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Advanced Traffic Management Systems

Advanced traffic management systems (ATMS) seek to reduce, or at least

contain, traffic congestion in urban environments by improving the efficiency
of utilization of existing infrastructures. These systems typically seek
solutions to congestion problems occurring on urban freeways and surface
streets through the deployment of state-of-the-art sensing, communications,
and data-processing technologies. Problems considered include both
congestion caused by regular traffic patterns (congestion management
systems) and traffic problems caused by stalled vehicles or other
unpredictable incidents (incident management systems).
ATMS typically attempt to take advantage of information that can be
provided by roadside traffic sensors. These systems typically attempt to use
available traffic information to develop optimal traffic control strategies
addressing traffic needs at a single intersection, along an arterial or freeway,
along a given corridor, or throughout a given area. Real-time solutions
capable of automatically adjusting to changes in traffic conditions are often
sought. These systems also frequently rely on variable message signs or
other information dissemination technologies to provide relevant traffic
information and travel recommendations to travelers.
Advanced Traffic Management System

Advance Traffic Management System (ATMS) solution is provided by Efkon India with an objective to
ensure safety, reduced and hassle-free travel time, and aided by the comforts of a world class infrastructure. Over the highway, it becomes
an absolute necessity to monitor incidents proactively and take pre-emptive actions or a timely and prompt reactive measures should be
present using modern technologies to minimize or eradicate the effects of unavoidable disasters.
The main aim of our Advance Traffic Management System is to provide traffic management solutions that enable private concessionaires,
highway operators or government authorities to take actions that ultimately result in improving the safety of road users along with improving
the traffic flow, increase transportation system efficiency, increase economic productivity and enhance mobility.
Our advance traffic management system continuously monitors the expressway/ highway stretch providing valuable feedback and
information to the Central Control Room to take suitable actions. The functioning of ATMS is seen in relation to how an operations company
manages the highway.

An acquisition of information regarding the traffic or road users status (e.g. traffic hold-up, accidents, medical emergency, vehicle
break-down, hazardous weather condition etc.) is processed to the road management (operations) company , like concessionaire or highway
management company

Subsequent decision making is done by the concessionaire or highway management company based on the above information.
These decisions are normally guided by their standard procedures and policies (e.g. to send a patrol vehicle to regulate traffic, send an
ambulance to the accident site etc.). Also, traffic or weather related information are displayed at Variable Message Signboards to inform to
the commuters. Optionally, road user portal and mobile apps are also used for effective communication to the users

Valuable information is collected for concessionaire or highway Management Company (e.g. Traffic count and classification,
weather conditions).

Some specific enforcement system on the road users, as per the Traffic Guideline (like : Speed Enforcement) can also be added
in this ATMS solution
Our Advance Traffic Management System is a indigenously developed and designed specifically for Indian road conditions. Continuous R&D
and global exposure resulted in integration of latest traffic management system like speed violation, ANPR and video incident detection
systems with ATMS. This State-of-Art system integrates the following main sub-systems into one powerful communication/ information tool
for the operations company:

Variable Message Signs

Video Incident Detection System

Meteorological System

Automatic Traffic Control and Classification System

CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) Monitoring System

Communication Systems

Emergency Call Box System

Mobile Communication

Optical Fiber or GSM based network backbone

Command and Control centre

EFKON Advance Traffic Management Solutions benefits both road users and providers of the service:

Provide Realtime traffic information.

Display dynamic variable message signs providing informative message or warnings to road users.

Subsequent decision making based on standard procedures and policies.

Reduced response time to an accident. This leads to an improved coordination between police and emergency services.

Reduced operations and maintenance costs.

Advanced Public Transportation Systems

Advanced public transportation systems (APTS) seek to apply transportation

management and information technologies to public transit systems to
increase their efficiency of operation and improve the safety of public
transportation riders. Examples of APTS applications include real-time
passenger information systems, automatic vehicle location systems, bus
arrival notification systems, and systems providing priority of passage to
buses at signalized intersections.