other Scripture researchers, and those in tune with Lucifer (New
Age and psychics of the past and present), as well as from ancient groups that
predicted these events and historical records of it happening before from the
writings of many civilizations. I learned that the Orthodox Jews found the
seven-year cycles from the time of Joshua, 400 years ago, and were able to
predict beginning events of the last three cycles beginning on Yom Teruah,
September 13, 1993 to September 2016Yom Teruah.

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[Please: To get the whole picture, ask for The Shmittah Year Prophecy
trilogy of articles]
Since Father gave me this information, the confirmation has been coming in
like a deluge from all sorts of sources. In different ways the final cycle
information has gotten out. One fascinating release of information lately has
come from an interview by J.R. Church of Prophecy In The News with Pastor
Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries in Bonny Lake, Washington, regarding his
finding on the lunar and solar eclipses 2015next Shmittah year. From the
article posted in the May edition of Prophecy in the News magazine: As you
may know, this year is a Sabbatical Year in the Jewish calendar. Starting this
September 29, 2008, a new cycle will commence. It will run for seven years
and conclude with another Sabbatical Year in 2014/2015Intrigued with the
Scriptures that repeat over and over again that our Saviors Second Coming will
be heralded with signs in the heavensPastor Mark Biltz went on the Internet
to a U.S. Government website (NASA) to see if he could find any solar or lunar
eclipses over the next few years that might be significant. To his surprise, he
found four lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses in the Sabbatical year of
2014/2015. Also, noticed that they all appear on Jewish Holy Days!
Pastor Biltz also found something significant regarding the 9th of Avconsidered
the worst historical day in the history of Israel because of all the horrible things
that happened to Yahuwehs people on that one dayincluding the destruction
of both Temples586 BCE (Solomons Temple) and Herods Temple in 70 CE.
From J.R. Churchs article: Coming this summer, there will be the first of
three solar eclipses on the day that introduces the first of Av Our Gregorian
calendar dates are:
Av 1 August 1, 2008 partial solar eclipse
Av 1 July 22, 2009 - partial solar eclipse
Av 1 July 11, 2010 partial solar eclipse
Mark Biltz seems to think that the solar eclipses on Av 1 could change the
course of history, because (according to Jewish understanding), solar eclipses
are designed for the gentile nations, whereas lunar eclipses are designed for
Israel. Therefore, he thinks that God could begin judging the nations this
summerWill there be war in Israel this summer?If so, then the solar eclipses
could be announcing judgment upon the worlda sobering thought!
This is fascinating because on the 9th of Av, July 18, 2001, Father spoke to me
that on that day He was rising to judge His people, and the beginning of the
judgment on the nations would begin. He said it was the time of turbulence
between the judgment of Saulthe worlds humanismand the crowning of
David, King of Israel (I Samuel 15)picturing the end of the world system as we
know it, and the coming of the Son of David, Messiah Yahushua. Also, it is the
time of testing for those who will stand with the coming Kingas the mighty
men stood with David in the wilderness as he fled from Saul. These mighty
men did not forsake David, and were rewarded in his Kingdom, picturing the
remnant who will side with Yahushua Messiah and not forsake Him even in the

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face of the wickedness of Sauls world. Remember, Saul was driven by evil
spiritsdemonsand thus went after David to kill him. This pictures the wrath
of Satan, who will use his agents to try to kill the set-apart remnant of
Yahwueh, as Cain killed Abel.
Also, the Jewish sages who found the seven-year cycles 400 years ago, from
Joshuas time of entering the Land, and determined that on September 29,
2000 a war cycle would begin that would not stop until Messiah came, they also
determined that the judgment on the nations would begin at that time.
Therefore, Mark Biltz could be very accurate in this thinking. Once we begin to
do research, led by the Spirit, our thinking is often His thinking!
Notes from the Horizon Projects DVD:
This DVD is totally from secular sources--based on raw scientific evidence from
physicists and scientific astronomy. Yet, the world community in many arenas
is sounding the details of this final cycle before perhaps we go into oblivion as
a human race. Yet, because our Messiah is coming, there will be NO end of the
worldthough few will be left alive, but only a transition into the Kingdom of
Yahushua. The Devil knows Hes coming, but so do the Luciferic leaders of the
world communityand they are going to try to stop Him (Revelation 19:19).
From the DVD: There are gaps in human history. For example, why cant
todays technology re-create such things as the Pyramid of Giza or the other
pyramids around the world, or the temples at Baalbeck, Lebanon, for
examples? No technology today can lift that size stones used for these
pyramids, nor can the mathematical calculations that went into the pyramid of
Giza be understood today. An Egyptian scientist said that the stones of the
pyramids of Egypt cannot be lifted by any modern technology. He said 30
empire state buildings could be built from the stones
Recent history of about 5,000 years leads us to believe that modern man has
progressed from his early stages, but that is not the caseman has not even
caught up to the technology of some ancient civilizations.
My note: This is fact. The building of these monstrous objects, fitted perfectly
without mortar oftentimes, in line with constellations and galaxy movements,
could have been done by pre-Flood Nephilim35-foot giants who were/are
(they are returning), who are combinations of human and demonic beings.
(Genesis 6 and Numbers 13) In the year 2008, all knowledge of human history
will double every three months. In the year 2010, all knowledge will double
every two months. This makes Daniel 12:4, speaking of these latter days
more realistic. For example, anti-gravity technology used by fallen angels has
been given to man, as well as knowledge of DNA manipulation and the plans to
create a race in Lucifers image. Most likely before the Flood they were doing
DNA altering--creating combinations of human and other species that could
have the strength to lift these stones that our modern lifting devices cannot
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Brent Miller says that successful brain surgery goes back 5,000 to 7,000
yearsas Dr. Carl Baugh of the Creation Science Museum in Glen Rose, Texas,
has also brought out. Ancient batteries, electric lights and even calculators
have been found, as well as evidence of nuclear blasts and spacemenbefore
mans written history.
Miller says that it is obvious that cataclysms happened to about wipe out
civilizations. When the new civilizations began again, the technology was lost,
and they had to start over.
My note: After the flood, the advanced technology was lost-- also between
Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 there is a gapwhere the earth was made void and empty
most likely from another cataclysmic disaster, leaving man ignorant of former
times. The creation of Adam and Hawwah began a righteous seed that would
bring in Messiah and the salvation of a set-apart remnant. Without His
preserving a righteous remnant, there would be no human race left. Indeed
many Scriptures talk about few men left.
Over time, Brent Miller says, the world has had several polar shifts, which
would have changed the earth drastically, and wiped most of the people off
the earth, so that the survivors would have to start over. There are many
accounts of ancient peoples recording the effects of a polar shift. One Chinese
record says that the sun went backwards in the sky. [For more on the writings
of the ancients refer to The Return of Planet X by Dr. Jason Rand.]
The earth is wobbly. Because of its revolutions, most people are drawn to the
coastlands to live. In fact 90% of the American people live on the coast, and in
other countries most people live on the coasts. Most of the worlds biggest
cities are all on the coasts.
My note: The total split of the Rift Valley Fault Line at Messiahs coming, when
He touches His feet to the Mt. of Olives and it separates two miles apart,
(Zechariah 14) will shift the earth back into its pre-flood orbit. We will go back
under the atmospheric characteristics before the Flood, when people lived to
be almost 1,000 years old. Isaiah tells us that a child will die at a hundred.
As Miller points out, in a full polar shift, the North Pole and South Pole are
swapped, or the earth is turned sideways and the present equator becomes the
North and South Pole. There was a total pole shift during the floodthis is why
Genesis 8:20-22--seasons began for the first time. The earth was previously 72
degrees all overno ice, no seasons, no winterno coldbut afterwards there
were seasons. At His coming, when earth is restored to its pre-Flood
conditions, we go back to the oxygen count and temperatures of before the
Flood. The only way to do this is for another pole shift to occur.
In a pole shift, the coastlands are destroyed, dropping huge parts of the
continent into the ocean This is why scientists have found major ancient
civilizations under the oceans. Scientists say three pole shifts have occurred.
In the Atlantic, off the coast of Japan, Antarctica, and Cuba, for examples,
they have found evidence of previous civilizations. Not just the cities fell into
the oceans but whole portions of the continent they had sat on. The Sphinx

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shows signs of water damage. Pyramids are being found all over the world,
including now Bosnia as well as in China, Egypt, Mexico, Central and South
America and places in S.E. Asia like Cambodia. Recently archeologists at the
South Pole have uncovered the remains of an ancient civilization under the ice.
Petrified forests have been found in very deep water near Antarctica. The
trees were warm-weather trees formerly from a tropical zone.
On September 26, 2005, while a research expedition was in Ethiopia, there was
an earthquake. The ground opened up and within hours a lake was formed.
Other openings occurred in the earths crust in Ethiopia and water from the
Red Sea filled them incausing inland seas. The Rift Valley Fault line that runs
from Turkey, through Israelthrough Tiberias and through the Mt. of Olives
into Ethiopia and Kenya is already giving way, and separating the African from
the Asian continent on the Graben Fault Line of the Red Sea.
[Note: Father miraculously put this information in my hands around 1991 from a
geologists report, and now we are seeing the fault line splitting already.]
Under the ice in Greenland is evidence of former tropical climate civilizations.
All ancient civilizations talk about the effects of polar shiftsand many
associate them with the power of the dragon, like in China. Many describe
dragon shapes in the heavens as the poles shiftthe constellations and sun at
odd angles.
My note: This could also be what John saw in Revelation 12, when he saw the
great dragonactually appearingSatan himselfand his war with Michael the
archangel. Evidently Father shook up the Luciferic world with His interventions
of pole shifts. The ancient civilizations all worshipped him as the serpentthe
shining light bearerthe revealer of knowledge, also worshipping the stars and
sun, moon and planets. Before Genesis 1:2, evidently the whole world
worshipped Lucifer and were taught by his fallen angels. So, Yahuweh had to
destroy that world completely. This is why Genesis 1 talks about renewing
the earth. With each polar shift, He began againfinally creating Adam and
Hawwah. Finally, after giving mankindto whom He always gave a free
will--one chance after another to join Him, and watching mankind over and
over choose Lucifers lies and rebelling against Him, Yahuweh created a
plan where He, Himself, would intervene in world history, coming in
fleshthus setting the final trap for Lucifer and all those who follow him.
Yahuweh could have ended Satan and his fallen angels a long time ago but for
some reason He has chosen this time-period to do it. This makes it all the
more graphic that the Bride of Messiah would be a phenomenon at this final
timefor she thwarts the plans of the enemy and opens the gateway for
Yahuweh to come and take overfinally and forever.
***Each time great technology preceded the judgment of Yahuweh.
This gnosisknowledge of technologyhas given man the power to try to be
his own godthus rejecting Yahuweh and His Torah. Lucifer said to Hawwah:
You shall be as gods. Nimrod must have had access to tremendous
technologybut Father shopped that cold. Lucifers tree of the knowledge of

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good and evil could very well have been the gateway to technologys return
onto the earth. Much of mans present technology has been given to him by
fallen angels, because the fallen angels and Lucifer, himself, were in
Yahuwehs presence long enough to learn a few secrets of physics and other
sciences. Thus the beautiful wisdom and perfection of Yahuweh has been
perverted for Satans evil purposes. The Word says: the life is in the blood.
It is in our DNA. But, Satan has perverted it, influencing evil mankind to play
with mans DNA, mixing it with the DNA of animals, insects, reptiles, plants and
machinesthus creating monstrosities with intelligence. The Pentagon has a
project to do just thisto create what they call super soldiers.
Once again these fallen ones are giving tremendous technology that the
ancients had to modern man to bring about a world under Lucifers control.
This technology was not supposed to be re-introduced into the world because
Yahuweh knew that if man got a hold of it, he would be his own god, and try to
control the world. Yes, Yahuweh knew that if given a free will His creation
would choose to follow Lucifers tantalizing offer. But, He already had the
Lamb slain before the foundation of the world, thus the protoevangel
Genesis 3:15.
If Im right, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was the gateway to
technology that only Yahuweh had the right to usebut which was stolen by
Satan and his angels when they were kicked out of heaven into the planetary
areas. This technology includes space travelso we see in drawings on cave
walls in ancient Perumen with space suits and helmets. We know that some
of the UFOs being sighted by thousands of people all over the world now are
either Russian or American, but most of them are piloted by fallen angels and
by DNA mutates created in American underground laboratories who are vessels
for demons (fallen angels) and Nephilim to inhabit. No, this is not sci-fithis
is reality!
Miller says: Ancient corpses have been found in India that are full of radiation.
Signs of nuclear explosion were found in places that are now homes for
primitive tribes. Note: Evidently the trees gnosis included weaponry, space
travel, and DNA manipulation also.
Albert Einstein said: One can hardly doubt that significant shifts in the earths
crust have taken place repeatedly during a short time Lucifers prophets
like Nostradamos and Edgar Casey refer to a polar shift to come in our future.
Nostradamos said that a polar shift would occur around the closing of the
20th century and will be as abrupt as to be within a 9-10 hour period.
Continents will cease to exist
Edgar Casey said: When a new cycle begins (referring to the age of Aquarius
2012), there will be a shifting then of the poles so that where there had been a
frigid or semi-tropical climate, it will be tropical.
Brent Miller said: All ancient predictions and prophets all refer to another
pole shift right about now. But, as he and other seculars are quick to point
out, predictions of a polar shift include those of Isaiah, Joel, John in

Revelation and Jesus.

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The Mayan Long Calendar: It records a complete cycle based on the movement
of our solar system. It begins with August 11, 3014 BCE and ends December
21, 2012 CE.
It is 4,500 years old and is more accurate than anything we have today. It
traces our path through the Milky Wayour galaxy. It was created to give us
the beginning and the end of this current age. Their system of math was
incredibly highmore advanced than anything we have today.
Not only did they calculate the day, month and year, but our position at any
given time in our galaxy within the Milky Way.
My note: Noah lived approximately 4, 500 years ago dying when Jacob was a
teenager. This puts the Mayans in the ballpark with Noah did the Mayans
receive their technology from Nephilim before the Flood, or afterwards?
The Mayans viewed all human life as having a beginning and an end. Their god
in the center of their calendar is very uglyits tongue is sticking out--at who?
The Mayans said that the end of this age would be marked by great cataclysmic
disasters. They said it was the 5th cyclethe period of purification. They
believe that at this time their god Quetzaquatl will return from the sky and
rule the world. He will purge the earth of all negative forces. Is this a
Luciferic version of Messiahs return, or did they have some understanding of
Messiahs coming and it got perverted?
The Mayans, Aztecs and Incas as well as the Egyptians all had calendars that
same the age as we know it ends at the same time.
What Will Cause the Pole Shift?
Miller interviewed Physicist, Dr. Brooks Agnew (Virginia)--well-known scientistresearcher on pole shifts.
1) Geographic pole shift: The planet tips slightly
2) Total pole shift: The North and South Poles swap places
In both the sun changes positionscomes up in a different spot. Weather
patterns change. Animal migration is affected (which might have something to
do with the vanishing bees and disappearing salmon and off-course whales).
Dr. Agnew says that we are feeling the effects of a polar shift nowwith the
changing weather patterns. He said that December 21, 2012 begins the next
cycle of 26,000 years of planet earth going all the way around our galaxy. He
says that all of the effects of this polar shift will not occur just on that day
12/21/12, but that there will be many precursor cataclysmic events. There
will be a release of exceptionally powerful winds, waves as high as 4,000-5,000
feet tall, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, storms of great magnitudes,
snow, iceetc. There will be a flux in our magnetic field. Sunspot activity will
greatly increase (Revelation 16:8-9). Sounds like Luke 21:25-26.
My note: Notice the three 12s in that date? Twelve is the number of His tribes

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of His people that He is restoring now (Ezekiel 37), and three is the number of
beginning, middle, endcompletion of a cycle.
The cataclysmic events described by Dr. Agnew sounds exactly like the
trumpet judgments and Luke 21:25-26 and part of the viols of Yahuwehs
wrath as Messiah comes.
What will cause the shift according to Agnew and Millerand also alluded to by
NASA? Without saying Planet X Miller says to Agnew, Lets say that
something is coming our way. The closer it gets the greater the pull on our
earth. Agnew says that not only earth will be affected, but also other planets
in our solar system. He said there has been a 33% change in Saturns
atmosphere over a short period of time.
****But, Agnew believes that a black hole could be the cause. It is at the
center of our galaxy. On December 21, 2012, the solar system aligns and the
sun passes from the top to the bottom of the galaxy, but it also aligns with
the black hole. There is a gravitational wave created by the black hole.
Envision this: The black hole is circular and is flattening out like a disc. It has
billions of stars sucked inside, some larger than our sunit is like a giant
vacuuma huge mouth sucking in. NASA recounts what will happen when our
solar system passes from the top of the galaxy to the bottom, encountering the
gravitational wave in the center. That powerful magnetic pull could cause a
polar shift very easily. The Mayan calendar shows this move of our solar system
through the gravitational wave. If this happens all technical knowledge, and
even basic knowledge will be destroyed, and we will again become like
primitive man, Agnew says.
My note: This is astounding, for it says that in the Kingdom well get our food
via camel. The tree of gnosistechnologyinternetspace travelmindboggling weapons, DNA mixing, etcwill all be gone, so that mans tower of
Babel will never be built again.
Father has had itup to His fire-filled eyeballsand this is the final cycle
and the final eventsbut after itHe will be in control of the world. Think
about that and start shouting. Psalm 2 is a perfect picture of His mind-set
at this point!
Some believe that the lake of fire will be a black hole. This is possible. For at
the great white throne judgment of the Father all who are resurrected after
the 1,000-year Kingdom of Messiah, will be thrown into the lake of firewhich
is the second death. (Revelation chapter 20)
From Dr. Agnew: Our galaxy is flat and circularso is the black holeand is at
the center of our galaxy. As our solar system passes through this galactic
plane of our galaxy on 12-21-12we could definitely have a total polar
swap. This plane is also called the galactic equinoxor central plane.
Brent Miller: We are already seeing what the effects of our passing through
the galactic plane is having on earth and other planets in our solar system.
He says severe weather patterns will continue to increase, unusual cosmic
events will occur, meteor showers, huge objects passing by earths

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atmosphere, as they are loosed by the gravitational pull from the center of the
As I pointed out in the article What Are The Worlds Elite Doing to Prepare
Their Ark? I show that the most powerful and most intellectual people on
earth are feverishly preparing underground bunkers to survive the coming
****CONCLUSION: Miller says, speaking in 2006, that researchers have not
put an exact year on all these events to peak. But NASA has come out and
pinpointed 2008-2009 for the beginning of cataclysmic events that will peak
in 2012. Miller says that the best researchers say that our passing through
the galactic plane will occur somewhere between 2008 and 2015.
We also know that NASA and the world community in general believes that
Planet X, coming at us from the south polar region, will make its first pass of
earth in 2009, and the second pass, creating a polar shift in 2012.
Pastor Mark Biltz in searching NASA astronomy charts has found that in the year
2015 four lunar and solar eclipses will occur ON FESTIVAL DAYSPASSOVER AND
SUKKOT. He gives the final cycle, then, from shmittah year to shmittah year
September 12, 2007 to 2015/2016. And, this, of course, marks the final
cyclethe 70th week of Danielthe last seven-years before Messiah comes.
---------------------Perhaps America and Russias scalar technology (weather manipulation for
warfare purposes) is only a small part of the whole, creating weather warfare
as they have been doing from the Viet Nam War to the present--practicing on
the American and British people. Perhaps America and Russia are using the
gravitational pull of the black hole, and/or Planet X, now causing bizarre
weather patterns globally, as a shield to hide their weather warfare
experiments! This is very likely! Scalar can control weather to a major
extent and create violent and damaging weather of all types, but the pull of a
huge dwarf star out there or the black hole, or both, could explain why
volcanoes are going off, cyclones are hitting, tsunamis are happening, flooding,
violent storms, earthquakes and hurricanes are happening in strange places.
We must spend more time in the presence of our Messiah and soon-coming
Shalom in His love,
May 7, 2008
This information has been compiled from research by The HORIZON
Miller and scientists in different fields (, from
Prophecy in the NewsInterview by J.R. Church with Pastor Mark Biltz
(, from NASA and other astronomy scientists, and
from many secular and Scriptural research by experts in their fields.


Page 9 Continue on to Appendix A

Scriptural descriptions a polar shift near or at the time of the coming of

Messiah Yahushua:
Isaiah 2:19-21: He arises to shake the earth From very rich to very poor
people hide in the rocks and caves from the great shaking He arises to
shake the earth mightily
Isaiah 13:6-13: all hands go limp, every mans heart melts, fear, pangs
of sorrow and great pain are evident They are amazed at one anothertheir
faces aflame (sounds like radiation) Day of Yahuwehto lay the earth
waste The stars of the heavens and their constellations do not give off
their light. The sun shall be dark at its rising. The moon shall not send out
its light ***I will make the heavens tremble and the earth shall shake out
of her place.
Isaiah 24:1, 3-5, 18-23: earth empty shall overturn its surface shall
scatter abroad its inhabitants. The earth is completely emptied and
utterly plundered. The earth will mournanguishwither The
inhabitants of the earth shall be burned and few men shall be left The
windows from on high shall be opened and the foundations of the earth
shall be shaken. earthutterly brokencompletely shatteredfiercely
shaken The earth shall stagger like a drunkard, it shall totter like a
hutthe moon shall blush and the sun shall be ashamed (moon turn red and
sun hidingno light) This matches the eclipses found for 2015lunar and solar.
Joel 2:2-3, 14-18: day of clouds and thick darkness by the fire of His
jealousy all the earth shall be consumed, for He makes a sudden end of all
those that dwell on the earth
Matthew 24:29: And immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun
shall be darkened and the moon shall not give its light, and the stars shall
fall from the heaven, and the powers of the heaven shall be shaken.
This places the timing of the pole shift at the coming of Messiah 2015/2016
Yom Teruah, Tishre 1 2016 Hebrew calendar from creation.
Luke 21:25-27: signs in the sunmoonstarsroaring of the seasthe
powers of heaven shall be shaken then they shall see the Son of man
coming in a cloud with power and great glory (cloud of witnesses)
Revelation 6:12-17: great earthquake sunblackmoon as bloodstars
fell to the earth as a fig tree drops its unripe figs being shaken by a strong
wind heavens departed like a scroll being rolled up every mountain and
island was moved out of its place
Revelation 8:7-12: These cosmic events are from outside our planet, which
come into our planetmeteor showers, asteroids hitting earth, comets hitting
earth perhaps, cosmic rock and dust particles hitting earth These events are
part of the trumpet judgments that precede the pouring out of the wrath of
Yahwueh. The DVD says that these events of Revelation 8 are precursors to the
pole shift. 1) Hail and fire mixed with blood thrown to the earth1/3 of the

Page 10
trees and all green grass are burned up. 2) What looked like a great mountain,
burning with fire, fell into the sea and destroyed 1/3 of all sea creatures.
3) A great star falls on the rivers, making them bitter1/3 of all water is
affectedpeople die from the bitter water (it might be sulfur) 4) 8:12: A third
of the sun, moon and stars are darkened.
Revelation 16:8-10: As Messiah comes and the wrath of Yahuweh is being
poured out, the sun scorches and burns people upsuper solar flares or the
earth tipped closer to the sun
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